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Glue Topper and Glue Bottle Storage Solution

I always have issues with my glue tips getting clogged and not being able to keep the glue running, so I decided to make a video with my latest trials…

I bought the Stopper Topper to keep my Bearly Art Glue black tip stopped…here’s a link to the store where I bought it on Etsy.

I was in my local Dollar Tree and found this adorable bird planter in the plant section where you’d find plastic succulents and I thought it would be perfect for holding my Tombow Mono Aqua Glue bottle. There must be a total of eight options, but my store only had the bird and the walrus…link: and I really liked the sloth, but couldn’t find it in my store.

You’ll need a lot of hot glue sticks (at least 4 or 5) and some E6000 glue as hot glue will sometimes release off of glass or ceramic if it goes from warm to cold and so the E6000 coating the bottom inside of the planter, ensures that the hot glue and the E6000 together will hold on the ceramic. I added a lot of hot glue in the inside center of the planter and then set the lid of the glue bottle well submerged in hot glue…you’d want to cover about half of the lid so once the glue sets, it will hold the glue bottle and will allow you to unscrew the bottle and the lid will always stay inside the planter, and this ensures the glue is always ready to be used and you don’t have to shake it a lot to get the glue to come out of the bottle…

If you get hot glue on the outside of the planter, use your heat tool and re heat the hot glue and then wipe it off with a cloth.

I’ll let you know if the Stopper Topper works for the Bearly Art Glue. I did try the Standify on Amazon after contacting the owners of Bearly Art Glue and asking for a stopper for the black tip. I didn’t love the Standify as you are supposed to keep the open tip of the glue bottle in the foam at the base of the Standify and sometimes I wouldn’t get the tip to sit directly onto the foam and glue would seep out and I hated that. Plus the Standify always seemed to be in my way and I just didn’t like it.

Valentine Desk Decoration Using Paper Straws

I bought this pack of paper straws at my local Walmart and found them in a drawer a couple of days ago, and thought they’d be really cute as a Valentine’s Day project. Link:

You’ll need a 5 x 7″ wood frame without the glass and a piece of cardboard that’s 1/16th of an inch thick and cut to 5 x 7″ and a piece of patterned paper also cut to 5 x 7″ to line the cardboard. Cut the cardboard and patterned paper and glue the patterned paper to the cardboard, then glue the cardboard to the back of the frame so it doesn’t move around.

Take a piece of red cardstock (I should have used red and didn’t, so had to glue red foam iran to the cardstock…this will allow you to skip this step) and cut it to 4 ” wide by 6 ” tall then either fold it in half on the 4″ length or score it at 2 ” on the 4″ length and then fold it in half. You’ll want to draw one-half of a heart on the paper with the center of the heart on the folded part of the paper. Hope that made sense. Cut out the heart.. You want to make sure when you open the paper, it’s a complete heart and if it’s not, it’s because you need to make sure you draw it on the paper with the center of the heart up to the fold.

Lay your heart inside your frame to make sure it fits and if it’s a little too big, trim it so it fits better. Take a double sided adhesive…I used carpet tape link: and line the red cardstock completely with the carpet tape. Turn the cardstock over to trim off any excess tape but leave the backing on when you’re trimming it as it will really gum up your scissors.

Lay your straws starting at the top and making sure the straw is horizontal and straight, and line it up so the right edge of the straw is at the right side of the cardstock, but completely covers the edge of the cardstock. Lay the straws down making sure they really butt up against each other. You’ll probably run out of straws, so you’ll need to use a box cutter or Xacto knife to trim the straws off the left side of the heart….don’t press down too hard when trimming the straws, or you’ll crush them and make them unusable. Keep laying the straws until the reach the bottom of the heart. You might want to cut the straws before you lay them onto the heart, if you’re good at eye-balling things to determine how long they need to be.

Make sure the straws are well adhered and trim the straws at the top of the heart in the center so you can tell it’s a heart, then put foam squares on the back of the heart to give the project more dimension. If you use these foam squares from Dollar Tree, you might want to double them up to add a little more height to them. link: Place it inside the frame and add a sentiment if you choose. Here are some Happy Valentine’s Day stamps to choose from. Link: I stamped mine in black ink and cut it in the shape of a banner and added foam squares behind it and placed it at the bottom of the inside of the frame.

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

I saw the LOVE sign at my local Dollar Tree last week and thought it would make an adorable wreath…so here it is:


Foam wreath link:

Red ribbon–I used velvet, but any red ribbon works. Dollar Tree has grosgrain ribbon in red that would work well…you’ll need at least 1″ wide ribbon.. their grosgrain is 1 1/2″ Link:

Red Metallic mesh:

I couldn’t find the LOVE sign on the Dollar Tree site, but I just bought it last week so my store still had some…hope you can find ones you like. Since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider making either a St Patrick’s Day or Easter wreath similar to this one…here’s a sign for Easter I found at Dollar Tree link:

Hot glue gun: Mine is a mini Gorilla glue gun, it’s multi-temp, and you need to buy multi-temp mini glue sticks, and for this project, I put the gun on low, as the foam can melt with super hot glue. link:

One sheet gold metallic glitter card stock (optional) (I couldn’t find any single sheets of gold glitter cardstock online, so this was the cheapest I found.)

Tear tape:

You’ll need an 6-8″ piece of ribbon to use as a hanger for the wreath, and it just needs to match in some way.

Then you’ll need a couple of straight pins to push the ribbon into the back of the wreath.

To begin: take your wreath form and cut the red ribbon to strips that are 5 1/4 to 5 1/2″ long and mine was 1 1/2′ wide. Start your first strip on the back of the wreath and wrap it around tightly, making sure there are no waffles or bumps in the ribbon making sure the strip ends on the back and you don’t hot glue any ribbon to the front.

I used multi glue temp glue sticks and glue gun, and put mine on the low setting so the glue doesn’t melt the foam wreath. .Overlap each ribbon strip and make sure the front looks good, as it doesn’t matter if the back looks yucky.

Once you’ve covered the wreath with red ribbon, use your heat tool or a hair drier to melt any hot glue that you can see on the front of the wreath, as it will show through the mesh and you don’t want that.

Then cut the mesh into strips, 1 1/2-2″ wide and maybe 2 feet long, and starting on the back of the wreath, lay some hot glue and put the end of the mesh in the glue and then start wrapping the mesh around the wreath, making sure it’s flat and always overlaps mesh, so you don’t have any red ribbon showing with no mesh on it. Wrap the entire wreath, making sure that you always start and stop on the back of the wreath, so there’s no hot glue showing on the wreath front.

I ripped apart the Dollar Tree sign , removing the ribbon that connected it.. I laid them up against the wreath and decided they needed to be backed with another color, so took a piece of gold glitter cardstock and traced the letters on the back of the cardstock. The letter “E” needs to be placed backwards when you’re tracing it, as it will not face the right way when you flip over the paper…fyi. I left a small border between each letter so when I cut the outlined shapes, I cut about 1/8″ larger so I had a border for each letter. I tried just hot gluing the glitter cardstock to the back of the letters, but it didn’t hold, so I used tear tape under each letter and hot glue, and the combination of both finally held the letters to their backing.

Make a hanger out of 1/4″ wide matching ribbon folded in half w/ a knot tied near the bottom Add two straight pins and push them through the ribbon right below the knot, and pushed them into the back of the wreath (this can go anywhere on your wreath at this point) and then added hot glue under the knot and ribbon to really make sure it held. Once your hanger is in place, make sure that spot is the very top center of your wreath before adhering any letters so the wreath looks straight once put together.

I placed the letters around the wreath form to decide where I wanted them, and once I was happy with them, I took them off and glued one on at a time. I found that by gluing down the “O” first, that I could lay the “L” on the “O” for part of the “L”, and the rest of the “L” was not touching the wreath, so I added some foam tape under the “L” where it wasn’t touching the wreath and added hot glue to the foam tape and the wreath so it wouldn’t move. When I adhered the “V”, part of it wasn’t attached to anything, so I added foam tape under it as well, then added the “E” and the hearts above the “E”. I turned the wreath over and hot glued the letters anywhere they seemed loose.

DIY Valentines Card Kits for Classes or Senior Groups

My girlfriend works in the activity department of an assisted living facility and I offered to make Valentine card kits so that each participant has their own “kit” of goodies to make a card with. I think this would be a great idea for crafty hoarders like myself to send to classrooms as well.

Here’s what I put inside each baggie.

Please note: I provide links to as many products as possible…those links are not affiliate links, as I do not make any money from this channel or any sales related to it..

–8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ or A2 card base scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ The card bases I included were from an old set of premade card bases from Michaels with hearts on the edges, and I wanted mine to have a red border, so I used watercolor paint and painted the edges. You could also use a marker to color the edges if you wanted

–decorated paper to layer on top that is 4″ x 5 1/4″ Mine was from an old Michaels pad of silver foil 12″ x 12″ paper that I cut down to size

–large heart shape doilies cut down to a size that fits easily on a card front , Link

–4 1/2″ length of red polka dot ribbon link:

–4 1/2″ length of Dollar Tree plastic gem trim link:

–6 Glue adhesive dots from Dollar Tree link:

Stampin’ Up Good Greetings sentiments “happy valentine’s day”, “I love you” and “thankful for you. I included two in each packet so there could be one sentiment on the outside and one on the inside. I used a Stampin’ Up Modern Label Punch to punch the two sentiments besides Happy Valentine’s Day, as it was too long to fit in that punch, so I just cut them in strips that could be made into banners if the card maker chose to do so.

–row of red adhesive half pearls in a strip

–Images to color that I die cut…they were dog and cat from Inky Antics –I couldn’t find the stamp I bought, but I did find one that was similar, link: Penny Black hedgehogs with apple stamp, still available on ebay link:

Envelope for Team Leader:

–I punched a bunch of red paper hearts with an old heart punch link:

–a lot of different Valentine’s Day inspired brads

–foam tape–if there’s not enough in the packet, you can always use fun foam to add some dimension behind a layer of cards and just add tear tape to the fun foam Dollar Tree foam tape link:

–roll of tear tape (best adhesive for card making)

–extra sentiments in case someone loses theirs –extra images to color in case someone has an accident with theirs

–extra ribbon

I made one of the cards from one of the packets by adhering the heart background paper that I cut to 4 x 5 1/4″ on foam tape after wrapping the red polka dot ribbon to the front of the panel upside down so it’s only red, and then I put tear tape on the back of the red strip of Dollar Tree plastic bead trim and laid it centered on the red ribbon. Then I attached all of it to the card base. I colored my dog and cat image by using watercolor markers and scribbling them out on a palette and using a wet paintbrush to paint the marker ink onto the image. You can color your image with crayons, markers, watercolors, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, or don’t color it at all and just adhere it to the card.

Before attaching the colored image to the card, lay everything you want on your card and move them around until you’re happy with their placement, and then adhere them. I put the glue dots on the back of the heart doily to adhere it to the card, and I added a couple of brads to the card…one through the center of the dog/cat image and one on the end of the “I love you” sentiment.

To attach a brad, you need a sharp object like a thick pin or a safety pin that you’ll push through and then wiggle it around to make the hole bigger. Push the brad through and then open up the two legs of the brad until they’re flat. I cut the Happy Valentine’s Day sentiment into a banner by cutting into the right side in the center about 1/4″ and then from the top right edge, angle cut to the center, and from the bottom right edge, angle cut to the center so you’ve got a “V” cut out ( a sideway V). I laid the sentiment on the heart and added the “I love you” sentiment with a brad through it inside the card. I made another set of Easter card kits as well and hope my friend and her residents enjoy making cards with them.

Easy DIY MISTI Pressing Tool

I wanted to make one of these tools that helps you get a better impression when you use your MISTI and I had a vintage jar with a lid, and broke the jar, so decided to use the lid to make one of these tools. A lot of people make them out of lids to Yankee Candles, but I like that this one is easier to hold. I’ll put in an ebay link to similar jar lids below…


Lid on ebay link: or

Dollar Tree Candy jars with lids link: and

Dollar Tree foam core:

Dollar Tree adhesive cork: You can use normal cork, but if you can find this cork, it will be inexpensive and has adhesive built in.

E6000 glue link:

Gorilla Glue multi temp mini glue gun link:

Peel and Stick Black Felt link: NOTE: You don’t need to use adhesive felt as you can simply use a piece of black felt and glue it to the project. I would buy a better quality felt than the cheaper pieces you get in craft stores…try the fabric section and buy felt there as it will be thicker and work much better for this project.

Sizzix red and pink sequin shakers:

Piece of patterned paper that will match the shaker components you’ve chosen for inside the lid.

Start by taking your jar lid and tracing the base onto the foam core, cork, felt and patterned paper. I used a disposable scalpel link: to cut out the foam core and then a sanding block link: to sand the edges that are rough from cutting. I cut the cork and felt with fabric scissors and the patterned paper with regular scissors.

I glued the patterned paper to one side of the foam core and glued the cork to the other side of the foam core, using the E6000 to glue both in place. I added more E6000 to the cork and attached the felt to it, making sure the felt covers the cork so you can’t see any cork, and everything that you can see on the sides of the jar is black…black foam core and black felt.

Take the jar lid and make sure it’s clean and with the opening facing up, fill it with minimal shaker components and set it aside until you’re ready to adhere the pieces together. I used the Sizzix shaker elements linked above and added a few small beads as well. You don’t want to add a lot, as it will make the lid heavy and that will defeat the purpose of using this to rub across the face of the MISTI. I added six dollops of E6000 to the edges of the patterned paper, and then added hot glue to fill where I didn’t have any E6000, so the edge of the paper circle has glue the entire way around, but only at the very edges of the paper…Then gently attach the patterned paper side of your sandwich of foam core, cork and felt onto the opening of your lid and hold it in place until the hot glue has had time to dry. Don’t turn the lid over yet until you’ve checked and made sure there are no gaps where you can see between the lid and the “sandwich”…If there is a gap, simply add more hot glue into the opening and wait for it to dry before turning over the lid. If you have any strings of hot glue, simply use a heat tool or hair drier to heat them until they disappear.

One Sheet Wedding Card, Simple and Elegant

I needed to make a card for a wedding and wanted to make something simple yet elegant.

Sadly the bride and groom stamp from Rubbernecker Stamps is no longer made…sorry.

I used the Hero Arts Congrats stamp set is available on ebay…here’s a link to the sets I found.

The cardstock i used is from Recollections and is their heavyweight, here’s the link: . The color of cardstock I used, is cream and cut the cardstock to 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ tall, then scored at 4 1/4″ on the 8 1/2″ length to make an A2 size card.

I stamped with Stampin’ Up archival gray ink link: I don’t know if Stampin’ Up makes this ink any more, but ebay has a lot of it for sale.

I stamped the bride and groom from Rubbernecker on the card base first, so I’d know where I would have room to stamp the sentiments.

I stamped in the MISTI ,the “Congrats” and leaving the stamp in place, and moving the card base, I stamped it two more times, then added “on your wedding” from the same stamp set…I wish I’d only stamped “on your wedding” once instead of three times, but that’s how I rolled…

I used clear embossing powder on the words to make them raised and shiny, and then heat set them. I wanted to add some color to the card, so I took a piece of plastic packaging and scribbled water based markers onto the plastic, in Stampin’ Up markers in Concord Crush and Wisteria Wonder but only used Wisteria Wonder as an outline, a shadow on her dress. Then I painted his head to make hair with a brown marker (Chocolate Chip), and I used black on his tuxedo. After the card dried, I used a black marker and colored the tuxedo again to make his jacket more black than it was.

I used leftover diamonds from diamond paintings and tiny Glue Dots Link: to attach the diamonds to the card. I used a random pattern for the diamonds (and one I placed to cover an ink spot.)

Great Shaker Birthday Card–Perfect for Beginners

The nice people at sent me this die and I thought it would be perfect to use for our great niece’s 21st birthday card.. They’re also providing my viewers with a 20% off discount code which is G-42879.

Here’s the link to the Big Birthday Wishes die:

Thin foam strips for shaker cards:

Tombow adhesive runner:

Premade card bases A6 link:

I started with an A6 size card base and cut a piece of 6 x 6″ patterned paper I had down to 4 1/4 x 6″ to fit the base, then cut the big birthday wishes die link: out of a light blue mirror cardstock. After it was die cut, I attached a piece of clear plastic to the back of the big birthday wishes die cut using tear tape to make sure the acetate stayed put. I added two thin rows of the thin foam strips link: all around the outside back edge of the blue mirror cardstock that I die cut, making sure there are no gaps so the shaker pieces don’t come out. I laid the card base on a large cutting mat and used washi tape to surround the card base, then removed the card and laid the big birthday wishes die cut inside the spot I’d washi taped, making sure it was centered with the washi tape and was face down. I used an embossing buddy link: to the sides of the foam tape so the glitter won’t stick to the sides of the foam. Then I used some larger Recollections glitter link: and put one color in the top portion of the die cut and another color near the bottom.

To put the card together, I took the card base with the opening facing the left side and laid it onto the die cut making sure it fit exactly into the washi tape I’d surrounded it with earlier, thus making sure the die cut is centered on the front of the card, and helps ensure the shaker pieces don’t fall out when you’re assembling the card.

I had some number cardboard pieces and painted a 2 and a 1 a matching blue color and then painted Brutus Monroe’s Glitter Glue link: onto the numbers with a paint brush, then added a fine clear glitter link: to both numbers and let them dry. Once dry, I added them to the center of the front of the card using the same thin foam strips to adhere them.

Use Up 12×12″ Christmas Paper Pads

I’m tired of using the same Christmas paper pads, so decided I’d use all I have by making Christmas bags for next year. For each bag you make you’ll use either three pages of 12 x 12″ scrapbook paper for the 12″ x 12″ x 3″ bags or two pages if you make the bag from this video. I made a bunch of 12 x 12 x 3″ bags as well as the bag I make in this video. If you want to make the 12 x 12″ bags, here’s a video where I make them. The papers I used, I’ve had for a while and were an old DCWV pack…couldn’t find the title, sorry.

To make 8 1/2″ x 9″ x 3″ bags, you’ll use two pieces of 12 x 12″ paper. You’ll need to score one piece of paper (the front) with the pattern facing the top of your scoreboard at 3″ and 11 1/2″ then turn one turn and score at 3″ and at 4 1/2″ but only to the first score line, then turn back to the pattern facing the top of the scoreboard again, and score at 1 1/2″ down to the first score. Take it out of the scoreboard but use your stylus and a ruler and go the the box I drew in the video and score on a diagonal from the top center score to the bottom left side of the box and from the center score to the bottom right side of the box.

The back piece has got a 4 1/2″ score that runs across the paper, so you should be able to tell the difference when you look at both pieces…Here’s the scoring for the back. With the pattern facing the top of your scoreboard, score at 3″ and 11 1/2″ then turn one turn and score at 3″ and 4 1/2″ then turn back so the pattern faces up again, and score at 1 1/2″ down to the 4 1/2″ score. Take it out of the scoreboard but use your stylus and a ruler and go the the box I drew in the video and score on a diagonal from the top center score to the bottom left side of the box and from the center score to the bottom right side of the box. Fold and burnish all of your scores.

You’ll trim both pieces the same way: Where you scored at 1 1/2″ and 3″ on the left side of your paper, at the bottom on that 3″ score, you’ll cut up to the other 3″ score cutting out the score lines and cutting a wedge out of the left and right side of the “box”. Then on the 11 1/2″ score, cut out the bottom section up to the 3″ score (including the score line) and then cut a small wedge out of the top and bottom of the 11 1/2″ scored area.

You’ll also need a piece that will act as a lid, it’s 4″ by 8 1/2″ scored on the 4″ length at 1 1/2″ then round the two corners that are the furthest away from the score line you just made. My corner rounder is a Kadomaru Pro and here’s the link on Amazon: (I’m not affiliated with Amazon and don’t get paid for YouTube, so only tell you about products so you know how to find them.)

Put tear tape on the face of the 11 1/2″ score line and on the face of the “box” you cut out on the left side of your paper at the bottom. I put tear tape on the inside of the bottom 3″ score section for the front of the bag and on the face of the back of the bag. Remember, the back has that extra score line that runs across at 4 1/2″. I added wet glue to the tear taped area so I could pick the paper back off if I laid it on the wrong spot.

To adhere the papers to each other, lay them both face up with the 11 1/2″ score line of one sheet is laying between the two papers. You’ll want to lay the left paper up the 11 1/2″ score line lining up the 3″ scores near the bottom of the pages and the top of the pages should also line up. Then fold the bag and when you do this you should be able to close the bag onto the other 11 1/2:” score to close the bag. Then take the bottom of the back of the bag and fold it into the bag, then take the side flaps and adhere them to the piece inside the bag, and fold the front piece’s 3″ scored area onto the other pieces and rub them well with a ruler to ensure they’re all well attached to each other.

I took ribbon that was 18″ long (I think mine was too long) and straightened it with a hair straightener and then took the lid I mention above and laid one end of the ribbon under the “lid” 2″ from the right side and attached the ribbon with tear tape and wet glue and then laid a piece of tear tape on the outside of the lid straight up from where the ribbon comes out of the underside of the lid and lay the ribbon on it . Take the other end of the ribbon and attach it the same way 2″ from the left side of the lid. Attach the lid to the back of the bag after pinching the bag to make it flatten out with tear tape and wet glue. I added an old Tim Holtz embellishment to the front after adding two pieces of Velcro to the underside of the lid about 1″ from each side.

I distressed my bag with Soft Suede ink from Stampin’ Up.

Coloring on Foam Flowers Using FoamIran and InLoveArts Dies

Thanks to the nice people at for the 20% discount code for my viewers and for sending me these dies to try. The code is G-57831

I found foamIran here in the USA at Ecstasy Crafts link:

I used the following die sets from

Inloveart Christmas Theme Little Decorations (Poinsettia) Metal Cutting Dies:

Inloveart Santa Claus Driving a Car Full of Presents Metal Cutting Dies:

I took a blending brush and Gina K Cherry Red ink and colored the poinsettias. If you want a lighter color, use the blending brush with ink on it, but with most of the ink rubbed off, to ink white foam. For a darker look, add more layers of ink until you like the color.

Cut the leaves on a branch from the poinsettia die set and ink with different green inks. I used Always Artichoke from Stampin’ Up and then added Distress Inks in Forest Moss and Iced Spruce on the leaves. You can use the small cubes to touch the edges of the leaves for shading or make up sponge brushes work great for adding ink to the edges and then blend out with a blending brush.

I colored three poinsettias in a range of reds from adding more ink to ones I wanted darker, and two of the leaves on branches, as well as six small leaves. I also colored three of the bows from the set, but decided not to use the bows on the tag I made.

I took a piece of white cardstock that’s 5″ x 2 1/2″ wide and then added a piece of Christmasy paper to it. I took a ruler and measured 1/2″ from the top down the side and 1/2″ on the top across the top and made marks, then cut on a diagonal to make this look like a tag. I used my Hay Phi scissors link: to cut the marks on an angle. Take the paper you’ve just cut, and lay it over the opposite corner of the tag then trim the tag using the piece of paper as a template. Then hole punch at the top center of the tag.

McGill stylus set link: I used a piece of thicker foam under my flowers and leaves and then rubbed the underneath of the leaves with a larger ball stylus to make them 3d and then the center of the flower I rubbed face up, but did the leaves of the poinsettia from beneath.

I added small gold balls (not sure where I got them) into the center of the poinsettias with wet glue. I laid the two leaves on branches onto the tag and glued them in place with Bearly Art Glue and then I used Colall Silicone glue link: to adhere the poinsettias and the leaves to the tag, but you could also use silicone adhesive from the hardware store, link: in place of craft glue. I added big dollops of silicone glue under the center of each poinsettia, and under the leaves to they have a lot of dimension.

For the tag with the truck, I simply cut another tag and colored it with blue ink, then die cut the truck set out of white cardstock and colored them with alcohol markers. I colored the wreath with a green marker and then added diamonds to make it look more festive. I colored the bow from the wreath with a red alcohol marker. The bumper and grill I used silver embossing powder on and heat set, and the tires, I rubbed in black ink. The tag seemed to need something, so I added leftover diamonds from diamond paintings and glued them all over with Zig two way glue pen, link: There were a lot more dies for this set, but I was struggling with my coloring, so decided to stick to the larger die elements in the set. You could use these dies for any masculine cards all year round and there are a lot of small dies in the poinsettia set that could be used with any flowers to create a larger bouquet.

Easy Gnome & Snowflake Wreath

I’m not sure where you can find the gnome, as I’ve had it in my stash for a year or so and don’t remember where I got it from. Sorry.

Take a foam wreath from Dollar Tree link : and wrap the entire wreath with white ribbon, holding it in place with hot glue. I used a combination of white satin ribbon, and seam binding ribbon to accomplish this. The snowflakes were cardboard from Stampin Up, and although they’re retired, I did find some on ebay, link: I painted the snowflakes with white paint from Dollar Tree link: then once they were dry, added Brutus Monroe Glitter Glue link: to them with a paintbrush, and added clear fine glitter link:, then let them set until they were dry.

I took a popsicle stick and cut one end so it came to a point, and jammed it into the inside back of the wreath, so I could prop the gnome against the stick so it would stay in place. Added hot glue under and behind the gnome so it wouldn’t move, then placed the snowflakes around the wreath. stopping so about 1/6th of the wreath only showed the ribbon I’d wrapped around it. I had some smaller foam glitter snowflakes that I added in spots where the larger snowflakes wouldn’t fit, and here’s a link to snowflakes similar to the foam ones I used. I took a piece of extra ribbon that was about 8″ long and made a knot about one inch from the end (after folding the ribbon in half) and then I took three small straight pins with pearl heads and attached the ribbon to the inside back of the wreath as the holder.