Making a Cute Composition Book for Back to School or a Gift

I took a composition notebook I’d bought from Staples and it was 9 3/4″ tall by 7 3/8″ wide with a 1/4″ thick spine so I needed 15″ in width of paper.  You score it at 7 3/8 and 7 5/8″ on one piece and then leave it 12″ wide and do the score on the 12″ length.  Then another piece would be  9 3/4″ tall and 7 3/8″ wide to go over the back covering the book where you don’t have paper (since it’s wider than 12″ and our paper is 12 x 12 before cutting it down.)  I used tear tape to keep the paper  well adhered.  Take one piece of tear tape off at a time and then you can control where your paper goes.  If you take all the paper off at once and try to lay the paper down, you can get the paper crooked and it’s impossible to fix if you’ve adhered it across the entire front of the notebook.  Once you’ve covered the notebook, trim off the edges where the paper is hanging over and on the corners where they are rounded.  Cut from the back, it’s easier to see where your problems are.  You might need to cut some of the cover of the composition book because they aren’t always even when they are produced.
To cover the inside cover of your notebook, you need to measure the inside cover and cut your paper to that length and width and then glue it down with wet glue or a glue stick or tear tape.  To make a pocket, use the same measurements for your inside cover and score at the 1/2″ on the left side and the bottom.  Use tear tape on the back of your scored paper to the score line but not over it.  You will need to cut your paper on a diagonal on your paper trimmer.  From the top where the score line is, put it in your paper trimmer so the cut line is on the top score line and then angle your paper so you can cut it on an angle to cut it about 1/2 way down the page so you end up with a diagonal cut.  Unfortunately my camera cut out on that part of the video.  I added washi tape on the folder to make it look cute and more sturdy.  To cover your back inside cover, measure length and width and cut the paper put it aside and don’t glue it down until you’ve put your pen in place.  To make bookmarks, I took paper and cut it 2″ wide and 9″ long and put tear tape inside and folded it in half.  A second type of book mark is 2″ wide and use two pieces of paper 4″ long.  Glue the pieces of paper together 2″ from the top and then the bottom half is open between the two papers and you can put it over a few pages.  The last bookmark we make was 6″ long and 2″ wide with a 3″ second piece glued to the top of the second piece and then embellish it.
The pen holder is made by taking a 1″ high piece of paper by 8″ long paper and put tear tape inside and fold it in half.  Then fold the center of the strip around a pen and put tear tape up to the beginning of the opening of the pen and then squeeze the two sides together.  Then put tear tape on both front and back of the strip that’s up to the opening for the pen and then adhere it to the inside cover of the notebook with the pen close enough to the cover that the pen doesn’t fall out and maybe 2″ from the top then put your inside back cover over the pen to adhere the strip down and make it so you can’t see the pen holder.


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