I went to some garage sales today and found something that I needed but felt was an unusual acquisition for a garage sale.  I found strips of fleece with paw prints on them.  I’ve been looking for fleece blankets to cut into strips to then turn into, get this, dog toys.  What are the chances that someone would have already cut paw printed fleece into strips, and have it in three different colors, exactly what I need?  Sometimes it’s almost unreal how I find things I need but just haven’t taken the time to buy in a store.

I’m still diligently working on the photo album for my girlfriend’s wedding this weekend.  Luckily it is on Sunday, so I have time to finish things.  I went to Joann’s today and bought some additional things I needed.  I am putting tags in jeans pockets inside the album.  I thought the tags could use something interesting to pull them with and found some heart shaped plastic white buttons.  They’ll work great once I get the backs taken off, which is clearly a job for Rich.  I also bought some Tim Holtz vintage looking pulls to attach the buttons to.  So far I’m pretty happy with the album.  I’ve been videotaping bits and pieces of it, but it’s really hard to tape a project like that because there are so many little components and I think it looks really choppy when I’m done.  I think I might just show a few pieces and then do a walk through of it.  It would definitely make for better viewing.

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