Yesterday we went to several garage sales and I found some stuffed animals for the dogs and then went to the Dollar Tree to stock up on things I needed for the wedding…bags, tissues paper, etc.  I needed to get my blood work done for my rheumatology appointment next week,  and then it was date night….No new movies at Red Box, so we watched some things on Amazon and NetFlix…I have to be honest, I don’t think there are many great things to watch on either of those channels, and if any of you have something you think we should watch, please let me know…I think we’ve watched just about every NetFlix television series and some are good, but once you’ve binge watched those, it’s either really old movies, or things we watch for ten minutes and then flip to something new.

Today, we went to a few garage sales and I came home and took seeds out of some of my perennials and replanted them in spots I felt needed something.  I know you’re supposed to just let them fall when they may and go from there, but I like to put seeds where I want things to grow, and not rely on the wind or birds to put them where I want them.  I took the dogs outside with me, and they were nothing but trouble…Honey laid in the plants and got dirt and mud on her stomach, and being white, it’s not a good look for her…Bella, whose normally a perfectly behaved, laid-back dog, decided to roll her neck in deer poop…..so she had to be bathed…If you could see the shame on her face when she’s done something wrong, it’s hard to watch…All Rich has to say is “Bella, what did you do?” and you’d think he beats the poor thing.  Rich is surrounded by sensitive girls, and wishes he had a manly-man dog that didn’t slink away like they’re being beaten when you ask them what did they do….(I, on the other hand, like having girly dogs, as they are more clingy, and I like my dogs to want to hang out with me.  Is this all about me?  Maybe so….)

I found a couple of cute bird houses at a garage sale so can get rid of my old ones that are falling apart.  And stuffed animals because the dogs greet me at the door, waiting to rip a toy out of my hands…If I don’t have one, they look like they are heart broken…No, I don’t think they’re spoiled….at all.

Rich is making a peach pie (don’t ask him the recipe, as he won’t give it to you, haha) for friends who lost their father this morning.   He’s been ill for a long time, and has been in a nursing home for at least a year.  It’s hard losing a parent, no matter how old we are when it happens.  They’ve invited friends over tonight, to help celebrate his life.  I think it would be nice if we can do that whenever possible, especially for people who’ve live a long life.




I have been continuing to work on wedding things.  I might make a video to show the end results, as I didn’t video many of the projects.  I bought a very inexpensive rose covered band with a veil attached for the bride to wear to the rehearsal dinner.  My sister thought it would be fun for the bride and groom to have something fun and bridal to wear to the dinner.  I bought my nephew a long black tie (thinking it would match anything) with LED lights that surround the outline of the tie.  The LED lights weren’t sewn on properly and stopped about two inches from the top left side of the tie, so I had to fix it by pulling on it gently and sewing it to the tie.  If I was smart, and clearly I am not, I would have used a clear fishing line to sew it to the tie with, but for some reason, I thought the tie is black, so I should use black thread….not thinking that once the lights are on, you’ll be able to see the thread….bottom line, you can see the thread and I decided not to fix it…I probably should have, but just didn’t have the fishing line or the inclination to do so..(call me lazy)….The veil with roses, on the other hand, were pretty, but the roses were spartan and needed something…I found out that the bride and groom are wearing navy blue for the rehearsal dinner, so obviously the tie isn’t going to look great, so I wanted the bride to match her clothes to make up for it.  I colored flowers navy blue with alcohol markers and added some glitter covered white flowers I used in my sister’s corsage.  In the end, the bride’s headpiece for the rehearsal dinner is going to be really lovely, and I’m proud of it, and it will make up for my nephew’s sad LED tie….I did glue a starfish to his tie, though, to include the wedding theme.

I’ve also been working on the gifts I’m making for the guests.  I had Rich print hearts with instructions for the gift.  I’m asking guests to write a wish for the bride and groom and put the wish in a blue bowl I’ll be providing…The pen will be the gift to the guests…it has the bride and groom’s names on it, as well as their wedding date.  I’ll put the wishes into small bottles that contain sea glass and have a cork closure, so they can read the wishes at a later date.  I’m putting the bottles into a personalized shadow box frame and will use it as a decoration during the reception.  Once I printed enough hearts for the guests at the wedding, I realized that the color I chose clashed with the pens, so started over.  I used white-out to remove the black surround of the heart, and then die cut each heart individually.  I used a larger heart die and patterned paper to create a background for the white hearts, then before I glued them together, I distressed the edges of both papers with a coral color ink.  The bride likes the color coral, and it doesn’t clash with the blue pens.  You’d think I’d have blue patterned paper to match the pens, but sadly, it’s an odd color blue, and I just couldn’t make it work, and didn’t want to buy more paper, since I have too much already.

Yesterday, we went to lunch and a movie with friends.  The restaurant wasn’t the same as the last one I talked about, but the experience was kind of similar.  This particular restaurant has chosen not to use straws unless you ask for them.  I struggle lifting a large glass full of liquids, so normally use plastic, so I don’t have to use a straw.  But when I’m in a restaurant and they give me a huge glass, I have to ask for a straw, so I did.  The waitress came over with a straw (unwrapped) in her hand.  She was holding it about an inch from the top, and for some reason that really grossed me out.  Does it bother anyone else?  I’d love to know how you feel about it.  We ordered our meals, and I usually order something smaller, to save room for popcorn (I have my priorities in order, clearly…) and decided to have the soup of the day.  Rich and our friends ordered a sandwich that’s called a wedge…It’s made by using pizza crust cut in two wedge shape (for the top and bottom) and is like a submarine sandwich, with the exception of the crust.  Normally, Rich loves this sandwich, and for some reason, our order took a long time to get to us.  Our friends ordered an appetizer that never came, and when our food came, Rich’s sandwich was hot, but our friend’s was cold and the bottom had turned mushy from the wait…My soup wasn’t even lukewarm, but tasted good.  I think I said this when I talked about the last bad restaurant experience….I don’t say anything negative in restaurants, as I grew up with my mother complaining often and, mainly about cold food….I guess I find it embarrassing.  I don’t care if others in our party say something, Rich and I just don’t.

I think what happened, was the cook/chef only saw one sandwich, so only made one, and then when it was time to bring the food to us, the waitress must have brought it to his attention, so the rest of the food just sat there, while they made the other sandwich.  It was clearly long enough that their sandwich bottom couldn’t be eaten without a fork and knife, and my soup, well, I already told you….was cold.   Maybe I’m cursed, since this is three separate meals at two different restaurants, and all note worthy.  On the other hand, it does give me some funny stories to share with all of you.

The movie was one our friends chose, called “Good Boys.”  Rich said it was PG rated, and it (in the trailers) looked like a funny movie about preteen boys.  I’m not a prude,  but I think if someone took their kids to it, they would have a lot of explaining to do after the movie.  They had so many sex toys, and a large variety of them, that it was unreal.  The boys used the “F” word a lot.  If I had to guess, I’d say at least thirty to forty times in the movie, and maybe more.  It was at some point, uncomfortable to watch.  Maybe that was the point, and, I wish we hadn’t wasted the money to see it.  We talked about the movie when we were leaving, and said it would be a difficult movie to watch with your teens’ or preteens, or worse, on a date.  And after writing and reading this, I’ve decided, I’m definitely getting old.  Or am old, whichever way you want to look at it…


Went to a bunch of garage sales today and spent a total of $1.25…some days you just don’t find anything worth buying…Then read a book this afternoon by Steven James, called
“The Rook”, about an FBI profiler.  It’s the second in a series, and the first was much better..The first was called “The Pawn,” if you like those kinds of books.  I was so excited to start the second in the series after reading the first, but sometimes the author gives everything to the first book, and doesn’t have much left for the second..  I was disappointed that it wasn’t more exciting, and found myself dosing through parts of it…bummer.

Decided I needed to clean the craft room and finish a card I’ve been working on for quite some time.  It’s not that the card is difficult to make, it’s more that I forgot about it.  How crazy is that?  I was looking at a memory card to make sure I uploaded my sister’s corsage video, then realized I was out of frame so much, I couldn’t put it up…and found the video for this other card….I’m losing my mind, I’m pretty sure.  I finished the card and its corresponding video, in frame, hard to believe.

Rich and I went out for a late dinner with friends and I have to say, I think some of these things only happen to me.  We were having Italian food at a really nice restaurant and the waiter asked if I wanted grated cheese on my eggplant parmigiana.    I said, “Sure” and he started cranking the wheel that grates the cheese…All of a sudden, a bigger piece of cheese fell out of the grater and into my iced tea.  The waiter looked at it and said something, I’m not sure what, then picked up my spoon, pulled an ice cube out of my iced tea, sat the ice cube on the table, and said “Good enough” and walked away.  No one returned with a new iced tea, and the piece of cheese continued to bob around in my glass.  I thought it was funny, but our friends were a little embarrassed.   I take these kinds of things in stride, because they happen to me so often.  I’m not sure if I told you the story about the last time we went to this same restaurant, last week.  Rich and our friends (thankfully not the same couple) were seated, and I went to the restroom, and made it to the table probably two minutes after Rich.  The waiter walked up to the table (also not the same waiter), and said to me “Is there something wrong with your hands?”  I immediately wondered if he was talking about my arthritis, and from the way Rich stiffened, I knew that’s what he thought…In the next breath, the waiter said…”You could have called, you know,”  referring to the fact that I was later than the rest of my party.  I know I turned all shades of red, and Rich said if the waiter hadn’t said the right thing after mentioning my hands, that Rich felt the need to do something drastic.  Maybe we shouldn’t go to that restaurant…possibly that’s the issue…


Easy Wedding Ideas — Sea Life Boutonnieres

I volunteered to make the boutonnieres for my nephew’s wedding in an aquarium in North Carolina in September.  I also made my sister’s corsage, but unfortunately, was out of frame for most of the video, so you won’t be seeing that video, darn it.

I began by taking three 7″ long lollipop sticks that you’ll find in the candy making section of your craft store. Here’s a link to some I found at Party City that were 8″ long…I’d cut them in half as you need the thickness of the longer sticks. Link: https://tinyurl.com/y4mbb966 I cut them in half and used three of them and hot glued them together so they were like a pyramid. I took a small piece of 7/8″ wide ribbon that I bought at Joanns in the color that matched the ties of the groomsmen, and ran it through my Xyron (link: https://tinyurl.com/yynlccyv) and laid the ribbon shiny side face up, into the Xyron, and pulled it through to create a sticker out of the ribbon. At this point, you should take two of these small pieces of ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the top and bottom of the lollipop sticks.   I mistakenly did it in the reverse order, putting the carpet tape on first…and should have done it this way instead. I took my roll of 2″ wide carpet tape link: https://tinyurl.com/y2smqnt3 (This might not be the right tape…it needs to be clear tape, and I bought mine at a small local hardware store, so don’t have a link for mine.) Take the roll of carpet tape and unroll the tape the length of your three glued-together lollipop sticks and then cut it to that length. You’ll want to wrap the carpet tape tightly around the three sticks and rub it so it adheres properly as you go…You’ll have more than enough tape to surround the three sticks, and you can trim off the excess. Make sure if your three sticks are not all the same length, that you have the uneven end hidden under your embellishments, and the even end be at the end that you’ll see. I took Offray 7/8″ wide satin ribbon that matched the men’s ties that I bought at Joann (link: https://tinyurl.com/yxpnfh2j), and leaving it on the spool, started by wrapping the ribbon around the bottom edge of the sticks to surround all three, then start to pull it on an angle and wrap the sticks all the way to the top, holding it tightly and making sure you don’t have any wrinkles or gaps in the ribbon. I think I should have gone with a thinner width than I used, maybe 1/2″ would have worked better, or even thinner...I wrapped the ribbon to the top and made sure the top was also wrapped so it had a straight row of ribbon instead of angled ribbon, then hot glued the end of the ribbon down. I bought twelve starfish from Amazon (link: https://tinyurl.com/y3nfg6dp) and strombus vittatus white sea shells from Etsy (link: https://tinyurl.com/yya65wc3). I used hot glue to glue the white sea shell to the side of the sticks about 1″ from the top of the sticks. I held the shell in place and made sure it was well adhered, then glued the starfish to the front of the sticks and onto the sea shell as well. I held it in place until the hot glue held. I took a metal brooch pin bar (link: https://tinyurl.com/y3zghxc3) and a needle and thread, and sewed it to the back of the three lollipop sticks, by sewing under the ribbon only, and making sure you can’t see the pin from the front. After attaching the pin with thread, I also added hot glue under the pin bar to make sure it would stay attached no matter what…and wrapped the thread under the pin bar and into the hot glue. 

To ready the boutonnieres for the wedding, I took a long piece of acetate and folded it in half and used a bag sealer I bought on aliexpress (link: https://tinyurl.com/yxegy7kb) and ran it along the unsealed edges of the plastic to seal the bag shut on all four sides. You can simply use a plastic bag with a sealed closure, but I wanted these to stay sealed no matter what, as I’m flying with them in my luggage…I took my label maker and wrote “groomsmen” on the label and attached it to the bag.


Every once in a while, I have a day where nothing goes right for me.  Today, I dropped my camera and it will no longer allow me to put a memory card inside…Frustrating…My computer stopped reading memory cards, so I had to buy a device that allows it to read them, and I knocked the computer off a counter and it landed on the new device, making it inoperable.  I ordered a new device and it came today, in time to read the memory cards for the videos I’ve made making boutonnieres..I finished my sister’s corsage video and took photos of it, only to watch the video and realize I was out of frame for roughly half of the video.  So much for that video…I did salvage some photos of it so I thought I’d at least share those with you.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I wish you could see it on the wrist, as it does look really nice, and I’m proud of it.  I hope my sister likes it.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I am with the videos I’ve created over the past week.  I wish I could say that I have a bunch that I’m proud of, but that’s not the case.  Sometimes I just need to take a break, step back, and decide what I want to create instead of what I’ve been doing, and that’s trying to video a project that isn’t meant for video (i.e. making my sister’s corsage)…I think the problem comes when I don’t have any real plan, and just try to plan on the fly..that doesn’t make for a great video…too much stopping and starting and way too much editing for Rich.  I have a couple of videos I haven’t taken the time to watch yet, maybe it would be better if I waited until tomorrow to watch them, as they could miraculously be better than if I watch them today.  I doubt it..It’s been a bad video kind of day…


We found out our dog sitter couldn’t stay with our dogs while we go to our nephew’s wedding in September.  We had two sets of friends offer to stay, but it’s almost a week and I wouldn’t feel right asking someone to sleep over five nights with our girls.  I had saved two names of dog sitters from the last time our dog sitter wasn’t available and called one…She’s since decided she can no longer do overnights, so that scratched her off our list, and I called a second lady, who was my last hope…I didn’t hear back from her, but hoped I would hear from her on Monday, since Sunday isn’t really a work day for most people.

Sunday, we went to the horse races in Erie and Rich took his camera and got some amazing photos.  I’m not really into the races, but I do love spending a lot of time with friends, catching up.  So it was a great afternoon and evening.  When we got home, there was a message on our machine from the potential dog sitter, and she was willing to meet with us on Monday..so far so good.

Yesterday, the dog sitter came to visit, and I knew her (not her name, so I felt foolish when I opened the door and recognized her.)  Her mom and my mom were friends, and her cousin worked with me at the bank, and I see her often with her mother at garage sales.  She’s really nice and very thorough, so we signed her up on the spot…Another wedding crisis averted.

Today was a day of drizzle.  If you have any kind of arthritis, you know what drizzle does..It’s exhausting and I slept until almost noon, got up for almost two hours, then took a two hour nap.  I could go back to bed right now and sleep all night..It’s frustrating, because I want to do things (in my head), but my body says, “How about we take a nap instead?”

I’m hoping the weather turns better tomorrow, as I have a bunch of videos I’d like to get done this week, and hope I have some ambition.  Plus I have more wedding things I need to finish.  I did make my sister’s corsage on Sunday before the races, and made a video of that.  I think it turned out nice, and took it to show to my girlfriend to get her advice, and she said she really liked it.  I made her promise she’d be brutally honest, and I’m sure if she didn’t like it, she would have told me….She also has really good taste, so I hope that means my sister will like it too…You’ll all be able to judge for yourselves before the wedding, as the video will go up in a few days…

Making a Metal Lunch Box Look Brand New, A Recycling Project

I started with a really ugly lunch box that I bought at a thrift store. Near the end of the video, you’ll see a cardboard insert that was in the lunch box that shows you what the outside of the box looked like before I spray painted it. To spray paint a lunch box, you need to put masking tape around the handle and the metal closure on the front. Let it dry thoroughly and make sure it’s open when you spray it and let it dry. If you have made some mistakes with your spray paint, it won’t matter, as no one will see it.. Pick a napkin pattern that you like…You’ll need up to four napkins to finish this lunchbox if you use the longer dinner size.  If you use the small square napkins, you might need up to six of them.
I separated the plies of napkin by putting a piece of washi tape on the back of the napkin and rubbing it so it’s well adhered. I gently pulled the tape while holding the top of the napkin and the two will separate. To adhere the napkin, I used a Mod Podge like product, called Art Minds Decoupage Glue and Sealer (from Michaels) in a mat finish–link: https://tinyurl.com/yxrypw88Make sure you use a coupon at Michaels that you can always find on their website and take to the store with you, or download on your phone. I brushed the glue on with a foam brush starting on the top of the box, and covering the whole top with glue. Don’t be shy about adding the glue, there should be a generous coat on the lunch box…lay your napkin on the top and starting from the center, gently laying the napkin down so no wrinkles form. If you like some wrinkles, leave them in. You can also add some Distress Stains (link: https://tinyurl.com/y5rxkb7v) on the wrinkles if you want to make the project look more antique. I didn’t cut the napkin until after I glued around the edges down to the lip and once this is glued down, cut the excess napkin off. It’s a lot easier to trim the napkin if you wait for the glue to dry, but I’m not that patient.  If you tear the napkin or a small piece tears off, simply find another piece of napkin that looks similar to the spot that tore, and glue it in place. Once you’ve got the napkin glued down, add another coat of glue on top of the napkin so it’s well coated. Make sure you don’t glue past the opening, or you won’t be able to open your lunch box again.
Let the top dry with the lunch box open so the glue doesn’t glue the top shut.…make sure it’s well dried before you flip it over. This time I cut the napkin so it didn’t have a lot of excess before gluing it down, then glued it the same way I glued the top. I only glued napkin to the spot on the lunch box that is raised (about 1/2″ from the bottom.) After I laid the napkin in place and trimmed it to fit, I added another layer of glue to the top of the napkin. For the center section, I cut the center length out of two napkins that were roughly the same height as the middle of the lunch box about 2 1/2″ (that had no napkin on it.) If you have a guillotine paper trimmer, it’s easy to cut the napkin before you take the back off the napkin. I started by cutting the napkin on the right edge, so I could slide it around the metal piece that holds the handle, put glue down and then laid the napkin in place and wrapped it around the left side of the lunch box and around the back. I had to cut a second napkin to finish wrapping it around the lunch box, glued the lunch box and laid the napkin around to the front.   I cut a piece out of left end of the napkin where the metal piece that holds the handle on the lunch box would be as well as the spot under the handle that stretches to the other handle (and kept the piece I cut out) so I could lay it around and under the handle.  Then glued under the handle and laid the strip I cut out under the handle and then put glue over the napkin on all four sides.  Make sure the lunch box is open when it’s drying, to ensure you don’t glue it shut.
There’s a cardboard insert inside the lunch box that had a white side…I put the glue on the cardboard piece (on the white side) then laid the napkin over it and then trimmed the edges. After it’s trimmed, I added another layer of the Art Minds Decoupage glue on top of the napkin so it is sealed.
You can add another layer of the glue to ensure a great water tight seal if you choose. This was fun to do and will turn last year’s lunch box into something new and different….and doesn’t take much time or money to do….