You’d be amazed at the progress I’ve made on the huge diamond painting of my nephew and his new bride and their dog…..I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  When I began working on it, I thought it would literally take me months to complete, and now I’m looking at finishing it possibly in the next week.  I know, it’s crazy!!!

I thought I’d need to have Rich help me to complete it, as I would never have the endurance or commitment to finish it on my own, and when you see it in a video (and you definitely will), I think you’ll be surprised at not only that I finished it, but also how truly large it is.

For Christmas, Rich bought me a Blink security system…not really for security, but more because I’ve always wanted to be able to watch the animals that we feed corn to every winter.  He bought a three camera system that you can talk through (here’s the link in case you’d like to buy one for yourself….I’m not an affiliate and make no money from this, but thought others might have an interest in it too.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MMZF2BF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

He finally installed the cameras….one at the front door so if we aren’t home and someone rings our doorbell, we can talk to them, one in the backyard to watch the animals and one inside to watch the dogs when we are on vacation.  He hasn’t installed the indoor camera, as we don’t want to use the batteries until we need to..and we spend most of our time with the dogs, so don’t need to watch them on camera when we can simply glance over at them any time we want.

Last night we got several alerts from Blink on Rich’s cellphone.  It alerts whenever there is movement in the camera’s sight line.  I think Rich needs to figure out how to change the alert to larger shape movement, because we got one notice when a rabbit came to eat, and another when a raccoon came to eat.  We got a bunch more for deer, and that’s more what we want to see…or the bear and her cubs that comes by each fall and spring to destroy my bird feeders.  Maybe we’ll catch them on camera before they get to our bird feeders and stop their progress before they there.  Since we can talk to them through the cameras, I’m hoping we can discourage her from getting closer to our house.  Maybe she’s used to these security systems, and when we talk through it, she’ll just ignore us….It would be great if I could outsmart the bear, but I find it highly unlikely.  Much like the mice in the garage we built to hold Rich’s 1966 Mustang.  They have found ways to live in the Mustang, even though we’ve tried everything we can think of to stop them…When new products come out, we try them….If you’ve heard about the peppermint and cinnamon oil products you can buy to deter mice, don’t buy it.  If you’ve heard that moth balls discourage mice, that’s not true, and the one we really believed, the electronic devices that mice supposedly hate, not so much…We have one in every electric outlet in a small garage, and we probably have more mice than devices residing there at this point.  I think the last thing we’ve tried (consistently) has been putting drier sheets inside the car…All over the inside of the car…in the trunk, the glove compartment, under the seats, you name it.  And still, last year, when Rich took the car out for the first time, he had three passengers (that he knows of) as one jumped out when he opened the door to get in, and another one jumped out when Rich got out of the car at a car parts store (looking for yet more mice deterents,) and finally, the last one, that rode with him through the entire trip, to jump out when he pulled back into the garage (apparently it knew it was home and the ride was over.)  I told Rich that I might not be willing to go anywhere in his car until he got the mice situation under control….

We could put poison or traps in the garage, but that’s a very last option, as I hate the idea of animals suffering for long periods of time, or being caught in the trap, but not dying, and laying there until they die.  It’s too cruel for me to consider..

I’m sure you know that we live in N/W PA, and the weather here in winter is not exactly fun…until today.  It’s not sunny or visually attractive, but it’s almost 60 degrees and you have no idea how great it feels to not be bundled up just to go outside…Today’s the kind of day you want to run errands in and we definitely will.  It’s really windy, but a warm wind, and I don’t mind that either.  It makes me believe that spring is on its way…and I, for one, can’t wait.





Dollar Tree Gnome, Easy to Make w/ Hand Issues

I have seen these gnomes on YouTube, but I couldn’t make them the way I’ve seen shown, as my hands don’t have the strength to make them…So, I modified the technique to work for me.

Tools Used:

Fiskars Easy Action Scissors….on sale at Joanns now for $9.99 here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/tzlqfwy These are great for people with hand issues and are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

A fuzzy Dollar Tree sock, link: (these will work as well couldn’t find the fuzzy option online at Dollar Tree) https://tinyurl.com/tjjwxfs

A short women’s Dollar Tree black sock link: https://tinyurl.com/srolvrg

A White mens Dollar Tree sock: link https://tinyurl.com/v8d8xrn

Simpliity Wolf Faux Fur 4″ Trim from Joann’s link: https://tinyurl.com/s97a2mw I use about 3 to 4″ for each gnome.

Hot glue gun, Mine is a Gorilla Glue Gun and I love it link: https://tinyurl.com/wjfxdkb

A cup large enough to fill with rice and your white sock.

Cheap white rice

White string, can be embroidery floss or simple white string

LA Colors Shimmering Loose pink eyeshadow from Dollar Tree link: https://tinyurl.com/thxqq48 and a small brush to apply it with

Decorations…I used a jingle bell and twine and a styrofoam ball To make the gnome.

Start by putting the white sock into the plastic cup and fill it with rice…After you’ve filled the sock to the level you want (mine are 6″ tall), you’ll take the string and tie off the top of the sock right where the rice ends. I tie one knot then wrap around to the other side and double knot. This is easier for me because once you wrap the string around to the back, the knot doesn’t open (like it would if you tried to do a double knot the first time.)

Nose. I take a length of string, 18″ and make a lasso looking circle with a single knot tied in it. I put the string around the spot on the sock that I want the nose to be, (very close to the tied top) and pinch as much as I can of the sock and the rice…the more you grasp, the bigger your nose will be. Pull the string tight and wrap the string under the nose and knot it again, then back to the top and double knot it, as this will ensure your string won’t let loose and you shouldn’t have a problem with the string breaking either. Take 18″ of string, and tie it around the middle of the gnome. Tie it tight so you create a girdle and your gnome will stand up straight. Tie a single knot then wrap the string around to the back and tie it again, only this time, tie a double knot, then cut off the excess string. Take your black sock, cut it off right below the heel, and put the foot of the sock on the gnome like you would a kids’ sock (by folding the sock down so you can easily start it on the bottom of the gnome,) and make sure the toe is on the back of the gnome..Pull the black sock up to the nose, and hot glue it right under the nose so you can’t see where the black sock ends. You only want the sock to come up to the bottom of the nose, so trim off the excess if you have too much sock left under the nose..Pull the black sock up on the back of the gnome and hot glue it in place, and pull it as high as possible on the sides and glue it. You should use your scissors to hold the sock in place after hot gluing it so you don’t burn yourself. Take a brush and your pink eyeshadow and coat the nose as much as possible (as it will wear off with time)..Blow off any excess.

Hat…take your fuzzy sock and cut just below where the heel starts..since mine was striped, it was easy to cut across at the change in color. Then turn the sock almost inside out and put the styrofoam ball (1″)  at the very top of the toe of the sock, pull the sock tightly around the ball and take your string and tie it so the ball is tightly surrounded by the toe of the sock…knot it then take some twine (18″) and wrap the end of the twine with scotch tape that you fold over to create a point. Cut the tape so it makes it easy to put the twine through a jingle bell, then wrap the twine around the string at the base of the styrofoam ball and make a bow or a knot, and cut off excess twine. Glue the beard in place first, and then add your hat.

Beard. I cut through the backing of the faux fur, don’t cut the fur, put the tip of your scissors right under the backing but not under the fur..I cut a 3 1/2″ long piece. Trim off any backing you can see at the top of your fur (the top is the opposite end from where the long fur is)..Cut out the middle at the top, a spot for your nose, cut under the backing so you don’t cut off your fur. Trim the sides if it’s too wide, and use those pieces to make a moustache or goatee. Round the bottom edges and trim away excess backing as you don’t want it to show. Glue it under the nose and hold in place with scissors until it’s set, then glue the rest to hold it in place. Glue the hat to the top of the nose then pull down as much as possible in back and glue in place.



I’d like to say that I’ve been doing something beside working on the diamond painting, but since I’m making such huge progress on it, I can’t.

I am going to make a traveler’s journal out of a Dollar Tree placemat that I’ve seen in every DT I’ve been in…so at least I know you’ll all be able to recreate it if you want.

At the end of 2019, I made my girlfriend two re-covered 2020 calendars and showed how to cover a Dollar Tree one that’s really cute.  Unfortunately, it like the other three videos I’ve made, it’s a long one, so it takes Rich a few days to edit it.  Before he puts that one up, he’s editing one I made for making sock gnomes when you have limited strength in your hands.  The normal gnomes you see on YouTube have several small rubber bands holding them together, and I can’t handle rubber bands..they beat me more times than I beat them.  I think it’s the size of rubber bands that are used on gnomes..super small…I can’t get them to stretch to the size of my hand, so obviously, needed to come up with an alternative and I was really happy with the results I got with regular string instead of rubber bands.  I hope people will enjoy the video and are able to make gnomes if they haven’t been able to do so in the past…

I’ll bet viewers will be so happy when I finish this diamond painting, as I can’t seem to figure out how to store it somewhere while I’m working on a video, as the diamond painting takes over my entire work surface plus additional space.  It’s going to be massive when it’s finished.

Today, Rich and I are going to Erie, the closest large town nearby, to return some Christmas gifts that didn’t fit and to spend an afternoon out of the house.  As our weather hasn’t been great the last few days, I’m getting a little stir crazy from being stuck inside, and need to get out of the house.  If you live anywhere with snow, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  It never happened when I was working, because I was interacting with people, but now that I’m limited to talking on the phone, and weekly visits with my girlfriend, I sometimes need to run away…Today’s the day for that.

On the third, my girlfriend and I went “shopping” in my hometown, and that was short-lived, because her thirteen (almost fourteen) year old grandson just told her that he needed to volunteer ten hours by the upcoming Thursday….so that gave us six days to find somewhere for him to volunteer and get him ten hours of volunteerism at a non-profit.  He knew he had this assignment for at least three weeks, but failed to do anything about it until the night before, when he broke the news to grandma….So instead of shopping, we went to every place we knew we had contacts to beg for volunteer hours.  Luckily the senior center had four hours to give him and our local food bank had the rest, but only if my girlfriend volunteered with him, as they needed adult supervision for people filling the food bags.  That also meant that he would be out of school on Monday, as that’s when the bags needed filled.  I have to say that I was really frustrated that he’s put it all on his grandmother and did nothing to acquire his own volunteerism, but I guess that’s how kids do things today.  She will end up putting more time into this project than he will, and that’s a shame.  I really hope that he learns something from this, but I doubt that he will.  When did it become so easy to be a kid?  I don’t like the term entitled, but if I had told my mother and/or father that I had to have ten volunteer hours, they would have said “good luck with that” and let me succeed or fail on my own.  I know if they had contacts at non-profits, they would have volunteered that information, but never would have done the footwork to get me the hours.  And if I’d waited so long, they NEVER would have let me miss school to accomplish the goal.  How do kids today learn to fail if someone always is there to do the heavy work for them?

Sorry for the big rant, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about this week and wondering how we’ve gotten so far off track.  I know it has to do with the parents/grandparents enabling kids, but it must go way beyond that, to teachers and other people in positions of authority that also allow it.  How will we create leaders in an environment of followers?  Sad…






Diamond Painting for Beginners

Below you’ll find all of the information and products used in this video:

Link to snowman diamond painting kit on Aliexpress: https://tinyurl.com/wzgnx6f  I chose the square drills and 15 x 15 cm…..You’ll pay a little over $3 for the kit. It comes with the pink pick up tool, a plastic holder for the drills and the pink wax to stick inside the pink tool.

Victoriasmoon.co.uk is the company that sent me the large diamond painting kit with a photo I emailed them of my nephew, his bride and their dog the day after their wedding. Here’s a link to the diamond painting for wedding photos. https://tinyurl.com/sowzcm6 My painting is 50 x 70 and used square drills.

Tips for beginners:

1. Get the round drills instead of the square as the round are easier to work with (according to my friend Sherri who has a facebook page for diamond painters)

2. Get large drills (diamonds) vs. smaller ones.

3. Buy a storage container for your drills and put the embroidery floss numbers on the lids as well as the code for that particular painting.

4. Each kit you buy will come with the pink wax, the applicator tool and the little bin that you’ll use to shake from side to side to turn the diamonds right side up and to put the diamonds on the painting.

5.  When you have a large area all one color, use the checkerboard system that I demonstrate at 29 minutes and 40 seconds.

6. If you have a wrinkle in your diamond painting, Studio Sam has a great video that shows you how to fix it. It’s link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDfVWcjkQq4&t=129s

You don’t need to buy these, but I do recommend you buying:

a. Light pad…this lights your diamond painting from behind…I didn’t like that it doesn’t come with an electric cord, instead the cord needs to connect to an outlet like on your computer… Link for the light pad I bought..https://tinyurl.com/rous9cc It was $11.99 Mine came with a big blue clip and that is a great tool to hold the diamond painting where you want it on the light pad.

b. When doing a large diamond painting, you should get parchment paper to cover the unfinished surface of your painting so you don’t get your clothing stuck to the painting so much that it’s no longer sticky.

c. Washi tape to surround the edges of your painting that will be unfinished, and are sticky, so the edges don’t end up covered with clothing fibers.

How to start a new painting:

1. Make sure you take washi tape and surround the painting, making sure the lines are completely straight with the edge lines of the painting.

2. Buy storage containers for the diamonds (drills) and label each container with the code for this painting as well as the number used for embroidery floss (as this is the number that will be consistent from painting to painting. I cut the numbers out of the plastic baggies that came with diamonds and taped this to the top of my containers. I also added the symbol for this painting to the top of the container. You will definitely benefit from creating a storage system, as it will make you crazy looking through 38 baggies for the one you want each time you change colors.

3. You can start at any point, but I found that I like starting at the top left corner and trying to cover across the painting and moving down the painting worked best for me..especially when it’s as large as this one is. You’ll want to make sure you keep the unfinished portion covered with either the paper that lines it to begin with, or parchment paper, as it will lose it’s stickiness if you don’t. I cut lines in the cover paper about 4″ long and spaced 4″ across so I could keep as much covered as possible.

4. When you empty one color into it’s storage container, I recommend that you put them into a tray first and lay another tray over it and rub them together to fix any diamonds that have adhered to each other during production.

How to finish a diamond painting:

Once your painting’s done, you’ll want to use a rolling pin or a brayer to roll over the painting to ensure all of the diamonds are well adhered. If you use a wood rolling pin, put a towel over the painting so the rolling pin doesn’t damage the painting. You’ll need to seal it. I watched a video by Studio Sam called Sealing your Diamond Painting, What’s Best, and she recommended Deco Art Triple Thick Brilliant Brush On Gloss Glaze. I brushed it on my painting to seal it so the diamonds don’t fall off and so it doesn’t collect dust. You can add some glitter to hide some of the problems you might have with lining up your diamonds, and if you do this, use as little glitter as possible. I tried using the Tim Holtz glitter sprayer and didn’t have good luck with it, so just sprinkled glitter on.. I brushed off excess glitter and used a baby wipe that I added baby shampoo (1 tsp. with water in a spray bottle) to remove some of the excess glitter…it worked ok. Let it dry. Clean the brush as soon as you’re done with it as the Gloss Glaze will ruin it if you don’t.


Rich and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with the dogs.  We’ve never been much for New Year’s celebrations, so it wasn’t a change from our norm.  We made pork with sauerkraut so we didn’t end up destroying our chances for a good 2020 because we didn’t eat pork.  The superstition suggests because a pig roots forward, eating pork on New Year’s Day helps a person to move ahead.   OK, so we already screwed that up, because we ate pork on New Year’s Eve and didn’t feel like eating it again on New Year’s Day…we went out for a late lunch and I had (Gasp!!!) chicken fajitas..Here’s the rest of the superstition.. The thought is you don’t want to eat chickens, which scratch backwards in a direction nobody wants to move….   Crap, I’ve already (apparently) looked backward or am moving backward or scratched backward…..I should have considered my fate when choosing chicken…that’s why I’ve been eating bacon with Rich ever since…haha

I’ve been working like a crazy person on the diamond painting of my nephew and his bride and their dog.  It’s really coming along.  I honestly thought I would be laying diamonds on this thing until the 12th of never, and that’s a long long time.  (I don’t know the song that came from, but every time I work on the diamond painting, it comes back to me…just that line, not the actual song.)

I spent part of yesterday balancing our checkbook, and if you know me, you know I’m an ex-banker….With that being said, it’s embarassing to admit that I haven’t balance the checkbook since June, and the guilt has been overwhelming.  I used to balance the checkbook monthly, and when I was working, sometimes more often than that.

Today, I got a late Christmas present in the mail.  Rich and I have been looking for a good camera for videos.  If you’ve noticed the poor sound quality on my videos in the last few months, it’s because I’ve been using an older camera than the one I’ve always loved using.  The problem with the one I loved (OK, the second problem) is that I dropped it, and it no longer works….the other problem is that it required double A batteries.  I hated that, even though I used rechargeable batteries, because I never knew when the camera stopped recording.  Each video would record for twenty minutes, and then it would stop and I’d never know it stopped.  I’d have to either use a timer, (andthat was way too distracting,) or just randomly stop and start a new video, so I wouldn’t lose some of the things I was doing.  I found a Canon camera that I really liked that uses a battery that has it’s own charger, and lasts a long time…Rich bought me an extra battery and it just came, and already Honey’s afraid of it.  It makes a tiny noise when it’s turned on, and that’s the end of Honey.  She ran from the room like she’d been beat with a stick.  She already hates it when I go in my craft room, so this is just one more reason for her to hate it…darn…

On another note, Honey got a present today in the mail as well.  We ordered her some Charlotte’s Web CBD oil gummies for dogs with anxiety.  I’m hoping that these make a small difference in her overly anxious life.  I’ll be sure to let you know how they work.  Charlotte’s Web, for those of you who don’t know much about CBD oil, is the foremost CBD oil producer in the USA.  CBD oil is found in marijuana plants, but does not give you the highs of marijuana, just the medicinal benefits.  It’s legal everywhere in the USA, and although you can find CBD oil at your local retailer, Charlotte’s Web has a lot more of the active ingredient in it than in most of the other brands.  It’s also kind of expensive, so when we saw they had a 40% off sale, we decided to give the gummies a try.  I really hope they help, as Honey seems to be getting more anxious instead of less, as time goes on.

I’ll be uploading the video about diamond painting for beginners and hope you enjoy it…





I feel terribly when I realize it’s been so long since my last post…To bring you up to date, we spent a quiet Christmas Eve with the dogs and opened presents early Christmas day.  Rich bought me a three camera “security device” that I wanted to watch the wildlife that we feed.  You know you’re old when you think watching animals with a night vision camera is entertainment…Rich thought it would be nice to have one camera for inside the house when we are on vacation, so we can look in on the dogs and make sure they’re OK.  I told him that will be great, only he needs to check it first, to make sure they’re not freaking out about something, and then I’ll watch them.  You can talk through the cameras too, and he thought I might want to talk to the dogs.  I think it would freak them out, so I’ll use the talking feature for my front door camera, to talk to the UPS guy.

Christmas day, we spent with our college friends and had a nice time.  We watched the new Rambo movie on a loop…meaning it ran non-stop all afternoon.  The men loved it and the women just shook our heads.  One time was plenty, believe me..  Rich hasn’t been feeling well since Christmas…At first we thought he ate something that made him ill, but he’s still not over it, and I’m thinking we should call our doctor if he’s still sick tomorrow.   We were supposed to visit our closest friends on the day after Christmas, but Rich was really feeling lousy that day, so we stayed home instead.  I think we both needed the break, as we’ve been so busy the last week, that we were exhausted, and slept a lot that day instead.  I worked on the diamond painting of our nephew and his bride, and have been working on it a little (or a lot) every day this week.

The 27th, we did go to our friends and spent the day with them.  Their son is a movie writer in L.A., and we only get to see him once a year at Christmas.  We’ve been playing movie trivia games at Christmas for the last several years, and this year, our girlfriend found a really fun movie game that included hum-a-zoo’s so you could hum the theme songs of movies for people to guess.  No one else would try to hum-a-zoo but me, and I am apparently gifted at it, because they guessed almost every movie theme (correctly) that I hummed.  Their son thought it must not be very hard (since I made it look so easy, hahaha) so he took one of the remaining hum-a-zoos and the cards, and hummed a theme song.  For some reason it sounded like “Another one bites the dust,” which, of course, is not a movie theme….so he tried again…same result…we all thought it was the same song.  So he tried a completely different theme song, and I swear it sounded exactly the same to me.  He’s also a musician, and he thought that using a hum-a-zoo could not be that hard, but quickly realized that I am, in fact, a hum-a-zoo prodigy (hahahaha)…..I will say this…if he ever needs to hum “Another one bites the dust,” all he has to do is hum whatever theme song he hummed for us…and, we never did figure out what he was humming, because we were laughing so hard he wouldn’t tell us..  I know it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help myself.  He always beats us at movie trivia as he knows everything about every movie ever made (I swear), but this year, the hum-a-zoo gave the rest of us a fighting chance against him, and it was hysterically funny.  I wish I knew the name of that game because it wasn’t your typical trivia game..

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I worked on the diamond painting.  It rained all day today, and neither of us felt great, so I read and worked on the diamond painting.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be reading that I’ve been working on the diamond painting for the foreseeable future, because it’s really big….I’m not kidding, BIG!!

Rich hasn’t felt like uploading any videos for me, and there are three that need to go up, and all three are pretty long, so I’m not sure when he’ll get serious about them.  I’ll try to get one uploaded before the end of the year, but am not making any promises.  It really will depend on how he feels.  I really hope he feels better soon…I’m starting to worry that he’s still not feeling well.

If I forget to make another post before New Years, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year and more importantly, a healthy 2020…..

Easy Christmas Card w/ Large Christmas Tree Die from Inloveartshop.com

I made a cute decorated Christmas tree card and thought I’d share it as my last Christmas project for this year.

I used a Christmas Tree Die SKU: DMZH711 http://bit.ly/32vDDGN $4.69, plus if you use the code FSUNSANDY it’s good for 15% off this die. The die came from a company called In Love Art and can be found at Inloveartshop.com.  I put a link in the video to the haul I received from Inlovearts, and you are entitled to use the discount code on any of the items in that video.  Here’s a link to the video so you can look at the other items if you are interested.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1pjfZ497cg   As always, I don’t receive any monies from anything you purchase from InloveArts, I only receive the original products, so we know if I can use them or not, and how well they work for someone with hand/wrist issues.

I really liked the way this die cut, and used it on thick mirror cardstock from Crafter’s Companion from their luxury collection(sometimes available on HSN.com), and it cut through it with no problem whatsoever. To make the card, I started with Michael’s Recollections Heavyweight 110lb. cardstock in white and cut it to 8 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall. I scored it on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to make a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card (also called and A2 size card)…. I took a Distress Oxide Ink Pad in Fired Brick and rubbed the ink pad on the edges of the front of the card so the edges would be red.  Since I was layering another paper over the card base, only the edges would be showing. I had some glittery paper that looked Christmasy that came in a paper stack (that I took the title page off and discarded, so have no idea the name, sorry.) I cut it to 4″ x 5 1/4″ and put a piece of kid’s fun foam on the back with tear tape and adhered it to the front of the card base. I then cut out the Christmas tree die with Crafter’s Companion 40 piece Luxury Cardstock Collection. Before Christmas, they offer a green/red combination, and currently they only are offer a metallics collection, and here’s the link to it on HSN.Com. https://www.hsn.com/products/crafters-companion-40-piece-luxury-cardstock-set/8555808 I also went to Crafter’s Companion’s website and the green is sold with 30 sheets, and you only get green’s whereas on HSN, you’ll get two colors and 40 sheets. I can’t recommend their glitter/mirror cardstock in the luxury collection enough. Here’s the link to their green luxury cardstock, but it is also not available there currently…Maybe if you read this in a few month’s, you’ll be able to order it. https://www.crafterscompanion.com/luxury-cardstock-pack-green.html

I attached the Christmas tree to the front of the card, and used a simple holiday greeting die to cut the sentiment for the inside of the card..I glued this and the tree with wet glue from Ad Tech called Crafter’s Precision Glue. It’s inexpensive and I don’t have any trouble squeezing glue out of the bottle, like I do with other fine tips. Here’s a link to the Ad Tech glue. https://tinyurl.com/sjewegr.   I have a bunch of small pearls and stick-on gems in my stash, that I attached all over the tree in a variety of colors. I took a string of Michael’s Recollections Bling on a Roll (sorry, it was hard to understand what I said there)..and here’s a link to them. https://tinyurl.com/rqjwft2.   I laid them across the card beneath the tree to give the tree a place to land and called the card finished.

I hope you enjoyed my last Christmas project….It was simple, but looks really pretty in person…