Since starting my YouTube channel, I have made so many really wonderful friends.  Almost from the very beginning, I met one of the owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry aka pegstamps.com, named Rebecca.   Initially she wanted my input on her stamps and how they work for the crafter with physical limitations.  She sent me some sets and I was amazed that 1. she found my site as it was really new, and 2. that she cared what I thought.

Rebecca has kept in touch with me and given me a lot of valuable advice along the way.  She understands the goals for my channel,  as I’m not looking to sell anything, I just want people like myself to have a voice on YouTube.  So today in the mail I got a package from her.  I’d ordered some inks and another flower stamp (I can’t pass up any of her open flower peg stamps.)  Inside the package was a note from Rebecca, (there always is), thanking me for my order, asking how I was doing and what I thought of her new line of stamps.  They are branching out into a line of red rubber stamps that are on a sheet and work perfectly with their peg stamps.  There are baskets and barrels and tubs and bicycles, perfect for filling with her other line of stamps.  I think they are absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to make a video using them tomorrow.  Of course, Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter will be making one as well, but I’ll just link my video to hers and my viewers can use her promotional codes for discounts.  Rebecca offered my own promotional codes but I wouldn’t feel like she is getting enough bang for her buck with my site and she deserves the kind of audience that Lindsay can bring to her.  Of course I am absolutely thrilled to be part of her “family” of crafters, and can’t wait to see her stamp sets take flight.  I’m thrilled for her and her new venture and hope you’ll check out the videos and the new line of Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps that you can find at http://www.pegstamps.com.  I can’t wait for you to let me know what you think in the comments on my videos.  You know I always love hearing from you!


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