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Day 7 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards

I saw this technique done by Positively Papercrafts and knew it had to be our day seven easy card.. You CAN make this card easily if you use thin double sided paper…..that’s the key…One of my viewers suggested using double sided gift wrap that’s a little heavier than normal and said that works great…and I’ll bet it does.

Start with an 11″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide card base scored on the 11″ length at 5 1/2″

I took a pretty piece of designer paper that is 5 1/4″ x 4″ wide and glue it to the card base. (I forgot to glue my ribbon under it, so make sure you glue a thin piece of ribbon near the bottom for the sentiment.)

You’ll need four pieces of double sided patterned paper:

(I inked my edges with real red ink from Stampin’ up)

1 1/2″ square
2″ square
2 1/2″ square
3″ square

You’ll need to make certain your squares are actually sqaures, and then fold one in half with the pattern you like on the outside….then open it and fold it in half in the other direction. Open it and fold it on the diagonal in half and open it and then fold it on the opposite diagonal. After each fold, you should use your bone folder to really make your creases flat. Once your folds are done you should be able to push in the sides and create a triangle. If it doesn’t want to make the triangle on it’s own, just force it to your will. Remember that your bone folder is key to making this card.
Once all four are done, use the bone folder again and go over all four on the top and bottom so the triangles are as flat as possible.

I cut out a long tree trunk out of matching paper and if it needs to be shortened later, that’s OK, it just needs to be longer than you think you need right now, maybe 1 1/2″ long…

I used a star punch and punched out five of the same paper and glued them together for a really tall star for the top of my tree. I inked it on the edges with the real red marker too.

To create the card, you’ll need to take your smallest triangle and take the left side (or the right) top layer of cardstock and fold it into the middle of your triangle and use the bone folder to flatten it. Then take the right side and fold it into the center so it lines up with the center mark….do this to all four pieces before you glue it together and then use your bone folder again and flatten the back so it’s as flat as possible..
I created a banner for the base of the tree with a sentiment and stamped Merry Christmas inside the card.
I put a thin piece of red ribbon near the bottom of the card and glued it under the paper I’d already glued down…should have done it sooner, but forgot….Then I created a banner by cutting a “V” in the end of the sentiment and glued it to the front of the card.

After you’ve got all four of your triangles with the pieces folded down, put glue inside the center of the smaller piece on either side and glue the top front and back of the next larger piece and push the larger piece inside the smaller piece making sure it’s centered and straight across. Then do the same to the second ….glue inside the triangles and inside the larger section of the second piece and then glue the back and front of the top of the next larger piece and push that inside the second one….repeat with the fourth and then put glue inside the base of the fourth and slide your tree trunk into it and lay your tree down to decide if you have enough room for your star and the ribbon…if the tree is too long, cut off the trunk.

After my tree was glued in place and the glue was dry, I used the real red Stampin Up marker and inked all of the edges of the tree so it really stands out. If any of the pieces of the tree stand up too high, glue them and hold them down.

The glue I used is Tonic’s Funky Glue pen and the star punch I couldn’t find the maker on, sorry.

I hope you try this card, as it is a lot easier than I make it out to be.
and PS, Rich is on board for making more cards, just taking a day off…



I wanted the seventh card in the series of easy Christmas cards to be amazing.  I found the perfect card and made it, and I have to say, it did not disappoint… I should have used a thinner scrapbook paper, as that would have made the process so much simpler, but as in all things, live and learn.

I loved the end results, but my hands are hurting from the process, and I’m worried that some of my viewers won’t be able to make this card.

Sunday afternoon, Bella started coughing and we started to worry when it didn’t stop.  So we called the vet this morning and got her in right away….She might have kennel cough, although the only dog she’s been in contact with beside Honey, was a puppy who hasn’t displayed any signs of a cough…..The vet says she has a viral infection that’s treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.  She seems better after taking the anti-inflammatories, as she was coughing almost non-stop before going to the vet.

This afternoon, we have to go to Pittsburgh for my rheumatology appointment.  I go there every three months and it’s just a long day….I’ll be glad when we get home, as I’ll worry about Bella until we do…

I’m really excited for day seven’s card and hope all of you are too.  I’ve talked Rich into trying a few more days, but we’re taking at least one day off in the process…

Day 6 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards–Gel Pens

Day six is all about using gel pens. I wanted to make a simple card that is made elegant by outlining with a variety of colors of gel pens.

I used a Stampin’ Up set called Solemn Stillness (retired) link: that has two layers of a pine tree…so I took them off the wood blocks and put them into the MISTI and stamped one layer on green cardstock that’s 5 1/2″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide…with Stampin’ Up Always Artichoke ink. I lined up the second stamp and put a piece of acetate over it to make sure the stamp would layer it on the right spot and stamped in red so I could see it. If it’s in the wrong spot, you’d wipe off the acetate and move the stamp and re-stamp it…
I stamped embossing ink from Ranger and then put silver Ranger embossing powder over the ink and heat set it. I wanted to make the tree my focal point, and decided I’d use a variety of gel pens…I used a white gel pen from Reminsce and a gold Uniball pen and silver pen that was a no-name pen. I made dashes and dots by using a strip of cardstock that was narrow enough to line it up on the edge of the card and make my marks against it. I decided you can’t see some of the inks with one layer, and had to color over them twice. I used the gold Uniball pen and highlighted the silver on the tree.
I used a piece of green cardstock that is a little darker than my original color and put it on a silver piece that was about 1/4″ wider and then notched the ends to make a banner look. The sentiment was inked with Always Artichoke ink and then clear embossed and heat set. I added white gel pen around the Season’s Greeting from the same stamp set.
I used a peg stamp that says Happy Holly Days and stamped the envelope. link:

Day 5 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards

Rich’s music is hysterical today and thought you’d like it too!

For day 5, I wanted to share cards with embossing. I started with a stamp from Ton Stamps called Poinsettia Garden and here’s a link to it.
I used my homemade embossing pouch that is two knee highs inside each other with a tablespoon or two of corn starch then knotted and trimmed close to the knot.. I wiped the pouch over red mirror paper that I bought from Crafter’s Companion on that’s not as mirror as most. Here’s a link to it, but you need to check back for when they have more color options, as you only get two colors, and none of these are red.    … I used Ranger Gold embossing powder with Ranger embossing ink to stamp the poinsettia garden stamp and then heat set it. I cut out the image to a size I liked (I’ll share the sizes later) and then layered it on gold foil paper and then onto a piece of patterned paper I cut so you only have a glittered red background showing.

I started with a 5 1/2″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide red card base and stamped a sentiment on the inside from Stampin’ Up’s Christmas Cardinal with embossing ink and gold embossing powder then heat set it.
I covered the front of my card with my corn starch pouch and stamped a sentiment from Christmas Cardinal from Stampin’ Up (link:  ) and then used a holly berry stamp from Stampin’ Up’s Watercolor Winter link:  and stamped it with Ranger embossing ink randomly across the front of the card base. I used the same gold Ranger embossing powder and covered the front of the card base and used my new eye brow brush from Walmart from ELF(funny, it’s got a Christmas theme,) to clean off any excess powder.
I heat set the gold and then decided I needed to add some glitter to the front. I used glitter from (I think) Stampin’ Up) and a a Sakura Glue Pen from…here’s the link to it.
I used a glitter spoon I bought from Aliexpress that’s too small really for glitter and used it to add glitter in red and a light green to the berries and leaves on the front of the card.
I bought a big makeup brush from the Dollar Tree to wipe off excess glitter or to clean glitter off your desk.
I added a little more red glitter onto the poinsettia piece…

If you don’t have a poinsettia background stamp but you have a simple poinsettia stamp, stamp the poinsettia all over red mirror paper with embossing ink and gold embossing powder and you should get the same results.
The measurements for the card we made on camera are:
poinsettia: 2 1/4″ wide by 4″ tall
gold is 2 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall
On the card I made off camera:
poinsettia 4 3/4″ tall by 2 3/4″ wide
gold layer 5″ tall by 3″ wide

I made my own envelope and here’s a link as to how to do that.


I can’t believe how quickly the seven days of easy cards has been speeding past.  I have only struggled with thinking of an idea on one occasion, and I think, in the end, that card came out just fine.  (I’m not saying which one it is, as it might be your favorite.

It’s still deer hunting season here, and every time I hear a gun shot, I worry that our deer are being killed, especially the buck we just saw this week.  I’ve always dreaded hunting season, as my dad was a big hunter, and was accidentally shot by his hunting companion during turkey season.  If you don’t know about turkey hunting, at least in Pennsylvania, the hunters wear all camouflage (at least they did in the 1990’s when he was still hunting), and it was something I always worried about..   In turkey season, the hunters use turkey calls to get the turkeys to come toward them.  My dad’s friend heard the turkey call and thought it was a turkey.  My dad saw him raise his gun and yelled and waved his arms, and his friend saw the arm movement and shot.  Luckily they were really far apart, so the buckshot spread over a wide area on dad and the area around him.  The scary part of the story was that my dad’s friend was older, and when he realized what he had done, he went into shock, and my dad had to lead them both out of the woods.  Dad had buckshot through his entire body and luckily, since it’s winter when they turkey hunt, he was wearing a lot of layers, and some of those stopped the shot from getting to his vital organs.  He had buckshot in his ear lobes, his fingernails, his legs, arms, neck, face, above one eye…..basically everywhere.  It was a horrible experience, and when I hear hunters shoot their guns, I always hope they know what they are shooting at…..and I hope if they do shoot an animal, that they don’t just wound it, as that’s a terrible way for an animal to die.   Let’s not think about that.

Instead, I need to think about what projects I need to do once the seven days of easy Christmas cards are done…..Maybe seven days of rest for poor Rich, haha…no luck…he’ll be back editing the next day…or maybe I’ll give him a day off…

Day 4 — Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards, Black Ice

I had issues making the beginning of the video, sorry…and for some reason, my camera made clicking noises throughout the video…how embarrassing!

I’ve seen this technique done many times and wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t sure if it was easy, but trust me, it is….

You’ll definitely need Staz-On in Jet Black….and if you buy it, you need to buy the re-inker  as it dries out faster than any other ink I’ve ever used.  The beauty of Staz-On is that you can use it on other materials, glass, wood, etc., but it’s not kid friendly, and is permanent…Here’s a link to it.

I started with (on the silver version) a piece of DCWV Metallics silver paper cut to 5 x 5″.. Take the edge of your Staz On pad and wipe it across the paper in one direction. You want it to basically look like you’ve swiped it across the paper and leave lines that are in one direction..Once you choose a direction, stick with it….then once you’ve covered the paper enough for your satisfaction, rub the pad along the edges so they are all inked as well.
I used a Stampin’ Up stamp from a set called A Beautiful Season.
Here’s a link to one I found on Ebay, and they had several available there.

When using Staz-On, always keep the lid on it when it’s not in use, and don’t get rid of the little plastic cover that comes inside the lid, as it keeps the ink from drying out….Don’t use clear acrylic stamps with Staz-On, as it will stain them and you won’t be able to clean it off. If you use Staz-on cleanser or Hero Arts cleanser on an acrylic (clear) stamp, it can ruin the stamp, so stick to red rubber stamps when using Staz-on.
I stamped the deer/trees stamp with the stamp facing up and holding the paper over it with one hand and rubbing with the other.
Once it is dry, (or you’ve heat set it) you’ll want to rub your Versamark or similar embossing ink pad over the entire surface of your project then cover clear embossing powder over the front and heat set it.
I put fun foam in black behind the image, trimming the foam so it is smaller than the paper..You can also use foam strips or foam dots instead. I used a piece of black velvet ribbon that’s probably 1/2″ wide and wrapped it around the top of my image and used the Tonic Funky Glue pen to glue it.. The card base is 5 1/4″ wide by 10 1/2″ tall, scored at 5 1/4″, to make a square card. I had to hand make an envelope for this card. Here’s a video that shows you ways to make your own envelopes.
The fine tip applicator bottle I bought is available from Aliexpress or ebay.…type in henna bottle and it should come up…here’s an example of one that has a closure for the tips.
The sentiment is from the Stamps of Life Christmas kit I bought from with the Christmas tree on it… I stamped it in Versafine Onyx Black ink and put clear embossing powder on it and heat set it.  I used two Spellbinders layering dies to cut and layer the sentiment.
The gold version is a 4 x 4″ gold metallic paper and the stamp is from the same stamp set….The background paper is black Recollections heavyweight cardstock that is 4 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ scored at 4 1/4″ with the same ribbon and sentiment.

Day 3 of Seven Days of Easy Christmas Cards w/ Stamps of Life Kit

I wanted to use the Stamps of Life kit that I bought at and here’s the link to it.
The paper pad is called Merry Collection.
I wanted to make sure that you can make this card whether you have a die cutting system or not…so made two different cards with the same basic plan.

Card #1  I put papers in the top and bottom of the tree die and cut them out, then put paper in the middle section and cut it. I used all of the small dies for the accessories of the tree and cut several of them out, many with mirror papers.
I used a sentiment from Stamps of Life stamp set called Lights4xmas and put it in the inside of the cards with Real Red ink from Stampin’ Up.
I cut two strips of cardstock from the paper pad that were 1 3/4″ wide by 5 1/4″ tall and then a center piece that is 2 1/2″ wide by 5 1/4″ tall. I laid the two side pieces first, then laid the center piece on top and centered over the two side pieces.
I took the outer die for the tree and traced the inside of it with a marker on white fun foam, and cut it out to use as a backing for the die cut tree.  I started at the bottom and glued the die cut pieces onto the foam, making sure I cut off any foam that shows once the paper is applied. I had cut the long wire die cut strips with silver mirror paper and laid them on the tree where I thought you’d find wires, then added bulbs to the wires. i glued the bulbs and the star to the tree, then added Stickles to the bulbs to make them look like they were lit. If you use Stickles, put the card out of the way after you’re done so you don’t ruin the Stickles.
Card #2  I started with a card base of white Recollections heavyweight cardstock cut to   4 1/4″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall then glued a piece of patterned paper that was 4 x 5 1/4″ on top. I used an EK Success open scallop edge punch and cut the bottom edge of several patterns of paper from the pad that were each 4 ” wide.and since they were scraps, some were taller and some shorter….the shortest was 2″ tall.. I layered the four designs of card stock on top of each other and taped them together, then added tape runner and glue to make sure they stay together. I cut my own trunk and glued it to the bottom, then made a mark at the top of the tree at 5 1/4″ and then made a mark in the center at 2″ from the side as it’s 4″ wide, then drew a diagonal line from my center mark at 5 1/4″ tall to the bottom edges of the card. I hand cut the tree and fun foam in a triangle shape and glued it to the back of the tree, then glued the tree to the card. I added the fuzzy embellishments and a gold piece of card stock to the top of the tree..
I stamped the envelopes with a peg stamp Christmas bulb from and here’s a link to it.