I went to the dentist yesterday to have a crown made.  This is only the second time I’ve needed a crown and for me being almost sixty years old, that’s not too bad (in my opinion.)  If you don’t know, I hate the dentist.  I hate the smell and the sound that the drill makes, and I’m really on edge the entire time I’m there.  The first time I had a crown made, the assistant told me I should consider taking Valium before coming in, and I told her I had already taken it….Huh, no response to that….It’s not like I keep my fears a secret either, as the first thing I told the receptionist was I planned on leaving as soon as her back was turned.  She didn’t take her eyes off me from that moment on, darn it…And once I was in the chair, my anxiety level kept building, until they gave me Nitrous Oxide.  I guess it’s nickname is laughing gas, but I wasn’t laughing.  Although I will say, they scent the mask, and to me, it smells like one of my favorite perfumes, Prada Candy (of course if there’s candy in the name, I’m sold)….I was immediately happier when I smelled that….and I guess I was relaxed, but it’s not at all what I expected.  I thought I would be super mellow and laughing or giggling at everything that happened.  It was more like I wasn’t clenching my jaw and wiggling my toes, (something I do when I’m in pain or having a painful procedure done.)  The dentist did say he was going to stick a needle in the roof of my mouth and it would hurt, but only for five seconds, and he counted as he did it, so I’d know when it was done.  I really liked his honesty, as normally doctors/dentists will say something like “you’ll feel a little pinch” and then you want to scream from the agony they’ve caused.  His counting helped too, because I was focused on the number and by the time he reached four, he was done….I’m not saying it didn’t hurt….I was definitely wiggling my toes during that part, but isn’t as bad as other things I’ve had done in the dentist chair.  And when the procedure was done, I shook his hand and thanked him for doing everything he could to help me through it.  He even gave me a kid’s size block to put in my mouth, so my jaw rested on the block, and I didn’t have to hold it open by myself.  Normally after a cleaning session, my jaw hurts for a couple of days….And when I left the chair, my jaw didn’t hurt at all.  That’s the greatest thing, knowing a dentist listens to you and helps you so you don’t have to hurt in the days following a procedure….
I finished my Thanksgiving thankful cards that I’m sending to my close friends and family.  I really like the way they turned out and hope all of you do too.  I have a few more videos that were ready to go live, but somehow, parts of them are now missing.  I’m especially upset about my sister’s birthday card, as I played with the new Nuvo powders and had a really great time with them….of course that’s the part that’s missing.  I’m crossing my fingers that the memory card shows up, but no matter what kind of system Rich and I put in place to avoid these things happening, they continue to do so.  It’s a really big bummer when I spend a really long time on a project and I can’t show the video….I hope this one finds its way home.



I’ve been working on my Thanksgiving postcards, trying to find the idea I like best.  My first mistake was embossing all of the postcards with the sentiment before doing any of the other stamping.  I realized early on that I wanted to do a blend of oxide inks and then stamp the sentiment in the center and emboss it.  The problem I’ve been having is the embossing powder, once heated, doesn’t hold up under oxide inks.  I always thought that you can emboss an image and then ink over it, then wipe off the ink that’s settled on the embossed image….not so with the embossing powders I’m using.  Maybe it’s because I’m using a glittered embossing powder, as it just seems to fade into the background.  It’s been frustrating, and I think, going forward, I’m going to have to restamp the sentiment, after inking the postcard.  I’m going to try that once and see if I get a better result.  I’m also going to change to an embossing powder that has no glitter in it.  I might go with my tried and true system of Onyx Black Versafine ink with clear embossing powder.

If you had told me that I’d spent two entire evenings making postcards and none being good enough to mail, I’d probably have laughed at you….or cried, depending on the day..But so far, I’m still upbeat about my postcards, and think that once I get it right, the rest will just fall into place.  Boy, I hope it works out like that, otherwise, I might be  crying…

Fabric Covered Dollar Tree Glass Plate, Great Gift/Holiday Table Decor

I watched this done on another channel and they didn’t use Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe…so I decided to try it for myself.

I went to the Dollar Tree where they have clear glass full size dinner plates 10 1/2″ across, and bought two of them to try this out. Here’s a link to them. http://tinyurl.com/ycy8ohys

I found Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe at Target.com for $3.98 and here’s the link to it. http://tinyurl.com/ya79yjdx

To begin this project, you’ll need to wipe your plate with rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints/grime. I ran mine through the dishwasher then wiped it with alcohol just to be on the safe side.

You’ll need a foam brush, 1/2 yard of the material of your choice, and a good pair of fabric scissors. (I used my Tim Holtz small snips to cut the material once it was on the plate.) the 5″ micro snips are my favorite…Here’s a link to them. http://tinyurl.com/yb946teq

After the plate is clean, and before you’ve removed the seal from the bottle of Mod Podge, lay the bottle on it’s side and roll it around on your work surface to mix the Mod Podge. Then you will lay the plate face down on a work surface (I used a Dollar Tree cutting mat for under my project)….Coat the back (underside) of the plate with Mod Podge (dishwasher safe) with a foam brush, trying not to leave any gobs or uneven areas of Mod Podge.  Lay the material face down, making sure you’ve covered the plate on all sides with the material. (I didn’t trim my material until after I’d glued it to the plate. )
Once the material is laid in place, coat the material with Mod Podge all the way to the edges of the plate. Make sure you don’t have any bubbles underneath, and now’s the time to pick up the material and re-adjust it if you have an issue with wrinkles or bubbles.
I waited overnight for the Mod Podge to dry, then trimmed it from the edges of the plate.  I used Tim Holtz small 5″ scissors, and trimmed to the edge of the plate.  I  added a second layer of Mod Podge and made sure that I went around and under the edges to ensure they were well adhered… Try to make sure you don’t leave any big globs of Mod Podge, and that you’ve coated the fabric surface so you can see the Mod Podge everywhere.
I cleaned the mat with my homemade stamp cleanser (1 tsp. baby shampoo in spray bottle filled with water), but really, once the Mod Podge has dried, it can basically be pulled off the plastic mat with your fingers.
I added a third coat of Mod Podge the next day to ensure it was going to be well coated.

NOTE: You need to let it cure (don’t put it in the dishwasher) for 28 days. That means you can wash the top of the plate, but keep the underside out of water for 28 days so it has time to completely dry and set up.
I wiped the edges of the plate while the Mod Podge was still wet to clean the spots where I got a little crazy with Mod Podge….
I also made a plate using Christmas material. The Christmas material had some thicker areas that were (fake) embroidered) and those sections were difficult to adhere to the plate evenly. I didn’t have any problems with the first material I used, but I needed to cut the Christmas material around some of the leaves, so I could lay the material on the plate to ensure the material laid flat.

11/10 & 11/11/2018

I’ve been so excited to upload a video every day for the past few days, and have more to go live.  Sometimes Rich works in spells, and he’s doing a big push right now.  I want to make a Thanksgiving postcard to send to friends and family, and like to do that this time of year.  I don’t send a lot of Christmas cards, as people get a lot and they don’t seem to have the impact that you would hope….Saying I’m grateful to have people in my life (for me) is an unexpected gift, and maybe it’s more impactful…I’m not sure.. I just think it’s a better fit for me.  I like to send them to our college friends and our extended family, and close local friends.  It’s the perfect time to do it, and so today, that’s my project….I have anew stamp set that I got with the Simon Says Stamp card kit for November (or was it October?) that’s all about fall leaves and being thankful for friends and family.  I like using a different set every year, in case someone actually keeps my postcard…Then they’ll know it’s new and different (at least that’s how I am hoping they see it…

Yesterday I filled all of our bird/suet feeders.  I have a large bird population that depends on us (at least that’s what I tell myself.)  I don’t know of any neighbors that feed birds, and once my feeders are full, the birds are quick to follow.  Every year at garage sales, I buy several new feeders, as our area bear likes to ruin as many as possible in the spring.  He wakes up and I swear, heads to our house for his first meal.  He ruins at least three or four big feeders and two or three suet feeders annually.  This year I found some really terrific feeders and the birds are so happy with them.  When I was a kid, my parents loved watching birds eat, and had a feeder in front of the living room picture window.  At that point in my life I couldn’t understand the interest, but now that I’m retired and Honey and I spend so much time in a room that’s primarily windows, bird watching is fun for both of us.  (I think it’s like television for Honey.)

We had minor snow yesterday, but thirty minutes from us, had over a foot of snow.  That’s too much too soon, and I’m not looking forward to winter.  I do however, love Thanksgiving, and the food related to it.  My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year (11/22), and I’ve never been fond of that.  It’s not the “getting older thing,” more I’ve had several “bad” birthdays.  My first birthday memory was age four when President Kennedy was assassinated.  It’s weird that I can remember that day, and having cake with two neighbor friends on a foot stool in front of the television, so our mothers could watch the events as they unfolded, crying.  Then mid teens when my sister had a seizure on my birthday and into college, when my mother had an emergency hysterectomy, and Rich’s mother being buried on my birthday years later.  There are so many more, ending with two years ago, when I bent over the clothes drier and my artificial hip popped out of the socket the day before. It’s not every year that’s bad, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when the day has passed.   At least this year, my belly will be full of turkey and stuffing, and that’s always a good thing…Let’s all cross our fingers that this year’s birthday is uneventful.  You’ll be among the first to know regardless.

A Double Slider Gnome Card, No Dies Required

I wanted to make a double slider card with a gnome, and started by making a frame for the center.  (A double slider means it slides in two directions.)
I used 4 1/4 x 4 /1/4″ white card stock and centered a 3 1/4″ circle die to create a stamped frame around the die, then drew the center circle with a pencil and removed the die.  I used peg stamps from the following sets: Christmastime, Fairy Garden (I’m not sure why I kept saying Party Garden as I have the name written on the sides of the stamps), and the Shady Pines set.  I stamped the images with Memento Dew Drops in Pear Tart, Olive Grove, Northern Pine, Espresso, and Desert sand.  Start with the largest image when stamping a wreath. and making sure you’re stamping both outside primarily of the circle drawn   I used the pine boughs first, then added in some pine cones, smaller pine boughs, and mushrooms to create a circular wreath frame that a gnome would appear out of..  I took a 3 3/4″ and  3 1/4″ circle dies and laid them over the wreath I’d created and cut out the wreath. I stamped and cut out several mushrooms https://pegstamps.com/fairy-garden.html from pegstamps.com and attached three on the bottom edges of the inside of the wreath frame to add to the dimension of the frame and to highlight the gnome when he appears.
I stamped and colored my gnome from a stamp set I bought from Aliexpress. Here’s a link to it. http://tinyurl.com/y97k36nn   I originally saw this stamp set free with a magazine, and didn’t buy it at the time, so was happy when I found them on Aliexpress.
I used a circle die that was 3 1/4″ across and placed my gnome below the die on a piece of white heavyweight Recollections cardstock that was 4 3/4″ wide by 6 3/4″ tall. You want to make sure that there is 1/4″ gap below the circle for the gnome and 1/4″ from the bottom of the card to the bottom of the gnome. If you need to use a smaller circle die or move the die up to accommodate the gnome, now is the time to do this before you die cut the paper.
Once you are sure your gnome has enough room and the circle is in it’s proper placement, make marks where the circle will be by tracing the inside of the die, and removing the die. You’ll need to make two slits in the cardstock.  One about 1/8″ below the circle die and about one that’s 1/8″ from the bottom of the base of the card, both in a straight line. I used a Mulwark craft knife to cut slits in my cardstock that were about 1/2″ wide and 1/8″ high. You’ll need to make both slits the same size.
Next take a thicker plastic bag and cut it so it’s 3/8″ wide (and cutting it on your paper trimmer for ease of trimming)…This strip needs to be long enough to be threaded through the slits you’ve made and then glued together to form a loose circle that is on the back and front of the cardstock. I used redline tape to adhere mine, but it was recommended in videos that you use a stapler. I couldn’t find mine, so went with red line tape. Don’t make your circle of plastic too tight when you attach the ends together, as it needs to move freely.
Before I put my plastic in place, I die cut the circle. I made sure my plastic moved easily and was well adhered to itself before going any further, as this is the most crucial part of the project.
Take another piece of white cardstock that’s exactly the same size as the first piece 4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ tall, and using the first piece as a template, draw inside the circle so you can die cut the other piece so the circles are in the exact same spot on both pieces. The new piece is going to be the front of our card and the piece with the baggie mechanism is the next layer of our card (just to clarify.)
Once I die cut the circle on the front layer, I decided to use some Distress Oxide inks to color it. I used a Blending tool from Tim Holtz and used Twisted Citron, Lucky Clover, then Peeled Paint. I went around the bottom of the circle with Fossilized Amber, then Broken China and went over almost everything with Faded Jeans.
I went back to the second layer and attached my gnome by putting red line tape almost to the bottom of the plastic so the gnome could move as high as possible. I flipped over the cardstock and took a strip of white cardstock that is 1/2″ wide and attached it to the very top of the plastic baggie strip with red line tape. This piece of cardstock needs to be long enough so it sticks out the bottom of the cardstock about 1/2″. I put foam tape on either side of this strip as close as possible without touching the strip so it doesn’t adhere to it. I added foam tape to the sides of the cardstock so there is foam tape surrounding the circle on the top and sides but not so it gets in the way of the movement of the paper strip. Flip the cardstock over and put tear tape around the top of the circle and on the sides close to the edges and on either side of the gnome, making sure the gnome doesn’t adhere to the foam tape if it gets too close to him.
I used a stamp set from MayMay called “Action” http://tinyurl.com/yd3en99k for the word “Pull” and stamped that at the bottom of the 1/2″ strip and rounded the corners of the strip.

After the distress oxides dried, I took the wreath frame and attached it around the circle with foam tape.  I stamped, colored and cut out the gnome’s house and put that below the circle.  (This is now the front of the card.)  I glued this on top of the cardstock with the gnome, and made sure the pull tab is on the back of second layer. I added a card base that was 5 x 7″ in olive green (making sure the card base opening was to the right.) I also cut out a sign that came with the stamp set, colored it and adhered it inside the circle cut out on the 5 x 7″ card base.

I thought the front of the card needed something else, so I stamped with Old Olive Stampin’ Up ink a couple of pine trees and some grass strands to make it look like a hillside behind the gnome house. I added a couple of the mushrooms I’d stamped and cut out from pegstamps.com on either side of the house, to make the house more cohesive with the rest of the card.


Today we went to lunch at a friend’s house then to a movie.  We saw “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” and let me tell you, it’s suspenseful.  I enjoyed it and so did Rich.  Our friends didn’t seem to like it as much as we did, but we aren’t deep thinkers when it comes to movies, we’re there for the entertainment.  I think that allows us to enjoy movies for the experience and not the deeper meaning that a lot of movie goers expect. With that being said, if you are looking for a movie like “Silence of the Lambs,” this isn’t it.  It was entertaining, but probably won’t win any awards.

When we came home, I finished the tape runner video, as Dave, the customer service manager, whose been so nice to me, gave me the information on the tape runner so I could give you links in case you’re interested in buying them.  He said this tape runner has been so well received that it’s now being sold by Glue Dots as their extra strength tape runner….Who would have guessed?  I’m glad I finished the video and uploaded it.

As for the second Dollar Tree idea video, it seems like people aren’t as interested in it as they were the first.  Maybe I should see what I called the first video, and rename this one similarly, so people know what to expect.  The first one went over so well, that I hope this one isn’t a disappointment.

As for tonight, it’s date night, so we’ll be having dinner and a movie with the dogs in Rich’s man room downstairs.  The dogs get so excited when Rich goes downstairs and says it’s date night…they come running—because it’s all about a night of snuggling between us on the couch…those dogs have it made.  If you’ve never seen the video I made on Rich’s room, here’s the link.  I think it’ll make you smile….