Today I did work on the album.  I pulled both covers off and tried to color the white brick paper.  What I discovered was this.  Thin scrapbook paper is not made for coloring mediums.  It was a mess and I couldn’t figure out a way to redeem it.  In the end, I spilled a small container of water onto the paper and decided to throw it out.  I can’t decide how I could have done anything differently, so my next move is to take gray paper and use texture paste on it to make it work.  I think I’ll make the texture paste a mixture of gray and tan, as the photos of the bricks make it look brown in one light and gray in another.

I guess we’ll see how that plan goes, but for now, at least I have a plan…not a great one, but a plan.



I really wanted to say that I have finished the album, but, unfortunately I’ve failed yet again.  I know it’s starting to sound ridiculous, but I’m completely exhausted.  I’ve never made excuses for myself, and find I’m doing it so often now.  I’m so sorry to tell you that I haven’t done anything else crafty, but I have slept about thirty-two hours in the last two days.  I feel like I’m really letting all of you down, and hope I start feeling better, and have more energy.  In the meantime, it’s a good thing that I have a backlog of videos for you to watch and for Rich to upload.


First let me tell you about Dead Pool 2.  It was funny, gory, and not suitable for children, but if you like Ryan Reynolds and his humor, you’ll enjoy it immensely.   College friends who have relocated back here from Maryland love movies as much as we do.  The only difference is the wife doesn’t really like action movies.  Almost forty years of watching them with Rich have made them a staple for me, but at the end of the movie, she turned to me and said “That’s two hours I’ll never get back.”  I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at that.

So today was going to be the day I finished the album I’m making them for their new house.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see the house during the bricking phase and relied on Rich, who said “It’s brick colored.”  I made the cover of the album “brick” and guess what? It’s not really “brick colored” at all.  It’s more of a beige/tan brick, so the brick colored paper I bought and re-bought is not going to cut it.  Luckily I bought some white brick paper early on, and I think (keep that in mind) that I can color it and make it match their home better.  Of course I did say “think” so we really have no idea what my end result will look like.

I didn’t get up for the royal wedding, but did see (on YouTube) the beginning of Meghan’s walk down the aisle.  When the trumpets started, the little boy on the right holding her train was astounded, and utterly adorable.  If you haven’t seen it, he’s now an internet sensation.  Rich got up and asked if I watched any of the wedding and I only showed him the little boy and he just smiled.  You could tell that kid will remember that moment for the rest of his life, and what a moment to remember!

Mid-afternoon, we got a call from another of our college friends, wanting to go to dinner and gambling.  They texted the rest of our gang, and the eight of us met to donate money to the casino in Erie, PA.  We had a great time at dinner, and donated some money, then headed home in a horrific rainstorm.  It was hard to see the road, and I’m glad we left when we did, as I don’t think it would have been safe to drive after dark with it raining that hard.  We were glad to get home and the dogs were really glad to see us.  Honey hates wind, rain, basically anything unexpected, so she was super anxious when we got home.  She’s finally calmed down after an hour of laying with me.

I am committed to finishing that album tomorrow.  I’m going to have to remove the covers (YIKES!) and replace them with much sturdier cardboard, and change the color of the white bricks.  It might be a long day, but it’s not over until the fat lady sings.  Where did that saying come from?  I know it has to do with opera, but geez, can’t they let us sturdily built women have a break?


Today I went to a couple of garage sales with my girlfriend and I found some really fun metal plumbing tape that should be able to be die cut.  I can’t wait to try it, and when you only spend a quarter on it, it’s not too painful if it doesn’t work.  I also had to buy more cover paper at Joanns, for the album I’m making, as I punched holes through the back cover when it should have been the front….these things happen.

It was really muggy here today, which screamed “nap time” to me.  I was really worn out from all of the sweating I was doing (standing in two garages), that I couldn’t take it, and came home and took a much needed nap.  Is it me, or do naps become a rite of passage as we get older?  I’m thinking everything that goes around comes around.  We take naps as children, and as aging adults we take them as well.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to hold off the diaper phase as long as possible, and am seriously crossing my fingers on that one.

Rich took the dogs for a walk and they came home exhausted from the humidity, making me feel less old, and more sweaty.  They always run into the house and find me wherever I am, and hang with me.  Today, I was laying in bed (yes, back to the nap) and they were panting on me for as long as I could take it, which wasn’t very long.  I just am not equipped to have two big dogs pant on me (or is it at me?) when I’m already warm.  It was 95 degrees in North Carolina, and I was more warm here at 80 degrees, and I really thought it was humid there.  Huh, weird how these things work….Tomorrow, we’re spending some time with friends watching the Dead Pool movies, and I’ll give you my opinion of the second one when I update you tomorrow.  When you’re married, you normally mainly attend manly movies, and it’s the least I can do for Rich, considering the work he does for my YT channel.


I have to say, I think I’m a big baby.  I used to be able to travel, change time zones, and never have any issues.  Now, I took a one hour flight and I’ve been exhausted for three days..Who does that?  I really need to get a grip because we promised friends that we’d get up early on Friday, visit their new house, watch Dead Pool and then go see Dead Pool 2 in the theater.  What are the odds that I won’t sleep through the movie..Maybe both movies?

Today we took Bella to get her spring hair cut, and the groomer said she thought Bella has lost some weight.  Geez, why doesn’t anyone ever say that to me?  Probably because I’m Chubby McChubberson, and haven’t lost weight in years.  It’s not that I’m really whining about it, it is what it is.  I’ve been on steroids for so long that I can’t remember being less chubby.  The best part about this spring, is that I went through every drawer and closet and got rid of all of the clothes that don’t fit me.  Trust me when I tell you that I have had clothes for at least fifteen years.  It’s time to donate them.  Could they possibly even be remotely in style?  Yes, for an almost sixty year old woman.  Anyway, they are gone now and I feel revived. I think I need to do the same thing to my craft room and get rid of every stamp set I don’t think I’ll ever use.  It’s just a thought.

How to Line Up Layered Rubbernecker Stamps

David Miller, one of the owners of Rubbernecker Stamps, showed us how to line up their detail stamps, as well as how to watercolor on them. Here are some of the products he used:

Single Rose Stamp: http://www.rubbernecker.com/product-p/1038.htm

Ken Oliver Color Burst: http://www.rubbernecker.com/searchresults.asp?Search=ken+oliver&Submit=

Rose Image he holds up and explains it is all one stamped image:

I couldn’t find the felt paper on their website, but I’m sure they’d be able to help you to get it if you contact them at (909)-927-8244 or
or Customerservice@rubbernecker.com

We really enjoyed this demonstration by David Miller and hope you do too.



Rich and I got back last night from spending the last four days in North Carolina with our nephew, who just graduated from University of NC Nursing School.  We spent the first two days with him and then my sister, my brother-in-law and his brother and wife came for the event on Saturday.

We’ve always been really close to our nephew, so spending quality time with him made the trip so special for us.  He took time off of work just to hang out with us.  We got to meet his girlfriend, who we loved, and spend some time with her as well.

Graduation was OK, in the basketball arena and kind of hot, long speeches, and a lot of waiting for the two minutes when your student walks across the stage.  They have a “pinning” ceremony, where the nurses have a significant person put their nursing pin on them.  Our nephew chose him mom, my sister, to pin him, as she’s not only his mom, but also an RN.  It was something special for them to share, and a lovely moment.  My sister has type one diabetes and has had it since age 4.  She’s 60 now, and she’s done remarkably well considering life expectancy when she was diagnosed, was twenty-five years with the disease.   She isn’t very stable on her feet, so they had a wheelchair to make sure she could get to the right spot and stand to pin him.  I was really proud and happy to be there, as was Rich.  We took a lot of photos and I’ll make sure to post one on my facebook page.

As for crafts, I did find a Jerry’s Art-a-rama there.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with their online website, they sell just about every art related thing you can think of.  I had so much fun just walking around and trying to figure out the uses of certain tools.  I didn’t buy much there, but it definitely was a lot of fun to roam around…

I’ll be posting videos again tomorrow and apologize for the big gap on the blog.  I wanted to write on it while I was away, but didn’t think you’d want to read a recap of the things I ate every day, as that was basically the focal point of our time there.  (OK, when isn’t it?)