I  bought some new blending brushes and wanted to try them out.  I compared them to last year’s blending brush with the goldish/copper handle below….
Make Up Brush Toothbrush Shaped Beauty Brush Multi-functional Base Oval Brush hi

The new ones I bought were different.  One is a flat headed large brush that comes in its own case.  One of my viewers tried it and absolutely loved it…so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  You can either buy one for $1.88 from Aliexpress, or $3.50 from Ebay, but both will originate in China.


My last purchase was a mushroom shaped foam brush that also comes in its own case. I found it on Ebay for $1.99 and $1.24 on Aliexpress, and again, both originate from China.

Women Makeup Foundation Sponge Blender Flawless Powder Smooth Beauty Puff 34US







You probably realize that I like to not only compare the brushes and how they perform, but also how they perform with different inks and on different types of cardstock.

Let’s just say that the end result was surprising…I hope you enjoy the video..it should be going up in the next day or so..

Easy Dollar Tree Father’s Day Gift Packaging

The Aqua Fusion cologne gift set I bought at the Dollar Tree..it’s readily available at most Dollar Trees. I really like the smell of it and so does Rich.

The bottom of the box dimensions:

7 7/8″ tall

5 1/4″ wide

Score all four sides at 1 1/4″

The top of the box dimensions:

7 1/2″ tall

4 7/8″ wide

Score at 1″ on all four sides

Score on the back of the paper you are using. Fold all of your scores. Then cut a thin triangular slit on the long side on each score to the 1″ and 1 1/4″ score (depending on the piece you are cutting.) Your cut should cut out the score line and the angular cut should be closer to the edge of the cardstock (and not toward the center.) Fold in the flaps you’ve created by cutting the notches out and put glue on the entire flap then fold the flaps so they create a corner of the box and put a clothespin on the corner until the glue is set. Do the same to all corners.

Once the box is made, all you need to do is decorate it. I ran tear tape on the ends of ribbon and cut the 12″ ribbon in half then laid the ends on the inside of the top of the box. I folded the ribbon so it made a knot on the top of the box and used my extra cardstock to make a small gift card.


I have been working like a busy beaver in my craft room (if you’re from an urban area, you probably don’t understand that reference…..but here in rural America, beavers work super hard to build dams…)  I finished the Christmas cards from my paper scraps, then had to modify the frame that comes with a round diamond painting…Here’s the painting.

To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the tassel and the hook at the top of the frame.  And if I’m going to be totally honest, I can’t figure out where I put the tassel and hooks that came with the diamond painting, so that’s a secondary issue.  I decided I wanted to use the round frame and put the diamond painting in the frame without the extras.  I don’t see my sister getting excited about the tassel either, so that’s another reason it had to go…

I used tear tape on the back of the diamond painting and adhered it to the foam core that comes with it..Then I put it in the frame, but it wouldn’t stay put, even using tear tape around the inside of the frame….so I went with my trusty glue gun and hot glued the back, and it worked like a charm.  I put a small pearl pin in the top and bottom, but both can be removed if my sister decides she doesn’t like those either…

Then I made boxes to put Dollar Tree men’s cologne in for a Father’s Day gift.  I figure there are a lot of people who give Father’s Day gifts from little kids and they probably buy those gifts at the Dollar Tree….So if someone needs to find a last minute gift and needs an easy way to package it, this box is fast and simple.

Once I was done with the box, I had watched a video where a woman turned a small brown paper lunch bag into a decorated envelope “clutch.”  I’m not sure if anyone would use it as a clutch, but I thought it was fun and you could use it to put important papers inside, or give it with money in it as a gift…I was amazed at how easy it was to make, as I only watched that video in part, and only once.  I thought the end result of mine was fun and now that I’ve mastered it, I’ll make a video showing how I did it.  I need to work out a few kinks, like forgetting to put the brad closure on after I’d laid the liner paper down….Need to do that in the reverse.  I’m going to think about different closures I can use with it too…I might try Velcro or magnets…I’m not sure yet.

Today I went to garage sales and one had all kinds of scrapbooking tools….First, though, I went to a garage sale that an older lady was having, and she had a Fiskars paper trimmer that looked fun.  What I didn’t realize at the time, is that it was a rotary trimmer and it was missing the blade….funny thing to miss, huh?  And wouldn’t you think that she would have said, “By the way, there’s no blade on that trimmer.”  So basically, I bought a worthless piece of plastic. The real sale, though, had all kinds of paper crafting supplies, and if I was new to paper crafting, there were tons of things I could have bought..But having a room full of crazy paper crafting supplies, I really didn’t need anything, but still bought a couple of things there..Nothing impressive.  She sold a really cool looking heat gun that I’ve never seen before, and it came with a embossing ink pads and an embossing pen, and all for $3….I decided it had to be worth $3, but will let you know….They had a few of those plastic storage boxes that you put embellishments in, and you can never have too many of those, and when they sell them for a quarter, it’s crazy to pass it up.  They also sold a wooden ribbon tower…I already have one, but you know how much I love ribbon, I had to have it.  It came with maybe ten rolls of ribbon, an it’s already completely full of ribbon that I had laying in a plastic basket.  Maybe I should consider using all of the ribbon I have, but that would take a few lifetimes…at least with this additional rack, I’ll be able to see the ribbons I have, so will use more of it.  (At least that’s my plan.)

Here’s what the ladder looks like…I already have one that I bought at Joanns, like this.Organizing Essentials Wooden Ribbon Ladder White

It was a great crafty garage sale day and I’m ready for date night to begin…(Friday night is our date night…we have take out dinner and watch movies..)  I know our lives are pure glamour….what can you do? haha

One more note of interest.  You know the bird houses I decorated?  The cute yellow house has a wren family inside.  The two rectangular houses are uninhabited, as is another wood house I have, but another wren family is creating a nest in the inside of our patio awning….Apparently they didn’t want to slum it in the rectangle houses….Picky birds.  I did see the one wren with a stick in its beak, standing on one of the rectangular houses, waiting for its mate to get out of it’s way so it could add its stick to the nest…so the house was good enough to stand on, but not good enough to live in..  Bummer.


I can’t believe it…I’ve finally finished the scrap Christmas cards and the video…In the end, I think I have almost forty all-occasion cards and 35 Christmas cards done.  It took me a month of working on them off and on, and believe me, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again any time soon.

I also made a quick video of a decorated box I made for a Dollar Tree men’s cologne gift for Father’s Day.  I know a lot of people buy small gifts for their kids to give to their fathers, and the mother/aunt/friend could make the little box I show and then the child could decorate it with the cologne inside.  I’m giving mine to the postman, to give him a small thank you for all he’s done for us during Corona….

Rich and I went out to dinner (first time since Corona) with close friends.  We went to Red Lobster and they are really taking the virus seriously.  They removed several tables so people can’t get close to each other and have signs on every other booth, saying they are unavailable due to social distancing.  If you stand up to walk anywhere, they require you to wear a mask, and unlike stores that don’t enforce it, they are serious about making people wear masks.  They don’t have salt and pepper shakers on the table, and their menus are photocopies that they can easily destroy after one use.  I still brought my hand sanitizer in and used it several times during the course of dinner (every time something new was introduced to the table,) and was glad we were able to see our friends in a safe atmosphere.

Tomorrow I have two doctor’s appointments…One with my dermatologist for a couple of spots on my face he might need to remove,  and a phone visit with my rheumatologist.  I can’t imagine we’ll be on the phone for very long, but I have to have a visit every three months in order for her to prescribe my medicines.  Of the two appointments, I’m more concerned with the dermatologist, as my mother had melanoma, and it’s hereditary, so I try to be super cautious of my skin, and I have a very fair complexion with lots of spots.  The spots on my face have been worrying me since the middle of the Corona quarantine, and I’m glad I’ll finally get them checked.


My girlfriend and I went to a few garage sales a couple of days ago, and sadly, couldn’t find much that made me happy…but, we also went to a local church that is allowing food trucks to sit there, and I bought a huge bag of kettle corn, so my day was complete and my stomach full of goodness.

I had bought some trivets from the Dollar Tree, and material that I really liked from Joanns, to layer on the back of the trivets.  I took the little “feet” off the bottoms of the trivets, and as I did, I kept thinking that I should put them somewhere”safe” or I would lose them.  I know you’re thinking that it should have been simple to find a safe place to put them, but sadly, my safe place turned out to be not so safe, as I lost three of the eight feet…Darn it..  So I’m rethinking how to turn something else into feet for one of my trivets, or instead, just use that trivet in my craft room for something else…I’m not sure what, since my glue gun no longer seeps glue when it’s just sitting there…I have to say, I’m still really impressed with the Gorilla Glue mini glue gun I bought at Joanns a few months ago.  And, it was really inexpensive.  Here’s a video I made when I bought it in case you’re interested in getting one.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8aAxDjeaFY

I worked on the scrap Christmas cards, and boy will I end up with a lot of them when I’m done..And by a lot, I mean between 30-40 cards…That’s a lot for me.  No wonder it’s taken me a month to finish them. haha

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been trying to do a few giveaways for a couple of reasons.  During Corona, it’s nice to have some little thing to look forward to I think, and although the giveaways weren’t huge, they would be a nice treat for the winner….And, since my channel isn’t monetized, I think YouTube isn’t putting my videos where people can readily find them.  If you are subscribed and know when one of my videos go live,  that’s great, but it’s probably the only way you’ll find them.  It’s frustrating for me, and the numbers of views on my videos is reflecting that issue.  I wish I knew what to do to help people with physical limitations find my channel.  That’s always been the big question, but now that YouTube isn’t putting my videos into people’s options, it’s getting worse.   I might make a video where I explain it and ask everyone who watches my videos if they would be willing to spread the word about it on facebook or other social media.  Do you think that would help?  At least I’d know I’ve done everything I can to get as many people as possible to find my channel.  I know my channel isn’t for everyone (thus the title,) but I wish YouTube found value in it, even if I don’t bring them any money from advertisements, but I also don’t cost them any money, because they don’t pay me to make videos…  Geez…this is frustrating.

3 D Watercolor Card Plus Lilla Rose Giveaway

Below you’ll find all of the instructions and products used in making in this video.

Link to Lilla Rose products: www.http://www.lillarose.biz/alwaysJOY

I was contacted by Debbie Berndt from Lilla Rose to try out some of her hair products    in videos.  Lilla Rose is an American based company that sells a wide variety of hair products..  I hope you’ll check out her link.

Debbie Berndt’s contact information is:                                                                            Cellphone: 269-414-6090                                                                                                                      Email:  dberndt57@yahoo.com                                                                                                        Address: 76 Pierson Rd Cassopolis, MI 49031                                                                              Lilla Rose link: http://www.lillarose.biz/alwaysJOY

The Lilla Rose product used in the video is a Flexi Clip called Chastity, Link: https://tinyurl.com/ycnhk2xm

I used Canson XL watercolor paper 9 x 12″ sheets, cut to 4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ tall, to stamp my lilacs on. Link: https://www.dickblick.com/items/10173-1023/

The watercolors I used are Kuretake Gansai Tambi set of 36 link: https://tinyurl.com/y8b33srg

The lilac stamp is from Stampendous, called Cling Lilac, Link: https://tinyurl.com/y9thxbeg

I stamped Jet Black Gina K Amalgam Ink link: https://tinyurl.com/y73oa893 (I couldn’t find the large ink pads in stock anywhere, so this is the small cube…sorry.)  Then used clear embossing powder and heat set the powder. I stamped three of the lilacs, and one with a butterfly landing on it with leaves attached for my card front, and the other two were the lilac with a butterfly and leaves randomly stamped on the watercolor paper. These two are going to be cut out and layered on the card front. I also cut a piece of retired Stampin’ Up cardstock in a deep purple color to 10″ x 7″ tall, and scored on the 10″ length at 5″ to create a 5″ x 7″ card base.

I painted the lilacs with the dark purple watercolor mixed with a little bit of white, and didn’t care if I painted outside the lines on the two extra lilac images. I used two greens and a gold for the leaves and mixed gold with yellow for the butterfly. I like to dab a rag on wet watercolor paint to make different shades of color.

After painting the images, I rounded the corners on the card front and card base with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder. Link: https://tinyurl.com/ybr8h4bz.   I painted the background on the card front with a light blue color, then dabbed it with a paper towel while the paint was wet, to create a mottled look. Then I cut two slits below the lilac on the card front, and inserted the Chastity Flexi-Clip size medium, into the slits and closed it. I then cut out and layered other pieces of leaves, butterflies and lilac to the card front, then added foam pieces under the center of the card front (as it is already raised from applying the flexi clip to it..then put wet glue under the rest of the card front, and adhered it to the card base and used clothespins to keep it glued in place while it dried.

I added the word “hi” to the front from a die I’d cut out. I lined the inside of the card with a piece of white cardstock cut to 4 3/4″ wide by 6 3/4″ tall.

The drawing will be for the size large flexi clip…

 1. Only persons in the USA are eligible                                                                                         2. Drawing will be held on June 25th, 2020                                                                                   3. Comment must be added below the video as well as email address.



On Saturday, we had all of our carpets cleaned, and boy did they need it.  I’m happy when the house smells like it’s clean…Our college friends wanted to get together that day at a nearby restaurant, but I’m still not ready to be in large crowds, even eight people is too many for me.   I know that our county is in Code Green now, but I’m still nervous because with rheumatoid arthritis, I don’t have much of an immune system, and that can be frustrating and scary.

Sunday, we went to our friend’s house for lunch and a movie.  We used to go to a lot of movies (in theaters) together, and this is the first time we’ve seen them since Corona started.  Seems like a really long time, and it was nice to catch up with them.  I am impressed with the things that others have accomplished during Corona…Our friend build a huge cedar closet to store their non-seasonal clothes in.  That was quite the project and I was impressed that he knew how to do it.  They even attached cedar to the ceiling, and I’m sure that wasn’t easy to do.

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on the Christmas cards from scraps that I’m making.  Honestly, when you start making cards from scraps, you end up with a ton of cards…a lot more than you anticipate, and then you have to find ways to finish them…sometimes you only need a small embellishment and a sentiment, and others you need an image to complete it, and that’s where I’m stuck now.  I think I need sixteen images for the cards I’m making and it’s getting to the point where I just don’t feel like continuing on.  No matter what I do, I don’t seem to make progress.  I did finish all of the scrap cards that weren’t Christmas related, but the Christmas ones are overwhelming.  There’s a bunch of starburst type scrap cards for Christmas that are a lot simpler to finish, and I wish I’d only done those….darn it.

If I didn’t mention it, our little house wrens have created a nest in the yellow house I decorated for them.  It’s 96 degrees today and the sun shines on their house, and I’m wondering how hot the poor little mama bird must be.  I don’t think her eggs have hatched yet, and honestly, don’t even know if she’s laid them.   We definitely know when the babies are old enough to cry for food, as they are really verbal, and mom and dad wren spend all day and evening finding insects for them.  I wonder how exhausting it must be to try to keep their babies fed, and how relieved the parents must be when their babies finally leave their nest, and they can finally rest for a little bit.

I didn’t know that wrens will have babies at different times in the summer months, as last year, we had two different (I think they were different) sets of wrens make their nest in one of our houses..One in early June and another in July.

I wasn’t really a fan of watching birds (or animals) when I was younger, and wonder if it’s yet another sign of me getting old…Geez!  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but boy did I get chubby during Corona…seems like all I did was snack.  I need to stop snacking, but it’s just so much fun, isn’t it?



You’ll be impressed to know that I finally finished all of the cards I made with scraps…Last night I started working on Christmas themed scraps, and boy do I have a lot of them.  I’ll be making Christmas cards until the cows come home…I did a Google search to find the origin and meaning behind “until the cows come home” and this is what I found.

Where did the phrase until the cows come home originate?
not until the cows come home Not for a long time. Presumably the time referred to is when cows return to the barn for milking. The term has been around since the late sixteenth century. Beaumont and Fletcher’s play The Scornful Lady (1610) stated, “Kiss till the cow come home.”
I read more about it and they said that cows came home for milking around 5AM, so people used that phrase to let others know they’d be staying away until early morning.
Weird how phrases caught on and are still around 400 years later.
I have big news on my yellow decorated bird house from this video.
https://youtu.be/RwKFydWOM2o   The little house wrens that set up housekeeping in one of my houses every year, chose the larger yellow house for their nest.  Rich and I were so happy, as we really enjoy watching and listening to them.  It seems that the lady house wren is in charge of nest building, or rather, she seems to be the foreman…You can hear her giving instructions to the male wren often throughout the day and into early evening.  Rich says those birds never seem to rest.  I get a kick out of watching the male with a long thin stick, trying to shove it though the opening, and sometimes dropping it, only to start over.  I don’t know how long it takes for them to have their eggs hatch, but after the eggs hatch, we get to hear how hungry the babies are, as they must get their language skills from their mother.  They are loud and needy, and those poor parents work from morning until night, finding big bugs to feed to their babies.  That’s some serious commitment.
I’ve mentioned before that we have a Blink security system.  Rich bought it for me for Christmas, mainly to watch the animals we feed at the back of our property.  Last night, Rich got three notifications of new videos…One was a raccoon, one was a cat (that’s the first video we’ve gotten of a cat,) and the last one had Rich jumping out of his chair.  A spider crawled across the camera lens…Can you imagine how large that spider appeared on video?  Yikes!
Our weather has taken a turn for the worse, and it’s now thundering…That’s my cue to give up typing and take Honey to the basement, as she’s already whining.  This will escalate into whining, crying and running up and down the hall with a large stuffed animal unless I take her to the basement where she won’t be able to hear what’s going on outside…More later.

Crystal Rhinestone DIY Diamond Storage

I found the ostrich on fansells.com and here’s the link to it.  https://tinyurl.com/y9a7tohx

I wanted to create storage for the diamonds that are crystal or look like rhinestones, because I use those on cards. My friend, Sherri, showed me her storage system, and this is what she does.

You’ll need:

1. A large three-ring binder (I think mine is 2″ or 3″ deep)  I bought mine at Walmart.

2. Baseball card 3 ring binder storage link on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/yd8upgqa

3. Small baggies to hold the diamonds link on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/yb8a4byj

4. (Optional) I received a plastic box with a loop that attaches into the three-ring binder when I ordered the cupcake compact mirror from fansells.com Link: https://tinyurl.com/yb7z5xwn   I keep the unused baggies in this box so they are easy to find, since the loop allows me to keep the bags in the 3-ring binder.

When I am finished with any diamond project that involves the crystal (rhinestone) diamonds, I put the leftover diamonds into a baggie (one color per baggie), and put them into the baseball card pockets by color. I have my colors in alphabetical order ie. blue, black, gold, green, orange, purple, red, etc. I really like this system, because I can find the colors I’d like to use on cards, simply by opening the binder. If you don’t have a good system for storing your diamonds, you might want to give this a try.