I’ve been working on the foam pumpkin that I’ve been covering with napkins.  I really made a horrible mess of it the first time, so decided to paint over it and start again.  I’m not sure if it will look any better this time, but if it doesn’t, it’s going in the trash.  (I think I say that a lot, do I?)

We’ve sold nine of the twenty boxes from the destashing, which is pretty good.  I wish it was more like fifteen, but I think I’m being overly optimistic.  I’m just glad that people are interested in them.

I had a viewer tell me that she was going to post the destash videos on StampNation, which gave me the idea to post it on SplitcoastStampers website.  My part didn’t go so well, as they kicked my post off, because it violates their solicitation policy.  They said even though the money is going to charity, it’s still a violation.  Darn…Oh well, I gave it a shot.

The poison ivy is making me a little bit crazy and I can’t imagine how nuts I would be if I had it all over.  I think I would lose my mind.  Then again, I haven’t taken Benadryl because it makes me tired, and I like to stay awake as much during the day as possible.

I finally sent my brother-in-law his fairy garden wreath.  My sister sent me a photo of the door that he hung it on….he was so happy with it, he attached it to the first door you see when you walk into their house.  I’m just really glad that he liked it.  I did add a lot more to it, including a pirate ship I made out of a wheelbarrow, a crow sitting on a pumpkin and a pirate flag (he likes pirates.)  All in all, it looked pretty good, but was still shedding like crazy when I mailed it.  It was shedding so much that I had to put it into a plastic zipped bag so it didn’t ruin the other things I sent them.  That mossy stuff is really hard to glue so that it doesn’t shed, and honestly, I’m not sure any amount of hot glue would have worked.




I’m not sure if I mentioned doing yard work last week, but now I have poison ivy.  Fifty-seven years old and never had it before now.  I’ve been so lucky, but I guess my luck has ended.  It’s only on my right wrist and forearm, and I hope it doesn’t spread anywhere else.  I’ve been putting a mixture of baking soda and water on it and that really helps the itching.  I don’t know how people stand it when they get it all over, I’d lose my mind.  Sorry for the big whine, but I just had to get it out..haha

I didn’t realize that Rich has more backlogged videos, and one of them is the one that gives the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform review.  I feel badly that it’s taken me so long to get that video up, as I completely forgot about it until I saw a comment from a viewer of mine that I asked to do a video review of the platform.  I had one viewer who has physical limitations do a review via email that I read on this video, and another viewer with no physical limitations do a video review.  I really wanted to cover all bases with this and didn’t really want to buy another stamp platform for myself.  I’m sure once they hit the big craft chains, that I’ll probably break down and buy one because I can’t stop myself when I have a good coupon, but until then, I’m holding out because I already have two stamp tools and who really needs three?  I really like the Stamp Perfect, because the lid is easier to press than the MISTI, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available.  Darn.  And the price for it was really terrific.  I’m glad a lot of my viewers bought them before they were no longer available.

I didn’t do anything crafty today as the weather was really drizzly, and if you know anything about arthritis, it’s worst enemy for weather is drizzle.  I slept really late and then convinced Rich we should just hang out and watch movies.  He’s an easy touch for that, so we spent a leisurely day inside.

I guess I’ll finish the cards I started tomorrow.

Stair Step Card Inspired by Stamp TV

I saw the stair step card on Stamp TV and it looked like a fun card to make. I used Recollections 110 lb. Heavyweight cardstock in white cut to 5″ high by 10 1/2″ long. Score it on the 10 1/2″ length at 1 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 4 1/4″, 6″ and 8 1/4″. You will start your folds at the 2 1/2″ folding up, then the next score down, then the next score up, then the next score down. Use your bone folder or a ruler to make sure each fold is really well bent. You should get an envelope that fits a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card and put it under your card as you build it. That ensures that you will be able to fit the card into the envelope when you are finished. I used several Stampin’ Up floral punches and matching Stampin’ Up stamp sets called Petite Petals, Mixed Bunch, Three for You and Petite Pairs. I used Simon Says Stamp Black ink to stamp my sentiment on the bottom right corner from a Stampin’ Up set called Too Kind. The colors I used were Stampin’ Up dye inks in Rose Red Cranberry Crisp, Purely Pomegranate, Pretty in Pink and Sweet Sugar Plum. I used a Martha Stewart leaf punch that I used on two different colors of green. I also had a Stampin’ Up punch that matched a stamp set called Friends and Flowers that I used for a variety of leaves. I used Always Artichoke Stampin’ Up ink for the leaves and then used my Touch 5 markers to colors the Martha Stewart leaves to make them look more like the rest of the flowers. I added brads to the centers of the flowers for a little more bling. Sorry that some of the card was out of frame so you didn’t get to see all of it being built, but I was hoping that if you saw the first row built, you’d get the general idea. Make sure you only put glue on the bottom half of your flowers as you don’t want the backs to stick to the rest of the card once it is folded closed. I thought this was a really fun card to make and hope you’ll give it a try. Please check out my destashing videos, as 100% will go toward peoples affected by the floods and hurricanes. October 28th is the day that we will put up the video where people’s affected by the floods/hurricanes will be able to list the tools that they lost and viewers will send the tools that they have to those people affected. I hope you’ll join me in “Making a Difference.”


I’d like to go on a little rant for a moment.  First let me say I absolutely love my viewers, as I wouldn’t have any idea that this problem exists otherwise.  Now on to the rant.  In the last week, I’ve had three different YouTubers steal my videos and upload them as their own.  I don’t understand why anyone would think that my hands aren’t recognizable as mine, so why steal my videos?  You’d think that they would be smart enough to steal the videos of someone with absolutely perfect hands, but then again, maybe brains don’t really play into it.  Then again, maybe they do.  Maybe the reason they steal my videos is that I don’t have any advertisements, so they know I don’t make any money from them.  Maybe there’s a way that they can.  I’m not sure but I’m hoping that someone on YouTube will eventually figure out that I am a target of these people and figure out why.  On the other hand, YouTube probably has so many of these kinds of people out there, that they have their hands full just trying to get rid of them.  I’m not even sure if they do get rid of them, or just give them a warning, but I am getting so frustrated by this, I can’t even tell you…..

Ok, I’m over the rant.

Today, I made a couple of videos and I hope they both turn out ok.  I covered a foam pumpkin with napkins and used the leaves that my friend Elizabeth gave me and made a card out of them.  I think the card is fair, but wish it was a little bit more frisky.  I’m thinking I am going to make a video on marbling tomorrow and then use the backgrounds I create on cards going forward.  I’m hoping that Rich puts up a video later tonight and I’ll upload it tomorrow in the morning.


It’s been one of those days where I haven’t accomplished very much.  We did sell seven out of the twenty units we have for sale for the fund raiser.  I’m hoping we’ll sell a lot more in the next few days, but it looks kind of iffy.  I’m hoping that it won’t be a one day of activity and then nothing, kind of thing, but I guess I’ll wait and see.

I really had big plans for activities today, but ended up spending a lot of time making a big supper for Rich, and that’s about all.  Some days I just don’t have a ton of ambition.  I wonder if other people have days like this?  Probably so.

I did write several cards I’d been meaning to get into the mail, so tomorrow I’m making a trip to the post office and hopefully will be making a couple of videos.  Rich does have three ready to edit and upload, so I guess I’ll start bothering him about it tomorrow…So maybe we’ll have a video go up tomorrow as well.


I really tried to do a good job of grouping things together for the destash videos and hope that people will be interested in buying them.  It was so nice of Rebecca Walton to donate so much merchandise from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, and Yvonne, a viewer, who donated a lot of dies.  I’m really lucky to have found such wonderful generous people to partner with on this project.

You never know how things like this will go though, so I’ll just hope for the best.  I decided I had a lot of cards I needed to make for friends, and today was the day.  I have a friend whose daughter has been ill and is a big baseball fan.  I made her a baseball themed card and I think it turned out pretty frisky, if I do say so myself.  Then I did a huge haul video that took a really long time to make.  I don’t know if people enjoy long hauls, so if they don’t, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to be thrilled with this one.  I need to make one more card and I think I’ll be caught up with the things I needed to do for the day.  Some days are like this where I just have so many ideas and need to get them put into motion.   On the other hand, I’m exhausted from all of the things I’ve already done today, so might put it off until tomorrow.  (That’s still my motto for my craft room.  I just keep putting it off until tomorrow thinking I’ll actually do something about it.)  It doesn’t seem like I’m ever going to get serious about it, but maybe tomorrow, haha.

Destash Fund Raising Videos Part 1 and 2

100% of the proceeds from this destashing video will be providing crafty gift cards for people’s affected by the hurricanes/floods in Texas, the East Coast and Puerto Rico. We are doing a video on October 28th on Make a Difference Day, where people affected by the floods/hurricanes will list in the comments, the things they would like to have replaced. Viewers will respond to those comments with the things that they will be providing and we will try to supplement the rest with the gift cards we’ll be purchasing from this destashing. For the destashing, you’ll put a comment below with the letters of the items you want to purchase, your paypal email address and your zip code. I will send you a paypal invoice and you have 24 hours to pay for your item. If it’s not paid for within 24 hours, the second person who lists that letter will be given the opportunity to buy it. You will pay the postage, and if you want to calculate the price of postage, I give you the information in the video for calculating postage. If you have any questions, please email me at saundralparker@yahoo.com and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.
A Price $43 2 lb 11 oz.
B Price $60 2 lb 4 oz
C. Price $66 3 lb 8 oz
D. Price $42 3 lb 10 oz.
E. Price $40 1 lb 8 oz
F $50 2 lb.
G. $23 1 lb 6 oz
H. $10 10 lb. 15″ wide by 18″ tall. Really good paper trimmer…
I. $18 1 lb.
j. $20 1lb 3 oz.
K. $18 1lb 1 oz.
L. $12 10 oz.
M. $18 12 oz.
N. $15 1 lb 2 oz.
O. $15 1 lb 4 oz.
P. $28 8 oz.
Q. $28 1 lb 6 oz.
S. $42 1 lb 10 oz..
T. $34 1lb 4 oz.
R. Sorry it’s out of order, but I had an issue when doing the video $30 1 lb 10 oz. I hope you’ll purchase some of the items above and please share these videos on your social media page as I’d really appreciate it…