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DIY Embossing Folder Storage

I made this video a long time ago and Rich just got around to editing it. I’m sorry I’ve been so slow at uploading new videos, but I haven’t been really healthy, and not up to crafting. I do apologize and will try to put up one video a week this summer.

Part of this design was made by Sam Calcott in this video

To make storage for 6 x 4 1’/2″ embossing folders: This box should hold 15 embossing folders.

Cardstock (the same color) : 1 measures 8 3/4 x 5″ score on the 8 3/4″ side at 2″ and 6 3/4 and on the 5″ length, score at 2″.

The second sheet is 8 3/4″ x 8 1/4″. Score this piece on the 8 3/4 length, at 2″ and 6 3/4″ then turn to the 8 1/4″ length, score at 2″.

Cutting the papers: 8 3/4 x 8 1/4″ piece .You want it so the 2″ and 6 3/4″ scores are vertical and the 2″ score is horizontal and near the bottom. Snip up to the 2″ score near the bottom of the paper on both vertical score lines and then cut across the horizontal 2″ scores to cut out the corner boxes, making sure you cut out the score lines. Fold and burnish the score lines. 8 3/4″ x 5″ piece, holding it the same way you held the first paper, cut up to the 2″ horizontal score line on the 2″ and 6 3/4″ vertical scores, cutting away both score lines so you have what looks like a thin upside down “v”. Glue the pattern piece that is 4 5/8 x 2 7/8″ onto the section that isn’t cut. I used Bearly Art Glue to glue this paper in place.. Fold and burnish the scores and then with the designer paper facing up, put glue on the two boxes we cut out and then fold the ends in so the scores create a 90 degree angle. I add clothespins to the corners where I folded in the glued pieces until the glue has taken hold. Take the 8 3/4 x 8 1/4″ piece and add wet glue to the underside of the flap you cut out and lay this into the bottom of the box we just made with the other sheet. Once it’s glued together, add glue to the outside of the sides of the box and lay the long side to it and lining up the bottom of the side piece with the bottom of the box. Use a ruler to rub the sides and bottom to ensure they’re well glued together.

You need decorated paper. I used Graphic 45 Blossoms link: one piece 4 5/8 x 2 7/8″ If the pattern has a direction, make sure it is face up on the 4 5/8″ length.

Top Closure Lid: I adjusted these measurements so the lid is wider and should work better than mine. Use same color cardstock as you used for the box above.

8 1/2″ x 5 1/8″ score on the 8 1/’2″ length at 1 1/2 and 3 1/2″. Round the two corners that are farthest away from the score lines . I used the Kadomaru Pro Corner Rounder.

Designer paper for top 1 3/4 x 4 5/8″ with pattern facing the corner rounds on the 4 5/8″ length. I used tear tape and wet glue to adhere this piece between the two score lines.

Two pieces for the sides that are 6″ by 1 1/4″ glue to sides of the box with the pattern facing the top of the 6″ length.

Designer paper for front 4 5/8″ x 4 5/8″ Pattern should face up and you need to round the two bottom corners. Put magnets about 1″ from bottom (where corner rounds are) and 1″ from sides on back of designer paper then glue the designer paper to the front of the flap. Glue the top of the back of the lid to the back of the box up to the first score line….also use tear tape for more durability. Then add the back of the magnets inside the box so they line up with the magnets on the lid.

I added another piece of plain colored cardstock inside the box for more stability. The dimensions are 1 3/4 x 5 ” and for under the top 5″ x 4 3/4″ and two pieces for the sides 6 1/4 x 2″ and one piece for inside the front of the box 4 5/8″ x 2 7/8″.

I added some embellishments from the Graphic 45 pack to the front.

Great Nephew Finn’s Lighted Door Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath for our new great nephew’s bedroom door. The theme of his room is galaxy, and it was so much fun finding space themed items.

Products used:

Hot glue gun:

Dollar Tree wreath form:

Astronaut (for center of wreath) link:

Space themed cupcake toppers (glued around outside edge of wreath):

Battery operated light string link:

More Space Themed Cupcake Toppers:

a popsicle stick

Scrabble Letters to spell name: I used an old Scrabble game for my letters, but if you don’t have an old game, here’s a link to places you can buy them.

Shooting star navy blue fabric with gold stars 1/2 yard (I bought it at Joanns, but couldn’t find the same pattern in their online store. This is the closest I could find)

Arteza rotary trimmer–out of stock…go to a fabric store and ask which rotary trimmer they recommend or try this one from Dollar Tree

Cutting mat for rotary trimmer (to save money if you’re only using it for this project, buy cutting mats from Dollar Tree:

I cut the fabric with the rotary trimmer in widths of 1″ to 1 1/2″ and found the 1″ width worked best. After they were cut, I hot glued the fabric to the wreath form, making sure to add hot glue to the wreath form to start and laying the fabric onto the hot glue on an angle. Whichever side you start your gluing is what I call the “inside”, and it’s where your going to make sure you glue on this side only, so your other side is clean and flat (no glue bumps.)

Once the wreath is covered with fabric, I used a craft knife to jab a hole in the inside of the wreath….near the top so I have room for the astronaut at the bottom. I took a popsicle stick and trimmed one side to a point and pushed the stick into the hole I made in the inside of the wreath. I added hot glue to the end of the stick to make sure it stays inside the wreath and waited for it to dry. Once it was dry, I glued Scrabble letters that spelled Finn onto the popsicle stick and had Rich cut off the excess popsicle stick before I glued down the “F” so there was no stick showing. I bought astronaut cake toppers and chose the standing astronaut to glue into the center bottom of the wreath. They’re really lightweight, so no need for more than hot glue to hold it in place.

I took the cupcake toppers I bought and removed the sticks from them and layers some with foam tape in between to give them some dimension then laid them around the wreath until I was happy with the way it looked, then hot glued them in place. I wrapped the light string around the wreath and FINN and then took a small piece of the same fabric I covered the wreath with, and wrapped it around the battery pack, then hot glued the fabric to the back of the wreath. I wanted to make sure you could pull out the battery pack if necessary, so basically made a loop out of the fabric, large enough to hold the battery pack and hot glued it together at the top then hot glued the fabric loop to the back of the wreath behind the word Finn.

Unveiling the Album for Baby Finn

I used a pre-made album that I bought from I’m sorry the video is so shaky, but I didn’t have my tripod with me on the trip, so had to hold the camera and did the best job I could, but it wasn’t great…

The theme for Finn’s room is space/galaxy and the room colors are navy blue and gray. I bought a gray album and then lined a lot of the photos with a navy blue layer. Since the album was 6″ wide, and photos are normally 6″ wide, I had to cut down the photos to fit….I added a layer of color beneath each photo, so cut the photos to 3 1/2″ tall by 5 1/2″ wide and then the colored layer under, was 3 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ ….sometimes I had to cut the photos smaller to fit the space.

Album: 49th and Market 6 x 8″ gray album link:

White waterfall for “from beginning to Finn” photos: I used watercolors and painted each piece navy blue 1″ in on all four sides so it matched the album colors.×8-white

Embellishments for Album:

Papers used: I used mostly these papers including the 1-12 month recap tags..this pack also includes a bunch of stickers and I placed those throughout the album and made sure to add glue to the backs to ensure the stickers didn’t come off over time–Simple Stories Boho Baby link:×12-boho-baby-collection-kit?_pos=1&_sid=0e842ca8d&_ss=r

First Edition, It’s a Boy:×12-paper-pad-its-a-boy/17240482.html

The metal letters that spell his name I had in my stash and don’t know where I bought them, sorry.

The die I used for creating the navy blue ornate pockets came from Aliexpress and is no longer available, but any large corner die will work for that. After I cut the navy blue ornate corner die, I laid it onto a gray piece of cardstock so two sides of the pocket were on the edges of the cardstock, then I traced the wavy edge with a pencil and fussy cut the entire piece out and then glued them together so you can’t see through the pocket. I put tear tape on the bottom edge and the straight side edge and then glued it into the album so I had a good place for the month by month info. I punched a hole in each of the month tags and ran ribbon through the hole and then put a circle paper clip on it to attach a photo if they wanted. link: I cut the patterned papers for the back and front covers to 5 1/2 x 7 1/2″ and then laid them on a navy blue layer that is 5 3/4″ x 7 3/4″

I used white Thickers anywhere I wanted raised foam letters like “from beginning to Finn” link:

Although this is a pre-made album, you still have to glue it together. I chose to decorate the pages first, and then glue them into the album. I put tear tape on the tabs inside the album and then glued the pages over the tabs. I show the unboxing of the album in this video and hopefully, you can see how you glue the pages inside.

Nursing Graduation Card, Scrubs for our Great Niece!

Our great niece, Ashtin, graduated from nursing school in December and is now an RN in an Intensive Care Unit, and we could not be more proud of her. We were able to spend an evening catching up with her on our way through Virginia to North Carolina to meet Finn, our newest great nephew.

Ashtin is an amazing woman and I wanted her card to be all about her. I found the scrub dies on Aliexpress, link:

Start with a cardstock cut to 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ wide scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to make an A2 sized card base. I used a pink cardstock. Put the large scrub piece onto the front of the card base, making sure the top of the die is about 1/16th of an inch below the top of the card, so when it cuts, there is still enough paper to create a fold for the card. You could also just cut the scrub out of a scrap of cardstock and glue it onto a card base, but I wanted my scrub to be the entire card. I cut all of the rest of the die pieces out of the same pink cardstock and then cut the stethoscope cord from black cardstock and the heart shaped end of the stethoscope out of silver mirror cardstock. You could have cut everything from the same color cardstock and then using alcohol markers, color the different pieces to whatever color you chose (except anything that needs to be from mirrored paper, like the stethoscope)..

After cutting all of the pieces, I took a pink alcohol marker that was darker than the cardstock pink, and colored what would be the ends of the sleeves, the bottom of the scrubs, the V neck and the pockets so they all stood out from the back ground. I used sentiment stamps from Simon Says Stamp called Hats Off, link: and used Gina K Amalgam Black Ink to stamp on the inside of the card graduation praise words. I glued all of the pieces together and then decided I wanted to personalize the scrubs, so used an alphabet set I got from Michaels in the bins at the front of the store that are red rubber and create small letters. I stamped her initials on the breast pocket, then found some Thickers in my stash that were white link: and glued an R and an N to the bottom pockets. I didn’t like how pale they appeared, so using a black alcohol marker (Sharpie) colored them black.

This is a simple card to make, but given to a nurse or doctor, it’s so personalized, Ashtin really loved it.

At the end of the video, I shared the diamond painting I made for Finn as his room is a galaxy theme and the diamond painting turned out great with a professional frame I found at a garage sale for $3. I loved it and hope you do too.

New Great Nephew Finn’s 1st Easter Card

I am making this card for my new great nephew, Finn’s, first Easter.

I found this stamp at and loved it…here’s the link to the Hare stamp:

I started by taking rabbit die cuts from a die from Kokorosa Studios and glued them to the back of the envelope.

They’re giving my viewers a 25% discount and the link is below.

25% Kokorosa Studio Discount Code: L17637

Kokorosa Studio Rabbit Die:

I used an A2 sized light blue card base 8 1/2 x 5 1/2″ scored on 8 1/2″ side at 4 1/4″ I used a purple layer cut to 3 3/4″ x 5″ and using a Simon Says Stamp dot adhesive runner, adhered the purple layer to the blue layer, and put the hare onto the purple layer.

I stamped the hare on watercolor paper with Gina K’s black ink and then used clear embossing powder and heat set it. I used Arteza alcohol markers to color the hare.

The sentiments I got in my Simon Says Stamp March card kit..I cut them to adhere to the front and inside the card. The front sentiment I glued to foam squares and cut it in a banner shape before adhering it to the card. The other sentiment I cut to a rectangular shape and then glued it inside the card.

It’s not a typical baby’s first Easter card, but I still thought it was cute. He did get his card before Easter, but I’m just slow at getting videos uploaded….sorry.

90th Easter Birthday Card w Rabbit Wreath Die, So Cute!

A friend’s mother is turning 90 on Easter, so I made her a card that covers both her 90th birthday and Easter (since it’s hard to find a card that covers both.)

I was lucky enough to have Kokorosa Studio send me the rabbit wreath die as well as offer my viewers a 25% discount.

25% Kokorosa Studio Discount Code: L17637

Kokorosa Studio Rabbit Die:

I used a lavender piece of cardstock cut to 5 1/2″ tall by 8 1/2″ wide and scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to make an A2 sized card. Before laying the rabbits on the card, I laid the die on the card front exactly where I wanted it and put the card base in my MISTI with the die still on it, and stamped the sentiments from the Simon Says Stamp set called Hoppy Days Ahead link: that’s now on sale for $9.99.. I used Happy Easter and Hoppy Birthday from that stamp set and placed them inside the rabbit wreath die so I knew where it would be once I removed the die and stamped it. I used Gina K black ink to stamp them and then found an ampersand (&) in an old Michaels dollar alphabet stamp set that included the & sign and stamped it between Happy Easter and the word Hoppy. Since this is for a 90th birthday, I used a Sharpie and wrote 90 after the word birthday, then removed the card from the MISTI.

I cut the rabbit die with a floral paper and left the paper inside the die, (after running it through my Vagabond,) then put foam squares behind each of the rabbits so they would attach to the card exactly as they were in the die. I laid the die onto the front of the card base making sure the sentiments were centered inside the die. I used a pokey tool link: to push out each rabbit and make sure the foam squares adhered to the card base. Once I had all of the rabbits out, I used some old Stampin’ Up flower punches …I used the small flower from this one link: in silver glitter cardstock, and lavender glitter cardstock from this punch, I think it’s the petite petal punch link: and this punch punches the flower that looks like a daisy link: I used a leaves on a stem punch link: and glued them to the backs of the flowers after shaping the flowers. Use a ball stylus to shape the flowers link:…make sure you put foam under your flowers as it will help you shape the flowers easier. If you have fun foam, lay 5-10 pieces of top of each other to make a good cushion. I used diamonds left over from diamond paintings but you can use flatback pearls that you can buy at aliexpress or Amazon for the centers of the flowers. Rhinestone type link: or the Pearl type link: I used Tombow Aqua glue to adhere the pearls to the centers of the flowers.

I mention the Dollar Tree planter I used to hot glue the Tombow Mono Glue into to hold it with the cap face down so the glue’s always ready to come out…here’s a link to the planter I used. Link: After the flowers and leaves were glued together, I glued them to the top and bottom of the card and then stamped a sentiment inside the card from a special Crafter’s Companion sentiment set… I decided I didn’t like the flower pattern I used for the rabbits so glued black rabbits over the floral ones and liked the look a lot better.

As a reminder, I am not affiliated with any company and do not get paid for videos or any purchases you might make from the links I give. I tell you this so you know that when and if I refer you to a product it’s because I want you to be able to find a product I’ve used and so you have an idea what it looks like if you go elsewhere to purchase it.

An Easter Gnome Wreath with my Cousin, Shelli

So happy to have my cousin Shelli here to craft with. We decided to make Easter gnome wreaths with mainly Dollar Tree accessories.

We started with a 15″ foam wreath from Michaels, link:

Then took white ribbon (I used seam binding as you can color it whatever color you choose with re-inkers, markers, watercolors, etc.) link:

Start at the back of your wreath form, and lay the end of the ribbon onto a line of hot glue (I used my Gorilla Glue mini hot glue gun link: Lay the ribbon into the glue on a slight angle as you’ll be wrapping it around the wreath form and it works better if there’s a slight angle. Each time you wrap the ribbon around the form, make sure it overlaps the strip you laid before it, and put a small drop of hot glue on the back of the wreath, to hold that strip in place. Keep wrapping it around until you’ve covered the entire wreath.

Next, I took Dollar Tree tulle link: and laid it out flat on a newspaper and sprayed it with Aleene’s Repositionable Tacky Adhesive link: and sprinkled a matching fine glitter from Arteza, to create a glittery tulle. Dollar Tree does sell glittery tulle but my store didn’t have any link: We cut the tulle in half so it was roughly 3″ wide and starting from the back of the wreath, wrapped it around like we did the white ribbon, until the entire wreath was covered. I thought my wreath needed more color, so used a glitter tulle I bought at Joanns in their fabric department, where I bought 1/2 yard in Blue Radiance link: that I cut into 2-3″ wide strips.

After I covered the wreath form with glittery tulle, I took a popsicle stick or tongue depressor, or skewer to attach the gnome to the wreath. With the popsicle stick and tongue depressor, you’ll need to cut the bottom to form a point so you can push it into the base of the wreath inside the center of the wreath. The skewer you’ll want to push through the gnome and into the center of the bottom of the wreath and cut off any skewer that sticks out the top of the gnome. After the popsicle stick/depressor is shoved into the wreath form, hot glue the back of the gnome to the stick and the bottom of the gnome to the wreath form. Hold them until they stay where you’ve glued them.

Decorate the wreath how you choose. I used carrots from the Dollar Tree link: .. I used a sign from DT similar to this one. link: and hot glued it to the top of the wreath, and Shelli used another portion of my sign for hers.

Hot glued some glittery balls that came from DT floral picks similar to these link: and then Shelli used some things she brought with her to finish her wreath including jute string to tie to the sign on her wreath that acted as a hanger. I took a piece of the white ribbon about 4″ long and formed a loop then tied a knot in it and trimmed off the excess ribbon. I attached a couple of short straight pins into the ribbon and pushed them into the top back of the wreath, then to reinforce it, hot glued it as well. I used yellow decorative shred from the DT link: and hot glued it on either side of the gnome…built up layers by putting down a zig zag of hot glue and then pressing the shred into it, then repeating the process until I had it built to a height I liked. I did the same thing on both sides of the gnome and a small amount around it on the back. Make sure there’s not so much shred that the wreath won’t sit flat on the wall…

The gnomes I bought on Aliexpress link:

We were both happy with our wreaths. Mine was over the top with carrots, and Shelli’s was simple and elegant.

Review of BLEDS Cordless Hot Glue Gun

I was sent the BLEDS cordless hot glue gun to review. Here’s the link on Amazon if you are interested I am not paid to give my opinion nor do I have any affiliations with this or any company. I was only given the glue gun to review.

I started the review by charging the glue gun over night. I don’t know exactly how long it took to charge, but from other reviews, people said it took around 3 hours. Once it was charged, I unplugged the cord and turned the glue gun “on.” I started a timer, and it took a little over 7 minutes to get hot, and remained hot over 30 minutes, and would have worked longer, but I ran out of things to use it on.

I covered a Dollar Tree square glass jar with carrots, gluing the carrots next to each other…you’ll need between 16-20 carrots if you try this yourself.

Next, I made glue dots by putting the tip of the glue close to a Dollar Tree cutting mat and pushing out a small amount of hot glue, then swirling the tip to stop the glue and so it doesn’t produce a lot of glue strings. If you do get glue strings, I’d normally tell you to use your heat gun and waft over the surface, as that will melt the strings, but with small dots like these, it might end up melting the dot. Instead I recommend pulling or cutting the strings to remove them. One the glue dots are hard, take a paint brush and dip into the lid of mica powder, then brush over the dots until they are the color you want them to be. I used mica powder from the Hippie Crafter link: that produces really vibrant results.

Next, I took Versamark Ink and covered a stamp from with ink to ensure it wouldn’t adhere permanently to the hot glue. I put a large dollop of glue on the cutting mat and then gently sat the stamp into the center of the glue. I also used the colored glittery glue sticks that came with the glue gun and stamped those with Versamark ink and the Craspire wax seal stamps. I used a metallic marker to color the clear ones and used mica powder to color the rest.

I like this glue gun. At first I was worried that it was light weight and possibly “flimsy,” but it is not. It worked like a champ and stayed hot the entire time I used it. I like that it comes with free glue sticks and colored glittery glue sticks as well. The only small issue I had is that it took over 7 minutes to get hot and I would worry about forgetting to turn it off when I’m done using it, as it will continue to be hot unless you turn it off (since there’s no plug to unplug, this is your only way to make sure you don’t forget and possibly burn something.)

Onesie Shaped Baby Shower Gift Bag..No Dies Needed!

A while ago I made a onesie card and thought it would be fun to turn it into a gift bag. I didn’t realize how large it would be and it almost looks like a giant baby would fit inside…giant! haha

I made a template on 12 x 12″ cardstock. I used a roll of tear tape to draw around for the neck. I traced the outside of the tear tape centered about 2″ from each side of the paper. To make the sleeves, I made a mark on the left and right side of my paper 3″ from the top and then made a line from that mark in 2″ toward the center of the paper. Using a ruler, from the 2″ line I made toward the center of the paper, I drew a line on a diagonal to the bottom corner of the paper on both sides. Then to make the crotch of the onesie, I made a mark on the very bottom of the paper from 5″ to 7″ and using the tear tape roll, traced from the 5″ mark to the left side of the bottom of the bag to make a half circle for the leg, then did the same from 7″ mark to the right side of the bottom right side of the paper. I cut out the marks I made that created a onesie…I used Fiskars Easy Action scissors to cut out the onesie…Then once I cut this onesie out, I laid it on another matching piece of cardstock and cut out a second one to make the back of my bag. I erased any leftover marks on the paper. If you use alcohol markers to color your bag, you’ll need to line it, so instead of tracing only one additional onesie, you need four, and I’d glue them together as soon as your coloring is complete, so you can punch holes more easily for the ribbon.

To stamp images on the paper I used a stamp set called Zoolicious made by Recollections inked with Gina K Amalgam Ink. I put the onesies in my Misti and stamped the zoo animals on both the front and back of the bag and then I used alcohol markers to color the animals.

NOTE: At this point I should have used another two onesies to line the backs and recommend you cut out four of your onesies and once you’ve colored your design, glue another onesie to the back so you don’t see the bleed through from the markers and it makes the bag more sturdy. If you don’t use alcohol markers, you shouldn’t have to line this. Glue them together right now.

To make the sides and the bottom of the bag, I cut the two side pieces 8 x 6″ and the bottom is 11 1/2″ by 6″. I scored the bottom on the 6″ length at 1/2″ and 5 1/2″. I scored the two sides on the 6″ length at 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ and 3″ so the bag will bend.. Fold and burnish the folds really well. I added tear tape to the 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ areas to the edge of the paper on the bottom and both side pieces. You’ll also need two small flaps to attach the sides to the bottom of the bag. They are 5″ x 1″ and on the 1″ length, score at 1/2″. Before you attach them, snip on an angle the ends, so there isn’t a lot of bulk when you put it in the bag. Do the same to both ends of the bottom of the bag on the 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ areas.

I didn’t want to put the bag together until I’d put eyelets on the top to put a ribbon through for a handle. I put the front and back of the bag together with the patterned sides facing out (away from each other) clipped together and measured 3/4″ from the top of the onesie and 1″ from the neckline toward the sleeve on both sides then hole punch where those marks intersect.

My eyelets are larger, so I used the larger hole punch on my Big Bite Crop a Dile. Take off the clips and attach 4 eyelets into the 4 holes. I used pom pom trim retired link: from Stampin’ Up and attached it with tear tape around the neck line on both the front and back. Now’s time to attach the bottom Take the 5 x 1″ flap with tear tape on the entire back of the flap and lay up to the 1/2″ score line onto the 6″ edge of the bottom of the bag, then do the same on the other end of the bottom. Make sure those flaps are folded at 90 degree angles so the sides will adhere easily. . Then adhere the bottom of the bag to the front of the onesie right above the leg holes. Attach one of the side panels to the bottom flap first and then to the side of the onesie with tear tape, then do the same with the other side. Then attach the back of the bag to the sides and bottom. I always add wet glue to the tear tape, so if I lay it on incorrectly, I can pick it back off and readjust it.

Add ribbon to the eyelets to make a handle. I used a ribbon that was 18″ long on both sides and knotted inside the ribbon inside the bag.

I Bought Some Crafty Goodies!!

I bought all of these things myself and was not sent any of them to review.

49th & Market Pre-Made Album link:

Stampin’ Up Babies Firsts:

Simon Says Stamp February Kit–I can’t find where the kit is available, but all of the components inside the kit seem to be…here’s the link to them:

Simon Says Stamp March Kit:

Simply Cards and Papercrafts #214 now $8.99 link:

Creative Stamping #102 link:

Creative Stamping #106 link:

Unity Stamps:

Indie Girl:

Jane Girl:

Kiss the World Lips:

Studio Katia:

Clear Confetti:

Pastel Confetti:

Paws for Kindness: