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I am kicking myself because I was all excited about videotaping the bird family, and this morning, they had flown the coop.  Literally.  The whole family has departed.  It happens like that every year, but I really thought I had a couple more days left, but sadly, not.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

My good friend, Rebecca, from, sent me their new stamp sets.  I don’t know I’ve done to deserve such a good friend, but I just love her and her generosity.  I really wanted to make a card using the sets, so decided today was the day.  Actually, I’d tried to make a card yesterday, but it was terrible, and I had to delete the video.  Today’s card took several hours, but isn’t as nice as I wanted it to be, but far better than yesterday’s card.   I think I’m struggling because my arthritis is in a flare, and when that happens, I have a difficult time thinking and coming up with ideas that I like.  Basically I’m in a fog.  I started on a burst of prednisone, (that’s when you take 40 mg, then the next day 30 mg, then the next 20 mg, etc.) and it’s supposed to help take me out of flares.  It works, but the drug makes my face a bright pink, almost purple color for the first few days, and it’s not only attractive, but kind of uncomfortable, as it’s as hot as it is red.

I started the medicine last night, so I’m hoping by tomorrow I start to feel a little bit better.  I’m crossing my fingers that I do, because when I’m in a flare, I’m not really very effective, and seriously frustrated.



I got the new camera ready and started making a video…then the battery went dead, and then another and another.  It’s the exact same camera as I used before, only this one eats batteries like I eat candy.  Then of course it through me off my game and I ended up making a postcard that is absolutely dreadful, and will have to rethink the whole plan.  I thought I had a great idea, but naturally, probably not because of the new camera, (although I am going to blame it on that), the project had to be chucked.  I hate wasting so much energy on something that’s going in the trash, and believe me, this card will not see the light of day, or YouTube.

I did talk to Rich about videotaping the baby birds, so I’m hoping he can figure out a way to keep the camera running while waiting for our mother and father bird to not only feed their babies, but possibly see the babies leave the nest.  I’m really hoping Rich can capture that, as we’ve never seen the babies leave the house and I’d love to see them do it just once.

On a completely unrelated note, our nephew passed his nursing boards, and is ready to take his career by the horns.  We could not be more proud of him or the man he’s become.

7/12 & 7/13/2018

I got my camera on Thursday, so no more going through withdrawals.  It made me super happy, but I still hadn’t finished cleaning my craft room, and now the problem is working on that side of the room to have space to work.  I went to a few garage sales and found a couple of cool metal storage containers that should work well for markers and pencils, pretty much anything that’s flat.  When I got home, I should have worked on my craft room, but wasn’t feeling great, so spent the afternoon and evening reading and watching television.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a slug, but have to remind myself that I have a disease and the days of pretending I’m Super Girl are gone.

Today I went to several garage sales and found some fun and unique things.  After I got home, I started thinking about other videos I’d like to try, and here’s one I’d like feedback on.  We have house wrens that make a home out of a birdhouse I have under my awning every year.  I’m not sure if it’s the same family, but every year they return.  They’ve had their babies and are in the feeding stage now, and it’s really interesting to watch and listen to.  The babies are really loud, but if the mother or father bird use a certain call, they immediately are quiet.  I think it might be “stranger danger” in people terms, as those babies know to be silent until the mother or father bird return to the bird house.  I think I’d like to set the video camera up so it catches all of it..The feeding, the calls, the coming and going.  I find it fascinating, and think others would too.  It’s definitely not a craft video, but do all of my videos have to be crafty?  I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in watching and listening to a video featuring my bird family?

Oh, and one other thing happened that’s note worthy.  I was at a garage sale for a teacher I’ve known for many years.  She teaches arts/crafts at a local high school.  She showed her students some of my videos and wanted me to know that one of her students chose my tie-dye sneaker video to do for her class project.  The teacher loved them and the student was really proud of her accomplishment.  I couldn’t be happier, knowing a student got an A because she watched one of my videos…Life is Good!

An Easy Arrow Fold Card, A Fun Fold

First, let me apologize for the sound quality. as I dropped my camera and broke it, so had to go to my back-up. It’s terrible, and I’m not making another video until I get my replacement camera.
To make this arrow fold card (that I saw on Mixed Up Craft), start with a 12″ x 6″ card stock scored at 6″. Make a mark with a pencil at 3″ on the bottom which is the exact middle of the card. Then make a mark on both sides at 2″ and 4″. Make sure your card is open before doing the next step.  Score from the top edge to the center 3″ mark at the bottom on both the left and right sides. Make sure you are right on the edge at the top score, so you have a good arrow. Then score from the 2″ and 4″ marks to the bottom center 3″ mark. I used 65 lb. paper that needed to be lined on the back, but worked great for the scoring.
After you’ve made your scores, fold the outer scores under, first with your fingers, then once the fold is in place, use your bone folder to make sure it’s crisp. The next fold is folded up, and you’ll use your ruler to lay against the score so you can make sure your fold is clean..then the scores closest to the center of the card, fold under. Next step is to use papers to line it with. 6 x 6″ paper pads work really well for this.
For the bottom layer of paper, cut 5 1/2″ across the top and 5 5/8″ on the sides. You’ll put a pencil mark on the bottom center at 2 3/4″ then draw a line from that mark to the top left and top right corners. Then cut this out. I showed doing it with a paper trimmer as well as with scissors, so you can choose which method works best for you. Keep the side pieces as they will also go on your card.
The top layer of paper is 5″ across the top by 5 3/8″ tall. You’ll make a mark on the bottom at 2 1/2″ and draw marks with your pencil to the top left and top right corners so your center is a V.
Erase the pencil marks once you’ve cut out the V. Glue the layers of card that you’ve cut out and glue those to the card. I used Tombow Mono Adhesive. The papers I used were from a retired Stamipin’ Up paper stack set.
I used a retired Stampin’ up ink called Blush Blossom and a dauber to distress the edges  of the “V”. I used a die to put my sentiment on from a Spellbinders set called DOMMarch 2018, and then laid a 1/4″ strip of the same peach card stock on the center of the V then laid the sentiment on foam squares over the center of the strip I’d adhered. I used a small flower peg stamp from the set called Sweet Song of Spring that you can buy individually from
I stamped the little flower on the sentiment and on the white edges of the V. The stamp set I used for the sentiment was from Hero Arts and was called Friend L351. I stamped another sentiment inside the card from the same set, and since it was a long one, put it on my ruler so it was straight (and to show you that you don’t have to have a long acrylic block to stamp a long sentiment.) I showed how to cut the sentiment in half if you don’t have the space for a long sentiment. I bend the sentiment in half and decide which word is closest to the center, then snip the stamp in half there. You can always put it back together if you want to stamp it in its original length. I used Baroque Burgundy ink from Stampin’ Up to stamp the sentiment (that’s also retired.)
I put some wet glue under my fold so it looked more professionally done.


Rich has been editing the video I made yesterday and he’s trying to fix the sound, but it’s not good.  He said he can fix my voice to make it loud enough, but there’s a clicking sound, possibly coming from the camera, that he’s trying to minimize…I can’t wait to get my replacement camera in the mail, as I have some videos I want to make and don’t want to waste them on this camera.  Nobody would be interested in listening to a camera making clicking noises, I’m positive of that.

So today I decided to clean my craft room instead of making videos.  I want to make good use of my time until the new camera comes.  What a horrible mess!  I was going to video the before and after, but was too ashamed of the “before.”  I spent three or four hours in there and only have about half the room clean.  The other half is a lot harder to tackle, so I’m leaving that for tomorrow.  I found some things I forgot I had, and discovered a drawer that I haven’t looked inside for at least a year, so am going to make good use of it.

I’d like to do more tonight, but I’m exhausted, and tomorrow is another day.


I really wanted to make a card today, and that means a video.  Since I broke the camera I’ve been using since the beginning of my channel (boo hoo!), I decided to try a video camera I had bought (thinking it would work better,) but didn’t do any research on it before buying it.  Here’s what I found after one use.  The microphone on it is HORRIBLE!  I sound muffled and like I’m talking from a mile away, but inside a box, if you can imagine that scenario.  I’d forgotten just how much I dread using this camera until I used it today.  When I watched the video, I could barely hear anything I said, and it was really muffled.  I immediately had flashbacks as to why I hate this camera.  The other issue is that it doesn’t have the capacity to add another microphone, so I’m stuck.  Rich said he can adjust the sound, and he better be able to work wonders, or this video is destined for hate comments and a bunch of thumbs down.

The card I made, on the other hand, is really cute*, and not at all difficult to make.  It’s called an arrow fold card and it’s exactly like it sounds.  I liked making it and was really happy with the results.  I know a lot of viewers will want to make this card, as I don’t think it’s all over the internet yet, and any new and different designs are always fun to try.   I have been keeping lists of cards I’d like to make, and this one was top on my list.  I enjoy trying all kinds of fun fold cards because I know I can make them, as compared to more artistic techniques that can sometimes be a struggle for all of us.

In the mean time, I ordered a replacement camera and I’m hoping it arrives quickly, as I might start to go into withdrawals if I can’t make a video in the next couple of days.

*When I say a card I made is really cute, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back..It’s the card’s concept that is cute..I know often I say cards I make are cute, but I seriously don’t want anyone to think it’s all about me and my card making savvy.  I simply like the card, whether I make it or someone else does, it’s the fold or idea of the card that I like.


I’m not going to freak out.  OK, maybe I am.  I went to do a really great fun fold card on video and my camera didn’t work.  I tried changing batteries and shaking it–that’s Sandy’s system for camera malfunctions, and my system was a big fat fail.  Darn IT!

So I pulled out a video camera I had bought a while ago and hated the audio it produced, but decided I could try it in the meantime.  And the battery is dead, so not sure how long it will take to charge.  Once it’s charged, we’ll find out if the audio is as bad as I remember…if it is, I can’t put a video online with audio that sounds like it came through a large bucket.  That means no new videos until my replacement comes in the mail.

I had some really great mojo going into this card making session, and now I’m just fretting.  I have a  video done, but it’s super long, and I just can’t make Rich put it online until he’s in the mood.  This could be the longest video I’ve ever made, and even I wouldn’t want to edit it.

Let’s cross our fingers that I can get the audio to work until my replacement camera comes, otherwise it might be a week before I upload another video.  Drat!