Making Paper Earrings & Earring Kit Results

Below you’ll find complete instructions and products used in making this video: Beebeecraft earring making kit link:

The Beebeecraft kit included the wires and the faceted stones, and all you need are the tools to turn them into earrings. I also added beaded dangles I created.

Bead Landing Jewelry Tool Set link at Michaels:        Tools in the set that I used are: Flat nose pliers, Long nose pliers – (I called these pliers) Round nose pliers, and a Flush cutter —I called this a wire cutter.

The dies I used to make the paper earrings were from Aliexpress, and here’s a link to them.

You’ll want to put the cutting part of the die face down on the front of the cardstock you use. Run it through your die cutting machine, and you’ll need four of the same pattern for every pair of earrings you make. I used a Xyron to turn my die cuts into stickers: link Put the die cut face up into the arrow of your Xyron, and then pull the paper to pull the die cut through the machine. Again, you’ll need four of these. When it comes out of the Xyron, you’ll probably find a lot of excess glue in the openings of your die cut. You need to get rid of as many of this as possible, as they are harder to remove once you lay this die cut on a layer of cardstock to create the earring. I use a pokey tool and run it around each of the openings on my die cut until I can’t see any more glue. The correct term for a pokey tool is a craft pick, and Sizzix makes ones that’s less expensive than the Tim Holtz one I used in the video…here’s the one from Sizzix link: and the one from Tim Holtz link: After you’ve removed all excess glue, find a color of cardstock that you like. I chose navy blue. Lay one of your die cut on the cardstock and line one edge up with the side of the paper, so you don’t have to cut that side of the die cut. Then cut the other sides out by tilting your scissors under your die cut just a little, so you won’t see any navy blue sticking out from your edges. If once you’ve cut it out, you find that you still have glue showing inside, you can use a tool called an Adhesive remover, link: They are now selling these at the larger Dollar Tree locations and they work exactly the same way. You will rub the corner of the adhesvie remover against the sticky part until the sticky part is removed. This might take a little while, so be patient, and don’t rush the process, or you might tear your paper. Next, take the second of your die cuts that you’ve run through the Xyron and cleaned the glue residue from and lay it on the reverse side of the navy blue paper, lining it up so it’s in the same position as the reverse side. This is important so when you poke a hole through it, you don’t poke one hole through navy blue paper, and through silver paper on the reverse side.  You will want to do all of these steps a second time to create your second earring. Then, using a piece of foam, lay your earring on it and decide where you want your hole to go. Remember your hole can’t be so far down your earring that the ring won’t close. You need the hole to be close enough to the outside of your earring, that the ring can move freely when attached. Punch a hole on each of your earrings in roughly the same spot with your pokey tool. Choosing the size of your open ring is important, as is the weight. Here’s a link to the 6 mm open jump ring I found at Hobby Lobby. and the link for 10mm:  I only had 10mm open rings, so used the same for everything, but the earrings would look better if you used smaller rings whenever possible. To open the ring to put it through the hole you poked, you’ll use two pairs of your pliers, the flat nose and the long nose (that I just called pliers.) Holding the open ring near the opening on either side with both pairs of pliers, bend one side back..don’t pull the sides apart, as you don’t want to spring them open, so you can easily pull it back to the closed position when you are done. Once the ring is open, insert it through the earring add a fish hook ear wire…here are options from Joanns, link:

You’ll need two head pins link:   Mine were 1 1/2″ long, but you can use up to 2″ long..longer pins work better for a longer beaded dangle. Take the beads you want and put them on the head pin, realizing the bottom of the pin (with the head) is the lowest part of the earring. Using the round nose plier, hold the pin about 1/8″ from the bead and bend it to 90 degrees, then turn the pliers over and fold the wire around the plier, forming a loop, then fold the wire around the base of the loop two turns then using snips, trim off any excess wire. Put an open ring on the top and attach the ring to the earring loop.


Yesterday, I made two videos…one using the same dies I’d used to make earrings, only this time showing how to layer them to make a card, and am finishing a double page spread in my art journal.  I don’t know if I talked about this idea, but I have a huge stamp of a woman’s face and long flowing hair, and as soon as I got it, this idea came to me.  I thought if I stamped it in archival ink, I could color the hair and then use embroidery floss to cover her hair in a variety of colors of floss. I soaked the floss in school glue and laid it on the image.  It took a really long time and a lot of mistakes, to learn how to make it work best.  I found the shorter the lengths of floss I use, the better…You can’t cover over the center of the book, as you’ll never be able to close it again, so you have to stop on either side of the spine.  It’s so messy, but lots of fun (if you don’t get so covered in glue that the embroidery floss sticks more to you than your project.)  Today, I’m going to finish the background of the image, and hopefully make it look really fun, with a lot of layers of mixed media.  I guess you’ll have to wait for the video to see how it turns out.

As for me, I’m not going anywhere, so plan on putting up a lot of videos.  Rich and I are going to do one together, where we give you all kinds of ideas of what to do (and they require no money,) while you are quarantined in your state.  PA, where we live, is optionally quarantining us.  They’re asking that we don’t go out unless we have to, and not getting in any crowds of people over ten…and that’s not a lot of people.

All of our non-essential businesses are closed, and we went out the first day the governor declared this, and it’s kind of spooky when you don’t see anyone out shopping or doing anything.  But if I had to guess, I’d bet there’s still no hand sanitizer, toilet paper,  milk, bread, etc on the shelves.  I hope that two weeks will make a big difference in containing the virus here, and hope all of you are staying inside and keeping safe.  If I didn’t mention this product before, called Microban…if you can find it in your grocery store or Walmart, it’s like Lysol, except for the next 24 hours, it continues to kill germs on the surface you sprayed it on.  Lysol will kill all of the germs at that moment, but as soon as someone touches that surface after it’s sprayed, it’ll get germy all over again…I’d rather spray a surface every 24 hours instead of every few minutes.  And it’s not very expensive..I found bottles for under $5.  And it’s a big pump-action bottle and should last us a very long time…


Normally, every other year at this time, we would be thinking of what kind of Irish food I’d be making for St.Patrick’s Day, but not this year.  I’ll be honest, the longer this Coronavirus scare goes on, the more “scared” I’m getting.  It’s not that I’m hoarding, or worried about whether we’ll have food, it’s more that I worry about how closing so many businesses might ultimately destroy those small businesses….I also worry about people who live paycheck to paycheck, and all of a sudden, there is no paycheck, and they spent their last paycheck making sure they have enough food and essentials to get them through this “crisis.”  Is there anyone else thinking about these things…I guess I mean people who can “fix” things?

I do worry about the medications I take, as some of them I can’t live without.  Has anyone considered  what will happen after two weeks of quarantine, if the virus isn’t here (where I live) yet?  Since it’s not here yet, and we’re under the two week quarantine, I wonder if the decision to close non-essential businesses wasn’t premature…I can’t imagine that most families would be able to provide for their families for a month without income…and how long are the stores going to allow the hoarding they’ve so far allowed?  Rich told me a man bought 17,000 cases of hand sanitizer and is selling them for huge sums of money online due to the fear, and lack of availability in stores.  He should never have been allowed to hoard that many cases, let alone a few.  It’s my belief that unless you’re buying sanitizer for a business or school, no one would need a case of it…let alone 17,000 cases.  It’s insane.  Yet here we are.  And back to my medications….who will be making and transporting them if the rest of the states do what Pennsylvania and Ohio have done in closing businesses…

I’m taking this one day at a time.  Rich and I have always kept pantry items on hand…lots of macaroni, soups, canned vegetables, etc., so we’re not worried about having to go to the grocery store any time soon.  I hope the two week quarantine plan does at least ease the minds of the people who are over-hoarding food.

To keep my mind occupied, I’m trying to do extra videos and hopefully, they will not only keep my mind occupied, but maybe yours as well.

Let’s all stay at home and craft something wonderful, or clean our craft rooms….that would take me at least two weeks if I did it right.

Pull and Slide St Patricks Day Card and Collaboration w/ Rebecca Walton of Peg Stamps

Rebecca Walton from Rubber Stamp Tapestry (the Peg Stamp people) and I decided this fun card would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you’ll go to Rebecca’s channel, and watch her version of this style of card as well. Here’s a link to her video.    I watched a video by Mixed Up Craft making this type of card, and here’s a link to it. I love Sam from Mixed Up Craft and recommend her channel highly.

To make this card, I started by printing out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and here’s the link to it. I printed the image out on my computer printer on a full sheet of 90 lb cardstock then trimmed the cardstock to 4 3/4″ X 6 3/4″ and took Tumbled Glass Distress Oxide Ink and a makeup brush from Aliexpress link: and using the brush lightly, colored the entire card front with the exception of the rainbow and the pot of gold. I used a sentiment from an old discontinued stamp set from My Creative Times called Leprechaun. I stamped the sentiment in raven black ink from Brutus Monroe and then used clear embossing powder and heat set the sentiment. I wiped the black sentiment with a rag after coloring the blue background, to make sure the black sentiment was nice and bold.

I took my Arteza Everblend Alcohol Markers and colored the pot in black and a couple of grey colors…I left the center of the pot lighter so it appears more rounded, then colored the gold coins with a gold gel pen and printed the pot out three times and cut the coins off of the pots and cut portions of the coins after coloring them gold with a gel pen, and then using foam tape behind the coins so the coins looks like they are layered. I colored the rainbow with a few different colors of alcohol markers.

I stamped all around the front of the card with a clover from the Peg Stamp set called Shamrocks and Clover in Gina K’s Christmas Pine ink.

I took foam tear tape and laid it on back of three sides of the card front, leaving the right side without any foam from the center to about an inch from the top. You’ll want to layer the foam tape so there are two layers of foam tape all around the card (except where I mentioned above) as well as a line in the center of the card under the pot of gold, so the card front stays raised and doesn’t implode because it lacks backing.

You’ll need two pieces of white cardstock that are 4 3/4″ long by 3/4″ high and glue them together so they are super sturdy. Using a Glue Dot, glue a magnet to one end of the strip you just created. I used MayMay’s set of stamps called “Action” link: and used the stamp that said “slide” and I stamped it on the other end of the strip with Gina K’s Black Amalgam Ink. It should be stamped on the same side as the magnet is laying on (but the other end of the strip) I rounded the corners of the strip with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder from Amazon, link:

I took a coin button and Rich cut the loop off the back of it and added a Glue Dot to the back and added the other part of the magnet to the Glue Dot . I layered the card front to a 5 x 7″ white card base with a 4 7/8 x 6 7/8″ green mirror cardstock glued to the card base. I took the strip of doubled cardstock and inserted it into the opening on the right side of the card and slid it all the way to the left side of the card, and laid the coin with the magnet attached to it on top of the card, making sure it attached to the magnet underneath…then when you pull the tab that says “slide,” the coin will move wherever you want it to go. I had a second coin and glued it to the front of the pot of gold. Inside the card, I stamped “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” from the same stamp set I used for the front of the card, and stamped a few of the clover inside as well.


I finished the earrings I’ve been working on for the last couple of days.  I realized when I used better tools, I could manage the wires a lot more easily than when I used tools that weren’t as sturdy…live and learn, I guess.

I also made a haul video, as several diamond paintings (that aren’t paintings)  I ordered from Ebay, came in the mail today.  I ordered several diamond painting journals, a purse and a coin purse, as well as one real diamond painting.  I decided I might need something to keep me occupied during the time we might be quarantined for the Coronavirus.  I had ordered the diamond painting materials on February 25th and February 27th and think they came really quickly, considering I don’t think any of them came from inside the USA.  I choose the journals because they make great gifts and they are quick to complete.  I wanted to make sure I have plenty of things to keep me busy if I’m not leaving the house, and diamond painting really relaxes me, and I think that will be a great help if we are house bound as well.

We don’t have any cases of Coronavirus in our county or the counties that surround us, but believe it is just a matter of time until we do.  Since they closed the schools and colleges for the next few weeks, I think our governor thinks he can stop people from getting sick, but I’m wondering if he closed them too early, as we don’t have any cases, but I don’t really understand how this virus works, or how closing everything before anyone is infected will slow the virus, so we’ll wait and see.  I did go to the Dollar Tree because I’ve been obsessed with making a project with carrots I’d seen in their store and on their website.  We went to both stores we’d be able to find them in, and they were sold out, as are the ones online…so I guess I’ll have to reconsider making this project next year, darn it….  I did get a chance to ask one of the employees about hand sanitizer and how quickly it was selling out.  She said they got nineteen cases of it this morning and it was completely sold out in an hour.  I asked if they had limited anyone to the number of bottles customers can buy, and she said that they hadn’t, but that morning had taught them that they couldn’t continue to allow a few people to buy their entire supply.  From now on, they are limiting the quantities that people can purchase at once…I’m glad they’ve finally come to their senses, and wish they’d done it last week so all stores wouldn’t be sold out now.

If people know they are limited to the amount of bottled water, toilet paper and hand sanitizer they can buy, I think they will approach this with a little more common sense…at least I hope they do.  As for me, I haven’t really stocked up on things, but have made sure I have enough crafty ideas to make several videos to keep people entertained (a little) while they are being quarantined.

I hope we all get through this safely, and that we all take a deep breath and approach this with our own health and that of others as our primary concern.  If we all do that, we’ll get through this virus in the best possible light, and as few deaths as is humanly possible.


Yesterday I decided I would use all of the die cuts I’d made when practicing with my new DIY die cutting plate.  I cut a lot of smaller shapes, and had just seen Lindsay the Frugal Crafter make paper/vinyl/cardboard earrings, and thought I should give them a whirl.  I sat down in the afternoon and at 1AM, Rich asked when I would be finished..  I made ten pairs of earrings, and the reason they took so long to make, was twofold.  First, I’m indecisive, so couldn’t figure out what beads to use to create a look I was going for, and two, I’m not very strong, so wrapping the wire around the pliers was a little bit taxing.  Even trying to open the O-rings put me in a quandary.  I just couldn’t figure out why it was so tricky for me to open them, when I finally realized some of them didn’t have an opening….That’s when I decided I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed (if you know what I mean.)

If I had to guess, I’d say it took me at least thirty minutes to make a pair of earrings that Lindsay can make in five.  I’m not comparing myself to her because she’s been making jewelry for several years, but still, I didn’t think it should take me that long to make them.  In the end, though, I’m happy with the earrings, and hope all of you enjoy the video that will go live in a few days..I can’t say when, because I may reshoot the video as I couldn’t remember the names of the tools I used or some of the jewelry making pieces and think it’s important that you understand what I’m using..

Today I went to my rheumatologist’s office in Pittsburgh.  This was the first visit to a doctor since Coronavirus has become such a national obsession, and the front desk asked me several questions before they let me be seated.  They wanted to know if I had any of the following symptoms….and gave me a list.  Two of the symptoms are muscle pains and joint pain.  I have to say, since this is an office for arthritis, wouldn’t you expect every person to answer yes to those questions…I’m just saying…When they asked if I’d been out of the country in the last month and I said, “Yes,” they were really thrown for a loop.  Apparently no one they’ve questioned so far has answered yes, so they had to figure out what they needed to do to proceed.  They asked what country I’d been to, and then they couldn’t find St. Maarten in their list.  So they left that portion blank.  I think I would have noted where I’ve been in case someone else in their back offices would want to know.  My appointment was fine, and my work there was done.

On our way home, I wanted to stop at Aldi’s and get a cake they sell that’s made with 7-Up, and tastes like lemons.  It’s really good with a bunch of strawberries on top, and since I already had the strawberries, I was in serious need of something to use them with.  Aldi’s was crazy busy, with people buying (seemingly) three things….hand sanitizer (naturally,) toilet paper and bottled water.  They were out of all three.  I can understand why the hand sanitizer racks are empty, but what’s with toilet paper and water?  Since Coronavirus isn’t in our water system, shouldn’t we be able to drink the water that comes out of our faucets?  And toilet paper……I’m the first person to stock up on toilet paper, but my reasons are different from other peoples.  As a kid, my mother would forget to buy toilet paper (and back then you only could buy four packs.)  So we would use tissues, and I hated when we’d be running through the house, looking for tissues, as someone needed toilet paper, and there was none to be found.  It really resonated with me, and I have to always have at least twenty rolls in the house….and usually a lot more than that.   What reasons will others have to hoard toilet paper for this virus?  It would be different if diarrhea was associated with the virus, but it’s not…Do people normally not keep enough toilet paper on hand that if they were quarantined for two weeks, they wouldn’t have toilet paper?  So if that’s the case, there are a lot of people who don’t carry a sufficient supply of toilet paper since all of the shelves are bare.

I went to the Dollar Tree, and they were also out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but had the gallon bottles of water.  So maybe people want to have water, but want it to be individually sized, so they don’t have to touch a bottle that someone else in their home has also touched.   And if that’s the case, then are they buying everything they eat and drink in single portion sizes?  These are the things that keep me awake at night….

We got home and I put up the video on how to make your own cutting plates for your die cutting machine and then watched as the dogs destroyed the Dollar Tree stuffed animals I’d just given them.  They find a certain satisfaction in playing tug of war with stuffed animals until they tear the toy in half, and it’s guts are strewn across my living room floor. If I could just teach them how to clean up that mess once they are finished…but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen any time soon…darn it.

DIY Permanent Replacement Cutting Plate for your Die Cutting Machine .

I bought a self healing cutting mat from Hobby Lobby from Sew-ology Quilting, that was 6 x 8″ and sells for $4.99 full price. Here’s the link to it.

Rich used my existing cutting plate and laid the new cutting mat under it and used his pocket knife to cut against the side of the existing plate until he had it well scored, then flipped it over and did the same thing with the opposite side, until it was cut deep enough to basically crack on the line. I would recommend you using a craft knife. The cutting mat wasn’t thick enough to cut well, so I took a Dollar Tree cutting mat that you get in a two pack. Here’s the link to them.

I laid my old cutting plate on top of the cutting mat from the Dollar Tree, and using a pencil, drew a line along the edges of the cutting plate, and using my Tim Holtz scissors, here’s the link to them. I used tear tape to adhere this mat to the underneath of the Hobby Lobby cutting mat, and found the tear tape made the cutting mat thick enough that I didn’t need to add another piece of the Dollar Tree cutting mat, but it might not be the same for your cutting machine, and you might need a second cutting mat added from the Dollar Tree to make your plate thick enough to cut properly.

The dies I used were from Aliexpress and here’s a link to them. In an upcoming video, I’ll be using the dies to create earrings, and I hope you’ll check them out.

The cardstock I cut with is from HSN.COM and is made by Crafter’s Companion and is called Luxury Cardstock..Here’s a link to it in silver and gold, and it comes in other colors.

To cut so you don’t ruin your top plastic cutting plate, from the bottom to the top, here’s the order your sandwich should be made in: (A sandwich is what crafters call the plates, cardstock and dies that go through your cutting machine.)

My machine is a Tim Holtz Vagabond II and I recommend it highly…Link:

Start with your thick plastic piece, mine is called a magnetic platform..

Next is the cutting mat you just created using the Hobby Lobby Sew-ology self healing cutting mat and one of the Dollar Tree cutting mats, adhered together with tear tape. If this doesn’t cut well enough, you should add a second Dollar Tree cutting mat layer…The Dollar Tree mats should be facing the magnetic platform, as they are not to be cut on as they aren’t as durable as the Sew-Ology mats.

Next, is your cardstock, or designer paper

Next is your die facing with the cutting surface pointed at the cardstock or designer paper.

Last is your plastic cutting plate that came with your machine. You should flip this over every other time you use it, so it doesn’t warp, but always keep your sandwich in the same order as I’ve explained above.