I worked really hard on a dresser I bought to finally get my craft room organized.  I had to spray paint it from an ugly flat black to a gray that is normally a base coat.  After I painted it and it dried, I used a stone finish that was gray with white and black specks in it.  It doesn’t really match the other pieces I have in my room, but I think it looks pretty good.  I even found a set of knobs that allowed me to replace the ugly black ones that were on the dresser to begin with.  This dresser isn’t high quality like the two small stands that we attached together, but it’s narrow and fits in the space I needed it to work on so I’m happy with that.  My goal is to get everything that used to be visible in the craft room, into drawers or cabinets.  I’m tired of walking into a huge mess and I’m hoping that by having these new dresser/drawer units, I’ll be able to walk into less than a horrible mess.  If I can accomplish that, I’ll be thrilled.

Oh course I had to have one minor issue while putting the new knobs on the drawers.  The bottom drawer opened and I thought just grazed the top of my foot, but when I looked down, there was blood all over the top of my foot.  Obviously it wasn’t just a graze, but then again, I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I’m never sure when I’ve really hurt myself verses just a small booboo.  Long story short, it required minor clean up and a couple band-aids as I bled through the first one.  I think I’ll live.

The dresser and the video are both finished and I’m going to have Rich put the dresser into my craft room tonight and tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for.  I’m cleaning, organizing and making my craft room livable.  I know you just snorted and said, “If she thinks I’m buying that story, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell her.”  Seriously, I’m going to get that room organized.  No joke, really.


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