I’d like to talk for a minute about social media and my total lack of understanding of most aspects of it.  First let met give you some background on myself.  I left my job eleven years ago after almost twenty-five years in banking.  I was a vice president in charge of seven branches.  The reason I’m telling you my position is so you’ll understand why I needed the following technology.  At the time, this was state-of- the-art.  The bank had a central voice mail for management that we needed to check as often as possible for updates and information from senior management and our direct managers.  We also had a voice mail connected to the telephone in the branch that was our hub (I made that term up, it was the branch we considered our home branch if that makes any more sense than hub.)  We were given pagers so if we were out of the office or at a meeting and someone needed us, they could page us.  We also carried cell phones because what good was the pager if you didn’t have access to a telephone. My email at work generated 75-100 emails a day.  Of course I had my own private email at home as well as a home phone with an answering machine.  So if you are keeping track, that is a pager, cellphone, two email addresses and three voice mails.  The minute I left the bank, I stopped using technology to the point that I had no email and had my friends email Rich and I would use his email until last year when I started the YouTube channel.  I bought a pay-as-you-go phone and almost never use it as I don’t give the telephone number to anyone and only use it when I need to make calls when I’m out and about on my own.  I have no idea how to text and try it from time to time, but think it takes me too long and would rather talk to people than text them.   I’ve never had a Facebook account until I started the one for Crafting for Almost Everyone.  I’ve never used Pinterest or Instagram until I’ve used them related to the YouTube channel.  I don’t really fully understand most of the technology I’ve just mentioned because I don’t fully use them for anything other than uploading images for the channel.

I think I wanted to explain all of this because in the age of social media, I’m a dinosaur.  I’m not exactly sure how to grow my YouTube channel in an age when everyone else is so far beyond me in the social media curve and I don’t have the ambition to expand my knowledge to the extent that I should.  I love YouTube because of the ability to learn and find new ideas and thoughts to ponder.  There used to be a series of books called “Microsoft for Dummies” or “Ebay for Dummies” where the subject was explained in laymen’s terms and maybe I need to find a book called “Social Media for Dummies” but then again, do they even make books or should I look for it on Kindle?  I need to look into it.  Oh, and tweeting was something birds did.  I am a dinosaur.



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