Author: saundralparker Haul and Simple, Sweet Card Using Dies

I was sent some great tools from and thought I’d share them with all of you.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from, they will give you a 20% discount. The discount code is S30626 and it doesn’t have an expiration date. I am not an affiliate and do not make any money from any orders you might place with I’m thrilled that they have sent me their products to try..

Hello die $3.72 link:

Christmas Gift Box Dies $5.33 link:

Cherry Blossoming Background Stamp: $4.49 link:

Crosswise Diamond Grid Background die:$6.21

Layering Creative Bubble Pattern Stencil: $2.58 The foam blender tool I used I bought on Aliexpress and here’s a link to them: To make these work, squirt them a couple of times with a water bottle and then ink them. I was amazed at how much better it worked once I tried that. I think this will be my go to tool for stencils going forward.

English Letters Alphabet Dies: $3.93

Happy Thanksgiving Dies: $3.39

Beautiful Flower Wreath Decor Dies:$5.08

Rectangle Lace Flower Background die: $5.73

Circle Nesting Floral Lace Frame Dies: $4.08

Cute Sloth Stamps: $4.49

I decided to make a quick card at the end of the video and used Recollections (Michaels) Heavyweight Cardstock in cream. I cut the cardstock to measure 4 1/4″ across and 11″ tall, scored on the 11″ length at 5 1/2″ The bone folder I used is made by Fiskars and I found it on ebay (now): link: I used the Rectangle Lace Flower Background Die to cut peach cardstock and laid it on a darker orange piece of cardstock and glued the two together. I added fun foam to the back of the orange cardstock so that I could make the card have more dimension. I used the Hello die from the information above and glued it to a rectangle stitched die and glued both with foam squares to the front of the card…then added matching orange pearls to the sentiment.

So Happy Life is Getting Back to Normal..

I don’t know about everyone else, but the last few months, I’ve been stressing more and more about Covid. I did everything right….at least I thought I did everything right, but Rich and I still ended up with Covid. Darn it…

After I got out of the hospital and off the oxygen tank, I realized something….If I believe what I’ve read and been told, Rich and I should have antibodies that will protect us for the next 2-3 months from getting Covid (again.)

I went to the grocery store and for the first time, felt less anxious than before we had Covid. I actually didn’t feel like I should be eyeballing every person within twenty feet of me, silently accusing them of possibly passing Covid along to everyone around them. It was liberating. I think we’ve all forgotten what “normal” life is like….but this small window of normalcy has been just what I needed.

I truly hope that the vaccine becomes available to us about the time our antibodies are no longer effective, as I would love being able to continue feeling less anxious.

2020 was such a crappy year, and with losing my sister two weeks before getting Covid, the year ended terribly. I can only hope and pray that 2021 is the complete opposite of 2020…Let’s all put our collective thoughts and prayers together toward that end.

Covering a Dollar Tree Two Year Planner

My girlfriend likes it when I make a covered Dollar Tree planner for her every year. This year, I could only find a two year planner, and even though it’s larger than previous calendars, I went with it.

To begin, I found some Stampin’ Up retired 12 x 12″ designer papers that I liked in black and white. The designer paper was larger than I needed, so I cut about 2″ off the top, so it’s 10″ tall by 12″ wide. I put the planner inside one of the papers and folded the top of the paper down to meet the top of the planner. Then I folded the bottom up to meet the calendar and removed the calendar to create a better fold. If you line one edge of the paper up with your fold, you should always end up with a straight fold. I don’t use a ruler or score tool, as this paper is pretty easy to fold without any tools. Then I folded the left side of the paper to about 1/4″ from the left side of the planner and folded it, and then did the same to the right side. You’ll want a little extra room (thus the 1/4″ extra) so the book doesn’t bulge when closed. Once the folds are done, you can lay the planner into the paper and using the side folds as flaps, put the planner into the flaps so it stays inside without any glue. If the book bulges when closed, make the side folds loose.

I then took a strip of the designer paper that was 12″ long by 3″ wide and scored it at 1″ and 2″ on the 12″ length, then folded the two folds to end up with a 1″ wide strip. I put tear tape inside one fold to make sure it would stay closed and then wrapped the belly band around the outside of the planner and hot glued the left end of the band to the front of the planner then wrapped the band around the back of the planner, hot gluing it in place. The right end I folded over and hot glued it shut, then put velcro under it so I could close the planner and it will stay closed with the velcro. I made sure the belly band wasn’t tightly closed with velcro, as you’ll need room for the planner to grow. I took two pieces of matching designer paper that I measured to fit inside the left side of the front cover and inside the right side of the back cover of the planner. You’ll want to make sure you leave a little space between the paper and the fold of the binding, otherwise you’ll end up with a bulge. I made the mistake of not leaving room when I did the first paper, and had to use my Xacto knife to cut a small strip of paper away from the seam.

I used tear tape to adhere these pages in place. I took three small pads of post-it-notes from the Dollar Tree and wrapped the designer paper around them and hot glued the back of the pad to the designer paper and hot glued a strip of glue to the top of the pad, making sure not to let any glue seep out of the top. If glue seeps out of the top, you’ll want to wipe off the excess glue before you lay the front of the paper onto the pad.

To decorate the planner, I had bought some matching embellishments from the Dollar Tree and I glued some to the front of the post it note pads as well as some to the belly band.

Easy Decorated Bobby Pins, Great Gifts

I made this video three times and apparently, this video wasn’t willing to play with me. I made these bobby pins for our niece who is a hygenist who specializes in applying individual eyelashes on her clients. I thought she’d get a kick out of having a variety of bobby pins to wear over the holidays. Unfortunately, because of Covid, I am slow in getting this video uploaded.

I started with bobby pins you can get from’s a link to them.

Nightmare before Christmas buttons link:

Snowflake buttons: When you use these buttons, they look better when you layer a smaller snowflake on top of a larger one so you can’t see the metal through the snowflake.

My mother’s old clip on earrings were easy to take apart. I simply bent the clip with jewelry pliers until it came off…and then I hot glued the earring to the bobby pin base. Make sure the flat part of the earring is glued to the base.

Christmas candy beads link from Michaels:–by-bead-landing/10547838.html

Hot glue works well to adhere most of the things I used, but if your hot glue doesn’t hold them, I recommend you trying E6000 glue along with hot glue for a better hold.

My Favorite Christmas Present…

When Rich and I were newly married, he made me this video and I’ve never loved another gift more. With the year we’ve had, including losing my sister on November 30th, then Rich and I getting Covid and me ending up in the hospital, this year needed to end with a little bit of Christmas magic. So I’m sharing the video with all of you in the hopes that it will be a great start to 2021…

Fast Last Minute Vintage Christmas Postcards

I wanted to share a simple way to make last minute Christmas cards, and found some really lovely vintage free printable Christmas postcards online.

Happy Christmas Tree postcard link:

Blue Christmas Tree postcard link:

Snowman postcard link:

Postcard address link: If you use this link instead of a stamp, I recommend you print this on a separate piece of cardstock (again changing the size to 4 x 6″) and then glue this paper to the back of the front of the postcard image. Or, you can handwrite the word Postcard and draw a T under it. Make sure you use archival ink, ie a Sharpie, a micron pen, etc.

You’ll want to save the links you’ve chosen to your computer then print it using cardstock in your printer. I use Michaels Recollections Heavyweight off-white cardstock for my postcards.

Using the links above, right click on the image and save image as, and give each image a name. Then you’ll go to the small file folder at the bottom of your screen and double click on it. It will take you to the images you’ve saved, and if you don’t see them, go to your downloads and click on the link, then go to the print icon and click on it and using the drop down box for the print size, change it to 4 x 6″ and print.

Cut out the postcard. If your printer misses one of the red border lines, take a rose red alcohol marker and a ruler…line the ruler up with the edge of the postcard and color all four sides to ensure all four borders are the same color.

If the postcard doesn’t have a sentiment, stamp one with archival ink. I used two Penny Black sentiments. One from Christmas and Love link: and the other from Joyful Sentiments link: ,

GBFKE com Unboxing, & Completed Diamond Paintings

I want to thank the nice people at for sending me these paintings. I really enjoyed making the ones I’ve finished..



Gingko leaves:

Santa Christmas Stocking: In case you didn’t see the glue video that I linked to this one, I shared that sewing the stocking didn’t work, as the thread kept breaking. I glued it together with Bearly Art glue and then stuffed it with fiber fill, and inserted a variety of floral picks I bought at Joann Fabrics.

American Flag Luggage Tag:

Goat Painting:

Golden Retriever Puppy Painting:

I’m not sure I shared….

That my sister passed away last Monday from a rare ear infection she had. I’m extremely relieved that she’s no longer in pain and out of misery. If you’d like to know a little bit about her, my brother-in-law wrote a nice obituary.

A lot of viewers/readers have been wondering how I am doing, and honestly, I’m OK. It’s sad when you are the last of your immediate family to be living, but it’s also a fact of life that I’ve always known would probably be my lot, as my sister was a type 1 diabetic since age four and lived to 63, which is an amazing feat.

I’ve been working on ways to keep myself busy, and have been finding ways to give back during the Christmas season. I love donating time and energy to others and it makes me feel better about myself as a human, when I do.

I worked with a wonderful woman for many years..She’s now 87 and has two sons that don’t do much with her or for her. She had a stroke seven years ago and lost function in her right side, and during non-Covid times, I’d take her out for lunch and spend time with her when I’m available. Since it wasn’t possible this year, I decided to buy her some presents for Christmas that might help her get through a long winter. I bought her crossword puzzle books, an adult coloring book, markers and a bunch of small things that will make her Christmas day a little brighter (I hope.) I made her a fleece knotted blanket for her birthday in November, and when I took it to her, she said “thanks for caring.” That almost broke my heart since she’s such a lovely woman, and, I think, once people hit a certain age, they’re almost forgotten, and I don’t want her to think she is.

I’ve mentioned this before in a blog post…when I was young, my mother had a friend that she “adopted” for Christmas, and every year I looked forward to hearing all about the gifts my mom got her and how excited the lady was to get them. Since Rich and I don’t have any children, I look forward to paying it forward on Christmas, and I’m hoping this year, my girlfriend will not be upset with the gifts we are delivering, as they’re given in the spirit of love.

I hope if you know of someone who is alone at Christmas, that you’ll also do something small to let them know you care….as this year, it’s especially important that people know they are not alone, even though Covid makes us feel like we are.

My girlfriend works in the activities department of an assisted living facility, and I promised her I’d send several cards (blank) plus all of the makings to create Christmas cards with her patients.

To begin assembly line card making, you’ll need:

–a bunch of card bases that are 8 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall and scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to create A2 size cards

–stamp the fronts of all of the cards at the bottom with Merry Christmas with Gina K Black ink

–stamp images, one per card, then either punch them or die cut them to make a nice surround to the image. I used old Stampin Up images, Christmas trees, snowmen, Santas and Christmas ball ornaments stamped with Gina K ink

–something for inside the cards..I chose a smallresin Santa that you’ll see later in the video

–varying sizes of silver, gold and red mirror and glitter cardstock, cut to 4 1/4″ long and varying in widths from 1/4″ to 3/4″ for layering

–ribbon, I have red, gold and silver lengths

–doilies–I chose gold doilies as they really make the image on the card front stand out

–a coloring medium–I chose ARRTX alcohol markers

–glue I used Bearly Art Precision Glue

–gold snowflake scatter (normally used on tables) You can glue these to the front of your card or put a few loose inside

–gold glitter paper and mirror paper cut into a 2 1/2″ circle

After you gather all of these supplies, you can begin making your cards. I think the best way to handle making assembly line cards, is to color all of your images at once and then it’s simpler to put all of the cards together.

After the image is colored, decide how you want to put it on the card. I chose to lay two pieces of the red and gold mirror cardstock strips right above Merry Christmas near the botom of my card. Then I glued one of the gold doilies onto the upper portion of the card, but making sure it also takes up as much of the empty space on the card front as possible, then I put Santa up on foam dots and laid it on gold glitter circle I cut out, then glued the entire thing into the center of the doilie. I turned the card over and cut off any doilie that overlaps the edges.. I put one of the small resin Santas inside on a small Glue Dot.