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Yesterday, Rich and I finally came to the end of the line with our crazy Coronavirus quarantine hair.  We talked it over and decided we could cut each other’s hair…how hard could it be?  Let’s just say, Rich didn’t think he was cutting much off and it turns out, he was wrong.  My hair is so short, it’ll take months to grow to a decent length.  I’d show it on a video, but it’s just too frightening…On the other hand, he liked the haircut I gave him…

I decided I was going to weed my front flower beds and plant some flowers I’d bought at a local greenhouse.  I spent hours, and in the end, was exhausted and didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted.  On the other hand, I wore a huge sun hat, so my crazy hair was covered and I didn’t scare off the neighbors..or their dogs.

I went into the craft room last night and framed the hummingbird diamond painting.  I made a video of the debacle…that’s the only word that fits this situation.  I’m contemplating how it could have gone worse, but don’t know if there are words.  Let’s just say, you’ll need to watch the video to decide for yourself if I should toss the entire project in the trash.

Today is a new day, and I really wanted to finish the cards I’d made with scrap paper….but there are just so many of them…I did manage to cut all of the card fronts to   5 1/4″ by 4″ so they’ll fit on an A2 sized card base…I have a bunch of pre-made card bases, so that’s one less step I need to do…..and in the end, all I accomplished was matching the pre made bases with card fronts….didn’t get anything glued down, but I did die cut ten sentiments, so at some point, I’ll be able to finish ten of these cards, and that still won’t make a dent in the pile I need to finish…

I also color and cut out some images that I might put on the cards, but in retrospect, I don’t think the images will work with the card fronts I created…they’re really busy, and putting an image on top would be too much….that just means I’ll have to make even more cards…geez…it’s never ending….and I still haven’t done any Christmas cards with scraps…maybe tomorrow…

I promised that I would share all of the projects I’ve finished that sent me…

Here are the links to the products if you are interested in finding them.

Snowman Coin Purse Link:

Peacock Notebook link:

Mandala Notebook link–I couldn’t find the top and bottom Mandala link, and here’s the closest one to it.

Mandala Notebook blue offset to the left—couldn’t find this on their site, here’s one that’s similar:

Mandala Wrist Zipper Purse Link:

Owl Diamond Painting Link:

Vintage Gas Station Diamond Painting link:

Winter Birds (w/ Deer shadow) Diamond Painting link: Hummingbird Diamond Painting link:

Bulldog Diamond Painting link:

A special thanks to for their kindness and generosity..


I was a crazy crafter yesterday and didn’t finish the card I was working on until 1AM.  I wanted to incorporate a headband/necklace into the card, and threading the necklace/headband into the card was a little bit tricky.  In the end, the card looks amazing, and I’m so excited that I gave this idea a try.

I also received another box of goodies from, and can’t wait to show you everything in an unboxing video.  I just finished the last Fansells project they sent me in the first shipment, so I showed all of the diamond art in their completed form in a video I made today.  I think it’s great when people show unboxing videos, but I’d like to know what the finished piece looks like, so that’s why I make follow-up videos showing the end results.

And my last project is still in it’s infancy.  I wanted to use scrap paper, and made a bunch of backgrounds…I stamped a bunch of images that I’m going to color to add to those backgrounds to create completed cards.  Some of them I’m going to make a heat embossed sentiment so I don’t have to do a lot of extra work to complete them (with no extra image attached), as there are SO many.  I thought I’d made big headway with my scraps, until the scrap box was empty, and I opened my cardstock drawer and found a hanging folder entitled “scraps” that I’d completely forgotten about…Drat….I used some of them for the cards I am in the process of making, and the rest I put back in my scrap box, that is now almost full again.  I can’t tell you how disheartening that was…

I decided the video I’ll make for this scrap card project will be a Christmas card during Corona card or cards, as I separated my Christmas scraps to be able to make cards with those as well.  I may never finish this project, as the longer I work on it, the more card bases I have and still no completed cards.  If you saw the pile, you’d shake your head and wonder why I do this to myself….Yesterday, I decided to emboss a lot of the backgrounds, and that wasn’t good enough, so added ink or metallic rub-ons to show off the embossed  (raised) images.  That took almost an entire afternoon…

I think I’ll use premade card bases to save time (and get rid of a lot of the ones I’ve had for a very long time with no plans to use them.)  I’m hoping I can get serious about finishing some of these cards as soon as possible, as there’s no room left in my work area, with unfinished card bases everywhere…That’s my plan for today…Finish as many of these cards as possible…wish me luck…


Decorating a Fabric Coin Purse, Easy and Fun

I wanted to find something to do with leftover diamonds (from diamond painting projects), and bought this fabric coin purse on ebay to experiment with. Link:

You don’t need to have leftover diamonds, you can use pearls you buy at the Dollar Tree, buttons, enamel dots, nail art, rhinestones, sequins, resin pieces or wood embellishments instead…Use your imagination, almost anything you use as an embellishment can be used on this project.

How to change the diamond color:  I used leftover diamonds and used alcohol markers to change the colors to the colors I wanted. I used a diamond painting tool to pick up the diamonds before coloring

The markers you use to color the diamonds must be alcohol based, as water based markers will run when wet. Put a plastic bag inside your coin purse so the glue doesn’t seep through to glue itself shut.  I used Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive link: to glue the diamonds to the purse.. I used a cheap kid’s craft paint brush from Walmart link: and cut about 1/4″ off the brush so it was more manageable to work with for the glue…I also used tweezers I got with a diamond painting to pick up some of the diamonds and to push them around on the purse. link:

I created a pattern (in my head) of flowers, and used the glue to adhere them by putting glue on the back of each diamond with the paint brush and then pushing it into the purse. I used a micro brush link: to draw a line of glue to add a line of Bling it rhinestones from Michaels (couldn’t find it in their online store) to create the stems and leaves of the flowers, and pearls to create the centers.

It was a fun project, but after thinking about it, I don’t recommend you doing this with kids, as the glue is really toxic smelling and hard to work with. The glue I bought came with a nozzle, but it didn’t show how to re-cap it once you attach the nozzle, so I didn’t use it, as I knew I wouldn’t use the entire tube doing this.



I watched Lindsay (the frugal crafter) use her scraps to make a bunch of backgrounds for cards.  I decided it was something I should consider….Plus, I wanted to make Christmas cards (as I said before, Christmas Cards during Corona)…..and I thought this would be a great idea for kicking off my Christmas cards….I’m sure most of us have Christmas card stock scraps laying around, and so I’m going to make my first card with scraps..maybe more than one card/video, I’m not sure yet.

Two days ago, Rich and I planted our garden outside…we’d planted seeds indoors and they were beyond ready to go outside, and some had already died.  I planted the flowers and planted flower seeds as well.  I also moved some of my perrenials (perennials are plants that should come back every year) around..That’s the thing about perennials, they multiply and you have to stay on top of them, and separate them, or they either overwhelm the area they are in, or they spread, and take over everything.  I’d planted really pretty gray spotted violets many years ago, not knowing they were the mother of all spreaders.  They ended up everywhere, and the only way to pull out the entire root base, is after it’s rained…otherwise, it’s almost impossible to pull them out of the ground.  I did love these the first year or two after I planted them, but then they took over my front yard, my side yard, and somehow, were in my grass (even though my grass is treated by Tru-Green…The guys from Tru-Green said those violets are almost impossible to eliminate…no kidding….I have them everywhere.  And every spring I try to eliminate every new one that springs up, but it’s a losing battle….My recommendation for anyone buying perennials…read up on what you’re buying before you buy and plant them, otherwise, you might have those plants everywhere, and as great as that sounds, it’s not.

Yesterday it started raining and I had been concerned about the fact that neither one of us did any additional watering when we transplanted the plants we’d grown from seeds..No need to worry, as it drizzled all day yesterday, and if that wasn’t enough water, today it’s rained so hard, we have a flood warning for our area.  I never worry about flooding, as we live at the top of a hill that seems like it’s a mile high.  I’m not sure how high it is, but I can tell you this much…if we ever get a flood at our house, the town closest to us would be completely under water, and I don’t envision that happening.

While it was raining yesterday, I started by organizing my cardstock scraps by color, and then tried to use all of that color’s scraps to create card bases.  I made a lot of bases, and I’m not done yet.  I think I have at least one color to go, and then I’m onto my Christmas scraps.  I followed Lindsay’s system, and then decided I wanted to make some cards with a starburst type design, to use the rest of my scraps.  When you use scraps in a triangle shape,  small scraps go a long way.  I used Lindsay’s system and created full pages of backgrounds that I’ll cut into four equal pieces that will create A2 size cards.  The triangle shape pieces are already on A2 size bases, and are ready for a sentiment.  I’ll put the sentiment on a scrap and die cut that piece, so it lays over the center of the starburst design.  I’m hoping to finish these cards in the next day or so….and get the video done shortly thereafter.

I have one more card idea I need to work on. I’m going to take a headband I was given from a woman who works with a company called Lilla Rose, and after stamping one of the ladies’ heads I have from Prima…I thought I’d use the headband as either a headband on the lady, or a necklace, as this headband could be worn either way.  I think I’ll watercolor the lady…..we’ll wait to see how it turns out.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, just need to get serious about finishing them.

I’ve got one final diamond painting left to do, and then everything I have, is now complete.  I’ll be sure to do a video on the completed images.  Some of them are really cute….I hope you’ll think so too..



We had snow yesterday, and temperatures in the 30’s all day…It was cold, and for some reason I hadn’t slept at all the night before, so I didn’t really accomplish anything.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but when every day is pretty much like the next, it’s often  tough to get motivated to do things. So in the days of corona isolation, I don’t seem to do much.. I uploaded one of the (late) Mother’s Day videos, and read.  I like the Detective D.D. Warren books and just finished her latest novel, “Never Tell.”  Her books are well constructed and a fast read, and her stories, I think, are creative.

This morning, I woke up with a reoccurring dream I’ve had since my twenties, that always unsettles me.  It’s one where it’s the day to go home from college and everyone else is packed and leaving, and I don’t have anything done and no boxes, and no plan.  I saw a television show explaining dreams once, and a similar dream to mine was dissected.  Basically, the person having the dream feels like they are falling behind and everyone else is getting ahead of them.  That made perfect sense when I was young and my career was going nowhere, but now that I’m retired and everyone’s home due to Corona, I can’t decide what it means.  The dream always wakes me up with a high degree of anxiety, though.  It can be several years between these dreams, and I still wake up anxious.  Do any of you have dreams like that, and if so, why do you think you have them?

Today is Mother’s Day and Rich baked bread and a peach pie for me.  I really love his pies…his crust recipe is a big secret that he learned from his grandmother, and believe me, it’s a great recipe.  I have no idea what he does to make it so yummy, but it’s almost like a sugar cookie, but fluffy and wonderful like a great pie crust should be.

We saw a cooking show several years ago where the pie maker put tapioca in her pie makes the filling thicker, and not runny at all.  You can’t discern the tapioca from the filling like you think you would, it just changes the texture.  It’s another reason Rich’s pies are so amazing.

And speaking of cooking shows, I watched one “on demand” yesterday, called “Girl Meets Farm,” and Molly Yeh made a salad that she says is very typical of the MidWest.  I’ve lived all of my life in Western Pennsylvania and Rich is from Ohio, and neither of us have ever heard of this salad….wait for it.  Popcorn salad.  It was like macaroni salad, but instead of macaroni, there’s popped popcorn.  It must be something you have to eat shortly after making it, but Molly Yeh says it’s at every potluck supper they attend.  I can’t imagine the popcorn standing up to mayonnaise, and I’ve never been to a potluck dinner that the dishes didn’t sit out for at least a couple of hours.  So maybe this is a great treat, or a soggy mess….I’d kind of like to try it though, just to see what it’s like.  I don’t know about her recipe, but I’ve seen a couple online that looked pretty good.  Rich, on the other hand, did not seem inclined to give it a whirl…until I mentioned a recipe that included bacon…he’s always a little bit more receptive to any recipe that involves bacon…no wonder we’re gaining weight in insolation…Bacon is becoming a staple of our diet…Yikes,  I need to get those vegetable plants in the ground and maybe someday eat something that is good for me..But for today, I’ll be eating pie.

Painting with Alcohol Inks, Great Card Ideas

I know I’m late with a Mother’s Day card, but timing isn’t everything..And this video is more about the technique than the card… I started with a cereal box, and cut it so I had the front and back of the box to use….I glued a piece of aluminum foil (shiny side face up) to the box. (I glued the aluminum foil to the inside of the cereal box panel, as I wasn’t sure if the aluminum would stay attached to the shiny finished side of the box.) Make sure you do a good job of gluing the edges and corners, as they will pull up with time.

I cut the cardboard/aluminum piece to 5 1/4″ tall by 4″ wide and put it in a Brutus Monroe embossing folder called Petal Lace (link: ) and ran it through my Vagabond electric die cutting machine. (link: ) I love the Vagabond and highly recommend it for people with hand/wrist strength issues. The card base I used was 8 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall scored on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″…making it an A2 sized card. I use Recollections Heavyweight card stock in white from Michaels link: .. I found Ranger’s Alcohol Ink tool kit at Joanns (link: and wanted to give it a try. I received Ranger’s Pearlized Alcohol Inks #2 in a stamp of the month kit, and found them only at Hobby Lobby in the big chain You’ll also need Ranger’s Alcohol Ink Blending Solution link: This is great for re-wetting dry alcohol ink and helping you clean your palette. I also use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to clean my work surface and tools.

You can make a lot of the tools you can buy (traditional tools not brushes) by gluing a piece of velcro to a pill bottle with the lid glued or Duct Taped on…then cut circles out of cheap white felt that are the same size as the lid and attach them with the velcro. Traditionally, alcohol inks were used in making abstract art and that’s what this tool helps create.

I wanted to see if the paint brushes provided in the tool kit would allow me to make a design that I can control. And they do. I painted the Intrique (Ranger Pearl Alcohol ink set #2 mentioned above) color in the larger sections of the embossing folder, then Tranquil from the same kit, in the centers of the flowers and Sunshine Yellow Ranger Alcohol Ink link: I colored a thin satin ribbon by running it through the Intrique alcohol ink left on my palette. I added a small tag that was die cut and stamped with Happy Mother’s Day from a Hero Arts stamp set called Celebrate Everyday (link: I wrapped the ribbon around the left side of the card and attached it to the back with foam tape I bought at the Dollar Tree. I put several rows of foam tape on the back so the card is raised. I painted around the edges of my card base with Tranquil pearl alcohol ink and then glued the aluminum piece to it.

For the envelope, I used the leftover alcohol ink on my palette with a peg stamp called Poppy Face Large link: and stamped it across the back of the envelope and one on the bottom right corner of the front.

The stamp I created on the back of the card is one made by Stampanda. It’s a square address stamp called Molly that I changed the address to the wording I wanted. I used a coupon I found online at Groupon to make it around $24.

For the other two cards, I used embossing folders from Darice. The thinner piece was run through the their Quatrefoil embossing folder link:, then painted with two of the colors from the Ranger pearl set #2 mentioned above. I die cut the word Hi out of the left upper side of the card base and glued a piece of mat aluminum colored card stock under it and glued the same color cardstock as the card base cut to 4 1/8″ x 5 1/2″ to the inside left side of the card base to cover up the aluminum cardstock back.

The other card was also made using a Darice embossing folder, unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it. Sorry. I used the same Hero Arts stamp kit for the sentiment and a gold color ribbon wrapped three times around the card front. I used Ranger older alcohol inks in Currant, Watermelon, Sunshine Yellow and Sublime from the Pearl kit mentioned above. I made this card the same way as the first card.