My Version of a Pocket Card with a Spirelli Wreath

I wanted to make a pocket card for one of my viewers, and thought I’d use a spirelli on the front, but I couldn’t get the string to stay in the grooves on the sides of the heart, so decided it needs to be a circle. The first pocket card I made, I couldn’t put back together, so went with plan B, a whole new card.
I started by using a piece of red cardstock that was 8 1/2″ x 11″ and put it in the score board on the 11″ length and scored at 1″ and 5 1/2″ then turned it to the 8 1/2″ length and scored at 2 1/8″ and 6 3/8″ but only down to the 1″ score mark.
Using the paper trimmer, put the cardstock on the 8 1/2″ length, with the one inch score at the top of the page, and cut it at 6 1/4″ all the way up to the 1″ score, then flip your paper over and put the paper at the 6 1/4″ mark and trim again up to the 1″ line. Then turn the paper so the 1″ line is at the bottom in your cut line and cut up to the first cut  and then move your tool up to the next cut, and cut to the top…You should end up with a T shape. You’ll also need to cut the bottom of the T another 1/2″ so you don’t have a lot of paper to tuck under your “pocket.”  In the end, your paper should now be 10 1/2″ tall.
Take the T and fold the sides in and put a little wet glue on the edges so it’s now closed, but not glued down, so you can tuck paper under it.  To open and close your card, you’ll simply tuck the bottom part up and under the part you just glued together.
I used a piece of white cardstock that was 4 5/8″ wide x 6 3/8″ tall and I used a big heart stamp from A Jillian Vance Designs. That heart stamp is now discontinued, sorry, but here’s a link to her site.
I inked the background stamp with two Distress Oxide inks, Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry and laid my white cardstock on the stamp and rubbed over it with my hand, holding it so it didn’t move around…I put a piece of scrap paper over it so I wouldn’t get ink all over my hands.
To make a spirelli, take either two scallop circle dies that are similar in size or two scallop circle punches,center them so the center is even all the way around, then cut out what looks like a scalloped wreath. I used glitter red paper as it was thicker than normal cardstock. I started my spirelli by taping down the end of the twine on the back of the wreath. (I bought my twine from Hallmark after Christmas, and it’s really thick twine.) You will choose a starting spot and put your twine on the outside wrapping the twine from underneath, so that you are always on the paper and not inside the wreath. I think I made my loops four indentations long, then move down one indentation from the original starting spot and then put that into one indentation below our first, and you’ll keep continuing around your circle moving one indentation below your top and one indentation below your bottom loops and eventually, you’ll have two pieces of twine in each indentation, and that’s when you are done. If you have trouble keeping your twine in the indentations, you can put some tape on the back to hold it down, and/or snip your indentations so they are a little bit deeper…I would only do that as a last resort, if your twine is super thick. Once you are done, trim off the ends and tape them so they stay in place.
I wanted to decorate the spirelli, so took the same inks I used before and colored some scrap paper and dried it, then used a small Recollections heart punch to cut out some hearts. I used a stylus on a piece of fun foam and rubbed the back of the hearts so they because 3-d. I used tweezers and hot glue to adhere them to the wreath. Before I did that, I taped the back of my white cardstock and attached it to the card base.
I took a piece of red cardstock that was 1″ high by 4 3/8″ long and adhered it with tape runner over the top flap of my card so I could add ribbon to it and you wouldn’t be able to see the spot where I’d glued it together. I added pink ribbon and more of my twine plus a red die cut heart that I’d made look 3’d with the stylus technique.
I hot glued the spirelli to the front of the card. I have a die that cuts Happy Valentine’s Day and cut out the red glitter card stock and adhered it to the inside of the card and stamped the back with my Made by Sandy Parker stamp.