Making a Christmas Cookie Plate

I made these plates a few years ago, and had this material leftover from my dog’s Christmas kerchiefs, so thought I’d revisit making a Christmas cookie plate. I bought my plate at the Dollar Tree (for a $1)…It’s about 10 1/2″ across.

You’ll need 1/3 yard of fabric for a 10 1/2″ plate. I bought mine at Joanns and here’s a link to it on their website. You’ll also need dishwasher safe Mod Podge and a foam brush. I buy my brushes at the Dollar Tree. Here is the link to the Mod Podge at Joanns.

I always recommend you price shop for any product I use on my channel, as I only give you links so you know where I bought the product.

Clean your plate with rubbing alcohol to remove any smudges or fingerprints, then put a good coat of Mod Podge on the back of the plate. Lay the fabric face down on the back of the plate, making sure you cover the edges of the plate really well with fabric. I like to flip the plate over to see if there are any spots where you see a lot of white, as that means the plate and the Mod Podge haven’t adhered together there. Rub the spot with your finger and the spot should go away. You can trim the excess fabric off now, and do this by puttiing your scissors on the edge of the plate and angle the scissors away from the edge. Coat the back of the fabric with another coat of Mod Podge (while the first coat is still wet) and make sure you really cover the edges with Mod Podge. If the edges are adhering, put more Mod Podge UNDER the fabric. Then brush on top of the fabric to make the edges adhere. When this coat is dry (I usually wait over night) add another coat. I trim around the edges after each coat to remove any frayed fabric or excess Mod Podge. After three coats, it is done.

How to Make a Cover Minder for Diamond Paintings

I’ve seen cover minders for sale on Etsy and wondered why I needed one…It just occurred to me that when I’m working on a diamond painting, the rustling plastic gets on my nerves, so decided I would make one or two.

For the first cover minder, I took and old earring of my mother’s and snipped the post off the back then hot glued a 5mm round x 1mm thick magnet (link to it. I took a small button and hot glued the other half of the magnet to the back of it, and then put the two magnets together to create the cover minder.

I used a jewel that I had on hand and hot glued a magnet to the back of it and then took a matching button and hot glued the other half of the magnet to it to create another cover minder.

I recommend you use a button or similar flat object to create the back of your cover minder, as it will not put a bump in your diamond painting. You can also find a tiny cup and hot glue it to a magnet and use it as a cover minder as well as a trash can for diamonds that are misshapen.

One of Those Online Experiences

I was doing some Christmas shopping at an online store named Belk. There are a lot of Belk stores near my sister’s home, and I really liked their stores, but….

I found some things I wanted to buy and the order total was over $100. They offer 20% off your order if you apply for one of their credit cards, and I thought, why not..So I applied and was approved and was given my card number, expiration date etc., but no code for the discount. I was convinced I’d done something wrong, so looked on their website, but found nothing that would help. So I went to their contact information. It sent me to an email site where you describe your problem and they’ll get back to you in a day or two. Of course the sale ends tonight, so I don’t have a day or two, and when I went to my email, there was an email response from Belk telling me that it would be a day or two, but if I wanted an immediate answer, I could call their 800 number (something I’d been frantically looking for, to no avail.) I called, and the recorded response said I would have a 30 minute wait, so I put my phone on speaker and laid it beside me while I responded to YouTube comments. Maybe 10 minutes into my wait, a recorded voice came on and said push 1 and instead of waiting, they’d call me back. Great, I thought, and pushed 1…nothing happened. I pushed it again, still nothing…so I’m back to waiting. Probably another 10-15 minutes passed and a younger woman’s voice came on, asking how she could help me. I told her my issue and she said she’d have to talk to her supervisor about the discount code, then came back on the line and said she’d email me the code, and I should have it in about five minutes. I’m not sure why she couldn’t just give me the code, but apparently she couldn’t. That was three hours ago, and still no email. I guess I could call them again, but seriously, what’s the point.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every time I call an 800#, I end up feeling like I’d have been better off if I hadn’t. I will probably get three or four email responses in two days, and by then I won’t care about the problem any more, as I didn’t submit the order and the sale is over today.

And I thought Black Friday hassles only occurred when you actually went into a store..welcome to Black Friday hassles 2.0, the online version.

Making a Felt Covered Small Pumpkin

I wanted to make a pumpkin for my Thanksgiving decor, and because of covid, didn’t really decorate the table, but did finish the pumpkin in time for Thanksgiving, but just didn’t manage to get the video online in time…sorry.

You’ll need two sheets of 9 x 12″ felt that you find in any craft store or Walmart. Cut small, medium and large teardrop shapes from the felt. You’ll need about 250 total pieces for a small pumpkin. Start at the bottom of the pumpkin, making sure to allow the large pieces of felt to hang over the bottom (as I didn’t finish off the bottom with felt) and then overlap each piece with hot glue.

I put hot glue from the top to the bottom of every piece of felt above the bottom row. The bottom row needs to have the bottom half of each felt piece so it can move, as it looks better if it’s not glued down. Second row from the bottom, use large pieces of felt and lay your first piece so it overlaps two pieces on the bottom row…It should lay about half on the row beneath and half above the row beneath. Continue gluing down rows switching between the large and medium size pieces of felt. Once you get to the top, use small felt pieces.

You’ll need:

several hot glue sticks

a small pumpkin

two 9 x 12″ sheets of felt


Happy Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, we would go to my grandmother’s house every year for Thanksgiving. She had a really small house, and although we have a smaller family (13 people), there wasn’t a free space to be found. My cousin and I would share a tv tray in a small hallway between my grandmother’s bedroom and bathroom, and we thought it was our own private area. It was the only quiet spot in the entire house, so it was pretty great. My grandmother was under five feet tall, but she was a ball of energy. She lived alone until she passed away in her sleep at age 89. She made herr turkey in a brown paper bag inside a roaster. I have no idea why the brown paper bag didn’t catch fire, but luckily, it didn’t. I wish I’d learned some of her secret recipes, as she was an amazing cook. Grandma lived on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and she always had a fully stocked freezer and It didn’t matter when you went to visit her, she was always preparing and/or eating a full meal. For lunch, she’d have a pork chop, baked potato and a vegetable. You can imagine what she had for dinner. Her turkey is what I measure all other turkey against. My in-laws had me for Thanksgiving for many years (because it was the only way we could spend Christmas day at home….by promising all other holidays to our in-laws.) Thanksgiving at my in-laws was such a different experience. My grandmother only got one station on her television (remember she lived in the middle of nowhere and had no cable, only an antenna.) We never watched football on Thanksgiving growing up. My first Thanksgiving at Rich’s parents involved turning the television so everyone at the table could see it, and keeping the volume at a normal volume so you couldn’t hear each other talk. My mother-in-law apparently didn’t know how to make gravy, so just poured the drippings, including all of the fat, into a gravy boat. I’ll never forget seeing that and wondering what they were going to do with a bowl of fat…it was gross.

After my mother-in-law passed away, my brother-in-law and father-in-law made the turkey. There were years when the juices ran pink, and I was afraid we’d get food poisoning, so didn’t eat any turkey.

After my father-in-law passed away a few years ago, we’d go out for Thanksgiving dinner with friends who also used to spend Thanksgiving with Rich’s family. This year, because of covid, Rich and I ate our first official Thanksgiving dinner (after 38 years of marriage.) I have to say I think my grandmother is smiling down on us, as together, we made the turkey breast, and it was wonderful. We ate on our china and made a special occasion out of it.

My sister, who is terminally ill, spend all of her energy two days ago, walking me through how she made Thanksgiving dinner. It was so sweet of her and I’ll cherish that memory.

2020 has been a terrible year for all of us, but for me, this Thanksgiving was a good day. Sometimes a good turkey can make us forget for a while, all of the things that are making us sad.

It was my birthday yesterday..

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I consider my birthday to be cursed. It started with the first birthday I can vividly remember… my mother and her best friend crying, as President Kennedy had just been assassinated. I’m not going into a lot of detail, but so many bad things have happened to me and my immediate family, that I basically hold my breath and wait every year for the calendar to flip to November 23rd. I was afraid this year was going to be another horrible day, as my sister is dying of a rare type of infection, but luckily the day passed without incident.

It was a wonderful day. Of course because of covid, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, but first thing in the morning, I got a phone call from my sister and brother-in-law, both singing a family tradition, “Captain Zoom.” It’s a quirky song that is meant for small children and my Dad always sang it to his two grandsons when they were small, and eventually sang it to all of us on our birthdays. Once he passed away, I took up the mantle and call our family members and sing it to them. It doesn’t matter that I can’t hold a tune….I think the thing that matters is it reminds us of our Father, and that always makes a special birthday memory.

A little later, my girlfriend brought me lunch and we had a nice meal together with balloon (the dogs hated them) and cupcakes for dessert. I got two baskets delivered with different kinds of candies and popcorns, and a pumpkin roll. If you know anything about me, it’s that I love sugar. Sugar is the greatest thing ever invented…and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Rich made sure I knew there were some dark chocolate pieces in one box, as those are his favorites and not mine. It’s nice to be able to share on my birthday.

My girlfriend got me some really soft pajamas and my sister and brother-in-law got me a gift certificate since they’re 800 miles away.

I got several phone calls from friends and Rich made me a cookie that I absolutely love. It’s called a pistachio macaroon and you can only find them at Mike’s Bakery in Boston. Rich found the recipe and made a batch for me and they were as close to perfect as you can get.

Of course I got cards from friends, and I’ll make sure I share them on a video. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, and I can honestly say, yesterday was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. In a year when most things did not go well, my birthday was a welcome exception.

I wanted to show you several ways to use mica powders. You can use them in making candles and soaps, and in the current fad of using resins, you can add mica powders to those as well.

As always, I show you links to products, but recommend you price shop for them as I am not an affiliate of Amazon, and only used their links as it was easiest to find all of the products I used there.

I bought a set of Amazon Biutee Mica Powder set of 32 link:

Bienfang Paper Multi Palette link:

First Project: Making Alcohol Inks: Take 91% alcohol and put into Ranger’s Alcohol Ink Palette link: Put a small amount of alcohol into one of the wells, then add mica powder and combine with a palette knife. It needs to be relatively runny in texture and can dry out, then be refreshed with Ranger alcohol blending solution link:

2nd Metallic Acrylic Paint: Take white acrylic paint and mix w/ some mica powder to your desired color. Any craft acrylic paint will work. You need to use this immediately, as it can’t dry and be re-wet.

3rd Metallic Acrylic Paint: Use Mod Podge (I used outdoor, but you can use whatever you like) and mix with mica powder to desired color. You need to use this immediately (or before it dries.)

Lindsay Frugal Crafter Video link: 4th

4th Metallic Watercolors: Gum Arabic link: Take dry Gum Arabic and use 1 part to 4 parts mica powder then add water to desired consistency. This, you can re-use if you put it in a container and let it dry out then re-wet later to use.

5th Metallic Texture Paste: Using a white glue or clear Tacky glue (it’s what I had on hand). Put the glue onto a glass or plastic plate. Add enough mica powder to make sure it stays in the stencil and remains raised when dry (A mayo consistency). Use a palette knife to apply this mixture to your stencil, then immediately after, clean the stencil or the glue will ruin it if it dries on it.

6th Metallic Stamping Ink w/ an ink: Using an existing small ink cube, put some mica on top and add some Ink Refresher link: and rub the mica into the ink pad, then stamp onto it.

7th Metallic Ink w/ Baby Wipe: Using a folded baby wipe, and a dye based reinker, squirt a few drops reinker onto the baby wipe then put some mica powder on the baby wipe and using a palette knife to combine them, work the two together, then stamp into the baby wipe. I used a Peg Stamp ice cream cone link:

8th Metallic Modelling Paste: Using Deco Art Modelling Paste link: and a palette knife on a plate, mix in enough mica powder to the desired color then use on a stencil. Clean palette knife and stencil immediately after use. Gingko Stencil link:

9th Metallic Alcohol Spray Ink: Using diy alcohol ink, video link: . Add mica powder into the bottle and shake it until well combined before you put the lid on. After you’ve made it, shake it like a bell rather than up and down, as you’ll clog the tube with mica, and shake before each use.

10th Glitter Double Sided Tape: Put tear tape where you want it on your project, then rub the paper (before removing the backing paper) with your embossing pouch Link: or corn starch or baby powder on a brush…wipe the surface to ensure it’s protected, then remove the backing paper from the tear tape and using a brush, wipe the tape until it’s covered.

11th Wipe cardstock with baby powder, then ink a stamp with Versamark ink link: and stamp the paper. Add whatever color mica powder you want on a paint brush and brush over the surface, brushing off excess with another clean brush. Add additional colors as you choose.

12th Embossed image metallic coloring: Run cardstock through your die cutting machine with an embossing folder inside, then pat the raised images with a Versamark ink pad. Using a paint brush, add mica powder to the raised images as desired.

13th Mix clear embossing powder w/ mica powder to create your own pearlized embossing powders. Take a tbsp. of clear embossing powder and add mica powder to make a color you like, then combine well. Add the powder to a stamped image w/ Versamark ink then heat set. Don’t combine this powder with any other embossing powders.

14th Metallic Gesso– Add mica powder to gesso to desired color.

15th Multi Matte Medium Stamping: Put a little multi matte medium on a scrap, stamp with a red rubber stamp first into Versamark ink to protect the stamp, then into the Multi Matte Medium and onto your cardstock, then add mica powder to color it. Clean stamp immediately after.

16th Metallic Pearls: make hot glue circles on a craft mat then once glue is cooled, brush mica powder over it. Pull off and use wet glue to add to project

17th Metallic faux wax seal: Squeeze hot glue onto a craft mat large enough for your stamp. Press only red rubber stamps into Versamark ink, then into the hot glue on your mat. Once cooled, brush over with mica powder. Attach to project with wet glue.

Inexpensive Framed Christmas Gifts

I buy a bunch of frames at garage sales during the summer months, then buy ornaments at the Dollar Tree, and I use Christmas papers I’ve had in my stash.

The paper pad I used is DCWV’s Jolly Whimsy Stack.

I recommend using E6000 glue along with hot glue to make sure the ornaments stay attached to the glass of the photo frames. If you only use hot glue, there’s a good chance that the ornament will pop back off if there’s any temperature change (cold to hot, hot to cold.)

I clean the glass of each photo frame, then put the Christmas paper inside the frame, and glue the ornament to the glass on the outside of the frame.

Two of the frames I used, came from the Dollar Tree with a piece of art inside. I used the art for something else and kept the frame.

One of the frames, I used a Christmas tree that I made out of old sheet music. I also added to that frame a sentiment from Spellbinder’s Deer Santa set of stickers.

The kissing owl diamond painting came from and here’s the link to it. I really loved it and thought someone at the assisted living home would love it too..

Don’t Waste Money on Outdoor Modge Podge

Outdoor Mod Podge requires that you let the Mod Podge dry 20-30 minutes between coats and then put a sealer on it and let it sit for 28 days and then it’s ready to go outside.

Unfortunately, after following the instructions above, the Mod Podge did not hold up outside.

I don’t like Outdoor Mod Podge because you not only have to let the finished product sit for a month, but you also have to buy an additional product to seal the project and it still doesn’t hold up when placed outside. I emailed the Plaid Company (makers of Mod Podge) to discuss this issue with them, and was sent an email saying they had no one available to help me, as they were closed due to Covid. I emailed them again later in the summer, and I got no email response.

I can’t sleep….

I started a new medication for spinal stenosis in my lower back called Gabapetin that’s supposed to make me sleepy. If I take it at bedtime, I don’t sleep, and can’t wake up 10-12 hours later. So I decided to take it at dinner time so I’d be tired at bedtime, and would be able to wake up at a normal time. It’s working for waking up, but not so much for sleeping. But then again I have so many things whirling around in my head…

My sister is able to have less pain as she’s now on morphine and a fentanyl patch. Today Hospice delivered a hospital bed, as she can’t sleep in a normal position as the infection in her ear caused a lot of swelling in her face and neck.

Covid is on the rise all over the US, and all I keep thinking about is that I should be at my sister’s side.

Rich and I went shopping today, and there were so many people in that store not wearing masks, and I was getting so angry thinking, “do these people without masks think I’m happy about wearing one? or do they just not care about anyone but themselves since obviously the only thing that matters is that these maskless people en so much from all of us, and now it’s taken this from me. Rich and I went shopping today and so many of the people in the store weren’t wearing masks. I wanted to ask them if they thought I was thrilled to be wearing a mask and what gives them the right to choose to put others at risk just because they don’t want to conform, or don’t want the inconvenience or expense. Whatever the reason, if you choose not to wear a mask, please stay away from those of us who do wear them, because we don’t deserve to get Covid simply because you’re bucking the system. People who don’t wear masks are the ones who are helping spread Covid, and because of this virus, I can’t be with my sister when she passes away.