Today was a big travel day for us, leaving from our house and heading to Washington DC tosee our nephews and their families. I am so excited to be here as we have two great- nieces who want to each do their own individual craft project and video tape them.  There’s also a joint adventure in crafting of a technique that we will all be attempting for the first time

One of the girls is going to college next year and wants to decorate her full size mirror, which looks like it will be really cute when it’s done.

Our other great niece is going to do a project where she turns mason jars into glow in the dark jars that look like they hold lightning bugs.

Our craft that we are all attempting together is using plastic from food containers, cutting them into shapes, coloring them with alcohol markers and then baking them and hopefully turning them into some kind of jewelry.  I think it will be a lot of fun and each person’s project will be completely unique to them.

But first, I can’t go to a big city without checking out AC Moore, the Dollar Tree and any other craft stores they come up with.  We’ve already made a date for early tomorrow AM to go out for coffee then off to the craft stores.. I’m so excited and had a great visit with one of the families tonight and can’t wait to see the other tomorrow. It should be a really fun craft and family filled day.


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