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Two Art Journal Pages: One’s a Hot Mess–No Lie!

I wanted to work on my art journal today ..
I used my homemade gesso first…here’s a link to the recipe.

I covered two pages of my journal with gesso and laid wax paper between the sheets so that the gesso didn’t glue the book shut.
After the gesso is dried, I removed the wax paper and removed any gesso from the edges with my fingernails, as well as the fold of the book so it will close.
I used Ranger archival ink for my stamping. I wanted to see if I could stamp on tissue paper. What I found was it was almost impossible to stamp these face down, and instead, had to lay the tissue paper over the face of the stamp and stamp it that way, by holding the tissue in place with one hand, and wiping over it with the other.

Docraft Santoro Color Me Stamps I bought mine from, but they no longer have them in stock. I did find them at a different store in case you were interested. I bought four in a set, but couldn’t find them sold that way.
Short Hair Girl Willow D’Hiver– WIL907103 This is the one I used for the journal.
Link: or
Long Hair Girl Le Message is her name– WIL907101 link:

After stamping Willow D’Hiver, I let it dry.  I used a stamp set called Dylusions Hearts Edge for some leafs  with the same Ranger Archival ink. This stamp set is available at Michaels.

I didn’t have enough tissue paper to the left of my image to make sure it covered the page, so added another piece of tissue, and using a foam brush, glued it in place with Collage Pauge in matte that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I let it dry then and tore the edges off.  It’s easy to do when the Collage Pauge is dry, and the pieces hanging over the edge don’t have any glue on them.

On the left side (the hot mess page), I painted it with several colors of paint and hated all of them….So I stamped a Hero Arts stamp called Silly Scape K5425. I found one on Etsy and here’s the link. 

I stamped it on scrap paper with Simon Says Stamp Intense Black ink and cut it out then colored it with my Touch Five alcohol markers in a variety of “city” colors (muted shades)..
I probably should have colored it before cutting it out, but I didn’t have any issue with doing it in the reverse.
You’ll see the background of the left side of the art journal change colors throughout the video. I never found a color I truly liked, so painted it black, thinking I would make it into a night scene. I wanted to do more, but I couldn’t get that side of the journal do do anything the way I envisioned…I was so frustrated, that I glued the Silly Scape down and die cut some gold stars and glued them in the sky. They tried to curl, and that was frustrating too.
On to the right side of the art journal…I used Arteza Brush pens…I have a discount code for all of you. They gave me my set for free, but I don’t receive any monies from any orders you might make, just as an fyi.
Here are the discount codes: Use Code Crafting1 with this link: (for USA)
utm-limk for Europe:
This will give you an additional 10% off, as well as free shipping, until 10/17/2018
I gave the colors I use in the video, Crocodile green,  both browns in her hair, Sunset yellow, Orange Rust, Chamomile, then I used red on her necklace (you don’t see this in the video.)

I used an old Stampin’ Up alphabet set called Alphabet Fun (in lower case letters) to create the words I wanted for each page. Of course the left side was “a hot mess” and laid it on my craft mat that had orange on it, and the orange added to the hot mess. On the right side, I stamped “fall”…
I think it’s important to own your failures, and I definitely owned mine with this one..




I went to some garage sales today and found a really cool item..I think it’s a printing plate of a large tulip.  It looks like a metal stamp and I’m going to see if I can stamp it on paper..If I can’t, I’ll probably sell it at a garage sale..

We went to an auction tonight for our close friend whose mother passed…It was her estate, and I really wanted to buy something, but the only things I was interested in, another friend was also wanting to buy…So I deferred to her, and then all of a sudden, Rich was so excited about bidding on a couple of things.  He wanted a pocket knife (that looks kind of dangerous, and will possibly put him in the emergency room,) and a portable work table for manly activities…It’s basically a portable craft room, haha…

He was thrilled, and I walked away with a big bunch of nothing….I guess things happen that way sometimes.  We still had a good time and that’s all that matters, right?


My friend Sherry, sent me a template for a purse made out of cardboard and cardstock, with all of the dimensions and a template for the covers.  I loved it, and knew it was definitely something I’d want to make before the holidays, so viewers can make it for gifts.  I kept putting it off, and finally, today, I made it.

I had so many issues (as usual)…I kept telling viewers that when you are using magnets, you have to make sure you don’t glue down the paper before you put the magnets in place, then of course, I forgot.  I had to pull the paper back, not once, but twice…maybe four times.  I really can’t believe I made that mistake so often…I was using tiny magnets, and that helped in correcting the problem, but still…who does that?

I think you’ll love the purse…it’s so sweet and functional..There’s a place for several A2 size cards, plus a spot for stamps…It’s well worth the time it took to make…And it took me a long time.  I used Distress ink around the edges, but I chose a color that’s roughly the shade of poop…I hated it..but once I’d wiped it across a couple of surfaces, I was committed..Or maybe I should be committed.  I hated the color, and tried to downplay it as much as possible, and it’s still kind of gross…Geez!

And even with that, I still love the end result..poop distressing and all.


I have been working on my art journal for the past few days.  I had to gesso then wait for it to dry, so it’s a painstaking process.  I finally finished two pages tonight, and I have to say, one is terrific and the other is terrible….a hot mess.

I had to give in after several color changes and techniques that didn’t work.  I just couldn’t make anything come together and it was unfortunate, because the opposite page came out so pretty.  I wanted both to have a similar appeal, but nothing I did made it any better, so I gave up.  I don’t often throw in the towel, but once you see this, you’ll understand that I had no idea how to make it work, and I hope you’ll agree that there was nothing I could do to redeem it.

I need to go back to the Dollar Tree to video myself outside, as it was raining the last time we filmed there, so that video will go up once we’ve made the introduction and end..Hopefully it won’t be raining tomorrow so we can get that video up as well.


I have been wanting to run several errands that are the kind I normally put off, so today was the day.  It was drizzling, but I committed (in my head) to returning some clothes I’d bought, as well as some things I’d bought from, including the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform that I absolutely hated.  I’m sure a lot of people like using it, but I’m not one of those, as I found the lid cumbersome, (way too heavy), and my arm was tired after two or three inkings.

Both stores that I was returning goods are ones that normally take hours for returns…I think I might be cursed, because I can take something back with a receipt, and I still wait an hour for something that’s gone awry.  Today was a crazy exception to the rule.  Both stores returned the items so fast that Rich thought I was bringing the items back to the car instead of returning them.

I had so much time left over, I decided to do my second Dollar Tree video in the new store.  I thought it looked a lot bigger than our current location, but it doesn’t appear to have much more and certainly not a larger variety of goods.  Regardless, this time I asked the manager if I could do a video and even gave him my business card.  He immediately told me that corporate doesn’t allow them to do that, and I explained how many videos are on YouTube that feature the Dollar Tree…so he wanted to ask his regional manager that just happened to be in the store that day…The regional said, “Sure, it’s completely fine.”  YAY!  So I did the interior video, but couldn’t do any outside video as it was raining too hard…It’s great for another day and I might try to find a few more things that weren’t in stock today.

Then I came home and worked on two pages of my art journal.  I guess we’ll wait to see how those turn out.  I’m a little worried that I’ve created a terrible mess with one page, but I’ll never learn if I don’t try, right?

Arteza Brush Marker Watercoloring + Swatching for 48 set

My girlfriend, Sherri, said that her Arteza brush pen set doesn’t have the names or numbers on them, so I swatched them out for her (and anyone else whose Arteza brush pen set of 48 doesn’t have that information on them)..
I bought my set of 48 and then was contacted by Arteza about trying them out to see if I liked them…They refunded my purchase price and gave me a discount code for all of you to use.

Here is the discount code Crafting1 and here is the link they would like you to use to get to their site. ( The discount is available until October 17, 2018.) (site for USA) (site for Europe)

As always, I don’t accept any monies for the purchases you make, or for discussing their products.

I started by swatching all of the brush pens and listing their names and numbers, then went into card making with them. I used a stamp from Unity Rubber Stamps called Wild Poppy Silhouette and here’s the link to it:
I used Fabriano hotpress watercolor paper that I bought at A C Moore…I placed a 4″ x 5 1/4″ piece of the watercolor paper toward the top middle of my MISTI and put a magnet on it to hold it in place.
I started with Lemon Yellow and colored the very tops of each of the flowers. I found that I can only color a little with each brush pen before closing the MISTI lid…I added a little water to the stamp with a spray bottle from the Dollar Tree, and then re-inked the flowers and stamped the yellow again. Then I went onto Red, and colored below the yellow on each flower and then wet it and closed the lid. I repeated the process to ensure my poppies had a significant amount of red on them. I added wine red to the bottoms of each flower, wet it and then closed the lid. I used chamomile and olive green on the stems and leaves, wet the image and closed the door. I used a rag to take off any splotches of color and to clean my stamp between colors.
I wanted to make some splotches on my background, so used Summer Sun ink from Stampin’ Up and then used Real red ink on a toothbrush, and flicked the toothbrush to transfer small drops of ink onto the background.
I used sentiments from LDRS Creative called Growing Garden, that was on clearance for $4.50 and here’s the link to it.

I stamped them with Always Artichoke ink from Stampin; Up and stamped them on a white card base that is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to make it a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card base. I use Recollections Heavyweight card stock that is 110 lbs and really like it.
I took a piece of white fun foam and laid it behind my stamped image, and off set it to cut it so once I trimmed it, it would fit under my image without showing.
I added some red ribbon to the front (and regret that now) and attached the fun foam with Tonic Funky Glue Pen I was sent from a friend. I added a lot so it would stick..Sometimes foam absorbs a lot of the glue and doesn’t stay adhered….I put a piece of card stock in green that was 4 1/8″ x 5 3/8″ and attached my card front to it and then glued it to the card base.
I stamped the back with my stamp that I had made by Stampanda, and used a Groupon coupon for a big discount.  If you go to this video, and read the info below it, you’ll know how I ordered my stamp.
I stamped the back of the envelope with more stamps from the same LDRS Growing Garden stamp set. I used some flowers from the set.and here’s the link again.   I painted them with my brush pens and they worked well… I had to add a couple of orange colors of Stampin’ Up markers as I didn’t have enough orange in the brush set.
The discount codes that are on the screen for fabric markers are for an upcoming video that I’ll be doing with their fabric markers…


So another day without going in the craft room.  My girlfriend called early, and wanted to know if I wanted to go look at puppies with her at the pound.  We made some side trips and ended up at the Humane Society, where she had seen a pit bull puppy that looked so sad and pathetic, that she thinks she needs to have him.  He hasn’t been neutered yet, so isn’t eligible for adoption.  I’m hoping she rethinks a puppy before this one becomes available, as she has a very possessive Bull Mastiff (170 lbs), at home, and I don’t think he’ll be thrilled to share her attention.  I might be wrong, but most people are afraid of her dog, and with good reason..

I came home to find I’d just missed a phone call from my sister, giving me the update on how her house has fared in the storm.  She had a photo of the front, and there were several shingle missing from the roof over a smaller portion of her home, but no photos of the rear of the house, where they have several solar panels.  They think that there is a chance that they can come home on Monday, and I am seriously doubting that they will be allowed anywhere near the area by then.  I’m hoping my brother-in-law can be patient enough to wait until roads are open, and they are permitted back in the area.

After talking to my sister, I decided it was time for a nap…and that’s what we did until late afternoon.  I know, we have a tough life, but that’s what happens when you’re retired..You really need to pace yourself.