I’m really close to having 1,000 subscribers and I’m really stunned that it’s taken less than a year to get there.  I realize that my growth is slow compared to “regular” crafters, but I never expected anyone to really want to watch me make videos let alone 1,000 people who would consider watching them on a consistent basis.  It’s really amazing and thrilling and I am so proud that the channel continues to grow.  I need to make a “contest” for 1,000 subscribers and I’m not sure what to do to make it fair.  I’m thinking about maybe making my contest around “what was your favorite video” or what is your favorite video type?  I’m not sure what to do to get comments.  I would like to give prizes to people who consistently watch my channel and not to people who only subscribe to win contests.  The last contest I had, I was really happy with the winners as I recognized all of their names and that was great, because I knew that they were regular watchers.

On a side note, I just put up a video of the composition book that I covered and although I had a lot of watchers, I didn’t have many comments so I’m wondering if something was wrong with the video or if people are tired of notebooks or it was just too long.  When new videos go up, I normally get several comments in the first few days and in this case, I’ve gotten two.  It makes me wonder.  I hope people aren’t sick of my channel. I’d like them to continue to think I’ve got new and different content and not just the same old thing.  I don’t want to appear to be boring and predictable and not “just an anything…card maker, etc.”  It’s really important to me that I cover a wide range of crafts so that other people with physical limitations can look to this channel to find a wide variety of crafts that they can try and possibly find one that they would consider trying.  It’s my goal to be a “full service” channel for the person with limitations who wants to try something.  I hope that this channel can be the place to go to find the crafts they are looking for.  I’m so happy that people without limitations are watching the videos as well and hope I continue to make videos that inspire them as well.  It’s been so much fun finding my way in this YouTube world and my only wish is that I was more social media savvy, so that I can help people to put their projects on my Facebook page to share with others.  I wish I could find out how to enable others to do that.  What am I thinking?  All I need to do is go to YouTube and I’m sure there’s a video telling me exactly how to make it happen.  I’m going there now and hopefully will be able to accomplish this goal shortly.


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