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I’m working on the 3D bridal card for my nephew and his fiance.  I watched a video that helped a lot with how to put the die pieces together.  I couldn’t follow the paper directions (what else is new?), but knew if there was a video, I would know how to proceed.   Here’s the die I’m using.  I also wasn’t originally aware that I needed to buy the bridal section separately, so keep that in mind if you are interested in making this card.  It’s called Spellbinders Shapeabilities Crand Cabinet.

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Grand Cabinet 3D Card Etched/Wafer Thin Die (Renewed)

Here’s the bridal component that you purchase separately. Spellbinders Shapeabilities Layered Happily Ever After Etched/Wafer Thin Die

The one thing the video taught me, was that I needed four additional layers of the top design that took over an hour to de-gut….my term for taking all unnecessary leftover pieces out of the die cut.  I almost gave up, but then decided that perhaps my whole problem with the die cutting, was the glitter paper I had first used, so went to my standard white cardstock, and every single piece popped out like magic, just using the page protector under the cardstock, so all of those little pieces would stick to the page protector.  I have to tell you, those ladies at Clarity Stamps really know how to easily shortcut a problem like that.  Since I’ve seen every other idea, and tried them (to both save your cutting plates and get small pieces to easily drop out), this has been such an easy shortcut for me.  And, if you’re thinking it’s more expensive than drier sheets or wax paper, I’ve been using the same page protector for over a month and it’s still going strong.  If you saw it, you’d think about how it’s saved my base plate from a hundred new gouges…So if you’ve ever been on the fence about how to save your plates and make sure all of those tiny pieces come out of your die cut, fold an inexpensive page protector like this from the Dollar Tree, to fit on top of your cutting plate in your die cutting machine. Simply add the cardstock next, then the die facing down, then the top clear plate.  I couldn’t believe the difference it’s made in my die cutting, with the exception, clearly, of inexpensive glitter card stock from Joanns line of small paper pads in their discount area.  I think the name of these products begin with “Mrs.” but I can’t confirm this on their site or by the pad, as I used the top of the pad for a shim, and then threw it away…I hate it when that happens.

I really hope you give this a try, because I don’t know about you, but I love a good shortcut….The Dollar Tree page protectors come in a pack of sixteen, so that’s at least a year and a half of peace of mind.

I’m back to work on my card…..Oh, one other thing I learned today, some women when working with foamiran don’t use irons, they use a flat iron for hair…I bought a tiny one that’s seriously dangerous, just to straighten ribbon, and I’m going to give it a try on foam -iran.  If it melts one, then I won’t be showing that on video, but will definitely give you the heads up about my issue…Stay tuned for whether it works or not…



I’ve been working on making a card for my nephew who recently got engaged.  I bought a set of dies that makes a 3-d card, and ran it through the Vagabond a couple of days ago…Nothing would punch out of the small holes, as I was using glitter paper…I decided I wouldn’t let that die beat me, so added another piece of thin cardboard to the die cutting process to really squeeze it, but no luck…..Again, not giving up, so I added a layer of new dryer sheets so they would stick to the pieces of paper and pull them out…Again, NOTHING!  And all of this was after using a page protector in the cutting process that should have pulled out the bits and pieces…..Literally an hour later, I had finally pulled out the last piece…

It was probably the type of paper I used, as it seemed to have a thin plastic lining inside, but still, you’d have thought that after I tried so many things, those little pieces would just fall out..  I had to use my scissors to cut almost every small piece, none popped out on their own.  And after all of the pieces have been removed, I think I’m going to have to line the glitter card stock, as it’s really flimsy now….CRAP!!   I am crossing my fingers that a regular card stock will cut like butter, but if it doesn’t, I might not line the glitter paper, as the frustration so far has been beyond normal for me….And I’m the girl that used that entire roll of horrible foam tape that stuck to everything, especially me…

I just looked at a video using this die and I think I’ll have to cut a few more layers out to make it work…darn it..  And I’m making three foamiran plumeria, the bride’s favorite flower, to go inside…I may never get another video done….

Making Background Patterned Paper w/ Peg Stamps, And So Many Uses

To make background patterned paper, I started with watercolor paper cut down to a weird shape, 11″ by 7 7/8″..I’d recommend you use a normal size of paper if you can…It’s easier to work with.

I used, Blue Eden stamp set, link:
I chose additional peg stamps to use:
Flower Six Happy:
Little Flower:                                                                          Solid Swirl peg stamp link:

I used a variety of inks:
Distress Ink (Not Oxides)
Faded Jeans
Stormy Sky
Chipped Sapphire
Tumbled Glass
Pine Needles
Iced Spruce

Stampin’ Up ink: Always Artichoke

I trimmed the stamps so there wouldn’t be a halo from the rubber on the edges…If your stamps engulf the whole rubber space, you won’t need to do this, but if your image is smaller than the rubber area, trim the stamp with utility scissors, Tim Holtz scissors work best for me.  I prefer his smallest and middle size scissors.

To stamp a whole background, you should start stamping in a corner, not the middle. I started with Faded Jeans for the big flower and Pine Needles for the greenery, but didn’t like that green and changed it out to Stampin’ Up’s Always Artichoke. I used the small flower with Stormy Sky. I used Iced Spruce for the small greenery. I changed to Chipped Sapphire for the big flower….and then decided I needed more filler stamps, so added Flower Six Happy Link: and Little Flower Link:

I decided I needed to use Stabilo 68 pens link: to fill in the big blue flowers with brighter shades, so they popped more..I don’t think my ink pads were as juicy as they should have been.

I dried the paper and used Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink after rubbing the entire surface with corn starch in an old knee high doubled over and knotted….
I used a solid swirl peg stamp link:
with the embossing ink and put a light gold embossing powder over them and heat set them to create a more dimensional background.

I watched a Clarity stamps video where she used a pocket protector on her die cutting machine,  and I folded it to fit on my cutting plates with the paper and die on top, and once it goes through your die cutting machine, you’ll end up not having to pick out little pieces that the die holds, and it saves your cutting plates from getting damaged. I cut a few hellos and a thinking of you, and thanks.

To make my first card:
I cut a piece of white card stock to 5 1/2″ tall by 8 1/2″ wide, then scored it on the 8 1/2″ length at 2 1/8″ then flipped the paper to the other end of the 8 1/2″ length and scored that end at 2 1/8″ then used my bone folder to fold them into the center to create a gate fold card. I added a layer of green cardstock with Plus Corporation Glue Dots tape runner. The green paper is cut to 5 1/4″ tall by 1 7/8″ wide.. I cut the patterned paper to 5″ tall by 1 5/8″..I had some flowers on my patterned paper that I didn’t like, so made a belly band to hide it. The belly band is 3/4″ tall by 11″ long..I wrapped it around the center of the card and put tape runner on the end and laid the other end over it.
I used an adhesive remover to take off excess tape runner that was outside of where I wanted it.. Xyron adhesive remover link: I added gold ribbon over the green paper strip using tear tape link :
behind it then added the hello sentiment in the center with wet glue Essentials by Tonic.

Card 2: Used blue cardstock 8 1/2″ high (scored at 4 1/4″) by 5 1/2″ wide. Used Diamond Dies from Tonic Essentials. Used a length of white sheer ribbon and laid tear tape near the base of the front of the card and wrapped the ribbon around it, then added a blue zig-zag ribbon on top with tear tape under it as well.  I added green buttons to the zig-zag  ribbon to give it more interest.  I cut three pieces of my patterned card with diamond die (third largest) then cut three (next larger size die) gold foil paper and adhered the two together with glue and laid them on the card front above the ribbon..I put the side diamond pieces on first, making sure each was the same height and the same distance from the side of the card base, then laid the center one over the other two, as it makes it easier to center them if you do it this way….I used “thinking of you” die cut in green, and glued it to gold cardstock, then trimmed it out with scissors and glued this over the diamonds in the center.

Card 3: 8 1/2″ (scored at 4 1/4″) x 5 1/2″ wide white card base with rounded corners using the Kadomaro Pro (normally found on Amazon). I colored the edges with Distress Ink Scattered Straw and used a brush to add the color, link:  I have not liked these brushes because the handles are flimsy, but later use a metal handled brush like it, that I really do like, (and ordered more of).  I cut a piece of blue glitter paper to 5 1/4″ wide by 4″ tall and adhered it to the card base. I cut my designer paper to 5″ x 3 3/4″ wide and put foam tape link: on the back and adhered it to the front of the card. I added thanks to the center of the card with wet glue.

Card 4:  I used 5 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall white card base, with a blue layer that was 5 3/8″ x 4 1/8″ tall. I used Salty Ocean Distress Ink on the edges of the white card base with the gold neck brush, that I like much better than the black handled ones. Link:
I used teardrop shaped dies link: and cut four of my background paper with a middle size teardrop, and one size larger die to cut gold pieces..I added them in a zig zag pattern to the front of the card, then took a Thanks die cut and added it to the center. I used Studio G glitter glue in blue and added it to the word thanks. Glitter glue takes a really long time to dry..
I added the larger blue flowers from the peg stamp Blue Eden set around the tear drops then used the glitter glue on them.  I added some of the small greenery from the same set and stamped on either side of the blue flower using Stampin’ Up Always Artichoke ink.

Card 5:  Used a pre-made card base and added a layer of blue cardstock with foam tape under it, then a layer of my patterned paper on top (the rest that I had left)…sorry, I don’t have the sizes for you. I added blue Stickles to the flowers on the front of the card and then put the word Hello up on foam tape and added it near the bottom of the front of the card. I used a white gel pen to add dashes and dots to the hello and around the blue paper lining it.  Lastly, used Wink of Stella on the blue paper and on hello and on the flowers that didn’t have any Stickles on them to create a more glittery look.


I know I haven’t been putting up enough videos, but Rich is working on editing the longest video I’ve made in a while.  I have three more videos ready to go up, so I’m cracking the whip (I mentioned the video and he got right to it, my version of cracking the whip.)

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I took one of our bank co-workers out to lunch.  She’s in her mid-eighties, and loves to get together whenever we can.  Her sons are busy with their lives, so she spends too much time alone.  She had a stroke when she turned eighty, and lost the ability to drive.  It’s been the single hardest thing for her, losing her independence..I think we can all agree that would be a horrible thing.  She has lost the function (most of it anyway) on one side, so has to use a walker, and that bugs her too.  If you knew how spunky she is, you’d understand why these things frustrate her so much.

We went to Walmart today, and PennDot is changing a major intersection into a round-a-bout…They can’t decide how to keep the traffic moving, so closed one major road, and that’s making it almost impossible to get anywhere.  We had to wait for a line of traffic twenty cars long, just to leave a parking lot…and each car had to turn onto a very busy four-lane road, so you can imagine the frustration….Have I bored you to death?  I also had some carpets cleaned so Honey spent the entire morning barking at the cleaners.All in all, a great day.



We aren’t very active, and this weekend, had two parties in one afternoon, and boy am I tired (still.)  The first was a graduation party for the son of our next door neighbor growing up….Almost every adult there I’d met and spent time with in my youth, and it was like a family reunion for me.  Our family is really small..My mother was an only child and my dad had one sister…..A big family get-together for us, consisted of thirteen people.  Our neighbors, on the other hand, had a huge family with loads of kids, so their family get-togethers (that we always attended), were big…and since I’ve known the “kids” all my life, it’s always nice reconnecting with them.  They’re so kind, treating me like family, and since my sister is in North Carolina, it was great to spend time with “family.”

We went from there to our other “family,” our college friends.  One family was celebrating the birth of a new grandson, and the rest of us, celebrated with them.  There are five families that live within an hour of us..Rich played football with the men, and I was good friends with a couple of the men in the group.  It doesn’t matter that it’s been almost forty years since we’ve graduated, we laugh at the same stories and talk about different people that we’ve recently spoke with…

I know a lot of people remember their high school years with fondness, but I didn’t hit my stride until college, and those four years were the best of both Rich’s and my lives.  We both made life long friends and wouldn’t change those years for anything….And for Rich and me, the best part, was meeting each other there…


I’ve been corresponding with my friend, Rebecca Walton, from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp company.  It’s a small, family-owned company, with mainly she and her husband doing everything.  They took a family vacation to Buffalo, NY, and the day they got there, their son, who is 16, contracted a disease I’ve never heard of, called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  It basically shuts down the muscles in the body, starting at the feet, and working its way up.  He lost lung function and had to be put on a ventilator….Hopefully, he’s been taken off it by now, but has to relearn to do everything all over again.  Rebecca said it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to her and her family, but is so grateful that it happened in Buffalo, as they have the doctors and staff to accommodate it.,   Since they live in Star, N.C., it’s an undertaking to continue to run their business and stay with Logan.  She’s been trying to make trips back and forth, and luckily, there’s a Ronald McDonald house there that they can use, instead of hotel, but still….they have two other children and a lot on their plates.  She’s very grateful for the doctors and facilities available to her, but I just can’t imagine what they are going through and wish there was something I can do for them.  The most I’ve done so far, is post their story and their  Gofundme page on facebook.  Here’s the link if you have interest in helping.  (I think you’ll need to copy and paste this to get the link to work.)

Your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated as well..

As for us, we spent the 4th of July with our close friends at their beach house on Lake Erie.  It was so relaxing, and time with friends is always a nice break.  I’ve been working on a card, using Arteza’s professional grade watercolor pencils, and have really enjoyed using them.  They are soft and easy to use….they don’t give me muscle strain and so far, I think they are a very good watercolor pencil.  I’ve been coloring a huge chameleon stamp, and the colors are vibrant and (I think) look great.  I hate saying that, as it sounds like I’m patting myself on the back..  And really, I’m patting the back of the pencils instead. haha….

Rich’s working on getting my baby bird video uploaded, and it should be the next one to go live.  I think we did a pretty good job of showing the birds, from right after hatching, to the point where they are ready to leave the nest.  The only thing we think we missed, was the actually leaving, but we haven’t watched all of the footage yet, to know if we caught one flying away…It would be amazing if we did catch it…..and I’m crossing my fingers that we did…..

Arteza Twi Markers-Love Them! w/ BeeBeeCrafts Gold Leaf Ribbon

There is a 10% discount using the coupon code CraftingForAlmostEveryone3, which is valid until Aug 10th

Site Links:

Sketch TwiMarkers, Dual Tipped – Set of 48:


Watercolor Paint – 60 Colors (60 x 12ml/0.4 US fl oz):


Expert Watercolor Pad 5.5×8.5” 30 Sheets – Pack of 3:

I started by stamping a Simon Says Stamp called Outline Leaves link:

I stamped in a Stamp Perfect that is not available in the USA, but is available outside the US. I stamped a few times with Versafine Onyx Black ink and then used clear embossing powder and heat set the whole image. I used a Baren to help me press the door of the Stamp Perfect and found it at and here’s the link to it. After it was heat set I trimmed the edges so only the pattern remained. I used the Arteza Watercolor Pad for this process and this discount link is above. I started with a white card base that was 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and then cut a piece of gold mirror card stock from Crafters Companion (available on and cut it to 5 3/8 x 5 3/8″ and layered on the card base.
I took the stamped image and used the Twi markers in Yellow Ochre, Sage Green, Olive Green to color the leaves.
I used the Olive green at the base of the leave, then used Sage Green, and then at the tip, yellow ochre. I blended over the olive and yellow ochre with the sage green to make sure they blended together.
If you struggle blending, you can always scribble the markers on a palette, and using a moist paint brush, blend the same colors on the leaves. This leaves a much lighter look, and that’s basically the difference.
I used Cerulean blue on the bottom of my background and then about halfway up, changed over to bright blue for the background.

I used Mowed Green Distress Ink and went direct to paper with the ink pad on the card base and covered all of the edges. Then I took a gold leaf ribbon from, Link:
and cut a length of the ribbon to cover a strip on the front of my card..
I first attached the gold paper to the card base with Plus tape runner and some Elmer’s glue pen, and then added foam tape to the back of the painted leaf design paper that I cut to 5 1/4 x 5 1/4″
and attached the leaf ribbon to the foam tape after wrapping it around the back of the leaf paper. I put glue dots under the leaves to make sure they stay in place.
I took a retired Stampin’ Up stamp set called “So Sorry” and used the “so Sorry” and stamped it on a scrap of the watercolor paper and put it through the Vagabond with a Spellbinders die and then I colored the front with the same blue colors and put foam tape behind it. I added a little Shimmer Spray from Imagine Crafts to the front of the sentiment.