I have four videos ready to go live, and I think one should be up tomorrow.  I went to garage sales today and didn’t find much of anything that was fun.  I bought a Pampered Chef egg slicer since my old one is falling apart, and hopefully, Pampered Chef makes a more durable slicer.  I use it whenever I cut eggs for egg salad, potato or macaroni salad…so much easier than cutting them.  I put the eggs in so they are facing front to back on the long side, then slice it, hold it and turn it sideways and slice again for perfectly cut egg pieces.  It’s a lot easier than using a knife, as they sometimes are slippery and I like my knives to be really sharp….There’s my kitchen tip of the day for you, haha…

I’m really happy because our little bird family are back to have their babies (chicks, birdlings?)  OK, I knew birdling wasn’t right, but wasn’t sure about chick, so looked it up, and most baby birds are called chicks…I really wasn’t sure about that.  Any way, I wanted to video them last year and waited a day too long, and they’d left the nest, but this year, I’m committed to getting a video of them “talking” to each other after they have their chicks.  I love listening to them (I’m sure I’ve said this before,) because it sounds like they are bickering at each other and it’s so much fun to listen to them.  And once the chicks come, it’s a virtual screamfest.  The babies chirp until food comes, and they sound like an angry bird mob.  I can’t wait for you to hear them.  I’ve never seen the babies in all the years they’ve been nesting here, but boy have I heard them.  I’d love to have one of those wildlife cameras and have it focused on the opening to their house so I can watch the chicks learn to fly…that would be awesome.   You know you’re getting old when you love watching animals as much as I do.

There’s only one thing in the animal/bird community that bothers me, and that’s starlings.  I think they are the most glutenous, loud, obnoxious birds, and I’m always happy when they continue on their way…We normally have them in May, and if I have any bird food out, I have to bring it in, or they will eat all of it and not allow any other birds near the feeder.  I wouldn’t mind if they shared the food with other birds, but it’s nasty how aggressive and loud they are….I figured out by eliminating the food source, they leave much faster than if I continue to give them a food source.  They need to go.




You can’t believe how much I accomplished today.  Some days I don’t even bother opening the door to my craft room but today, I was inspired.  I ended up  making three videos, and I’m excited about all of the cards I created.

I started with Flower Soft and a stencil I got from Stencil Revolution of a piece of lavender.  I’ve never found anything I wanted to use the Flower Soft on, and this was the perfect card for it.  I loved the light and dark lavender shades I had and I think the card came out pretty great.  I used a hummingbird stamp on it and added Stickles to its breast and wings….I have to say, I like Flower Soft and hope I find other ways to use it.

My second card was a shaker card using a stamp set from Brutus Monroe of feathers.  I added some Arteza Holographic glitter inside the card and I think it turned out pretty great….My last card was all glitter.  Arteza sent me their big set of glitter and I decided to make a spring inspired card for my friend Adrian who lives in Romania.  This is the third card I’ve made for him and hope that he receives it, as the first two I sent him, he didn’t get.  I’m not sure what went wrong, but I really hope this time (third time) is the charm.

The card I made him is birch trees without leaves…I normally would only use that stencil in fall or winter, but I thought it could also be used for early spring, so that’s what I did..I really had fun with it and hope he likes it….I’m still crossing my fingers that he actually gets it.

All in all, it was a great day in the craft room.

Stitchbook Embroidery on a Book Cover

I found this Jot Stitchbook at Pat Catan’s, that’s going out of business….I also found them on ebay…here’s a link to a seller whose is offering five of them. https://tinyurl.com/yywzd575

I used the design that came with the stitchbook, a zig zag pattern. I followed the directions and used a white colored pencil (Prismacolor) to draw the design on the cover so all I’d need to do is stitch it.

To stitch it, I used the plastic needle that came with the kit, and my own embroidery floss. I used two different colors of floss and used the whole floss (not dividing out two or three strands) and used the following color numbers for the first zig zag. 1114A and 906. You start from the back and stitch following the white lines. I knotted the very end of the double strand and used a really long strand and it was almost enough for the front.
I used two colors of blues for the second and fourth sets of zig zags.

After finishing the embroidery, I decided it would be fun to make my initials out of ribbon, so I found a matching ribbon and threaded it through the needle eye and started near the left side and a little above the center of the book, and stitched my initials. The middle initial should be your last name and a little larger than the other initials, but unfortunately, I forgot to make it larger..

I think you could make this book front by using a die that makes cross stitch holes or you can find these in kids crafts. I thought it would be fun to give this a try.

When I was finished, I cut paper to cover the back of the stitches and it was 5″ by 8″.. I rounded the corners with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder that you can find on Amazon. I attached the paper to the back of the stitched page with tear tape.


I went to a rummage sale where they had lots of empty unused cd cases, so I bought around 25 of them.  Sadly, since you never know when and if you’ll find the things you need, I bought 100 of them on ebay about a month ago.  I know it was dumb, since I paid $25 for them, but I really needed them for my stamp sets, so I bought them.  You’re probably thinking I’ll never use that many stamp cases, but every time I tell myself I won’t be buying more stamps, I do….I bought 100 cd cases a couple of years ago, plus have gotten lots of free ones from friends and family, and used all of those, so clearly, I have no control.  I seriously wish I did.  The other issue I have, is that I don’t use the stamp sets I have, and just keep buying more.  I’m a crazy crafty hoarder, and I think we can all agree on that.

I finally have started getting some energy back, and that’s great, because I was really starting to worry.  I’ve made three or four videos and hopefully, will make more tonight when Rich is at basketball.  Unfortunately, Honey doesn’t like it when I go in the craft room, so I’ll have to work around that.  Did I tell you about her getting her foot caught on my embossing gun cord and pulling a bunch of things off my desk?  I’m not sure if she’ll ever feel safe enough to go there again….I really wish it hadn’t happened, but unfortunately, it did.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to a craft show to help benefit the woman whose responsible for animal cruelty prevention in our county.  It’s a volunteer position (I think), and we didn’t have one when we got Honey from a puppy mill.  I tried turning them in to our humane society, AKC and our veterinarian, but at that time, no one would help.  Our vet did take down the breeder’s information and kept it on file, in case she came across other puppies from them with the same or similar health issues as Honey.

Back to the craft show….So I asked to speak with the woman who was taken on this huge task, and met her.  She seems really committed to her cause, and I asked her what she was doing about puppy mills.  She explained that there are a couple of types of puppy mills and that they have to handle them in different ways.  So then I asked if she was aware of a puppy mill in the town we got Honey…and she said, “Is it on …….Road? ”  I said yes, and she smiled and said that they are on her radar.  It was like the weight of the world dropped off my shoulders, as I have been fretting about this for over three years, thinking they would continue to keep breeding dogs to death and not caring about the puppies that they were producing…And not having anyone to stop them.  At last, someone is taking note.

It was the best craft show I’ve ever been to, and I didn’t buy anything and only donated money to the cause.  It’s a great cause.

Trying Arteza Watercolor Pads, Plus a Discount

Below you’ll find the instructions, products used and links to the 10% discount.

Arteza Link:                                                                                                                                      USA site: http://bit.ly/2PJ1Jt7
Europe site: http://bit.ly/2vCSZv6

6.5.5×8.5″ Watercolor Pads, 30 Sheets – Pack of three link: http://bit.ly/2PJ1b6j
Discount Code: CraftingForAlmostEveryone2 valid until the 10th of June
I cut the watercolor paper from the Arteza pad to 4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″..
I used Prima Floral stamps item 980313 at Scrapbook.com link:
with Versafine Onyx Black Ink in my MISTI and used my Baren from DickBlick.com link: https://tinyurl.com/y5b645rn to make sure I got a good inked impression of my stamps. I used Sparkle n’ Sprinkle glitter embossing powder in Midnight Madness link: https://tinyurl.com/y7ytjt33
and heat set it. It’s difficult to determine if glittered embossing powder is heat set, as it doesn’t change from a powder to shiny look because of the glitter. I just try to make sure I’ve heated it enough so it’s set, but run my hand over it after it’s cooled down to make sure the powder doesn’t come off. If it comes off, it isn’t heat set, so heat it again.
I used Kuretake Gansai Tambi set of 36 watercolors link: https://tinyurl.com/y47qvewv
and first wet the whole background, then used a light blue to color my background. Then I used a variety of reds and oranges so the poppies have some dimension and then finally added red and yellow to the centers of the flowers.
I used a red card base that was cut to 5 x 7″ and put a white piece of cardstock inside the card with a sentiment for a wedding that I got from a stamp show and now don’t know what company I bought it from. Sorry…
Beside the sentiment, I stamped Peg Stamps, http://www.pegstamps.com from Rubber Stamp Tapestry from the Poppy Wreath and Poppies for Remembrance sets.
Links: https://pegstamps.com/poppy-wreath.html
and https://pegstamps.com/poppies-for-remembrance.html
I stamped them with real red ink from Stampin’ Up and then used a Black Sharpie to color the centers and a green marker to draw stems, then used a leaf stamp from the same stamp sets with Olive Green ink from Stampin’ Up.
I used a Hooray die and cut out two Hoorays out of the watercolor pad scraps from trimming down the paper for the card front. I used Versamark ink on the Hooray with more of the Midnight Madness embossing powder after gluing them together, and heat set it…I put it in the Onyx black ink and added more of the Midnight Madness powder and heat set it again.
I glued the card front to the red card base with foam tape I bought on Aliexpress, and then glued the Hooray to it with Tombow Mono Aqua glue and added some red enamel dots to the front of the card…
I stamped the back of the card with “I made this for you.”

The nice people at Arteza sent me the watercolor pads at no cost, but I do not make any money from any sales that result from my use of their products.  I’m really fortunate that Arteza allows me to try their products at no cost and am thrilled that they offer discounts to my viewers.


I’ve finally gotten back in the craft room and have made a couple of video.  I was asked to do the measurement video and I really struggled with an easy way to explain things, and did the best I could.  I’m obviously not a teacher, and know that measurements and working with fractions comes easier to some people than to others.  I’ve always just looked at a ruler and known what the dashes meant, but many of us either struggled with fractions in school or are used to the metric system, and in either case, it makes using these tools difficult.

I also bought a small journal that is made (I think) for kids to use to create a pattern on the front cover with embroidery floss and a plastic needle.  I had a lot of fun making my pattern, using first one of the patterns that came in the kit, and then adding my initials to it with a ribbon instead of with floss.  I think it came out the way I envisioned it, but Rich looked at it like it was a big fail.  I’ll wait to see what any of you think about it when it goes live.  I’ll try to find a link for the journals online, as I found mine in the dollar rack of our Pat Catan’s, a craft store that’s been bought by Michaels, so is going out of business.


Measurements for Beginners: Ruler, Score Board, Paper Trimmer

I wanted to do a video where I went into detail on determining measurements for crafting. I was asked to do this video and hope it’s helpful for those who are metric users or are new to determining measurements.

When using any measuring tool, count the number of dashes between the inch mark (don’t count the first large line) and the next inch mark. It should have either eight or sixteen notches. Often times, the quarter inch, half inch and three-quarter inch will have a longer dash than the marks in between for ease of use.

You should first count the dashes, and if there are eight between one and two inches, then the second dash is 2/8th of an inch (or 1/4 of an inch), the fourth dash is 4/8th (or 1/2 of an inch), and the sixth dash is 6/8th (or 3/4 of an inch.)

When using a tool with sixteen dashes between one and two inches, you’ll count them and the easy numbers to remember are
4 is 1/4
8 is 1/2
12 is 3/4

If you need to find 5/8 on the tool that is in 16th, then you multiply the 5 x 2 to get 10 and then 8 x 2 is 16 so you are going to count to the 10th dash (not counting the first dash that has the inch number written on it). You’ll also note that often your tool will have longer dashes for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 and with a tool in 16th, will have a small dash for 1/16th (or the first line after the inch mark) and then a little longer dash for 2/16 or 1/8….Always remember that if you can divide the top number into the bottom number, you can reduce it to the smaller number….For instance, if you have 8/16th, you can divide 8 into 16 and that is 1/2.

I hope this helps those of you who struggle with measurements or are new to them.

Martha Stewart Score Board-This tool is no longer available, but the most similar tool I’ve found to it is the Stampin’ Up Score Board.

Cricut Paper Trimmer Link: https://tinyurl.com/ycev5wbq