Back Cover of the Art Journal..It’s Finished!!

Finally, the back cover of the art journal I made from a children’s book.

To complete the art journal, I used pages from an old dictionary, and cut the pages so the borders and any pictures were eliminated. I had to use scissors on the dictionary pages, as my paper trimmer tore the paper because it’s so frail, and I was doing this on a very damp day, and that affects how trimmers work on thin, frail paper. I adhered the pages to the back cover of the art journal with PVA glue link:

I used a napkin from the Dollar Tree. To separate the layers, I put a piece of washi tape on the back edge of the napkin, then holding the front, pull the washi tape and the layers come apart. Sometimes you’ll have several layers and you might need to do this process a second time. I cut out the images I wanted to use, then started gluing the onto the journal. Using a brush and the PVA glue, I laid all of the images from the napkin in place. Once the glue was dry, it was extremely tacky. (To eliminate this problem in the end, I simply added a coat of Collage Pauge over the cover, and the tackiness was gone.)

I used a Sharpie Oil Based Marker link: in black and one in white to add some details and line the images. I wasn’t crazy about how the page looked, so I added another bee and a few more flowers over the existing ones to add more interest, then added Collage Pauge Matte link:

I took another Dollar Tree napkin with a different pattern and cut out some of the flowers to layer over the existing ones that didn’t have much interest, to me. I used Diamond Glaze link: (it’s just like Glossy Accents) to create a three-dimensional look on the orange flowers.

NOTE: Please don’t use the links I provide to buy products, as I didn’t do any price shopping. I only provide links so you know what the product looks like and a place you can buy them. I always recommend you try to find the products somewhere you can use a coupon, to get the lowest price possible.


I’m sorry I haven’t been updating the blog, but I haven’t had a lot to say until today.  Yesterday, Rich and I went to friends to deliver the Mickey Mouse diamond painting I made for their new grandson.  His room is decorated in Disney, so Mickey will fit right in.   I was happy that our friends liked Mickey, as you never know when you give someone something crafty.  They might think it’s tacky, but I figured a little boy would love least for a little while.

When we got home, a box had been delivered from the Container Store.  I almost titled this blog post, “What’s the hype about the Container Store?”  The box was big, just big enough to hold the bins I’d bought, without any packing materials.  The metal bins must have shifted in transit, as the side of the box was ripped, probably at least six inches long.  Because there were no packing materials inside, the bins were dented.  I thought I’d bought the photo below, but the rails weren’t in the box.  I’m glad I didn’t call the company until today, because the rails arrived in a separate box today.


I hate when I’ve waited weeks to get something and then when it comes, it’s damaged.  It’s so frustrating.  I called the company, and their customer service area was too busy to take my call, so will call me back when they are available.  I guess I’ll wait to see how long it takes.   I uploaded this post before they called back, and almost three hours later, they’ve finally called….so glad I didn’t wait on hold all of that time, haha…

I wish I could say that I’ve re-organized my craft room since I last wrote, but the honest answer is this.  I’m overwhelmed by the idea of starting.  I have been re-organizing drawers in my desk, but can’t force myself to begin the process of taking out storage units and replacing them with the new ones I have.  It’s more than I feel like tackling right now.  (At least that’s the answer I tell myself.)

As for crafts, I’ve been making cards, and videos, and have been watching videos to give me ideas for future videos.  I’d like to make some decorated bobby pins and different types of earrings, some made with paper and others with cardboard and plastic water bottles.   I’d like to find some beads I’d like, but I don’t want to buy a long string of beads, when all I really need are two.  If you know anywhere I can buy a small quantity of beads, I’d appreciate knowing where, because I already have a lot from ones I’ve previously purchased, but they aren’t what I’d like to use with projects going forward.

I normally would be working on gifts to donate for Christmas, but with Covid, I’m not sure if anyone is accepting cards or gifts.

I like making gifts for a local nursing home, but was recently told that nursing homes aren’t accepting anything for patients because of Covid.  I understand their concerns, but think they could put donations somewhere away from the patients until they are deemed save, and then give them to patients.  It’s made me wonder if they are allowing them to have their mail…If they don’t allow patients to see family, I’d really hope they’d be able to figure out a way to allow them to get some gifts from the outside.

These are such frustrating times.  Our great niece (that I made the college album for) went back to college two weeks ago…Granted, she is going to a large university, but in two weeks, they’ve already had more than 500 Covid cases.  It’s mind-boggling that so many students would put themselves at risk like that.  Of course they’ve shut down campus living, and our great niece is now home, to continue her education online.  It’s such a shame, when people pay so much for a college education, to basically throw it away by engaging in Covid parties, or basically, not following the CDC guidelines.   And this is a school that made the students sign a contract, saying that they would abide by the CDC guidelines and not attend any social events.

When Rich and I went to college, we had a professor who would make you calculate the cost of sleeping through one class.  Let’s just say the people who had the misfortune to fall asleep during one of his classes, never did so twice.  I don’t think kids today have someone in their lives that is willing to show them just how much (in the form of lost face-to-face education) their actions are costing them.  Even if they did, I don’t think the students would actually care.  Until it’s time to start repaying their student loans, their education doesn’t appear to have a cost to them.  It’s especially sad for the students who really want to be on campus and have a full college experience, and abide by the CDC guidelines, as they’re the ones who are most affected by campus shutdowns.




Building a Stamped Scene…Way to Goat Card

I started with Stampin’ Up’s “Way to Goat” stamp set…link:

On a piece of watercolor paper cut to 4 x 5 1/4″, I stamped the goats using Gina K’s Amalgam Black Ink, then used clear embossing powder and heat set the images.

I stamped “Way to Goat” on a piece of scrap white cardstock and cut it out using a Spellbinders small die I was given, that originated with their small die of the month club. (Sorry, I don’t know the name of the set.)

I used Hero Arts County Fair stamp set for the farm from the July 2018 month kit. I used the fence from this set as well.

Last stamp set used is from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, called Trees. Sorry, I gave the incorrect title twice….geez, I’m sorry.. Link:

I used watercolor markers from Stampin’ Up and Stabilo 68 pens. I bought a ceramic chicken at a garage sale that I’m using for mixing marker colors. I mixed a lot of gray colored markers to paint the goats, and basically, used the other colors as is, to paint the background.

To paint the green grass, I used a Stampin’ Up marker and used it to paint some lines in the grassy area, then used a wet brush from Grace Art. Link: I used the wet brush to liquefy the marker to make the grass color. I did the same with a blue marker for the sky.

I used a piece of darker blue cardstock to line the front of the card, so cut it to 4 1/8″ x 5 3/8″ and then lined both with foam tape from the Dollar Tree and laid them on a card base that was cut to 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. I used the die from Spellbinders to make the sentiment look like a prize you’d win at the county fair. I cut two “legs” out of the same blue cardstock I lined the card front with, and put it on foam tape from the Dollar Tree and laid it over the tree area of the card.

Art Journal Pages, Free Printable, Ripped Background

I painted the cardboard kid’s book I’m using as an art journal with Pebeo High Viscosity Acrylics in Irridescent Green/Yellow link:  Then let it dry.

I went online and found a free printable at and here’s the link to it. It’s called Full Page Butterfly and Flowers…link:   I used Arteza Twi-Markers link:  and spent a lot of time coloring, then used Jane Davenport’s Paint Over Pens link: to add some highlights when I was finished coloring. Since they are more pastel, it was easy to lighten the images.

I ripped the colored image from top to bottom in thin strips, then used Collage Pauge in matte link: (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but I couldn’t find it in their online store.) I adhered the strips to the book and had some issues with spacing. I also learned the hard way, that I needed to cover the ends of each page, and had to piece together paper I didn’t use to cover the ends. I used a Touch 5 alcohol marker in Warm Grey 2 and an Arteza Alcohol Marker in Cloudy Grey to color the edges of each strip of paper, to make it look more like they were closer together.

I used an old DCWV Vellum Quote Stack…they’re no longer sold in stores, but easy to find on  I glued them with Collage Pauge in between the strips on the green area. Then I added some diamonds I got from nail art at the Dollar Tree or with diamond art, like this set from link:   I used a pick up tool from We R Memory Keepers, called a Quick Stik link: to apply the diamonds and ultimately, used Martha Stewart’s glue in the fine tip applicator bottle with the new pin I made to make sure I no longer lose them…Here’s a video where I show how to make the pins.


I have got everything ready to reorganize my craft room, including two new tall dressers, and a third if I need it.  All I have to do now, is pull everything off of the floor and put it into another room so I can have Rich put the new dressers in place.  I know a lot of people like shelving units, and I’ve used a lot of them in my craft room in previous years, but I find they are huge dust collectors and there are too many things sitting around to keep me organized.

The thing I’m going to differently with this reorganization, is that I am going to record what’s in every drawer so I can easily find things going forward.  I used to just put a new system in place and throw whatever tool fit inside, and went with it.  I have found that I’ve misplaced so many things that I’ve started buying duplicates, especially with glues and double sided tape.

I keep telling myself that today is the day I’m going to start, but for some reason, I’ve put off doing anything for the last three days.  Instead I made a new diamond painting haul, and today worked on a couple small diamond paintings instead of cleaning my craft room.  Then tonight I decided to bake Rich a zucchini chocolate cake (it’s really good by the way.)  I found the recipe online years ago, and have been making it ever since.  My father-in-law would never consider eating zucchini, so when I took a piece to him, he loved it until he found a piece of green and we had to admit it had zucchini in it…and that was the end of that.  It’s funny, once you tell someone what’s in a recipe, how it can change their perception of its taste.

The cake just came out of the oven, and there’s nothing better than the smell of chocolate baking.  OK, maybe something with cinnamon in it…I love that smell too.  And clove…there’s nothing like the smell of a ham baking with cloves and brown sugar…yummy.

The last few weddings we’ve been invited to, the bride’s registry always includes a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  I often wonder with today’s busy lifestyle, how many times these brides will use their mixers.  I waited until I retired before buying one, because I knew I’d never use it enough when I was working.  As for the new brides, with Covid, I’m wondering if more and more people have been eating in more, and actually cooking.  The only thing that kept my sanity when I worked, was a Crock Pot.  I know a lot of people like Insta-Pots, but after trying one, we returned ours to Amazon.  It wasn’t Instant enough for us.  We didn’t know there was a big warm up time, and a cool down period, plus the “Insta” period…making it a lot less “Insta” than we had hoped.  I still love my old trusty Crock Pot.  There’s nothing better, especially in the winter months, than throwing a frozen roast or chicken into the pot in the morning, with some broth and a few vegetables, and when it’s time for dinner, open the lid and it’s perfection.  I don’t know of any other appliance I’ve ever used that I loved as much, or that made good meals so easily.  I wonder if new brides know the wonder of a Crock Pot.

I’m sure by now, you can tell that I’ll do anything to avoid cleaning my craft room.  I plan on making a video of it, so you can see what a horrible mess it’s in.  I’m kind of embarrassed to show it because I won’t let any other room in my house get like this.  The big problem was storage space, and hopefully, now I’ll have enough…Let’s cross our fingers that I do.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to do a major purge.

Easy Watercoloring w/ Digital Stamp

I bought a set of 24 White Nights watercolors on Ebay for $32 link: and although they don’t show a palette, the set does come with one. I wasn’t especially happy with it, as it was plastic, so bought a pink metal Meeden palette from Amazon, ( Link: and put the full pans inside it.

I had seen the swatch stamps that sells in their online store. I went there and found that they give the swatch stamps away. I was blown away, and here’s the link to their free swatches.   I put a piece of watercolor paper cut to 8 1/2″ x 11″ into my normal printer and easily print the swatches on it. From there, I swatched all of the watercolors then put packing tape around the card (didn’t feel like using the laminator) and put Velcro pieces behind the card and attached it to the lid of the White Night palette. The brushes I used are from Grace Art and I like them very much.. link:   The digital stamp I used is called Nasturtium and is from Sparkle ‘n Sprinkle. Unfortunately, it appears they are no longer in business, so the stamp isn’t available (that I could find online.) Digital stamps are great, they’re inexpensive and come both colored or ready to color, and all you do is download them to your computer then print them when you need one. They’re a great space saver, and require no postage or wait time to get them. I used Canson XL watercolor paper (available at any Walmart,  9 x 12″ pad) and cut it to 8 1/2 x 11″ and ran it through my printer for the Nasturtium. I colored the red flowers with a lighter red paint, and the lilly pads with a couple of greens and a yellow color, and the yellow nasturtiums with both yellows and a little golden. I added highlights by adding a little darker red or darker green to the existing colors and painting the lines in the image. I used a 5 x 7″ gold card base, and used another lighter gold layer that is 4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ and used a corner punch that cuts notches (you could also cut small notches on your corners without using a punch), and ran red embroidery floss around each corner to make a frame around the layer. I added thin foam tape under the floral image and laid it on the center of the frame, then added another layer of foam tape under the layer and added it to the card base.

I added a sentiment that I used a Black Sharpie to color all of the edges, that was cut to 5″ long and tall enough for the sentiment, maybe 3/4″. The sentiment came from an old Penny Black stamp set called Eloquence link:

Just so you know, I only add the product links so it’s easier for you to find them. I recommend that you do price shopping before you buy things, and I don’t make any money from the links I give you….


Yesterday I went to some garage sales and found a big dresser at one that I really liked.  I’m committed to getting my craft room into some kind of order.  I can barely walk through the room because I have so many things with no place to put them…because I’m a crafty hoarder.  Hi, My name is Sandy, and I’m a crafty hoarder….

Rich already painted it so it’s ready to go.  And my girlfriend has a couple more tall dressers that she’s willing to give me.  I have one already and want to put both of the new dressers in place and then fill them.  I think I’ll take everything that’s on the floor and put them into the spare bedroom, put the dressers in place, then one-by-one, fill the dressers from the things in the other bedroom.  I can’t imagine doing it another way, as there’s just so much stuff….

I framed the Mickey Mouse diamond painting I made for a friend’s new grandson (they visit Disney every year), so I thought it would be a good gift for a new baby.  I have only been to Disney once, and I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  I think it had to do with my arthritis, as it was the first time I had every ridden in a wheelchair, and I felt so bad about myself, that I couldn’t enjoy it.  Plus Rich didn’t know how to handle curbs, so almost tossed me out of the wheelchair on several occasions.  I don’t think anyone ever considers how you navigate a wheelchair until you use one…It can be tricky.

Today we’re going to movies with friends for the first time since Covid.  I’m not sure how the theater will protect us from others, but their tickets assign your seat number, so I’ll bet they’ve blocked out a bunch of seats so people can social distance. I’m not sure about masks wearing either…I’ll let you know in my next post how it went.  We love going to movies, and it’s been an odd spring/summer, without them.

We took a couple of photos of the dogs and thought I’d share them with you.  The first is Bella, showing Rich a bone she has (not a real one…they’re smelly and gross.)  The second is Honey laying on her safe spot, a love seat that’s beside the chair I sit in.  I don’t know how she always manages to move the love seat cover so it’s not under her, but she does.  Makes me crazy.  I never thought I’d be one of those people who has dog covers on my furniture, but these two dogs have the run of the house and we can’t seem to manhandle them into staying off the furniture…Let’s face it, we’re too old and beat down by these two….Could you say no to these faces?

Fixing a Hot Mess in My Art Journal w/ Alcohol Inks

I hated the “Hot Mess” page in my art journal and decided I wanted to cover it. So I took cardboard (box of cereal) and used PVA Glue (Link: and adhered a sheet of aluminum foil to the cardboard. Try to get rid of as many wrinkles and bubbles as possible. I do this by rubbing the foil with the side of my hand to push the wrinkles/bubbles to the edge.

To sharpen scissors, fold aluminum foil to make several layers and then cut through the foil repeatedly..

I used a Cuttlebug Paisley Rose Embossing Folder by Anna Griffin and is no longer available (that I could find. Sorry.) I cut the cardboard lined with aluminum foil to fit the embossing folder and ran it through my Vagabond (link: ). I ended up cutting one of the images in half (from top to bottom), as you need the equivalent of one and one-half of the complete embossed image. I found out that if I turned one of the panels upside down, it looked like it was meant to be attached on the left side of the middle piece. (left side of the embossed image.) If that was confusing, I’m sorry. The full embossed image is the right panel and the center panel and then the left panel is the upside down piece.  (Maybe that clarified it for you.) I glued these onto the journal with a lot of PVA glue, as I had to ensure it would stay there permanently. After the glue was set, I used an alcohol ink palette from Ranger (link: I use primarily Ranger Alcohol Inks and put them into the palette. When they dry out, I add Alcohol Blending Solution (link: and I use the Ranger Alcohol Ink tool set (link: brushes to paint with. I painted the images with a bunch of different alcohol ink colors, and had to add a lot of blending solution to my colors, as the lights dry out the alcohol inks really quickly.

It was an easy way to get rid of a hot mess..


Garage sales weren’t great, but I did find a new camera bag for Rich, that he desperately needed, so that’s a bonus.  After we were finished, my girlfriend, Rich and I, went out for lunch to a place that’s only open during summer months, and had lunch on their picnic table.  They’ve done a great job of social distancing, and we were the only ones in that particular area, so we were relieved we didn’t have any concerned…Then we went to an Amish farm that has an entire field of sunflowers.  Rich has been wanting to photograph them, and he did.  I’ll try to post one of his photos once he’s happy with it.

Saturday, our college friends invited us to their house for dinner.  There were three couples, all of us going to the same college.  It’s been important for all of us to stay in touch.  Most of the men in the group graduated with me and played football with Rich. The wives and Rich graduated together, so we know all the same people and the same stories.  It’s amazing though, how much we’ve forgotten about things in forty years.  Forty years…it sounds crazy to me that I graduated in 1981..It seems like it was just yesterday that I saw those men for the first time.  I can vividly remember it too.  They all played football together, and for some reason, they decided (as a large group of freshmen) that they should shave their heads.  Our closest friend was in a lot of the same introductory business classes with me, and he always wore a vintage aviator looked something like this.

Old Pilot / Aviator Hat Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free ...

I’m not sure why he chose this particular look, but it definitely was memorable.  His hat didn’t have glasses on it (that I can remember, but maybe it did.)  I remember him wearing that hat to every class and thinking how cute it was.  He and I spent a lot of time together our sophomore year, trying to get through Intermediate Accounting together. At the end of our sophomore year, he decided he wasn’t cut out to be an accountant, so dropped it as his major, and stuck with Business Administration alone.  I thought I wanted to be an accountant until my senior year, when I had my internship, and did taxes (by hand, no computers back then,) and I realized I’d never make it as a CPA.  I did think I’d like to be an internal accountant, and one firm promised me a job, but went bankrupt before they could offer it to me.  Lucky for me, as I probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway..I think I was always cut out to be a banker.  I love interacting with a lot of people, and accounting wouldn’t have given me the chance.

Back to our friend.  After college, he worked for International Harvester, collecting from farmers for their farm machines they’d bought from IH…He hated it.  One day, a friend said he was going to take a test to be an Air Traffic Controller (this was at a time when the government had basically fired most of their controllers, so lots of positions were available.)  He said “why not?”   He passed the test, but his friend did not. These things happen, and they suck…but that’s life.  He spent the rest of his career as an air traffic controller based close to DC, and has a gripping story about 9/11, when they were watching planes fly off of their grid to NYC and DC, not knowing where they went, until they heard from air traffic on the ground, and then how hard it was to get every plane in US air space to land in the hours after that.  He was extremely proud about landing all of the planes in US air space, literally thousands, in a very short period of time, and doing it safely.  I can’t begin to imagine the pressure he endured that day, while dealing with the knowledge that planes had just killed so many people..  I sometimes wonder if people today had a clear memory of that day, if we (as a nation) would be so divisive.  I know anyone over the age of 35 should have that day etched into their memories, and could tell you where they were most moments of that day and the days that followed.

My friend had a story about a neighbor that somehow walked home from the Pentagon, (many many miles away) wearing one shoe, and having no recollection of how she’d gotten there.  It was a horrible day for America.

In case you wondered, he and I were never romantically involved, but stayed good friends through college and after.  He and Rich played in 3 on 3 basketball tournaments after college and into our 40’s, as he lived in Maryland and we lived in PA, so not a lot of chance to spend quality time together.  A few years ago, he retired, and decided to move back to our area, as his family is from Pittsburgh and his wife’s from Erie.  They moved about twenty minutes from the college we all attended, and live about an hour from us.  When I talk about going to movies with friends, we always go with he and his wife, and love spending time together.

We had a great evening with friends, Saturday, and got home in time for thunderstorms, and Honey.

Sunday, a close college girlfriend of mine, came to visit.  We spent part of the afternoon together on our patio, social distancing…(I forgot to mention that we social distanced the day before as well..)  It was great seeing her in person, as we normally zoom every two weeks to stay in touch.

Monday I went to the dermatologist to find out how he wanted to handle the Basel cell carcinoma on my cheek.  He’s decided to use drops that you put on the spot twice a day for a month, but I can’t start using them until October, as you absolutely can’t get sun while doing this process. I’m glad they aren’t cutting a big chunk out of my cheek, like they did with the top of my head, as I have enough marks on my face, specifically, two indentations from neck surgery that involved me wearing a halo that bolts into your forehead.  They aren’t really pretty, but Rich says they’re hardly noticeable (not to me.)

I need to get into my craft room to continue organizing it, but I’m just not up for it.  I decided last night that I needed to do a round of prednisone to try to get my arthritis under control.  I have no ambition and don’t feel great, and it was time.  So I’m hoping in the next few days that I have more to report, and that I make some progress in organization…At least that’s my plan.




If you’ll remember, I went to the dermatologist last week and he biopsied one of the spots on my cheek.  It didn’t look bad, but for no reason, a couple of weeks ago, that spot bled…and that’s weird.  I never know what to expect after a biopsy, and this one came back with Basal Cell Carcinoma.  It’s the most common type of skin cancer, and it was the same type I had on the very top of my head.  If you want to read about it, here’s a link for you.

The other two spots that were frozen were very small, but I found myself touching those spots for no reason.  They didn’t hurt or itch, but I’d find my finger touching them enough that it made me have the dermatologist check them.  My gauge for what’s concerning and what’s not isn’t the way moles or spots look, although that is a part of it.  Mine have never looked like the spots in the pamphlet the doctor gave me.  The clues I use for having the doctor look at certain areas are these:

  1.  Is it weird looking to me (it doesn’t look anything like the spots in the doctor’s pamphlet though.)
  2.  I touch the spot for no reason.
  3.  It’s raised.
  4.  It gets a scab or bleeds for no reason…that’s what happened on the top of my head and my cheek.

I want to make sure everyone that reads this knows that skin cancer is really common in light skinned people.  If you burn instead of tan, you’re more susceptible..

I have an appointment to discuss the options on how to handle my cheek’s issue on Monday and I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for Rich, luckily his bone scan didn’t show anything wrong with his knee or thigh, so they are sending him to physical therapy.  The surgeon said he has no idea why Rich’s knee and thigh hurt so much.

I’m relieved it’s nothing to worry about.  We have our hands full with all the things that happen to me.