How to Use Chalkola Chalk Markers, Plus a Giveaway

I received a set of 30 Chalkola Chalk Markers with an extra gold colored marker and a black board from the nice people at Chalkola.

Chalk marker can be used with any non-porous surface…examples would be glass, plastic, blackboards, ceramic. You can write on ceramic mugs, I bought a Christmas ornament (I bought one from Celebrate-it) and drew a Christmas tree on it.

The Dollar Tree sells trinket boxes link: that you can use for the tooth fairy and write a message on it.

Snail images free images to print:

Plastic notebook sleeve to color on:

I’ve found these at the Dollar Tree during back to school time. Tracing a design on a car window. Put the paper on the outside of the window and tape it where you want it. Get inside the car and trace the design on the inside of the window and it will stay there until you wipe it off. Once you’ve completed your design, remove the taped image from the window.

House window: To put a design on your window, tape the picture to the outside of your window, and draw on the inside of the window, and once the drawing is complete, remove the paper from the outside of the window… Stamping with markers: Use red rubber stamps and use the marker on the stamp then use your fingertip to remove excess ink…stamp onto a non-porous surface and let dry. You won’t get a perfect image, but it’s fun to do. You can also stamp on the Christmas ornament I showed earlier.

To receive a 10% discount on any Chalkola order, use the code: CHALKOLA10

1. Eligible entries must subscribe to Chalkola’s YouTube channel. Only persons from the UK, Canada and USA are eligible to win the set of chalk markers. The set size is a set of 21 markers for the UK and Canada and a set of 30 for the USA .

2. You need to leave a comment below this video that says you’ve subscribed to Chalkola’s YouTube channel and your email address or name. I’d prefer your email address so I can contact you after the drawing’s results.

The drawing will be done on April 15th and I will contact you via email to let you know you’re a winner. The marker set will be sent directly from Chalkola to the winner.

Dollar Tree Haul, It’s Good for a Laugh

Below you’ll find the product descriptions and links to Dollar Tree.
Moroccan Style Placemat:

Crafter’s Square Pop Dot Tape: I couldn’t find this in their online store, but here are the options they do show online.

Jot Foam Mounting Tape: The bottom right option is the one I bought.

Crafter’s Square Magical Adhesive Dots: I couldn’t find this in their online store, sorry

Crafter’s Square Double Sided Tape:

Crafter’s Square Wood Letters:

3″ Square Glass Votive Holder:

Foam Egg Picks:

Here’s what the birdhouses looked like before Rich cut them:

I couldn’t find the napkins online, sorry

Bird Wall Stickers:

Wood Gazebo Birdhouse –Available at Michaels—

Mod Podge Outdoor:

Jewel Border Stickers: available in silver and gold, I bought gold.

In my next video, we’ll be making the Easter centerpiece using the votive and the eggs from the egg picks. I hope you’ll check it out.



I’m still trying to maintain time in the craft room everyday, but am finding myself talking on the telephone and working on diamond paintings.  My friends are uncertain and fearful as am I.  We talk about seeing kids out on their bikes, for the first time in years, it seems.  We’re devising a plan for how to spend Easter together without actually being together.  We’re thinking of setting a meal time, and then calling the other so we can talk as if we are in the same house, and then we won’t feel so isolated or disconnected from our loved ones.

Our nephew is an RN in a VA hospital, and now the VA’s are also taking in overflow non-veteran corona patients.  This is our nephew’s first Easter with his bride, and we know he’ll be spending it working…We decided to provide their Easter meal for them and since they live in North Carolina, we are arranging for them to pick their meal up at a Honey Baked Ham store near them.  It’s hard enough trying to get through the first year of marriage, and adding to that the stress of Corona, and the social distancing, means they won’t see any family or each other.  It’s the least we can do, providing them a good dinner.

Our county has now been asked to stay at home.   I know there’s an official term for it, but can’t remember what it is.  Rich went out to get milk and bread, and had to go to several stores just to find those two things.  Apparently, up until this point, the people in our county have been ignoring the warnings, and have been going about life as if it’s business as usual.  Shopping daily, and taking their children to Walmart several times a week.  Facebook in our area is blowing up with people working at Walmart, saying that people are just ignoring all of the warnings, and putting everyone at risk.  Social distancing there is non-existent, and people didn’t seem to act like they had even heard that they should be staying away from each other.  I am reminded of a movie called “Five Feet Apart,” about two kids with Cystic Fibrosis that aren’t allowed to be within six feet of each other.  They come up with a broomstick that is five feet long, and decide to hold that stick between them so they never get too close to each other.  Is that what we have to do to remind each other to stay six feet apart?

I’m saddened that people are taking several young children into grocery stores and allowing them to touch things, letting their babies gnaw on shopping carts…It’s frustrating that people don’t understand that they can have this virus without having any symptoms, and that they are the ones spreading the disease.  What will it take for people to wake up and realize that we can control how much this virus spreads, just by social distancing and staying at home?

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m hoping we can get ahead of this virus, but it’s going to take all of us, taking this virus serious, to do this.

Making De-Stressing, Sensory Jars, Bottles

In these times of high stress from COVID19 (Coronavirus), I thought it would be a good time to help you make a project for yourself and your family that will help you possibly reduce your anxiety and stress.

I used a Voss glass water bottle (I recommend plastic though, if you can find it), another large plastic water bottle, a pickle jar I ran through my dishwasher (and it still smelled like pickles, so didn’t use it in the end.) I also had a pint jar and a small plastic spice sized container.  I cleaned all of the bottles and removed the labels.  The pickle jar label fell off in the dishwasher, and the other labels were easily removed, as they were plastic outer liners and could be cut off..

Coloring the water: I used food coloring and Crayola watercolors, so if you don’t have either of these, use anything you have on hand that will change the water color…You might have some liquid blusher that you could use a few drops as well or water based markers that you scribble on a small flat piece of plastic, then swirl the plastic in the bottle to remove the marker..

To thicken the water, you can use Elmers Kid’s Washable school glue, Vegetable glycerin that you’d buy at a pharmacy, or baby oil (I couldn’t find my baby oil.) Or you can go without a thickening agent…I did this with the pom-pom bottle.

The pint jar–I started by putting green food coloring in…not a lot as you don’t want the water too dark…I thought this would work for pompoms, but it didn’t because you need a lot more room for the pompoms to move….so I changed the pompoms to the largest water bottle. I’ll use the pint jar for the next jar idea. I changed the pint jar (still green) to smiley face table scatters, white beads and glitter…choose different colors of glitter and different sizes of glitter..chunky works great. Start by filling the jar about 3/4 full and add glycerin to this jar, adding maybe 1-2 tsp. The more glycerin you put in, the slower the shakers will move. I added more table scatters/sequins shaped like flowers, then shook the jar really well. I used hot water so things would combine easier. After these bottles sit overnight, fill the water to the top, and seal the lid shut with glue, either E6000 or Super Glue. Put the glue inside the rings of the lid and then put the lid on tightly and let it set until it’s glued shut. This is especially important with your glass jars.

Pink (pickle jar)-(in the end, this was the Voss water bottle)– I used Crayola red watercolor on a brush and kept wiping the brush in the water on the side of the jar. Filled it a little more than half of the jar with water. Make sure the water is really hot so the glue dissolves. Fill the jar almost to the top with Elmer’s Clear School Glue or any clear glue. I should have closed the jar and shaken it until the glue and water mixed, but didn’t. I added different glitters, small beads, sequins, table scatters.. Put the lid on tightly and shake it a lot, and I mean a lot, to get the water and glue to combine. If you get bubbles, that’s ok…wait overnight and fill the jar the rest of the way with water and then glue the lid shut and shake it again.

Next day...I couldn’t get the pickle smell to go away, so changed to the Voss water bottle  and it turned out to be my favorite.

Small container that looked like a spice bottle: I used hot water and filled it over half full and then filled it almost the rest of the way with the Elmer’s school glue. I added yellow food coloring and gold and brown glitter and flower sequins and then closed it and shook it really well. The next day, I added more hot water to the top and sealed the bottle shut with glue.

After I added water to the top of each bottle and sealed them, I shook them so you can see how relaxing it is.  I hope you give this a try.

Easy, Framing a Diamond Painting Using an Existing Frame

I received this Tree of Life Diamond Painting Kit from and here’s a link to it. Tree of Life 30 x 40 cm Link: This diamond painting uses round drills and if I had to recommend a size, I’d say you’ll be able to see the image a lot better if you buy a larger sized canvas. I’ve seen this 16 x 20 inches and it is much easier to recognize the tree close up. Any time you buy a diamond painting with a lot of detail, it’s much better to go larger..just my two cents on it. The tree of life that I got is about 9 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ inches. I had a large piece of framed art work that I’d bought at Kohls a long time ago, and decided I no longer liked it. I decided to use the frame and existing mat for my tree of life diamond painting.

To do this, you’ll want to first trim the corners of the canvas that has no diamonds on it, almost to the diamonds…maybe 1/8″ away from the corner. I folded each side of my canvas and made sure the fold is right up to the diamonds. I then put a row of double sided tape on the side of the fold that would be where the finished image is, and then a row of tape on the edge of the side and one more row about half way between the two rows of tear tape. Then I removed the backing from the tear tape and folded the edge back to the diamond row. I pressed down well and then went to the another side and did the exact same thing…Do this to all four sides, making sure they are well taped down. I added tear tape to the back of the painting and all four sides, as well as several rows of tape through the center section…this ensures that if the diamond painting is framed without glass or with glass and mats, the painting won’t shift once framed. More tear tape is better than less... I had a green large piece of art paper that I bought at an art store that was going out of business. You could use a piece of poster board for this instead if you can’t find large pieces of art paper. Here are some examples of art papers they sell at Hobby Lobby.

I took the framed artwork that I already had on hand and took it apart, removing the different layers by bending back the staples that held things in place. The matting on it was blue and I didn’t feel like changing that out, but wanted to ensure another layer that fit the colors of my tree of life. I used the green art paper I mentioned above, and cut it to about an 1″ smaller than the size as the cardboard backing and then using white artist’s tape I bought from, taped the green paper to the back of the matting. I then cleaned the glass from the frame and laid the frame face down on my desk, put the glass in place, and then laid the diamond painting in the center of the green matted layer and made sure it was well adhered before flipping it over and laying it in place in the frame. When you do this, make sure the top of your painting is also at the top of the frame where the hook to hang it is attached. Then put the cardboard backing on it and used my Tim Holtz scissors, and pushed the staples in place to make sure the artwork would stay in the frame. I used masking tape, and taped the cardboard to the back of the black frame. I made sure there were two rows of masking tape so the cardboard and frame both had a good layer of masking tape on it. In the end, I was happy with my frame job and don’t think I would have done anything differently, other than using a bigger tree of life image..


With Easter fast approaching and all of us self-quarantining, I’m wondering if we could make the day we celebrate Easter with family and friends, a different day of our choosing.  If we can celebrate Easter on the real Easter, that would be great, but I’m thinking it’s not very practical.  I don’t know about you, but if my parents were still alive, I wouldn’t want to have an Easter celebration, and possibly infect other them, or be infected myself.  No holiday is worth that, in my opinion.

So with that being said, I’m thinking of choosing a date in the distant future, where we can safely celebrate with friends.  Rich and I don’t have any local family, but have a wonderful group of friends that are as close to family as you can get.  Most of them are college friends, so you can imagine we’ve known each other over forty years…We sound so old when I use numbers like forty.  In my head, I’m about twenty-five…My Dad passed away at sixty-four, and at the time, I thought he was too young to go, but as I quickly approach that age, I think of just how young he truly was.  He was young at heart, and so full of life, and his smile was the greatest–It’s hard to believe he’s been gone since 1994.

Enough reminiscing….Here’s what I’ve been busy doing in the craft room.  I finished three small diamond projects yesterday, one being a journal with Mother Mary on it.  My close girlfriend mentioned she loved the Mary diamond painting I made for my sister, and I decided it would be fun to give her a Mary fronted-journal.  It came out really cute, and I’ll upload photos of it in an upcoming video.  I also covered more refrigerator magnets, and this time the food items were actually magnets, and not key rings I had to turn into magnets.  They are brightly colored and you’ll see those in an upcoming video as well.  And finally, I finished a bookmark of a cardinal for my Mother’s close friend.  Their high school mascot was the cardinal, and the classmates get together once a month from spring until fall for lunch.  I thought she’d like the bookmark, and included a pack of the cardinal cards I made when I wanted to use all of the colored images I’d made a long time ago.   I can’t wait for you to see this (in the same video as the others) because Fansells put a really nice tassel with a metal butterfly in the kit.  I’ll say this for Fansells, they don’t do anything halfway.

I finally mailed (OK, Rich mailed) the cards I’d promised people as well as a bunch of “thinking of you” cards to our close friends.  I had a couple of viewers tell me that I could just put stamps on the cards, but our post office isn’t like anywhere else.  The reason I say this, is I bought a bunch of 70 cent stamps for my cards that were too big or too thick, as last year that was the price to mail anything out of the ordinary…In this batch, some of the cards I sent were normal small cards…The postage was never under 70 cents for any of the cards, and a lot of them were over 90 cents to mail.  How can you predict the cost of postage when it never seems to be consistent? Rich said the postal worker felt every envelope and that’s how he made his determination of cost (I guess.)

I’m just glad they are in the mail, as I’d promised to send them to so many people, and felt badly that none of them had been mailed.  I’m great at making and writing in cards, but getting them in the mail is a whole other ballgame…darn it…  Especially now that I don’t leave the house.  I’m sure our mailman would have been happy to take them with him if they’d had postage on them, but Rich watched the postal worker determine the costs on each envelope, and he said there was no way he’d be able to predict the cost…and I’d be so embarrassed if a card I sent arrived “postage due.”

And speaking of our postman, I’m going to make a card for him, our garbage collectors, and others still working, to thank them for their service.  I think it’s times like this when we all need to step up and thank people for doing their jobs, especially when their jobs put them in harm’s way…I’ve always sent cards to our deployed service people, but definitely think it’s time to extend the cards to the people in the front lines that are keeping our country going, while a lot of us stay at home.  I’m thinking of making a bunch of 3 x 3″ cards that I can carry in my purse, that just say thanks for being there for us when we need you, and handing them to grocery store clerks, cashiers,  and basically anyone still working in the public.  These are not safe times and I think we all need to give thanks for those that are keeping us afloat.

I’m also thinking of making cookies to drop off at a couple of neighbor’s homes to let them know we’re thinking of them, as they’ve been housebound like me.  I think I’ll give some to the postman and garbage collectors as well.  I need to give back…I need to do something to feel like I’m doing my part to make a difference, however small…

As for my channel…I’ve got at least two upcoming videos where I’ll be giving away things…diamond paintings and chalk marker sets.  Hopefully, that will give others something to occupy their minds and maybe even take a little of their anxiety away.  We can all use a little of that.


Yesterday I finished a couple more videos and am almost done with the double art journal pages I’ve been working on for a few days.  I might have turned the pages into a “hot mess,” as it looked really good until I decided maybe the “hair” made out of embroidery floss, needed Stickles.  And then I just lost my mind, squeezing Stickles all over the place.  I think I’m turning into my mother, as she absolutely LOVED Puffy Paint…I’m not even sure if they still make it, but she was obsessed with it.  She was going to go on a really big trip to Israel shortly after my dad died, so Rich and I bought her a really big (this is before weight was a consideration for luggage) piece of luggage, that stood upright and had shelves in it.  It was a hunter green–we could have bought black, but we wanted it to stick out so she wouldn’t have to look hard for it when it came off the luggage turnstile.  Apparently the green color didn’t stand out enough, so, first she made a red crocheted “chain” that she attached to the handle, thinking that would make it easier to spot….and then she decided that wasn’t good enough, (sound familiar?) so she took several colors of Puffy Paint and stood above the luggage (laying it flat on the ground) and hosed it down with Puffy Paint in random squiggle designs.  When we saw it, we were mortified…It looked like a toddler had destroyed her luggage…But my mother loved her art work, and never had any trouble finding her luggage….When she stopped travelling, she offered it to me, and luckily, we have a lot of luggage, so I could use that as my excuse.  I haven’t seen the art journal since it’s dried, and I’m hoping I don’t look at it and burst into tears, but you just don’t know.  Maybe it dried so it looks a lot less tacky…I doubt it.

As for today, I went through several new videos and wrote the notes Rich will need while editing, and put them in the order I’d like to have them uploaded in.  I want to make sure the one I made for de-stressing, goes up first, as it’s important people have ways to destress while we’re all staying at home.  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to do something, anything that involves a store.  Rich has run all of the errands since we’ve self-quarantined, so I’m staying safe, but I’m still looking forward to a time when I can get in the car and go somewhere to do something fun….and hope it’s soon….