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I’ll say this for me, I’m not a quitter.  I gave the waterfall card another try, and of course, I did it wrong again.  This time I flipped the tab over the wrong direction, so my waterfall wouldn’t fall.  Happily, it wasn’t a total makeover, I just flipped the tab over the correct way, and re-papered it.  I’m really happy with the end result, and although I didn’t video this one, I’ll make sure to show it when I do the video with a Christmas themed card.  I’m really not sure what else I did wrong, as none of the sizes that MayMay gave for the paper to cover each of the pieces that flip were correct.  Mine were a lot smaller, which tells me that I might have done something else wrong.  Oh well, it works and looks good, and I don’t feel too badly that all I had to do today was re-cut paper….not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

I used Graphic 45 paper that was discontinued called Rare Oddities, that had really great colors.  My favorites for Halloween, with a lot of purples and greens and only minimal oranges.  I didn’t use any of MayMay’s ideas for putting the word  “pull” or “place photo here” on my card, as I thought it was self explanatory.   I added a really fun little tag that said “31” on it, and used eyelets so it wouldn’t rip the paper when you pull it.  I put an eyelet on the “31” that was cardboard, just so it would be consistent with the card.  It took me all afternoon to finish the card, but it’s really more of an album, and I hope my friend really likes it.  She always has a Halloween party at her house, and now she’ll be able to add photos to the card after the party.  It will make a nice little keepsake from this year’s party.  I’m crossing my fingers that she’s happy with it.



I spent a lot of today looking for the next great fun fold card.  A friend of mine, Sherry, sent me a photo of the latest one she had tried, and I have to make it in the next couple of weeks.  It’s a card that has a tea light inside, so it looks like there’s a flame in the fireplace or a light on in the window.  Both were adorable, but I didn’t have any tea lights yet, so didn’t want to make it until I did.   I thought I’d make a waterfall card that MayMay had just made.  I thought it looked relatively easy, when watching the video, and took notes, so I’d know how to do it.  I made it once, well the card base and mechanism, and realized my mechanism was too long to fit inside the card, so obviously I was doing something wrong.   I went back to the video and saw that  I had glued the photo pieces to the wrong length of the mechanism and went back to the drawing board.  Made the mechanism a second time, confident that I knew what was wrong, and had the same problem again.  I decided it was better to stop while I was ahead and make the mechanism tomorrow.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that I was gluing the pieces in exactly the same way I had the first time (only on the opposite end of the card stock), so how did I expect to get a different result?  Just because I glued them to the opposite end didn’t make the end result any shorter.  It’s a mystery.  Back to the video.

In the meantime, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought my tealights so if the waterfall never works, I’ll have a backup plan.  My Dollar Tree excursion was to buy more hydro-cordisone (ok, I’m not sure how to spell it and it’s not in the spell check for my computer, so I apologize for the spelling), cream for the poison ivy on my wrist.  I’m sure I must have mentioned it in another blog post.

I can’t believe how much this itches.  I have friends that had poison ivy all over their legs and arms.  I think I would have gone insane.  I haven’t really slept in at least four days, as the itching wakes me up.  I’ve used a lot of different products, none have been effective long term, except ice.  I lived with an ice pack on my wrist for at least three days, but in my sleep, the ice melts and I wake up.  I’m too lazy to get more ice, so I have two other remedies on my night stand, one being the hydro-cordisone that works, but only very short term.  I keep a paste I made of water and baking soda, and that works great.  The only problem is that it wipes off and it looks like there’s snow beside the bed on the floor from me getting up a hundred times a night…Ok, probably more like five or six times, but every time I get up, I’m shedding baking soda paste.  It’s really pretty.  No, it’s kind of gross, but it helps me sleep and that’s all that matters.  I tried putting a band-aid on it to cover it and keep the paste on, but that makes it really warm and super itchy.

I was telling Rich yesterday that I didn’t understand why it was still so red and irritated because I know I’m not itching it, but I wasn’t sure if I itched it in my sleep.  Last night I really thought about it, and yes, I’m a night itcher.  Call me crazy, but boy that feels good.  At least now we know.  TMI?  Probably so.


The day started out sunny and 70 degrees and by 4PM, it was down to 50, raining and very windy.  I had the window open in the room that the dogs and I were hanging in, (Ok, napping), and Honey was terrified by the blowing curtain.  She’s afraid of so many things and it’s so sad that after almost two years with her, we haven’t been able to calm her fears.  We’ve tried all kinds of things, including a collar that has a pheromone that mother dogs secrete that is supposed to calm the dog that wears it.  Apparently, Honey had to fight her mother for food, because she went crazy when we put it on her.  Needless to say, it lasted less than a minute and had us more frustrated than before.  We bought Honey from a farm that we didn’t realize was a puppy mill, but was.  She had never heard a man’s voice, as Rich scared her silly for the first couple of weeks.  She’d had to fight every other dog for food, so ate like she was never going to see another meal, had mites from cats being in her box, had a parasite that took literally months to get rid of, fleas, it was sad and horrible.  Sadly, we couldn’t find anyone who cared about the state of her breeders and when I called the breeder to complain, they acted like this was all new to them.  It’s sad that in this day and age, we still have such cruel breeding practices for animals.  One breeder told me that it was partially our fault for buying Honey, but if we hadn’t and had left her there, she would have been bred to death.  i know you should buy dogs from puppy mills, but the puppies are already here, and saving them from that life seems like the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, it also perpetuates the problem.  The more puppies we buy, the more they breed them.   We’ve really worked hard with Honey, but she still eats like she won’t get another meal (even though we bought a special dish that slows down her eating), and she’s never had to fight another dog for food.  It took us a year to train her to go outside to pee and still she’s afraid.  Sounds are especially frightening to her.

I know I should be writing about things other than Honey, but some days are sadder for us than others and today with the wind, she jumped on top of me and shook.  I just resent it, that people can and do profit from treating animals cruelly.  My hope is that someday Honey will hear thunder and not hide, or see the wind blow something and not jump on my lap.  I’m not sure what it will take, but I really hope it’s in our future.

A Baseball Inspired Card with Gold Foiling

I wanted to make a baseball inspired card and found some clipart from Clipart Panda at the following link.
I found the big baseball and loaded Georgia Pacific 110 lb card stock into my computer printer and printed the baseball, the bat, and the uniforms. I colored the bat with my Touch 5 alcohol markers.
I put the big baseball into my score board upside down and scored it at about 4 1/2″ across the top so I could fold it over onto a 5 x7″ card base. I stamped the sentiment on the baseball from a set from Inspired by Stamping called Wishing you. I used Versafine Onyx Black ink and then used clear embossing powder and heat set the sentiment. I used tear tape on the back of the baseball, especially around the edges and adhered it to the card, lining up the score line with the score line on the card. Added tear tape to the back of the baseball bat as well and added wet glue to it as well as foam tape on the top of the bat. I buy my foam pieces at the Dollar Tree in the automotive department and I really like them. I cut out the baseball uniforms and added foam tape to the top of the uniform to make it look dimensional. I added a big baseball on the inside of the card as well as a Pirates symbol. I used gold foil on the inside of the card and added washi tape over the top and bottom of the gold foil. Rounded the corners with a Creative Memories corner rounder. Added washi tape and a baseball to the envelope.


We spent the day visiting with old friends and seeing their Newfoundlands for the first time.  Such sweet gentle giants, those dogs….Came home and got a big smell down by Bella, who decided maybe we shouldn’t spend so much time with other dogs.  I walked the entire length of our house with Bella’s nose glued to my pant leg.  Obviously she knew I’d been unfaithful to my girls. haha.

It was a nice day and we really enjoyed hanging with our friends.
On a crafty note, the pumpkin is starting to look better.  I’m beginning to think I might just keep it after all.  I wish I had a better idea than the one I used, but I guess it’s not horrible.  I have a couple more things I’m going to do to it and then I’ll call it done.  The stem is a challenge as I don’t know if I should do something normal, like paint it, or go wild and do something crazy, like glitter it.  I’m thinking ahead to how I would get the glitter on the stem and not cover the rest of the pumpkin with glitter residue, and think I’ll probably just paint it.  Why risk the entire project over something crazy, right?

I haven’t really gotten started on my Halloween videos and I feel pretty terrible about it as I really love making Halloween inspired cards.  Tomorrow I’m going to get serious about them and make a bunch.  I have some dies I’d like to try and Rich is having dinner with one of his college roommates, so I think that will give me the time to get serious about them.  I’d really like to make a mini album for a friend who also loves Halloween.  Last year I bought some Graphic 45 paper intended for that purpose, but just haven’t felt like making it.  Maybe tomorrow’s the day for that as well.  I’ll have to think about it.  I did buy some really fun embellishments from Aliexpress that hopefully will come in the next couple of days…I think they’d be perfect for the album.  I guess I could always put them on after I’m done with it.  I think tomorrow could be the day for the album as well.


I started the day by going to several really bad garage sales…I’m talking horrible.  We didn’t find one thing worth buying, and that’s saying a lot since my girlfriend buys clothes/shoes for all of her children and grandchildren.  It was just pathetic.

Rich was golfing today, so I spent the day with the dogs.  I decided to work on the pumpkin and of course Honey chose that time to sneak into another room, find a bunch of papers and rip them to shreds without me knowing about it.  I’m not sure how a dog can be so sly, but she’s like a ninja when she wants to get into trouble.  As for the other two, they act as lookout for her, and stall me so I don’t see her in the act.  Sneaky dogs.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get that pumpkin finished, because every time I do something to it, I have to do something else to fix what I just did.  I really thought it would be simple, and it probably would have been, if I had just been patient.   But we all know patience isn’t my strong suit, so I basically glued it to the paper pad I had it sitting on. Then once I tried to take it off, the napkins stuck to the paper pad, and well, you know the rest.  Maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow, or maybe not.  It’s almost at that stage where I can’t decide if it’s redeemable or not.  We are close, that’s for sure.

Tim Holtz Stamp Platform / Misti Comparison and Peg Stamp AliExpress Die Card

I asked my friend Shelly to review the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform for me. Shelly did a terrific job of discussing the difference between the Tim Holtz stamp platform and the MISTI. Shelly’s review is from the perspective of someone with a physical limitation…I also asked my friend, Barbara Harrold, if she would do a review from the perspective of someone without a physical limitation, and she posted her video on her daughter Gracie’s YouTube page. You can find her video by going to this link.
I really hope that my viewers answered any questions you might have about the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform.
I wanted to try one of the dies I bought from Aliexpress, as well as the peg stamp set my friend Linda gave me called Bunny Garden. I cut out the dies and then laid a piece of purple card stock behind the front of my card and closed the card and using a white pencil, drew the circles through the front of the card then laid the circle dies on the pencil marks and cut them out.. The purple piece is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ (as is the card.) I cut a pink piece of card stock with the edge die (and not using the circle. I laid the purple piece behind the front and lined up the holes, then glued it in place and added the pink layer leaving about 1/4″ of purple paper showing. I used peg stamps to create a nice background for my card and then put my sentiment on a piece of the pink card stock from the Hero Arts set called Friends L351 and raised it on foam squares. I stamped with the peg stamps on the envelope so it matched the card.

To buy the Bunny Garden stamps, go to the following link: