I think tonight is the night to make the white pigment ink comparison video.  I really enjoy making those kinds of videos and want to get that one finished, as a viewer had requested it.  I especially enjoy making videos when people request them, as I know that they wouldn’t ask unless they really needed the information.

I just got the last couple of inks in the mail on Saturday, so it’s time to get serious about making the video.  The only thing left to do is write all of the prices on card stock to attach to the inks.  I like to make sure I try to find the lowest prices available on the internet for a comparison.

I’m going to try a couple different card stocks to see which ones work better with what inks.  I know that helps others when deciding what card stocks to invest in, and I like to know the results for myself, so my cards look better when used with the right inks.  I guess we’ll all know in the next couple of days….which white inks are best with what brands of card stock. I guess I better get busy…



I have to admit something.  If I’m not creating something, then I’m shopping for something to create.  I don’t shop like some crafters, buying hundreds of dollars worth of items at a time, but I do like to buy a lot of things.  Especially if things are on sale, second hand, or a bargain.  I love a bargain and struggle to just say no.

So yesterday, when I wasn’t feeling like doing very much, I shopped.  I bought a few things from Blitsy, and then went on Splitcoast Stampers and bought some card stock, designer series papers and some background stamps.  I really love Splitcoast Stampers because it’s primarily Stampin’ Up reps who sell off the things that are discontinued, and it seems like they discontinue a lot of things.  They have “in-colors,”  that are colors that they only have available for two years, then they are done.  They offer inks, re-inkers, markers, ribbon, paper, and designer series papers in these colors, and at the end of two years, the great ladies on Splitcoast Stampers sell off the things they no longer can sell to their customers.  It’s a great way to find used anything and everything, and I love the quality of Stampin’ Up products, so buy whenever the mood hits me.  I really try not to get excited about the new “in colors” as it can be an expensive proposition.  Of course I need to buy the ink and re-inker, because once they are discontinued, you’ll never be able to buy them again….Plus if I love a color, I’ll definitely want to buy matching card stock and the marker….The list goes on and on.  Needless to say, it’s not a good thing when I’m having an off day, as I will spend the entire day looking at Splitcoast Stampers, Ebay and watching old Lindsay the Frugal Crafter videos.

Today, I’ve been trying to stay off of the craft sites that “make” me buy things, and instead, am reading.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love to read books.  Not a Kindle, books.  I love the feel of them in my hands, the smell of them, and being able to hold it open to the page I’m on, and know exactly how much of the book I have read.  I have a Kindle, and a lot of people think I should use it more, because it’s lighter and easier on my hands/wrists.  The truth is this.  If I do anything that is extremely repetitious, like clicking one button to advance to the next page in a Kindle, my thumb and eventually, my wrist, will pay the price by swelling.  I think it’s weird that one tiny button will do something that an entire book will not.  Make my hand/wrist swell.  Another of my physical oddities has to do with buttons on a computer.  Certain computers have buttons that click when pressed…Those buttons will eventually make my wrists swell.  Even more odd are cellphones and touch screens..  Your fingers have to press those pads in a certain way, and since my fingers aren’t straight, I have a really hard time getting touch screens/cellphones with touch pads, to work.  Maybe I’m just an old-fashioned girl, but I can’t use Rich’s cellphone, and usually either disconnect the call, or end up dialing someone else with my cheek while talking on it.  I don’t like the size of the new phones either, because my hands can’t grip them very easily.

You probably didn’t expect me to give a rant today, but modern technology is not the greatest for people like me.    I’m really lucky that I have no interest in technology, otherwise I’d be really mad that I can’t use a lot of it.  I love my flip phone.  I know it sounds weird, but I can hold it, I can dial it, and I can hear when I use it.  I don’t text (I know you are shocked), and believe that if I take the time to contact someone, I want to hear their voice on the other end of the phone.  I rarely keep my cellphone turned on, and never use it at home.  I still have a land line, and think it’s just great.  I know a lot of people think land lines are a thing of the past, but I like having an extension in several rooms, and frankly, where we live, cell phone service can be spotty…so if I’m in our basement, I really want the phone to work, and cellphones don’t have reception there.  Basically, I’m just a crazy middle-aged lady prone to rants about technology…And you thought I still maintained some semblance of sanity…Not so much.

3-D Decorated Monogram Frame

I saw these concrete style letters in the clearance department of Joanns and thought they would look great on a frame. I used the Die Cuts with a View (DCWV) Burlap Neutrals paper. It’s burlap that’s lined with a plastic backing. It’s really thick and works great if you cut it properly.
I bought my frame at a garage sale and it’s really long, (11″ x 17:) and needed two sheets of the burlap paper, as it is 12 x 12″. I trimmed the paper by using the paper that you find inside a new frame for a guide. I took the glass and the frame and laid them aside so I didn’t break the glass, then laid the burlap on the paper and made a mark on it so I could cut it in my paper trimmer and trimmed the paper to fit inside the frame. The paper trimmer made a nice line, but didn’t cut all the way through the paper, so I used my Fiskars long easy action scissors to cut it down to size. I lined the two papers together, and glued them with my hot glue gun to the paper from the frame. I just wanted to be certain that the burlap was on that paper straight and would work well inside the frame. I glued the seam first then pushed the two pieces together. I didn’t like the look of the seam and knew it was in a place that would show, so decided to add wide burlap ribbon to the black burlap near the top and the bottom of the inside of the glass and glued it to the back.  I flipped the paper over and trimmed any black burlap that hung over the edges.  Then I put the frame together and glued the letters to it with hot glue. I don’t recommend hot glue on glass if you are going to be in a changing climate, as it will not hold if it gets really cold….so use E6000 glue for anything you are gluing to glass as it will hold in changing climates.. I had a hard time getting the S to fit inside the frame, so had to use an electric sander to sand it down so it would fit. I was worried that you would be able to see where I sanded it, so colored the sides of the “S” with a matching alcohol marker.
We have a very contemporary kitchen and I thought this would look great as you walk in from outside.
It’s quick and easy to make and I like giving gifts with monograms on them, so practiced with this for our house and will be making some for others as well.


The floods and ice storm continues, so we’re not leaving the house.  I really need to get serious about going into my craft room, but just don’t feel like it.  It’s one of those days where I’m really feeling like doing nothing…maybe watching a movie.  I always feel like I’m letting viewers down when I don’t want to create anything, so I’ll apologize in advance for not feeling up to it.

It’s lucky that I have videos that need to be uploaded, so Rich is doing that so it’s invisible to those of you who don’t read my blog, when I’m having a listless day.  It’ll be our secret.

I forgot to tell you about a gift Rich got me for Christmas.  I’ve always been interested in my family tree, so he bought me the DNA kit from Ancestry.com so I would know where I originate from.  My DNA says I’m 57% British, and another 27% Western European,  Of course there are very small percentages from other parts of Europe, Ireland, Spain etc., so now I know where we came from.  I’ve always thought that was the case, but it was really fun finding out the details.  The DNA test also will tell you about cousins that my DNA says I’m related to, and there were very few second cousins, then more third cousins, and lots more further out.  I thought it was really interesting and will try to get in touch with those that are my second cousins, as I’d never heard of them and wonder who and where they are.  The Ancestry site doesn’t give you full names, but it’s kind of fun that I can contact them through Ancestry to find out where we are connected.  I’ll let you know what I discover.


I woke up this morning to grass.  I love grass…it’s so green, and after mid-November, we rarely see it.  I was so happy and it looked so colorful.  I knew it wouldn’t last, so I spent some quality time really taking it all in.  I knew the fact that I saw grass meant that we had to have some flooding in the lower lying areas, but luckily, we live on the top of a very large hill, so we didn’t have to worry here.

Rich decided to run errands and I had asked him to go to the grocery store…He said it looked like people were preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse at the grocery store, as milk, bread and eggs were completely sold out, and the lines went to the middle of the store.  He had plenty of time to speculate about it, as he had to wait almost an hour to check out.  People were talking about the weather, and the fact that it was going to change.
We had about six inches of snow that melted, and it has been raining really hard for two days.  The problem comes when the temperature drops and the rain changes to ice.  That’s what happened about an hour after Rich got home.  Now the ground is solid ice and the rain is now snow.  No more grass for Sandy to look at…Darn.  We are supposed to get up to four inches of snow, but that’s on top of at least one-half inch of ice.  Yikes!  No wonder people were freaking out, as you can’t go anywhere when there’s ice coating everything.  It’s supposed to last until tomorrow night.  Good thing we don’t have any plans to go anywhere.  It’s also a good thing that Rich wasn’t buying milk, bread or eggs, or we’d be going without those as well…So far, so good.

Monochromatic Card with Fiskars Petals from Scratch

I wanted to make a group of different colored card bases and use a slightly darker ink on them. I really liked this Fiskars stamp set for it…I found it on Joanns site, and here’s a link to it. It’s called Petals from Scratch and was $4.99 on their site. http://tinyurl.com/fiskarsstamp

I started with a vibrant green card stock that is 5 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall. (I did end up cutting it to 5 1/4″ x 4″ in the end.) I used Hero Arts Shadow Ink in Forever Green and used a stamp positioning tool, and in my case, a MISTI. Tim Holtz makes one that is less expensive, as is the Stamp Perfect from Hampton Arts, that is currently only available in the US on Ebay.
I took all of my bigger floral images and positioned them on the left side of my card stock with some of them trailing off the left side of the paper. You’ll want your images to be as close together as possible, but I kept some small images out of the initial positioning, so I could fill the spots in later where I had gaps. After positioning your stamps, you’ll want to ink and stamp them more than once with the same color ink so they are really dark and vibrant. Once you like your results, remove the card from your stamp positioning tool and lay it on a piece of fun foam or a phone book or anything that’s squishy, so inking will be better and more consistent. I used the smallest floral stamp in the same stamp set and filled little spots where there are no stamps. After I convinced myself I had filled with enough flowers, I took my Hero Hues Unicorn White ink and a pencil eraser to fill little white dots around my image. I found by stamping those twice (the second time after they have dried,) I got a nice white image. Then I took my white gel pen from Gelli Roll, and traced the insides of the flowers and made dots in the centers of the tiny flowers to create a more vibrant look. Then I took a Prismacolor white colored pencil and colored inside my flowers. I could have stopped there, but decided to make tiny dots all over with my white gel pen.
For my sentiment, I took the Hero Arts set called Hello stamp and die set, $12.99 full price at Joanns. https://tinyurl.com/helloset
I die cut the Hello with a white scrap and then used a piece of washi tape behind Hello and taped it to a scrap paper. I used the scrap paper to press the die cut into the same green ink pad, then used Ranger clear embossing powder and held the scrap paper to use it to hold the die cut while heat embossing it. I set this aside until the rest of the card was complete.

I used the other half of the green card stock to punch a flower out of the center with an EK Success paper punch and used another lighter green card stock with the same punch. I took the green ink and laid the green card stock (with the center punched out) on scrap paper and inked the edges with the green ink so the edges (at least 1/4″ wide) are darker like the flowers on the stamped image. I cut this piece to 5 3/8″ x 4 1/8″ before inking it and used tape runner to adhere this to the back of my stamped piece that is 5 1/4″ x 4 “… I layered both on a white card base that is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and scored in half on the 8 1/2″ side at 4 1/4″, making our card 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ when folded. I used the same tape runner to layer these together.

I used the flower that I punched out of the center of my green paper and laid it on scrap paper and inked it with my green ink, then offset another lighter green flower under it and attached them together with tape runner. I layered a punched piece of vellum that was 1 3/4” on top of the two flowers with tape runner. Then I took a white paper scrap and stamped it with the green ink and used clear embossing powder and heat set “just a note to say”  from the Hello stamp/die set, then ran it through my die cutter with a circle die that had a stitch around the edge that was about 1 1/2″.  Next,  put a piece of foam tape under the white circle. I added gold thin wire and wrapped it loosely around my hand several times and then laid it on the foam tape on the back of the white circle and arranged the loops to look like petals, then put another piece of fun foam on the wire and laid it on the vellum to attach it to the card. I took the Hello sentiment that I had heat embossed and added Tombow Mono Adhesive to a scrap paper with a micro brush I bought on Aliexpress to add glue to the back of the die cut. IThese also work great if ink ever skips on a project.) Here’s a link to some. https://preview.tinyurl.com/microbrush
After gluing the die cut, I found a place where I liked the sentiment on the card and glued it down.
I found a tiny flower in the set and stamped the back of the envelope and three on the bottom right corner of the envelope along with a swirl that came in the stamp set. I stamped it inside the card and on the back of the envelope as well.
I really liked making this card and hope you enjoyed it as well.


It was one of those nights where I just couldn’t stop my mind long enough to really get good sleep, so I got up and worked on more cards like the one I have in the upcoming video.  I really liked the look of it, and started by stamping a bunch of different colored card stock, so decided to finish those.  Of course, it never occurred to me that to finish them would mean using my die cutting machine, and since it’s electric, can be loud when used with dies….so I didn’t finish one, but am about 75% finished with three or four of them.

My girlfriend and I had planned on getting together today and having our Christmas gift exchange.  She and I try really hard to get the other something meaningful and special, and I really struggled this year.  You know you don’t have any ideas when you resort to considering buying pajamas, and that’s how desperate I was.

Hallmark stores sell a brand of jewelry that is similar to Pandora, called Davinci, and I have a couple of their bangles.  They have a screw that closes the bangle and holds the beads on, and one of my screw pieces came off and disappeared.  I don’t know how I manage to lose something like that, as it’s not a small piece, and I can’t understand why I didn’t hear it drop when it fell off.  OK, I’ll admit it.  I have two of these bangles, and I lost one screw piece from each of them.   I was on a mission to replace the screw piece, and found a retailer on Ebay that was selling off their inventory of beads.  They had a lot of pink stoned charms and my girlfriend’s birthday is in October, so pink is her birthstone.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to make her a bracelet.  Her twelve year old daughter is also an October baby, so they could share some of the charms.  The bracelet I made is really pretty and I was so happy with it.  I also made her the Christmas flip book album and made her daughter one of the book marks.

After our shopping trip, we opened our presents. She’d been giving me clues about mine, but I just couldn’t guess what it was.  She made me a sign that says “Crafting for Almost Everyone.”  I was so touched and she even copied the font I use for my channel.  I almost cried.  If you would ask my family, they will tell you that I am the hardest person to buy gifts for, but my friends always buy me things that I absolutely love.  In this case, she used treated wood, painted it white, and then used vinyl letters that look like paint..they’re even splotchy looking, like paint.  It’s unbelievably cool, and I’ll make sure to show it in an upcoming video.  Honestly, I can’t imagine a better gift.  I have some really great friends that I’ve had for a very long time, and I am blessed to have them.