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Today we decided to do an acrylic pouring technique that was really addictive.  It involves using acrylic paint, glue and water, as well as some silicone spray, pouring them into a cup and dumping the cup onto a gesso’d canvas.  It creates cells of color that are really interesting and my great niece and I loved making them.  We ended up with one that we both thought really turned out well and were thrilled with it.

We made a video showing how we did it and finished the video on the bath bombs and had a terrific time hanging out together.  She’s sixteen and so much fun to do crafty things with.  We had ideas for more things we were going to try, but ran out of time.  We tried to do something crafty every day, but we still just didn’t have the time to accomplish all that we wanted.  Oh well, we’re hoping they’ll come again next summer and we’ll be able to do other projects then.


Rubber Stamp Tapestry came out with three new bee inspired stamp sets and sent them to me.  I was thrilled to get them and made a card to go with them.  The sets are Bee-utiful Day which is a red rubber stamp set that needs to be cut apart.  I show how to cut this set out.  I store mine in cd cases and use Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over to glue the stamps inside.  I use a label maker and create a label with the name of the company and stamp set to put on the end of the cd case that doesn’t open.

The second and third sets of stamps are both peg stamps.  The first is called Chamomile Bee and the second is Field of Clovers.

I used two of the sentiments on the card from Bee-utiful Day and stamped one inside the card and the other on a strip that is 2 1/2″ wide and 5″ tall.  I used a die to make a row of small holes the length of the strip on both sides.  The card is an A2 size which is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ .  I took a piece of white cardstock and used a Darice embossing folder of a honeycomb background that was 5 1/4 x 4″.

I used the mini buzzing bee, chamomile sprig, mall schamomile flower, fern, and open chamomile flower to stamp on the strip.  I used Gina K’s Sweet Corn ink to rub across the embossed paper and used one of my chip brushes to go around the edge of the strip of paper.  I stamped bamboo leaves from Memento dew drops and Espresso Truffle for my inks.  I colored the flowers with alcohol markers and the colors are listed on the video screen and used a Chameleon blender pen to blend the colors on the flowers.

Stamped ” have a bee-utiful day” on the inside of the card and used the sprig with the same green ink and one of the chamomile flowers to stamp around the sentiment and colored the centers of the flowers with the same alcohol markers.

I put foam tape behind the thin strip of paper and put tape runner and wet glue on the back of the embossed piece and laid it on the card base and added the strip with the stamping to the front of the card in the center.
I stamped some of the chamomile flowers and the sprigs on the envelope and colored them in with the same alcohol markers.



Today was a big crafty day.  My great niece and I made a video on how to make Lush bath bombs and although the color was a little bit odd, the bath bomb turned out really well.  She and her family had to make a trip into town, so I took that time to make a couple videos of my own.  I wanted to try to paint footie type socks with stamps to make them fun and frisky.  I had bought a four pack of them at the Dollar Tree (where else?) that were really bright colors.  I picked a fuchsia colored pair and stamped some really great flowers in peg stamps with Staz-On and then colored the centers with some Derwent Inktense pencils.  I really liked the result and they are a really fast, easy craft to make with kids or teenagers.  Especially when they want the really expensive decorated socks, and you don’t want to pay a fortune for them.  I have to say, I was surprised at how cute they turned out.

Lastly, my friend Rebecca,  one of the owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry (the peg stamp people), sent me their latest collection of stamps.  I was really surprised and pleased to get them, and thought that I should get a video up and show everyone their new cute designs.  They made three bee-themed stamp sets that are absolutely adorable.  I wanted to make a card with them and what better than a thank you card for Rebecca.   I used a honeycomb embossing folder and colored it with ink to make it more realistic, then put a layer of cardstock through the center of the card and decorated the center portion with the new stamp sets.  I was really pleased with the results, and honestly, I have a lot of their floral stamps, and these are by far, my favorites.  The flowers just speak to me.  I love their stamps for stamping envelopes, but they are so versatile, and I keep finding more and more uses for them.

AliExpress Die and Stamp Haul

I got a bunch of fun crafty things from AliExpress and thought I’d share them with you.

Cathy from Stampin’ Up’s information is and

Ice cream cone die  $1.95

Triple layer die –third piece  $3.59

Slider Diess $2.05

Doily die  $2.17

Square postage stamp layering dies  $2.71

Grass Die $2.98

Dragonfly die $1.69

Winter scene $1.69

Tree Stamp Set $1.73

Round Leaf Die $2.16

Magic die–the place I bought it no longer sells it.


Spent yesterday getting ready for our family to visit…That involved cleaning that I really dread doing, but did anyway.  By the time they arrived, my face was beet red, I was sweating profusely and looked like a million dollars.  Actually, I probably looked like $1.  It wasn’t pretty.

Our great niece loves to go to thrift stores and today, one of our local thrift stores was selling all of their clothes for 50 cents, which is really uncommon near Washington DC., where they live.    We bought lots of fun clothes and I was so thrilled that she was happy.

We bought her a pair of white tennis shoes so she can make her own tie dyed sneakers and are going to make a bath bomb like they sell at the Lush stores.  I promised her mom that I’d give her the supplies to make graduation cards (as she’s running late on those), and we’re going to make cards probably tomorrow.  I have other crafts I’d like to make with them, including a duct tape tote bag.  It should be a lot of fun to make and will come in handy for transporting school things and groceries (for her mom.)  All in all, we have lots of ideas, but not a lot of ambition as it’s extremely warm here today.

I left everyone else hanging out and talking, to spend a while in a quiet spot with Aggie, our fifteen year old golden retriever.  Aggie doesn’t do well with crowds (crowds meaning more than Rich and I), so she and I are alone.. She’s leaning against a big fan and happy to be there.  I’m happy to be hanging out in a quiet spot with her, to catch up on YouTube comments and this blog.

Tomorrow is probably another big garage sale day, and it’s been so much fun catching up with family, so I might not write again for a couple of days.  I’m sorry that no videos are going live, but am hoping Rich is able to get a haul video up tomorrow.  (That’s my hope, I’m not sure if he’s up for it or not, as he pulled a muscle in his lower back and isn’t at his best.)


I’m so excited because tomorrow our nephew and his family will be coming to spend a long weekend with us.  I absolutely love their daughter, Erika, and if you remember, Erika and I made some videos together last year.  We have plans to do more videos on this visit and I’m thrilled to be doing them with her.  She’d like to make soap and I’m going to show her how to make bath bombs as they are they greatest.  I might also play with making candles with her and I have some small paper crafting ideas we might try.  She’s not really a paper crafter, but we had fun making a couple covered notebooks last year, so I think we’ll be doing that again, as well as covering an address  book and a datebook/planner.  I know planners are really big now, and I would like to make one for Erika’s mother.  I’m sure she’ll get some use out of it, as she’s a busy working mother.  I like to use the ones that the Dollar Tree sells, as they are small enough to fit inside a purse, but have enough space for me to add a mini notebook inside.  I’ve been watching people make small journals out of paper pads they bought at Hobby Lobby and of course I have some of those and why not experiment with them.

And speaking of Hobby Lobby, we were there today looking for a recipe size chipboard album that I could make for Erika, as she’s really learning how to cook.  I didn’t find any that I liked, but they did have a really fun and funky recipe book for her to write all of her recipes in.  It wasn’t a real bargain, but it was exactly what I wanted and I really think she’s going to like it.  She wants to learn new recipes from us and Rich is a terrific baker and I’m a good everyday type cook.  I guess I’d say I make things our grandma’s would have made.  Roast beef, baked chicken, meatloaf, lasagna–these are the things I can make well.

So I may not be blogging every day over the next five or six days, but I’ll try to make sure I blog as much as I am able.


I had all kinds of plans for making cards today, but unfortunately I was waylaid by my poor Aggie.  Rich was trying to cut her toe nails and she’s never been fond of it, so she jerks her feet.  Rich thought he only got the very tip of her nail, but it started to bleed and it was actually spurting blood by the time I got involved.  We really thought that it was under control–we had wrapped it in gauze and used medical tape to hold the gauze in place, until, she went outside.  This is where the story takes a bad turn.  Aggie has trouble picking up her back feet when she walks, so she kind of shuffles.  Unfortunately, her shuffling pulled her bandages off and reopened the vein.  There was blood everywhere.  On our carpets throughout the house, as she kept jogging away from us when she was being corralled.  Once she was outside and the bandage came off, she was on the patio and got blood all over the carpet, the stairs, pretty much everywhere.  The poor thing was so scared because we were holding her down to try to put a flour and water paste on her toe (the vet’s idea), and then wrap it in more gauze.    It took half of a box of gauze, a bottle of peroxide (to remove the blood from the carpets), a roll of medical tape, flour and water paste,  corn starch, and cling wrap to finally stop the bleeding.  She’s been exhausted ever since, just laying in front of the fan on a blanket I put there, in case she started bleeding again.

The odd part of the story, was Honey.  She and Aggie don’t spend much time together, but Honey knows Aggie’s in charge.  When we were trying to bandage Aggie’s foot, Honey was whining and barking and was really agitated.  I felt so bad for both dogs as neither Rich nor I, had time to talk to Honey, while we were trying to comfort and bandage Aggie.   And, hey, it’s not easy trying to wrestle a fifteen year old golden retriever to your way of thinking.  It doesn’t matter what you do, she has a mind as clear as a bell, and she uses it to find a way to free herself from any uncomfortable situation, and today was very uncomfortable for her.

After she was bandaged, blood clean-up took the rest of the afternoon and the evening was spent at the Laundromat with bedding and rugs that took a blood bath, literally.