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Intro to Foamiran & Paper Flowers & Gifts from Barb & Jim

My friend Barb, makes wonderful flowers from foamiran and paper, and I wanted to show you the flowers she’s made and the book she’s created to help her with ideas…She uses a lot of information and ideas from Liz Marsden.
Liz’s Marsden’s YouTube page :
Liz Marsden’s Blog:

Barb has her own blog and shares a lot of beautiful flowers there.

Barb’s blog: Barb’s Cards, My Way

In the USA, we’ve only been able to find foamiran at the following store and you can find some beautiful flower dies there as well.

Whimsy Stamps:
foamiran from Whimsy Stamps:

I bought my foamiran on Aliexpress and here’s a link to the store that sells it at very reasonable prices.

foamiran from Aliexpress link:

In our next video, Barb and I will make a foamiran flower and I wanted to share a die I found that’s very similar to ours.

Rich and I are going out of town until Sunday the 9th, so the video of Barb and I making flowers won’t be up until after then, sorry.



I’ve been working on the card I’m making my great niece for her high school graduation.  I wanted to make something she would appreciate, and she always liked playing those claw games in the lobby of stores when she was younger.  I found a stamp set with one, and found a small graduation cap in one of my other stamp sets to add to to head of one of the animals inside the game.  I colored everything with my new Arteza markers, and I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed with them.  The blending they do is splotchy, and one of the markers seemed dry to me.  I’m going to keep working with them, but so far, I’m a little bummed using them.  I’ve been so happy with the rest of their products, and these just aren’t (at this point), the quality I’ve seen in the past.

I had an appointment in Pittsburgh today, so didn’t get a chance to finish the card, but will make sure to get it done tonight or tomorrow, as we are leaving for Virginia on Wednesday, and won’t be back until Saturday.  We’re really lucky to have a nice woman who dog sits for us, and both of our dogs really like her, so they won’t be alone, and we won’t have to worry about them.  We’ll be seeing our great niece, so I have to finish her card before we leave.  I’ve got a lot to do before we leave.


It’s been raining all week and I’ve been feeling really badly.  I’m blaming it all on my arthritis…It’s so frustrating…and now Rich hurts when the weather is like this, so I feel bad for him.  He has enough on his hand taking on my issues, without having issues of his own.

On a bright note, our nephew is getting married in September, and he and his fiance need a little help with things, so I’ve been getting some of their questions answered about whether her brother can be ordained online, and if that’s legal in NC, for him to marry them.  They’re also needing help finding a hotel and arranging rooms to be reserved for out of town guests, so I’m helping with that.  To be honest, I’m so happy that they asked me to help.  My sister, the groom’s mother, has type 1 diabetes, and isn’t very healthy, so I’m trying to help with things she isn’t able to do.  It’s going to be a small wedding, in their local aquarium and should be a really nice setting for it.  I’m helping however I can, and really looking forward to it, in late September.

Covering a Dollar Tree Note Pad Journal

I used Dollar Tree products:
Journal/Note Pad
Sticker Notes
Mini Gel Pens–if you can’t find these at your local Dollar Tree, try stores that sell party supplies, like Party City
Large Paper Clips

The papers I used are from Graphic 45’s Couture Collection that is now discontinued. You can often find individual sheets on ebay or Here’s a link to ones I found available on ebay…make sure you ask for combined shipping if you buy more than one sheet.

Before I forget, in the beginning of the video I mentioned making a closure for the journal, but somewhere along the way, I forgot to make one…Sorry.

I started by cutting out one of the smaller images for the front of my journal with a saying by Coco Chanel.  This is later glued to the front cover.

I measured the journal with a T ruler…It was 3 3/4″ across, and the binding is roughly 1/2″ and the back is 3 3/4″….Add all of these measurements and you need to cut your paper to 8″ long…Then scoring is done at 3 3/4 and 4 1/4″ on the 8″ length. The height is 6 3/4″ and in the end, I needed to trim the height a little, as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too short. Too long is much better than too short…

I wanted my stripes to be vertical, so I cut the height first, so I wouldn’t forget, and end up having my lines going the wrong way.

I used carpet tape that’s 2″ wide and laid it on the edge of the book, then cut it off at the bottom, and laid another length on the spine of the book, and a final strip on the back edge of the journal. I added Tombow Mono Aqua glue for the spaces that were without carpet tape. The wet glue allows you to have some wiggle room so when you lay your designer paper on it, you can hopefully pick the paper back up before it is permanently adhered.

I rounded the corners of the designer paper with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder from Amazon.

I took a piece of the designer paper that was 3 3/4″ wide and 7 1/4″ tall and put it in the paper trimmer with the top right corner and the bottom left corner in the cut line, then cut it, so it ends up being two triangles for the front and back pockets. I glued one to the inside right side of the journal and the other on the inside left side of the journal.

I took another of the “cards” that comes in the set, and cut it out and glued the left side of it to the inside front cover. I glued two of the small post it note pads under the paper we put on the inside cover. I had to rip the pads in half, as they were too thick to put inside the cover.

I glued a thin ribbon into the back cover to act as a bookmark and then glued another piece of cardstock to the same cover, and glued this piece at the top and bottom so I can slide paper clips under it.

I glued ribbon to the top of larger paper clips and glued a butterfly to the top of another with a hot glue gun.

I bought the pen holder on Aliexpress and here’s the link to it.

BeeBee Craft and Dollar Tree Haul

I was sent some products from BeeBee Craft ( and did a little Dollar Tree shopping and thought I’d share a short haul video with all of you.  I’ll be covering the notebook in my next video and trying out the BeeBee Craft jewelry making tools in upcoming videos.

Links to the products are listed below:

BeeBee Craft

Clay beads –Arricraft 50 pieces-link
Jewelry tool kit–NBeads 3 piece pliers-link
Eiffel Tower Scissors–they were supposed to be part of a two piece set, but I was only sent this pair of scissors…PandaHall Elite set, link
Sunnyclue 105 pc set silver earrings, faceted gemstones -link
PandaHall Elite 25 yards nylon gold leaves ribbon 30 mm wide—link:

Dollar Tree
Journal Notebook link:
Sticker Notes link: These are all of the sticker/sticky/post-it-notes that I could find online at the Dollar Tree
Magnetic tins: link
I couldn’t find the small pens on the Dollar Tree site


My girlfriend and I spent all day Friday going to garage sales.  There was a small town near us that was celebrating Memorial Day with a town filled with sales.  It was one of those really disappointing days, where we found very little that screamed our names.  OK, here’s what I bought…Avon Chapstick, a bag of Indian corn that I thought I’d lay in our bird feeders so the bear has something new to eat (beside our feeders), a bag of popcorn still on the cob (if you’ve never tried it, you should.)  Two baby stuffed animals perfect for our dogs.  Stuffed animals made for babies don’t have plastic eyes or beans in them, so if your dog destroys them, they won’t find anything inside (or outside) to make them sick.  An Amish table was set up at their fairgrounds, where they allow anyone to set up a table for a fee, so naturally I had to buy some cookies and small pies for Rich, and that’s all I can remember right now.  I always buy treats, drinks and lunch since my girlfriend drives, and that’s how our day went.  We had full tummies, and you can’t beat that.  I can’t remember what she bought, but I’m pretty sure it was less than what I bought.

We did go to a sale where a woman was selling basically everything from her craft room, and she had so many things…it filled an entire room…but she was selling everything for what you would pay for them in a store…Oh, I did buy three metal stencils there, and they are a little bent, so I hope they still work.  It always frustrates me when you go to a garage sale, and they are selling used things at retail prices..My mom used to price things that way and I’d ask her about it and she’d say “I’m not giving them away.”  I, on the other hand, just want to get rid of the things I’m selling, so basically do give things away.  What’s the point of going to all of the effort to take things to your garage, price them, and then at the end of the sale, put them back where you found them?  My system is anything that doesn’t sell goes to our local Family Center, where they have a small thrift store, and all the money raised, goes back into our local community.  Sadly, most people think the money raised at local Salvation Army stores stays in the community it serves, but all monies raised there, go to the national Salvation Army, and they aren’t affiliated with their local chapters.  I served on our local Salvation Army board many years ago, and was quickly disillusioned by their practices, and stepped down.

That was probably a lot more information than you were looking for.

Yesterday, we went to visit our close friends who have a home overlooking Lake Erie…it was a nice day, but as we were driving home, a thunderstorm moved through, so by the time we got home, Honey’s anxiety was out of control, so we went to the basement (Rich’s man room), and watched television with her until all storms and fireworks were over.

Today we were supposed to visit college friends, but the forecast is thunderstorms, and the idea of Honey having super anxiety two days in a row, is hard for us, so we’re probably going to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents’ grave, and spending the rest of the day at home.  I realize most people wouldn’t put their dog’s anxiety ahead of spending time with friends, but we don’t have children, and our dogs are an extension of our family, so we prioritize accordingly.

I hope you and your family have a happy Memorial Day weekend.

Brutus Monroe Catching Dreams w/ Holographic Glitter & Discount

Directions plus discount information is below..

USA site:
Europe site:

10% discount codes: Code is CraftingForAlmostEveryone2 good until June 10th
Holographic Glitter Shakers (2 Colors Diamond & Fancy, 5g Each):
Glitter Shaker Jars – Set of 54: from the following video:
5.5×8.5″ Watercolor Pads, 30 Sheets – Pack of 3: used in the following video:

I was sent a monthly kit from Brutus Monroe with the Catching Dreams stamp set inside. (Link: )
I used gray Recollections heavyweight card stock and cut a piece to 5 x 7″ and then die cut the center of it with a die that I can’t remember the name of it or where I got it (sorry.)

I cut another piece of the gray cardstock to 10″ x 7″ to create a 5 x 7″ card (scoring the 10″ length at 5″). I put this into the MISTI and laid three of the feathers from Catching Dreams in the MISTI with the first page I die cut over it, to ensure that you’d see all of the feathers inside the die cut area…I took the die cut sheet back out and used Versafine Onyx Black ink to ink the feathers then used clear Ranger embossing powder and heat set the feathers. I have a hard time stamping large areas, so used a tool I bought at called a Baren to help with leverage, when pushing on the MISTI lid.

I put the die cut paper back into the MISTI and laid the sentiment from the same stamp set and inked it with the same ink and embossing powder, then heat set it. I decided I needed more feathers, so stamped a couple of feathers on this page as well..same ink and embossing powder and heat setting…

I opened the card and folded it open and stamped inside with a stamp set from Taylored Expressions called Dream Big. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this stamp set online, as I believe it’s retired…I stamped Class of 19 and inked it with a Black Sharpie.

I used Touch Five alcohol markers and colored all of the feathers in browns, beige’s and grays. I glued a feather inside the card and added some of the leftover holographic inside as well.

I took a piece of acetate cut to 4 3/4 x 6 3/4″ and glued it to the back of the die cut front of the card withe Tombow Mono Aqua glue. Then I put two layers of foam tape on the back as close to the opening as possible, used my embossing buddy to put powder around the inside edges of the foam tape so the glitter would’t stick to it…then laid the holographic glitter inside and laid the card base on it. Don’t put a ton of glitter inside, as less is better. I pressed the edges to ensure they were tight and the glitter wouldn’t come out.

The holographic glitter link is at the top of this description and the 10% discount is good until June 10th.