In Love Art Small Haul Plus Discount Coupon Code

Below you’ll find links and the discount code for the products shown from In Love Art. The discount code is FSUNSANDY and is good for 15% off the products using the links below.   As always, I do not receive any monies from product sales, as I prefer to pass the discount along to all of you.

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I have been working on a small diamond painting.  I wanted to try out this hobby with a size “canvas” that I knew wouldn’t be overwhelming.  Here are some things I’ve learned along the way.  This is such a rewarding and calming craft.  There’s no guesswork, and you don’t have to use your imagination.  It’s not complicated like card making can be, and basically, if you can move a “diamond” from one point to another and adhere it to  contact paper, this hobby is for you.  I struggled with keeping mine in straight lines, but then decided that maybe all of my diamonds, (or drills as the expert diamond painters call them) are not the same size, or frankly, shape.  Because of that, even using the checkerboard pattern to help ensure straight rows, my rows were still not straight.  I’ll show you all of this in my video demonstrating the technique.

There are lots of tips from fellow crafters on YouTube, and some of them I appreciated and others I’m still not sure about.  The one that the big diamond painters recommend is a light pad.  I have to say, I’m not sold on it yet, but maybe I will be at some point in the future.

If you’re looking for a gift for a crafter in your life, I recommend you going to and look at their painting options.  The one I got was the custom print, where you email them a photo and they send you back the diamond painting of your photo and all of the tools necessary to create it.  I can’t imagine any craft being more self-contained, as you get everything (except the light pad, and I’m not sure you really need it.)  I saw a woman who did a portrait of her dog and it was amazing.  I didn’t see the actual dog, but the colors in her diamond painting were so lifelike and the dog looked spectacular.  It’s why I chose to have the custom option vs. one of the designs they created.  Just think about your favorite photo and how much you’d love to have it made in diamonds…The light does catch on these resin pieces like a diamond, and I think it will make a nice keepsake for whoever you have it made for.  You can actually do the work or give the kit and have the recipient do the work…Either way, I think it’s a nice gift.

Honestly, I was surprised by how addicting this is, and how much I enjoyed it, and how relaxed it made me.  If you want to help someone relax, I think this would be a great idea.  I know you think I’m selling these, but I’m not…When I find something that is as easy as this and still makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, I really like to share the idea with others.  If you’ve been on my channel or blog for very long, you know I don’t make any money from anything I do.  The only thing I receive are crafts to try, so we all can decide together if we like it or not….and more often than not, the company that gives me the craft, also pass along a discount to all of you, which I love.  I’m not affiliated with any company, and if you’re not familiar with that term, it means that for every sale that company gets from my channel, I would (if I was an affiliate) receive money.  If you see links below a YouTubers’ video, and it says anywhere on that screen that they are an affiliate, that’s what it means.  YouTube does require all affiliates to put that information on their videos so you know they are making money from their viewers sales.  I don’t know how I got off on this tangent, but always like to make sure you know where I stand when it comes to making money on YouTube..

Seriously, buy yourself a small diamond painting and we’ll play together…I think you’ll really enjoy it…


I’m so sorry we haven’t been uploading videos, but Rich uploaded one since his hip surgery, and in doing so, put his lower back out of place.   I know, if it’s not one thing it’s another.  I’m hoping he starts feeling better, and will keep you in the loop.

Thanksgiving was a nice day…Rich and I spent it with our college friends and their daughter (whose newly pregnant) and her husband.  They were making an offer on a house, and being first time home buyers, wanted my input, being an ex-banker.  It was nice to be asked my opinion for something banking related…it’s been a long time since anyone has done that.  The house this couple have chosen is really lovely and I’m hoping they’re able to win it in the bidding war they are in.  I never lived in an area where the housing market was so volatile like Virginia (near DC), so had no idea the lengths these people have to go to, in order to get the home of their dreams.

I’ve been working on a small diamond painting and was sent a huge one, of one of the photos Rich took of my nephew and his bride after their wedding.  The one I’m doing now is about 5″ x 5″ and the one I’m going to do is at least 11 x 14″ so I wan to make sure I have a clue.  Currently, it’s pretty clear that I don’t have a clue as the square diamonds in this small painting are not in straight lines..I don’t know how you can screw that up when the diamonds and square and the spots they are adhered to are also square, but my rows are off and the lines are all wonky.  I hope that I can hide the problems…I saw someone add clear glitter to theirs and wonder if that hides the issues….I really hope it does.  You’ll be the first to know if it works.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and I normally really love shopping then, but I’m not sure if there’s anything I need to buy or should buy…so might not buy anything.  Obviously I’m staying away from craft sites and am hoping I can be sure that I don’t break down and go crazy and buy things.


Ever since Rich’s surgery, time has gotten away from me.  It seems like the more I want to accomplish, the less actually gets done.  I should be keeping you updated on the videos I’ve made (and there have been quite a few,) but I have a small problem, and one that most of you will struggle understanding.  Since I use a camera with a memory card for videos, I take the memory card and insert it into my laptop to write notes for Rich….for instance, the name of the video, the edits I want to make sure he does etc.   With that being said, the memory cards are inserted and removed from the laptop repeatedly and over time, I broke that unit that the memory card is inserted into….Luckily, there is a way to work around this problem.  It’s called a memory card reader, and it looks like this.

Image result for memory card readerThe problem with using one of these, is you insert it into the side of the laptop you are using and as long as it’s inserted, it sticks out the side of the laptop….Herein lies my problem.  I keep forgetting that the card reader is there, and I’ve broken three of these in the last few months…Luckily they aren’t expensive, but why can’t I remember to either remove it when I’m finished?  I did remember that it was there yesterday (when I broke another one,) but placed the laptop beside me in a reclining chair and then sat the chair upright, bending the card reader….It didn’t just bend, part of it is now stuck inside my computer.  I told Rich I broke another card reader, but haven’t broken the news to him that a portion of the card reader is still inside my laptop.  This hopefully won’t be the end of my laptop, but I’m a little bit worried that if Rich can’t safely remove the card reader, I won’t be able to use a card reader on this laptop, making it useless for making videos.

I know, it’s so stupid that I can’t seem to wrap my head around something as simple as taking a piece that’s clearly sticking out of the side of my laptop, and removing it before I break yet another one.  But this is where we are today…Geez….

On a brighter note, Rich felt like getting out of the house today, so we went out for lunch and to a movie with friends.  We saw Ford Vs. Ferrari…it’s long, but a good movie.  There was more car racing than necessary (in my opinion,) but otherwise, well worth going to see.  For some reason it didn’t occur to me that it was based on a true story, with embellishments of course.. It was more activity than Rich was really ready for, and he made it home in time to ice his hip and take a nap.  We might be waiting a while before he’s up for editing another video, as the one he uploaded was too much for him, and the twisting and turning he did to get comfortable while editing, put his lower back out of place, so he’s struggling with that as well.  It’s not easy getting older…Did I mention I turned 60 on the 22nd?  Yikes…

Which Anti Static Products Work Best for Heat Embossing

I’m Back!! Rich’s surgery went well and he’s finally been released to edit videos again!! Below you’ll find all of the instructions and products used.

I made my own anti-static pouch by using corn starch and putting it inside two knee highs placed inside each other (after filling the first with about one-two tablespoons of corn starch)..I then knotted them as close to the top of the corn starch as possible, and then cutting off the excess knee highs and discarding them. You can use either corn starch or baby powder, both will work.

The second is and EK Success embossing powder tool and here’s a link to it at Amazon. But, I always recommend that you price shop elsewhere so you get the lowest price. This is the only powder that smells…I think it smells like baby powder..

Brutus Monroe Magic Powder Bag link:

Michaels Recollections Anti Static Pouch link: (make sure you use a coupon at Michaels)

There are other brands, but I did try to give you a fair comparison.
I used a stamp from Brutus Monroe called Bite Me, link:
Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink link:
Michaels Recollections Heavyweight Cardstock (white and black) link:
Sparkle N Sprinkle Black fine detail embossing powder (now called Glitters Galore) link:

After using the black fine detail embossing powder on white cardstock, the only tool that didn’t seem to work was the EK Success tool. It seems to splatter the powder, even after I started heat setting from beneath the paper.

I used Brutus Monroe’s Icicle embossing powder that I thought was their white….it was not..It’s their clear (and the name leads the average person to believe that, but not me…) Geez!!  I left this comparison in, even though there isn’t much to compare.  At the bottom of this information, you’ll see how I recommend you using clear embossing powder for everything (except silver, gold and copper, as I think they still look best using those colors of embossing powder.)

Nuvo Fine Detail white embossing powder link:

White embossing powder on black paper…None performed well…all seemed to have similar results.. I decided to try again using Versamark Ink which is the ink normally used for embossing. link:
Using Versamark with white embossing powder, the Recollections pouch and my homemade pouch seemed to work the best with Versamark.

I was asked about dust and if the tools create much dust...I pounced each tool aggressively on the black paper and I definitely saw dust with the Brutus Monroe pouch and the others I’ll leave to your judgement…

As an fyi, when you use a stamp with a fine line image, the best product should be a fine detail embossing powder, otherwise you’ll get thicker lines (which you don’t want.) You should also use a fine detail embossing powder when working with sentiment stamps, as the letters should be crisp using a fine detailed product.
If you use a stamp with a more filled-in image, I’d recommend using regular embossing powder…..but for me, what I prefer to use for best results, is to use an ink that is the ink color I want the end color to be and then use clear embossing powder over it to make it look like you embossed with that color. You can do this a number of ways…
1. Use a pigment ink or distress oxide ink that stays wet longer and then you can add your clear embossing powder directly onto the ink and then heat set it.
2. Using a MISTI, stamp with any dye based ink in the color you choose, then stamp again with your embossing ink, and then add clear embossing powder.
3. If you are super fast, you can sometimes stamp with a dye based ink and immediately put clear embossing powder over it. If you’ve done it quickly, the powder will adhere, and if you are too slow, the embossing powder will fall right back off and you’ll need to try something else.
4. If you don’t have a MISTI, but have a Stamp a ma jig, link:, you can stamp with your colored dye based ink and then holding the tool to make sure you stamp in the exact same spot, use your Versamark or embossing ink, and stamp over the same image, then use clear embossing powder over it..


Rich had his first follow-up appointment with his surgeon today, and everything looked great.  Rich told the surgeon about a pain he’s been having in his thigh, and the surgeon asked if he has been overdoing it….What?  Overdoing?  Not Rich……I couldn’t believe it, he answered honestly and said yes, he had been.  The surgeon told him as long as he keeps overdoing, he’s going to continue to have that kind of pain.  In response, Rich asked if he can go to the gym any time soon….I’m not sure if Rich was connecting the dots…If you overdo it, you’ll have pain….so going to the gym seems to run along the lines of overdoing it…but then again, how would I know…I only have six artificial joints to compare to his one….Men…

Instead of going to the gym, I’m hoping to get him on his computer to start editing the many videos that have been piling up over the last three weeks.  I know he won’t be uploading any until the 23rd, as we have plans with friends to have lunch the next two days, and that should be enough stress on his hip….Let’s hope he decides to rest and get back to editing…


Yesterday I got serious about making thank you cards for Rich to give to friends and family for their kindness while he was down with his hip surgery.  I started by using some Ton Stamps, and if you’ve never used them, they make terrific red rubber (and clear) stamps, but I am all about the red rubber floral backgrounds.  They are so deeply etched, and create such lovely backgrounds….I used a bunch of different images, and embossing powders to create richly colored line images.  Even if I didn’t get a perfect image (because I couldn’t tell if I had covered the entire image with embossing ink), I can still use parts of the background and make a card with just a portion of the background used…I’ll definitely be making videos to show you all the ways I’ll be using them.

Today I read a Jack Reacher series book, and then had my girlfriend Lynn’s twin grandkids over for a lesson in etiquette.  Their older sister had been in one of the etiquette classes I teach in college, and thought her fourteen year old brother and sister could use the class, as they’ve been invited to a “dinner party” for one of their friends.  They are required to wear a suit or dressy dress, and the boys are supposed to wear a dress hat.  I can’t imagine how many fourteen year olds would have the necessary clothing, but these two are all about making sure they know what they are doing, and not sticking out like sore thumbs.  I can’t imagine what they will be served at this dinner party, as the birthday boy is world travelled, and spends summers in Greece…I had my girlfriend make a very simple meal for us to practice with, and it wasn’t very successful..These twins could not be more different.  The girl would eat almost anything, and her brother would eat almost nothing.  In fact, our dinner tonight was the first time he’s ever eaten salad.  I’m not talking some kind of crazy salad, I’m talking lettuce and dressing…He’d never tried it before….Then came the soup.  He said he’ll only eat a few kinds of soups, and luckily, he would eat the chicken noodle soup that his grandmother brought, but wouldn’t eat many other varieties.  I had her make a simple chicken dish with pasta, and he ate both of those, but then when we talked about the possibilities of what main courses he might be served at this “dinner party,” he said he wouldn’t eat almost any of them.  I really hope that he talks to the birthday boy before the dinner, so he’s not surprised by what they might feed him, as he won’t eat seafood, steak, prime rib, pork, or any combinations of the above.  He says his family primarily eats chicken, and so that’s what he eats.  Apparently he doesn’t branch out much (OK, at all.)  I told him he’s going to have to eat whatever they serve him, or suffer through a bunch of questions like, “didn’t you like that?”  or “Are you feeling OK” or “Was the food OK?”  I’m concerned that if he doesn’t eat what’s being served, he’s going to offend the host, and possibly not be considered to be included in future dinners, and that would be sad.  I really hope he can power through whatever they feed him, but it wasn’t looking very promising tonight…At least they know which forks to use and maybe that will count for something.