I was starting to get nervous because Rich was catching up with me on editing videos, so I needed to get serious about making more.  Today was the day.  I found a really cool bottle at the Dollar Tree (where else) and they even have Halloween bottle stickers this year.  How cool is that?  So I decided I would dye the inside of my bottle to match my sticker and started that video.  I hope it will be dry by tomorrow, so I can finish it.

Our niece and nephew lost their grandmother over the weekend (on their mother’s side of the family) and we weren’t aware of the funeral arrangements until after they were over so I knew I had to get serious about making a card for the family. I made one with hand made paper and a lot of ribbon and I really think it came out nice.  Different from what I normally make I think.

I made another card, this one was fall inspired.  It is a seed packet and I used water color pencils and Stickles and a cute peach colored ribbon for a nice card.  All in all, I think I had a good day of crafting and I even spent some time cleaning my craft room.  I have to say that’s an accomplishment.


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