It was almost 90 degrees today, so of course I decided this evening would be the perfect time to go to our county fair.  It was so muddy from all the rains we’ve had, and the mud smelled more like sewer than mud, so parking the car wasn’t easy.  We were trying to make sure we didn’t get stuck, and at the same time, park somewhere that we could actually get out of the car and into the fair, rather than park and not be able to navigate past the car, since the mud was so thick.

We walked around a little bit and ate supper at a chicken barbecue that I love.  They have a covered tent, but definitely needed a huge fan to cool off the crowd.  We met my girlfriend and her family and watched her daughter showing her goat, and that was so horribly hot, plus the air was gritty from the sawdust they use for the animals, that you felt like you had a layer of dirt all over you when you left.   We decided we needed to get some dessert type snacks, and found our favorite maple cotton candy, (don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it,) and later, a dough-boy.

We went to see the photographs that people entered and by the time we’d seen half of them, I was covered in sweat and gave up looking….we sat outside for a little bit, and saw the bunny barn, that they keep cooler, so the rabbits get enough air, and then decided it was time to leave.  By then, I swear I was the only person covered head to toe in sweat…and felt like a sauna…I was so glad to get home and changed into a dry outfit and called it a day..

One great thing happened at the fair…we ran into a good friend of my sister’s that’s going to our nephew’s wedding, and is driving down, so we asked if we could put some things in her car since we’re flying, and she agreed…You have no idea the stress that took off my shoulders, as we’re transporting so much camera equipment, and wedding decorations, I don’t know if we’ll have room in our luggage for clothes…At least now I won’t have to worry…I’ll be wearing clothes, and not the same outfit for all five days….what a relief.



I really wanted to accomplish some things for videos today, but we had thunderstorms on and off all day.  By around 6PM, the storm was so bad, Bella and I joined Rich and Honey in the basement.  Most storms don’t worry Bella, but the wind was blowing so hard, our awning that’s over 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, was flapping like it was going to tear off the poles it’s attached to.  I think it was a safe assumption that we were better off in the basement.  This week is our annual county fair, and it brings a lot of people to the area.  Over the years, there have been all kinds of freak accidents, including lightning strikes that have killed people, and since we live about 1/4 mile from the fair, I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough places for people to take cover.  There are tons of small RV’s and pull trailers there for families with 4H animals, and I wondered if those are prone to be struck by lightning.  I took the family recipe book and the recipes I use often that I wanted to put in it (for our nephew’s wedding), and wrote a bunch of recipes.  I laugh when I read what I originally write on recipe cards, as one said I was going to use 1 lb of soy sauce….I’m pretty sure it was supposed to read 1TBSP., and hope that’s right, because that’s what their recipe card says.

Overnight, Honey was whining to go outside a lot more than normal, and by this morning, she’d gone out five times in two hours.  If you ever have a dog that does that (to pee), they probably have a urinary tract infection.  Honey was laying beside Rich on our bed and he checked her hair (since it’s almost white) and found blood, so I called the vet to get her in, and they said they’d have an appointment available on Thursday….Thursday?  I wasn’t sure what to say, so I asked if we could bring in a urine sample and they said sure.  If you’ve ever tried to get a urine sample from a dog, it’s not easy….I asked them how they recommended we do that, and they said to slide a disposable pie pan under her.  I’m absolutely sure that will never work, and have no idea what will…I know we tried it with another of our dogs with a UTI, and ended up having to have the vet retrieve the urine.

I wish you could have seen Rich, Honey and the pie pan.  All he had to do is get the leash, and once he tried to clip it to Honey, she started to pie from anxiety, (on our carpet,) and luckily, Rich caught enough to make it count.  I was impressed and giggling to myself, as he looked so frazzled, but was cool under pressure…that’s my Rich.  Honey on the other hand, is still anxious, as now Rich is leaving and Honey is whining.  I think we’ll go to the bedroom and watch television, as that’s her other “safe” place.  If she’s on the bed, she normally is pretty calm, but with her not feeling well, I’m not sure if that will calm her.  It’s hard being an anxious dog and even worse, when she doesn’t feel well, it amps up the anxiety.  Poor thing.



The weather outside is frightful…OK, not like winter frightful, but it’s been on and off thunderstorms all day.  Poor Honey doesn’t know what to do with herself and tonight, we had a really large buck standing in our backyard eating peaches from our peach tree.  Apparently the peaches were a little bit sour, as he would chew them and spit them out, then pick them back up, and try again.  Maybe he thought the second time around it wouldn’t be so bad.  He was a real beauty, and looked like he had either eight or ten horns in velvet.  My dad would have loved seeing something like that, as he was a big hunter, and like “spotting” deer just as much.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “spotting,” it’s when you (and I’m not making this up) have a huge “flashlight” that you plug into the outlet in your car, and you drive around, looking in fields at night, for deer.  The light looks like this and can virtually light up an entire field, front to back.

Image result for deer spotting lightI grew up in a rural area, and the kids always had the first day of deer season off school.  I know it sounds odd, but if you live in a rural area, most of the boys, and some of the girls, don’t attend school that first day, so the school districts incorporated it into their schedule.

My dad loved driving around counting the number of deer he saw.. Since he never hunted near our house, I always wondered what thrill there was in watching deer, but now as I get older, I realize that any wildlife are amazing, and I’m sure it was their sheer beauty that drew my father to them.

As for us, we don’t want any deer to starve, so the day after Thanksgiving, we start feeding them corn, and feed them until there are leaves on the trees, as we know that’s the type thing that deer will eat in lieu of corn.  Our herd has been has high as twenty-five, but in the last few years, we haven’t seen large numbers at once…more like three to five at a time.  We might still get the large numbers, but not all at once any more.

I would love to finish another video tonight, but the sky is a weird yellowish-grey color, so I think I might check the weather channel to see if we have any weather warnings, and go to the basement with the rest of my clan.

I did work on one project today….I’m making a frame for my nephew’s wedding and will be sure to show it to you on video…The lady that’s making the vinyl and I spent an hour or so hashing out the plans for it, and I should have my vinyl next week…I’m looking forward to finishing it and moving on to the boutonnieres I need to make.

Art Journal Pages Using Arteza Paint Markers + Discount, Pages 9 & 10

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Arteza’s Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/arteza

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Product Links:


Glitter Gel Ink Pens – Set of 14: https://arteza.com/collections/pens/products/glitter-gel-ink-pens-set-of-14?a_aid=Youtube_CraftingForAlmostEveryone&a_bid=e1307ad4

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Glitter Gel Ink Pens – Set of 14: https://arteza.co.uk/collections/pens/products/glitter-gel-ink-pens-set-of-15?a_aid=Youtube_CraftingForAlmostEveryone&a_bid=6e9a351d

Professional Watercolour Pencils – Set of 72: https://arteza.co.uk/collections/pencils/products/72-professional-watercolour-pencils-tin-box?a_aid=Youtube_CraftingForAlmostEveryone&a_bid=d70885fc

Paint Markers – Set of 20: https://arteza.co.uk/collections/markers/products/arteza-paint-markers-set-of-20-markers-perfect-for-drawing-and-painting-on-virtually-any-surface?a_aid=Youtube_CraftingForAlmostEveryone&a_bid=d2dfc6a9

In this video, I wanted to use the Arteza set of 20 paint markers. As a recap, I really liked these markers, and think they are perfect for a project like this. I liked the colors and their ease of use.

The instructions tell you to open the markers and press the nib down on a surface three times to get the ink moving. I found this to be insufficient to get the ink moving, so kept pressing them on a scrap paper until they started moving.  You can see the ink work its way down the nib until it starts to stain the paper, then it’s ready to be used.

The stamps I used were a gift from a viewer and she couldn’t remember the name or maker of the sets. They appear to be thinner than US made stamps, so if you like them, you might want to check on Aliexpress to see if you can find them there.

I started the project by using spray Krylon Gesso on the pages of my journal to cover the pictures beneath. link: https://tinyurl.com/y5zp3ter

I used Ranger Archival inks that I bought in small sets from pegstamps.com..here’s the link to one of the sets I bought. https://tinyurl.com/yya9ao4v

I stamped the flowers in brown archival inks and the leaves in Potting Soil, and the green leaves in two colors, Library Green and Leaf Green.

I took round stickers from the Dollar Tree and swatched the paint markers onto a sticker and attached the round sticker to the back end of the markers so I’d know exactly what colors I was dealing with. When I was off screen, I cut the circles to fit the bottom of the marker.

I stamped all of the images across both pages of my journal and then painted each flower. I tried to paint similar images with the same paint markers.

After coloring the flowers and leaves, I used the white paint marker to add accents, and some of those had to be done more than once, as the under color bled through the white. It’s really clear with the red floral images.

I added some dragonflies to the top section as well as a couple of sentiments from the same stamp sets I’ve been using and used Potting Soil Ranger Archival ink for the stamping. I bought a Baren from DickBlick.com to be able to have leverage when stamping a large image. link: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-economy-baren/

I used Distress Oxide in Faded Jeans and used the Ranger mini blending tool and rubbed the surface with my finger to remove any lines from the edges of the foam applicator to color the whole background of the pages once the paint marker was dry…and that only took a moment or two…


We needed to run more errands today, and that included going to Walmart (which I hate.)  It’s especially bad now because PennDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) decided that the current four lane highway that runs past Walmart needs to have a round-about on it.  They’ve been working on the road for the past four months, making travel unbearable, and SO frustrating.. We both needed to get our hair cut, so had to drive by there any way, so decided that we’d go grocery shopping too…and that included Aldi’s, whose store is right at the round-about, so getting in and out of it is a virtual nightmare.

After Walmart, we went to Tim Horton’s drive thru for lunch.  All I wanted was a bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam.  In the first round, they completely forgot my bagel, but did get Rich’s meal correct.  Round 2, they gave Rich the bagel, but no knife for the packets of jam that they charged us for…No way to get the jam on the bagel without some type of utensil, and they also forgot napkins.  Why would we need those anyway?  Round three, when they saw Rich walk through the front door, the women that work there all scattered, leaving a new hire to deal with him.  He politely asked for a knife, was given one, grabbed napkins from a nearby table, and left.  By then he was in such a mood, I felt sorry for anyone in his path..

The rest of the errands ran smoothly until we had to pick up one of my medications (also through a drive thru) in a big rainstorm.  Walgreens has a weird speaker set-up.  They talk on a telephone and it comes over the speaker outside, where it was really raining hard.  We couldn’t hear him, he couldn’t hear us, and so we just kept repeating the same things.  SAUNDRA PARKER, S-A-U-N-D-R-A P-A-R-K-E-R, and over and over it went….Finally, he heard it correctly, and then said we needed to wait until the pharmacist asked us a question..It had gone on so long, the rain had now started to let up..And here’s the question.  “Does Saundra know what dose of this medication she needs to take?”    Is this a trick?  I’ve been taking this medicine for years, and apparently now I’ve gone brain dead and have no clue the dose…Instead of waiting for me to answer, Rich screamed the answer so they could hear it the first time, and we were good to go.

I finished a couple of videos and put Rich to work uploading a third, and the day is almost over.  Some days are rougher than others…

Stamp Show, Joanns, Ranger, Huge Haul

All of the links to the items I purchased, are below:

Wendy Vecchi Blendable Make Art Ink Pads $3.99 http://tinyurl.com/y7pxhf2y

Rubbernecker Felt Paper Not available online, you can contact Rubbernecker Stamps at (909)-927-8244

Rubbernecker Watercolor Trees Stamps $9.90 I couldn’t find this stamp set available on their site so please call them at (909)-927-8244

Worlds’ Greatest Embossing Powder $5.00 http://www.rubbernecker.com/product-p…

Gary Burlin & Co. Copper Ranger Alcohol Ink available at garyburlin.com

Versafine Vintage Sepia Ink also from Gary Burlin & Co. online at http://garymburlin.com/

Custom Ink Ranger Ink Pad Joanns.com http://tinyurl.com/y8t54ymu $4.49

Lost Coast Designs Pencil Stamp $7.00 http://www.lost-coast-designs.com/bac…

Little Birdie and Hampton Art Stamps bought on ebay at this site: http://tinyurl.com/y6vqko5j

Technique Tuesday pencils, art supply stamps http://tinyurl.com/ya8tjltf

Christine Adolf Fresh Flowers #2 http://tinyurl.com/ya9m7rdb

Concord & 9th Dotty Turnabout http://tinyurl.com/y9ubgsod

Tim Holtz Stamp Platform http://tinyurl.com/ybwafjrh

Tim Holtz Ruler http://tinyurl.com/y9e8pm6f

Tim Holtz small scissors http://tinyurl.com/yb946teq

Dylusions Paints http://tinyurl.com/ybp428kt

LDRS Creative Dies https://ldrscreative.com/collections/…

Ranger Letter It http://tinyurl.com/y8gxn938


Today, Rich and I drove to Erie to run some errands and buy some supplies I need to make the boutonnieres for our nephew’s wedding.  I decided that I should get started on the boutonnieres, as they require a matching ribbon, two different seashells, and something to adhere the shells to…I thought that maybe the thicker sticks for lollipops would work best..I’m not sure if they will, because they might be too long, but they were thicker than the short version, and I thought sturdy was more important than length.  You’ll be the ones to know if I’m wrong, because I’m going to video the whole process, so you can decide for yourself if I was meant to be a boutonniere maker instead of a YouTuber, haha…

I finally found a shadow box that I really liked for the bottles with messages for the wedding.  You’ll hear more about this in upcoming videos as well.  I want to get serious about making these things, as time is starting to run out.  I know I have over a month, but that could pass in an instant, if I dally, and there’s a good chance that I might.

I bought the first shadow box at Amazon and you can now return things to Amazon through Kohls, IF, you live within eight miles of a store.  Of course I don’t live anywhere near eight miles close to a store, and the first store we tried to return the shadow box that looks like a medicine cabinet, they told me I just needed to change the return address to the Kohls address where I’m returning it….Funny, that didn’t work…I think he was full of baloney, but oddly enough, the UPS charge did change to zero, so we thought, incorrectly, by the way, that we could return the shadow box to the Erie store…The first return attempt was in Hermitage, PA, but we didn’t have Rich’s phone with us to change the address, so took the shadow box home…Today, at the Erie store, the person manning the Amazon desk said he’d never heard of changing the return address, and the return label we had should be attached to the box and taken to Staples (who takes UPS boxes.)  I’m not sure if we will be charged for the UPS return or not, but so far, it didn’t show any charge when Rich printed the package label, nor did Staples charge us anything to take the box.  We’ll probably end up paying for the whole shadow box, as I saw a notice on the bottom of my UPS return slip that said we’d be responsible for any damage done to the package in shipment.  Isn’t that a sneaky way of getting out of giving us our money back?  I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of days when they send us the “We’re so sorry you’re so dumb, and here’s how much it’s going to cost you email….”  I live an exciting life, don’t I?