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Crystal Rhinestone DIY Diamond Storage

I found the ostrich on and here’s the link to it.

I wanted to create storage for the diamonds that are crystal or look like rhinestones, because I use those on cards. My friend, Sherri, showed me her storage system, and this is what she does.

You’ll need:

1. A large three-ring binder (I think mine is 2″ or 3″ deep)  I bought mine at Walmart.

2. Baseball card 3 ring binder storage link on Amazon:

3. Small baggies to hold the diamonds link on Amazon:

4. (Optional) I received a plastic box with a loop that attaches into the three-ring binder when I ordered the cupcake compact mirror from Link:   I keep the unused baggies in this box so they are easy to find, since the loop allows me to keep the bags in the 3-ring binder.

When I am finished with any diamond project that involves the crystal (rhinestone) diamonds, I put the leftover diamonds into a baggie (one color per baggie), and put them into the baseball card pockets by color. I have my colors in alphabetical order ie. blue, black, gold, green, orange, purple, red, etc. I really like this system, because I can find the colors I’d like to use on cards, simply by opening the binder. If you don’t have a good system for storing your diamonds, you might want to give this a try.


I know I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping up with writing here, but I haven’t been doing anything very new or interesting lately.  Yesterday I worked for several hours on the cards from scraps that never seem to go away.  I’m almost done with them…and by almost, I think I just need to add a few embellishments, and my work here is done, thankfully.  It’s been a really long process.  I’ve seen Jennifer McGuire say she’s made thirty cards in an afternoon and I have to say, I don’t believe her.  Even if I made every card exactly the same, I don’t think I could do it.  Maybe it’s because I get sidetracked, “Squirrel!”  I’m not sure what the deal is, but seriously, I don’t think it’s possible, unless you have a bunch of mice and some dwarfs singing “Hi Ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work we go.”  And even then, I think it’s impossible for me.  I’ll make sure to count the ones I’ve done so I can say it’s taken me weeks to produce however many I’ve produced…And sadly, it’s not like they are spectacular to look at…they’re just run of the mill cards…(I’m going to let it go, or not.)

The other thing I’ve been doing, is working on a diamond painting of hedgehogs.  It’s a mother hedgehog on a bicycle (because every hedgehog can and does own and ride a bike)…She’s pulling an egg carton with her babies inside, because that’s the easiest way to transport baby hedgehogs.  I’d finished the egg carton and just didn’t like the “logo” near the top…I’m not sure what it was supposed to say or represent, but it was weird, so I popped the diamonds out, and changed it to the word “egg.”  I know you’re wondering why it doesn’t say “eggs,” but there wasn’t enough space for the “s,” so there you go…The babies are a little bit odd too, as some have distinctive eyes and others don’t.  Why not, you ask?  I have no idea.  I think the makers of diamond paintings get bored with small details like eyes, and throw in the towel after they’ve drawn them on one or two of the animals.  It’s like the diamond painting of the birds and a deer shadow that I showed in my last completed diamond art video, where the birds didn’t have beaks….how would they be able to eat with no beaks….these are questions too large for the artists that create diamond paintings.

I’m finishing the background color, off-white, and have maybe another day’s worth of work until it’s complete, and then I’ll need to go back and dig out a bunch of diamonds to add eyes to the babies and maybe outline them better, so they stand out more clearly.

If you saw my last Fansell’s haul video, you would have seen the birthday embellishments that I’ve already finished.  I said I’d show them in a card video, and I used several of the embellishments on my scrap cards, so you’ll definitely see them in action.  I only used one per card, as I thought the backgrounds were interesting, and if I had used more, I would have covered up too much of the initial work I’d done on them.  I think the embellishments really add to the cards, and hope you think so too.

I’m off to finish the scrap cards, and let’s all hope tonight is the last night I ever have to think about them.  I’d like to see the top of my desk, but that’s a pretty big wish, and I’m not sure if it’s a feasibility.  I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

Another Fansells com Unboxing Haul Diamond Painting, Diamond Art + Drawing has graciously sent me these products, and I have chosen a diamond painting to giveaway.

Winner to receive:

Mickey Mouse diamond painting link:

Rules for the drawing/giveaway:

1. In the comments below the video, please write “I’d like to have the Mickey painting” and include your email address if I don’t already have it.

2. You must live in the USA to qualify

3. Drawing will be done on June 5th and the winner will be notified via email. If there is no email address, I will contact the winner via video comments, and if I don’t hear back from the winner by June 10th, an alternate winner will be named.

Products listed in video:

Light pad link:

Bird diamond painting link:

Magnifying lamp link:

Dual tip pick up brush link:

Diamond Painting Pen w/ Diamonds link: (Sorry the video cut out so you don’t get to see it in use..I’ll make sure to use it in another video.

Set of 10 Greeting Card Embellishments Link:

Cupcake Compact Mirror link:

Rocket Ship Clock link:

Mother Mary Painting link:

Ostrich Light Switch Plate link:

Dog Coin Purse link:

Mandala Pencil Box link:

Santa Claus diamond painting link:

Mickey Mouse diamond painting link:


I’ve received a bunch of new diamond products from Fansells, and decided to do an unboxing, but also to show several of the products completed.  So I’ve been working like a rabbit, trying to finish as many as possible.  In the end, I think I probably could have finished at least one more, but did show five finished, and am pretty thrilled to have done so.  I also made a video to show the storage system I have for the crystal diamonds, as I use those in a lot of my cards, and wanted to have an easy system.  My friend, Sherri, showed me hers, she uses baseball card plastic sheets that go into a three-ring notebook.  I found inexpensive plastic sheets at Amazon, and got (I think) thirty, for a little over $4.  I already had the notebook, so decided to decorate the front cover with one of the Fansell’s finished projects, and it’s really cute.  I got an ostrich that’s supposed to be used for beside a light switch, as it comes with two luminous stickers to make it glow in the dark.  I didn’t use those on this project, but did use the huge Glue Dots that came with it, to attach it to the front of the notebook.  I think it turned out really frisky, and am glad I used the ostrich to decorate my notebook.

Today, Rich is uploading some of my videos, so I’ll finally get something new online.  I’m going to work on the scrap cards that I’ve been making for a couple of weeks.  I know I’ve talked about them several times, but I haven’t been able to complete them, as there are a lot of them, and so far, I think I’ve got twelve done, and have a big pile left to finish.  It’s frustrating when I can’t seem to get the sentiments I think I want to use, as I don’t have a great storage system for my sentiment stamps, and so spend a lot of time looking through cd cases, trying to find the sentiments I’d like to use.  The last time I made a huge bunch of cards, I used rub-ons for my sentiments, and I have to say, that made the whole process so much easier (and a lot faster.)  Unfortunately, I didn’t store the rub-ons well, so some of them stuck together, thus ruining a lot of the sentiments….darn it…I hate it when I do things like that.

I really need to de-clutter the craft room, as I’ve pulled out a lot of different embellishments for these cards, and don’t put them where I got them from, instead, keep thinking I’ll use them on another card…and then I don’t.  I also have a bunch of scraps laying around…I thought I’d make a card with a bunch of punched out flowers, but have lost my enthusiasm for the idea, as they don’t look as good as I thought they, onto plan B—throw them out, as I can’t see using them in the future either.  And one thing I’ve learned with crafting..If I don’t love it now, I won’t love it in the future.  I know a lot of people don’t throw out any scraps, or punched papers.  I don’t keep small scraps, as I’m pretty sure I’ll never find a use for them, unless it’s white or cream cardstock, and I do keep smaller scraps of them to use for sentiments…and I do find that I reach for them often.  I’m pretty sure I’d never say to myself, “I wonder if I have a bunch of scraps of punched flowers on patterned paper.”  And that’s the reason I’ll be throwing them into the trash.

One of the reasons I don’t like these punched flower scraps, is that I keep seeing them in videos, because I’ve left them near my recording area, and they get caught on whatever project I’m working on, and end up moving into the videos.  Every video I’ve noticed them in, I’m not impressed with them, so I know if I put them on a card, I wouldn’t like them there either.  So trashing them is the only answer for me.  I know I’ll feel a great sense of relief when they are in the I’ll never have to think of them again, when currently, every time I see them, I fret about what to do with them..The garage can is the only answer, as my anxiety will be greatly diminished. YAY!!





Friday was a big day for me…My girlfriend and I went to a few garage sales…WooHoo!!!  We were really conscious of mask wearing and social distancing, and it was SO MUCH FUN to get out of the house for a few hours.  The weather wasn’t bad but as we pulled up to the last sale, it started to drizzle, and that’s when we called it quits.   We could have gone to more, but we’re fair weather garage salers (is that a term?)                                      Our county is considered “Code Yellow” for corona “control,” meaning we haven’t had many cases, only twenty-two since they’ve been keeping track.  That number seems really low, but please remember, we didn’t have many testing kits in the early weeks of Corona, so we might have had more people diagnosed if we’d had the tests..  The governor is still recommending we wear masks and social distance, but we can now have twenty-five people gathered.  I think the number of people gathering is how the garage sale people decided they could start having them again.   In the ads for the sales, they all mentioned that you had to wear masks, and as we’d drive up, we’d see that not only were the people having the garage sales not wearing masks, but neither were most of their customers.

Saturday, Rich and I went to our friend’s house on Lake Erie.  It was really warm in the sun, but really cold on their porch, so we ended up  staying inside.  They’d bought the house next to theirs and did some serious remodeling, and wanted Rich and I to see what they’d done with it.  I have to say, it looked amazing.  They still have a few projects they need contractors to finish, but they did most of the work themselves, and it looks 100% better than it did before.  Their son has lived in LA for the last ten years (or more) and with Corona being so invasive there, he and his girlfriend decided they are going to move back to Ohio…I know his parents are thrilled with the decision, and I think Patrick (their son) will love the new house….and I hope his girlfriend loves it too.  I’ve heard some of the living conditions in California, and I can’t imagine living there during this pandemic.  Patrick had to order all of their food online, as none of the grocery stores are open…The governor had requested that people not go to parks or go outdoors unless they have their own property to exercise on.  Patrick lived in a small apartment before the pandemic, and moved in with his girlfriend and her mother when the pandemic hit, as Californians are basically stuck in their homes…I couldn’t live like that, and after a couple of months, Patrick’s calling it quits, and I don’t blame him.  I’m looking forward to seeing him when he gets home in the next week or so…

Today I worked on some diamond art and did a lot of laundry.  I don’t like to let the laundry pile up, but I had four loads to do, and that’s a lot for me..I normally do two loads and am caught up, but not this week…darn it.  Rich was weeding in our backyard, and thought he got stung by a bug, but turns out it was poison ivy, and it’s the first time he’s ever had it.  He got it on the back of one leg, then crossed his legs, which spread the poison ivy to the other leg and he is miserable.  I’m having him change towels every day so he doesn’t get the seepage from his leg on the towel and then somehow reuse it and end up spreading the poison ivy to another body part.  I know that doctor’s say you can’t get poison ivy from towels, but one of my friends gets poison ivy every year, and maybe she’s more prone to getting poison ivy, but she’s gotten it and it’s spread all over her body and the only explanation she had was her towel…I don’t know if it’s true or not, but why take the risk?  If any of you know if you can spread your poison ivy through towel usage, let me know.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t think there are many things worse than having a crazy itch that can’t be controlled, and that’s where we are with Rich’s poison ivy.  He’s taking Benadryl, and we’re using lots of creams and lotions, but he’s still seriously itchy…..

Incorporating a Lilla Rose Headband/Necklace, Gift into a Card

Lilla Rose link:

I was contacted by Debbie Berndt from Lilla Rose to try out some of her hair products in videos.  Lilla Rose is an American based company that sells a wide variety of hair products..I hope you’ll check out her link.

Debbie Berndt’s contact information is:                                                                            Cellphone: 269-414-6090                                                                                                          Email:                                                                                                    Address: 63476 Pierson Rd Cassopolis, MI 49031                                                                      Lilla Rose link:

Victoria headband (can also be worn as a necklace) link:

You will get an extender if you buy the Victoria headband, you can also purchase the extenders by themselves for masks. link: 

The woman and floral rubber stamps I used are from Santoro called Willow Innocence #WIL907100 Color Me in Rubber link:

The watercolor paper is Arteza Watercolor Paper link: cut to 4 3/4″ wide by 6 3/4″ tall.

I stamped the images with Ranger Black Archival ink, then put Ranger clear embossing powder over them and then heat set them.

The watercolors I used are generic, and I bought the set of 42 on Amazon..The price has gone up since I bought them Amazon Prime to $17.99 link:   If you are willing to wait to get them from China, the price on Ebay drops to $14.94 link: (These prices change, fyi)

The poodle stamp came from Recollections set called Woof Woof that’s retired now..I couldn’t find any links online, sorry.

I colored the images and then used yellow and some white watercolor to make the yellow less bright, to color the background. I drew a thought bubble with a black Sharpie after stamping Happy Mother’s Day from a Hero Arts stamp set called Celebrate Everyday (link: on the front of the card.

I used a disposable scalpel to cut the lines on her shoulders so I could insert the headband/necklace into it. Scalpel link: Then inserted the headband through the back of one side of the image through the front of the other side to create a necklace on the girl. I put the rest of the headband into a small baggie and then used tear tape to adhere the baggie to the back of the card face. I also used tear tape to adhere the baggie that held the extender for the headband, then put foam tape doubled to twice the height all around the back of the card to ensure the products from Lilla Rose were protected in shipment.  Rounded the corners on the watercolor paper and my card base with my corner rounder…the Kadomaru Pro from Amazon link:

I laid the card face on a 5 x 7″ card base in an orange-red color that’s a retired Stampin’ Up colored cardstock.



Yesterday, Rich and I finally came to the end of the line with our crazy Coronavirus quarantine hair.  We talked it over and decided we could cut each other’s hair…how hard could it be?  Let’s just say, Rich didn’t think he was cutting much off and it turns out, he was wrong.  My hair is so short, it’ll take months to grow to a decent length.  I’d show it on a video, but it’s just too frightening…On the other hand, he liked the haircut I gave him…

I decided I was going to weed my front flower beds and plant some flowers I’d bought at a local greenhouse.  I spent hours, and in the end, was exhausted and didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted.  On the other hand, I wore a huge sun hat, so my crazy hair was covered and I didn’t scare off the neighbors..or their dogs.

I went into the craft room last night and framed the hummingbird diamond painting.  I made a video of the debacle…that’s the only word that fits this situation.  I’m contemplating how it could have gone worse, but don’t know if there are words.  Let’s just say, you’ll need to watch the video to decide for yourself if I should toss the entire project in the trash.

Today is a new day, and I really wanted to finish the cards I’d made with scrap paper….but there are just so many of them…I did manage to cut all of the card fronts to   5 1/4″ by 4″ so they’ll fit on an A2 sized card base…I have a bunch of pre-made card bases, so that’s one less step I need to do…..and in the end, all I accomplished was matching the pre made bases with card fronts….didn’t get anything glued down, but I did die cut ten sentiments, so at some point, I’ll be able to finish ten of these cards, and that still won’t make a dent in the pile I need to finish…

I also color and cut out some images that I might put on the cards, but in retrospect, I don’t think the images will work with the card fronts I created…they’re really busy, and putting an image on top would be too much….that just means I’ll have to make even more cards…geez…it’s never ending….and I still haven’t done any Christmas cards with scraps…maybe tomorrow…