We’re taking a small vacation this weekend to visit our nephews and their families near Washington D.C.  Both nephews have teenage daughters and I spoke with them about doing a craft on video for my channel.  I let them decide what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it.  One is going to make a wall decoration of her initial to take to college with her and the other is making mason jars that have the look of lightning bugs inside when the lights are off.  Both are unique to each girl’s personality and should be a lot of fun.  In the meantime.  I thought I would make each of them a back to school notebook in their favorite colors with matching embellishments and post-it-notes, almost like the smaller version I made on video last week.  Since doing my first project with a pre-teen, I’ve learned to just go with the flow and hope for the best.  These girls are older and I’m sure will know exactly how to make sure their voices are heard on video as well as positioning their projects for the best angle of the camera.  I’m really looking forward to doing this because I think I’ll learn a lot more than they will and I’ll get to spend quality one-on-one time with each of them.  One of the mothers would like to do some crafting as well, so I might take some jewelry making supplies to play with as well.  I’m not sure what to take, it’s an adventure and I’m up for the task!  We’re leaving on Saturday so it doesn’t give me a lot of time to get my projects done and pack for the things they’ll want me to bring.  It should be a lot of fun!


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