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Saturday was our college’s homecoming, and a lot of my girlfriends decided to go.  It was great seeing everyone and as usual, our football team lost by a lot.  If you haven’t seen the Thiel College/Coca-Cola football commercial about how bad they are, that’s our college alma mater.  Rich decided he would put something on facebook to tell a different story..He asked the mascot to have his photo taken with Rich and one of our college friends (who also played football for Thiel.)  Here’s Rich’s post.

Despite what the Thiel/Coca-Cola commercial says, Carl Finkbeiner and I can confirm that the mascot DOES NOT have his costume on backwards.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Carl Finkbeiner, people smiling, people standing, shoes, sky, tree and outdoor

Rich is the one on the right (if you didn’t know.)

We had a nice day, when it was time to go, I decided to walk up a huge hill to leave the stadium.  Carl walked with Rich and me, and I felt so stupid, as halfway up the hill, I was doubled over and out of breath…Yep, that’s me, the girl that’s so out of shape, she can’t walk up a hill.  Rich wanted to bring the car to me, but I said “No, I’ll be fine.”  OK, I could barely walk all the way to the car, and then on Sunday, I had a bunch of plans to work on some Halloween projects, and was so sore, I didn’t even get dressed.  I’m embarrassed that I hurt so badly, and it was all my fault…or maybe it was my wounded pride…but I am happy I didn’t just throw myself on the sidewalk and give up…That’s one point for me.

Last night, Bella started whining that she needed to go outside repeatedly, and if you’ll remember, Honey had a UTI twice in the last two months, and now Bella has one.  I’m not sure what’s causing them, and $340 later. we had a prescription and not much else.  The vet wanted to do all kinds of blood work, and send the urine out for a culture after telling Rich it was a very common UTI….he also did some kind of ultrasound to determine she had inflammation consistent with a UTI…Rich wants to change vets because he thinks that our clinic (depending on the vet you get) will push for a bunch of expensive tests, and other vets at the same clinic do not…Honey’s UTI cost about half of what Bella’s did, and there’s something weird about that, don’t you think?

We were laying in bed and Honey started to bark, and I wondered if our bear was back because I’d just filled our bird feeders.  So Rich went to check and called for me to come to the sun room….Not only was the mother bear on the outer edge of our patio eating out of a bird feeder she’d knocked to the ground, but she had both of her cubs with her.  I wish it had been brighter outside so I could have gotten a photo of them, but sadly, it was too dark.  Still it was quite the sight….This morning, I woke up to three bird feeders crushed on the ground, plus a suet feeder dismantled and another feeder missing.  Those bears know a good thing when they see one.  The Parkers always are good for a meal or two..Or in this case, three….

Today, I decided to give the Instant Pot one last try.  I know tons of people love the Instant Pot but Rich and I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  We’ve tried several recipes, and none have worked the way they were supposed to.  My last attempt was rice pudding, and if you like rice that’s really under cooked, you would love this recipe.  I bought it online and still have a few days to return it…and I think we’ve given it a fair try and will be sending it back.  Nothing should be this hard to use.  It requires a lot of different pots and prep work that no one ever talked about when we saw the advertisements for this pot.  My sister loves hers and I have no idea how she gets her recipes to come out right, as she just throws things in and sets the timer.  I followed the directions to the tee, and mine came out either under cooked or overcooked, and I prefer the ease of a Crock Pot…No muss, no fuss..and no waiting for steam to escape..



Brutus Monroe, Small Dollar Tree & JoAnn’s Haul

Below you’ll find all of the products I bought. I don’t receive any monies for products sold, and recommend you price shop for products I bought at Joann’s..
Embossing Ink
Magic Powder Bag link:
To create the same purple sparkly embossing powder that I made, you can call Heather at Brutus Monroe at 412-892-9511 during their hours of operation, M-F 10-6PM, Sat & Sun Closed
Brutus Monroe cardstock
Squeaky Clean cleanser link:
Create your own ending products:
Marigold Aqua Pigment:
Glitter Glaze, grape:
Twisted Tree die:
Batty stencil:
Sunshine sunflower stamp:
Minnie dog pin:
Glitter glue:
Bite me stamp:

Dollar Tree
Felt Halloween stickers: not available online, check stores near you
Halloween adhesive diamond wrap: not available online, check stores near you

Super Fabric Adhesive Link:
Park Lane 12 x 12″ 110 lb white cardstock link:

Brutus Monroe Store Visit, Pittsburgh, PA…Come Shopping With Us!

Rich and I visited the Brutus Monroe Store located at 1000 Greentree Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15220.  Christopher Allen is the owner of Brutus Monroe, and he graciously took the time to talk to us. His director of operations, Heather, walked us through the store, detailed the history of their business, and was a great source of information. If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about Brutus Monroe products, Heather has the answers…
Here’s a link to their website:                                    The telephone number for the store is Phone: 412-892-9511
Hours of operation: M-F 10-6PM Sat & Sun Closed
Questions email to:
Chat feature on their website is live during hours of operation (Bottom right corner of the screen)

Products discussed and used:                                                                                      Embossing powder–If you want to create the same purple / glitter embossing powder that I made, you can contact Heather, and she’ll help you out.  Phone 412-892-9511  Magic Powder Bag link:                                                     Round acrylic block link:
Sunshine Sunflower stamp link:
Raven embossing powder (black) link:
Alabaster embossing powder (white) link:
Heat tool: (not the one used in the video, but the one Brutus Monroe sells…link:
Embossing powder of the month:
Glitter cardstock link:
Easy Cut Adhesive Sheets link:
Deco Foil Purple Tape link:
Pixie Spray link:
Stencil Pal link:
Squeaky Clean link:
Pre Printed Card Panels link:
Aqua Pigments link:
Aqua Pigment of the month club link:
Night Shifting Aqua Pigments link:
Skin Color Aqua Pigments: I couldn’t find these in their online store, so please call the store and ask for Heather if you are interested…Phone 412-892-9511
Aqua Pigment Paper link:
Surface spray link:
Monthly subscription boxes link:
Pear Blossom Studios EZ Lights set of 3 link (create lighted cards):
Cargo sleeves link:
Stencil Club link:
Glitter Glaze link:
Media Mat link:
MISTI tools link:
Fussy Cutting Scissor links:
Foam Tape link:
Laser cuts link: there are three pages to this link
Glitter Glue:
Brutus Monroe shirts link:
Ruler link:

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Brutus Monroe, and will share my purchases in an upcoming video..Thanks Heather and Christopher, for taking the time to show me your store.  


I am excited that Rich is finally uploading and editing the visit we made to the Brutus Monroe store in Pittsburgh.  I’m sorry it’s taken us a few weeks to get it up and running.

Today we went out to lunch with a friend and after lunch I started thinking about a crafty idea I’d like to try.  I have been chewing Tic Tac Spearmint Gum for the dry mouth I have from my arthritis.  It’s one of those side benefits to the disease that I didn’t have until about five years ago…and it’s SUPER frustrating…I’ve tried every over-the-counter product that my dentist and rheumatologist could come up with, as well as a couple prescriptions…Nothing has helped except (for some unknown reason) Tic Tac Spearmint Gum.  You probably can’t imagine the number of containers I’ve purchased in the last few month, since discovering the benefits of this gum….And, although we recycle, I still am a little bit upset by the amount of waste I’m creating from it.  So I started thinking about what kind of craft project I could make and what the container would be good for, and I’ve decided it would make a great pill container.  Obviously it’s not big enough to carry a weeks’ worth of medicines, but for those of us that like to have some Ibuprofen on hand for headaches, muscles aches, etc., I think it will work perfectly for that.  So then I started to think about what to cover it with.  Initially, I thought material would work well…then I changed my mind, and thought covering it with napkins was the answer, and now, I’m thinking about painting it white and then stamping and painting the stamped image…or using layered stamps and Archival inks to create an image that should last.  Obviously, I’ll need to either put Mod Podge over the finished project, or a spray that will seal the image…but that’s my plan.  I’m going to get busy with it tomorrow, and I’ll let you know how it goes…

3-D Tunnel Card & More Wedding DIY’s + Arteza Discount

I watched a video by Mixed Up Crafts showing how to make a tunnel card…here’s a link to their video.

I wanted to show how to create a mirror image of a stamp, so used a scrap of white cardstock and laid a piece of acetate on the cardstock and stamped the fish I wanted to reverse onto the acetate, then flipped the acetate over and laid it on the scrap of cardstock, holding the acetate in place and rubbing it with the other hand to ensure a good transfer. I used Versafine Onyx black ink and clear embossing powder to heat set the black ink.
I colored the image with my Arteza Everblend set of 120 markers. I don’t get paid anything to use Arteza products, or for sales of Arteza products as a result of my video. But all of you are able to received a 10% discount if using the discount code CraftingforAlmostEveryone6 by October 20th, 2019.


Everblend Art Markers (Set of 120):


Everblend Art Markers (Set of 120):

To begin the tunnel card, I started with a piece of 12 x 12″ cardstock that had a glitter finish that I cut down to 11 3/4″ long by 6 1/2″ tall. On the 11 3/4″ length, score at 1″, 5 1/2″, 6 1/2″, and 11″. My scoreboard is from Martha Stewart and was a score board and cutting tool all in one….and is no longer available in stores.
For the inside of your card, you’ll need four pieces of cardstock in different colors, I chose different shades of coral….You’ll need to cut these 5″ x 6 1/2″ tall, and score on the 5″ length at 1/4″ and 4 3/4″ (or do like I did, and score at 1/4″ then flip it around to the other edge, and score at 1/4″ again.)
I struggled with this card because you need to either have a larger die cutter than the normal sized ones, or cut out the first layer by hand. You’ll need to lay a die in the left section after the 1″ score with the largest oval die you feel will work for you. You need three or four sizes of dies from a layered die set. I chose oval dies, and using the largest one for the glitter card stock. I taped it with washi tape and then used a craft knife to cut around the outside edge of the die for the top layer. The second layer, you’ll lay the piece of cardstock so it lines up with the score lines you’ve created on the outside card and put the next layer under the opening you’ve just created, and lay the next smaller die into the center and tape it in place. You’ll die cut the center, then lay the next layer under the opening of the second card layer, and line up the two score lines, lay your die in the center, tape it in place and cut it out. You’ll do the same with the next layer, then the last piece, I cut smaller to fit inside the back of the card.. I cut it to 4 1/4″ wide by 6 1/4″ tall. I adhered it with tear tape inside the back section of the card. I folded down all of the 1/4″ scores then put 1/4″ tear tape on the top of each edge up to the 1/” score. I glued down the kissing fish in the center of the card then layered other pieces of sea life inside the card. I found it easiest to glue these pieces in before putting the card together. To glue it together, start with one side (should be the center score) and take the first cardstock and line it up with the score line, then lay the next layer so it lines up with the edge of the paper before it, then do the same with the next layer. I did the same with the right side and glued each layer on top of the next. I glued the outside edge and folded the card together and glued it shut. I added a sentiment from Just for Fun on the front and on the back of the card and took a heart die and used the guts of the hearts for the air bubbles that rise to the surface between the two fish and the outside of the die to surround the outside of the card.


Friday, Rich and I went out for lunch and a movie with friends.  We saw “Judy,” about the life of Judy Garland.  Renee Zellweger did a terrific job of portraying Judy, but the movie wasn’t as interesting as we had hoped.  The best part of the movie was the last ten minutes when she sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”  After the movie, we went to visit a college friend who’d fallen down his basement steps while carrying a small television.  He had some brain damage, and is still struggling to remember words…it was one of those things that could have happened to anyone, and was a small wake-up call for Rich with his upcoming hip replacement surgery.

Saturday I went to a few garage sales and found nothing of interest, then later in the day, we got together with a few couples who all went to college with us.  Normally when I talk about college, I don’t mention the name of it, since it is such a small school, but lately, it’s been getting a lot of national publicity as it’s the focus of the Coca-Cola football campaign, making fun of the football team (for being so bad.)  Our college is called Thiel College, and the advertising campaign is really hurtful to Rich and his friends, all who played on their football team and were proud of their team and the school.  Rich feels like the advertisement is a slap in the face to anyone who ever played on the team, and since he was one of the captains when we were there, it’s especially hurtful to him.  I, on the other hand, hope that it brings more awareness about the school, and that, in turn, brings in more students.  The saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” is true when it comes to things like this, and I’m crossing my fingers that enrollment is up as a result of these ads.

Today was one of those days where all it did is drizzle, so we didn’t do much…in fact, I slept, a lot.  I have been bugging Rich to get more videos uploaded, so we have some in reserve for the three weeks he will not be making videos while he’s recuperating from his hip surgery.  He got busy and I finally have a video to upload.  I’m sorry you’re still seeing videos about my nephew’s wedding, but I think, this could be one of the last…


I thought I’d recap my crafty tales from yesterday….I went to my craft room immediately after writing the blog and decided to do a haul video that will work along side the Brutus Monroe field trip Rich and I took.  I think the haul video went well, and after, decided to make our great niece a Halloween card (she’s a freshman in college.)  One of the things I bought from Brutus Monroe was a small stamp set of a candy corn vampire.  I tried to upload the stamp image from their website, but I kept getting an error, so used this image from Nubble Light Designs facebook page.  I hope they don’t mind.


I made the front of the card, and then decided it was time to include the “Bite Me” stamp, and couldn’t find it….anywhere.  I spent two hours looking for it.  I know it’s crazy and I should have thrown in the towel at least an hour before I did, but I was committed.  I went back to look again after dinner, thinking it couldn’t have gone very far, and still couldn’t find it…but moved a few things around on my desk, including one of the lights that sits there.  Before I went to bed, I dragged Rich into the craft room and showed him the progress I’d made on the card and looked down on my desk, and there it was….directly where I’d looked, only this time, the base of the Ott light no longer hid it.  I was so mad…so much wasted time and energy..

I did accomplish a little more in the craft room between searches.  I wanted to make some sympathy cards for friends who’ve lost their thirty-five year old brother.  I am finishing those cards today, and they’re watercolored dahlias.  I think they will look good once I’ve finished them…so far, I’ve watercolored the dahlias, but haven’t come up with a base or what I want to appear as the background.  The dahlias are really large, so I won’t need to put much more on the card front.  I just need to get back in the craft room and finish them.  It’s all about staying on task, and once I spend so much wasted time searching for something, I get so frustrated that I’m not worth much (in a crafty sense.)

I hope today has a different end result.