I have promised a viewer that I will make her a mixed media card featuring butterflies.  I started working on the card tonight, and so far, it’s a fail..Huge Fail!  It might be one of those cards that after you let it dry, it looks a lot better, but it looks highly doubtful at this point.  I wish people like Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire would show their fails, and what, if anything, they do to save them.  I sometimes feel like I’m the only crafter on YouTube who shows my fails.  It doesn’t do a lot for my confidence, let me tell you.  I guess I’ll let you know tomorrow if the card had to go into the trash can, as it’s pretty scary.  If it actually makes it to video, it could be a minor miracle.

I think I should make a facebook contest for my viewers…Show me your worst fail…There’s a chance though, when you run a contest like that, people will make the worst card possible just to win.  But if they go to such great lengths to win, maybe they deserve it..I’m still in the thinking phase, but really think I’ll run with it.  So save your horrible cards, because you might have the winner.



I forgot to write on the blog yesterday, as we went out to lunch and then to a movie with friends.  We saw Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence and I have to say, it was much more violent and gory than I had anticipated.  I have two things I can’t watch in movies, rape scenes and violence against animals.  If you’re going to see the movie, I’ll tell you this much, there’s no animal violence involved.  I was anxious by the time the movie ended, as there was so much explicit violence..torture, rape, you name it.  I was really glad when we got in the car and I could forget about the last two hours.  Obviously, I’m not a movie critic, but I wasn’t a huge fan, and I normally really enjoy her movies.

On to other topics.  I made my sister’s St. Patrick’s Day card, if I forgot to tell you.  I think it turned out fine and hope my viewers enjoy it.

Today, I read, went to dinner with friends and am hanging out with the dogs.  They prefer to spend their time with me…not because they like me more than Rich, but because they can con me into almost anything.  These dogs aren’t stupid…they know an easy touch when they see one.  We’re spending the evening trying to find some card techniques I’d like to try, and tomorrow I’ll make it.  I’ve promised a couple of viewers that I will make them cards, and want to get serious about it..

Spring Floral Die Cut Inlay Card

I wanted to make a springy card, so used a background size die and pulled the “guts” out of it and colored them with Prismacolor and Caran ‘dache watercolor pencils then liquefied them. The Prismacolors were light peach, blush pink, carmine red, and pink. The Caran ‘dache were Granite Rose, Raspberry Red, and Rose Pink.  The colors did not come out very dark the first time, so I waited for them to dry, and repainted them to get a more vibrant color, by using a combination of the same colors.
I used white Recollections 110 lb card stock for my card base and cut it the 5 1/2″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide. I used a new Tonic wet glue to glue my background die to the card base.
I cut three different flower dies in pink, and colored them with three Touch Five markers in 7, 16 and 137.
In the strips left behind on the background die, I added tear tape in the slots, then added some wet glue in the corners of the slots with micro brushes I bought at Aliexpress to ensure the strips stayed where they were glued.
I  cut a leafy die in green card stock, and used a darker green alcohol marker to make it darker. I also colored a hello die cut with the same green marker.
I took the flowers I colored and helped make them look realistic, by laying the flowers on fun foam and using a stylus, rubbed the petals from inside near the center of the flower to leaf tip and added a light pink pearl to the center of each flower. I used Pretty in Pink ink from Stampin Up on a sentiment for the inside of the card, then a peg stamp (www.pegstamps.com) and used a jagged petal flower and a fern stamped in Always Artichoke ink from Stampin’ Up.


My sister has always loved St. Patrick’s Day, so I like to make a card for her.  I had a great time making a pretty frisky card (if I must say so myself.)  I found some great embellishments at Joanns, and as soon as I saw them, I knew what the card would look like.  OK, I had an idea, more like a spark of an idea, for the look of the card.

I’m so glad that the card is done a little in advance of St. Patrick’s Day, so I’ll actually get the card in the mail and to her home on time.  It’s almost shocking to me when that happens, as I’m not really prompt when it comes to getting cards mailed on time.  I have good intentions, but my follow through isn’t always the greatest.  This might be the year for timeliness….we can always hope.


We got our taxes done, and if I was a nail biter, I’d have bitten my nails to the quick.  I was fretting the entire time.  Did I have all the papers I needed, would she ask me something I didn’t know, did I do everything this year that she told me to do last year when we met?  The list in my head went round and round.  Luckily, crisis averted for another year.

It did give me time to think, though, when I was trying to take my mind off of taxes.  I need to make a mini album for friends, and a St. Patrick’s Day card for my sister, and I’ve promised a couple viewers that I would make cards for them, and I’ve been trying to think of things to do for them….so something good did come out of the whole tax experience.  I can’t tell you how relieved I feel when we walk out their door.  I just want to buy myself a big “great job on those taxes” treat.  Do they make those kinds of treats?  If not, they definitely should.



I basically spent all day travelling back and forth to Pittsburgh, to go to my rheumatologist.  I really like going there, as there’s a great bakery not far from her office, as well as a really big Dollar Tree.  You have to love a place where you can find a great bakery and a Dollar Tree not far from each other!

I bought some toys for the dogs and a bunch of treats, so they were really happy to see us when we got home.  I always love to see them so excited when they see new treats or toys, and it makes the long trip worthwhile.

Tomorrow is the worst day of the year for me.  We’re going to get our taxes done.  I have no reason to dread doing it, other than I fret that I lost or forgot to bring important paperwork.  And to be totally honest with you, I went to college to become and accountant.  I spent my internship doing taxes and I think it warped me for life.  I definitely knew I would rather do almost anything than be an accountant, so at least it saved me from a nervous breakdown, living and breathing taxes for almost four months out of every year.  Just think how one day of taxes messes with my head.  If I was an accountant I’d start crying in December, and wouldn’t stop until way after April 15th.  Lucky I found my calling in banking…no taxes involved.


Pop Out Swing Card, a Fun Fold Card

I found this pop out swing card on Dawn’s Stamp Thoughts YouTube channel. I started with a card base that was a normal A2 size card, 5 1/2″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide. I layered designer paper over the front that’s 5 1/4 x 4″. and only put glue around the edges, as I’m cutting out the center of it with a square die and want to remove the designer paper from the square. I used glitter paper and put a butterfly die on it and ran it through my die cutting machine. To make this work, you have to lay the die, cut side facing the glitter side of the paper.  I put a square die in the center of the card base to cut it out, and used the same square die to cut a piece of the glitter paper. I found another die that looks like a postage stamp, that has the same inside cut-out as the square die, then laid it on the opening of the glitter paper that I’d just cut with the square die, and cut it out to make a frame.
I laid the postage stamp frame on the outside of the square opening on the card base to make it look more finished.  I added a piece of vellum behind the butterfly die, traced it with a stylus and cut it out, and glued it to the back of the butterfly, then trimmed it so it looked better.
I used a piece of the same cardstock and cut it to 4 1/2″ tall  x 6 ” long and putting it in the score board on the 6″ length, score it at 2″ and 4″. The far right piece lays flat, then the center piece folds back toward the right piece, then the left piece fold back on itself like a zig zag. I stamped ferns on the center panel before gluing it down.
I used a Stampin’ Up stamp set called Butterfly Basics for my sentiments and ferns. Once you put the card base through the die cutter, you’ll use the square that came out (remove the patterned paper), and stamp the sentiment on the right side of the square and glue your butterfly to the left side. Make sure the butterfly lays so you can open the card. Only glue the parts of the butterfly that are inside the square, otherwise the card won’t open. I used Taken with Teal ink from Stampin’ Up for my sentiments. I stamped another sentiment on the right side of the three part fold, and I recommend you do that before it’s glued to the card. When you are ready to glue the tri fold piece to the card base, you’ll want to put tear tape on the back section and holding it to the inside of the card and making sure the right edge of the tri fold is outside of the square on the right side of the square and centered from top to bottom of the card, lay it down and it should be glued in place. Then to glue the square to it, I closed the card and put tear tape on all of the tri fold that I could see, then laid the square on top and pressed it in place. I didn’t glue the butterfly to it until after this step.
I glued my butterfly too far to the left, so will need to make my own envelope, as it won’t fit into a regular sized envelope unless I would fold the butterfly to the back of the card, thus ruining the look of the butterfly.
I had cut a few other butterflies out with a die and glued them to the card, then stamped my stamp on the back of the card.