I have to say that I was pretty pleased with my vampire face.  I had to come up with punches that I had and a design that would work for me.  It started me thinking about other options and I really liked the idea of making a pumpkin face and a mummy, a bat, and of course, Frankenstein.  There are so many great things you can do with the characters that are current for this time of year, and I really love making them.

On another note, my sister’s birthday is November 2nd, and I promised her a box of greeting cards, all pretty much the same.  She really liked a card I made on video called “Primrose Petals” after the Stampin’ Up colors that are in the card.  It’s a relatively easy card to make and I think what I’ll do is make a bunch of sentiments in different colors and make a bunch of the cards in different colors and then send her the cards and the sentiments so if she runs out of a sentiment, I can easily send her more of them, rather than this year, when she ran out of the cards and wanted me to make more for her.  I have another girlfriend whose birthday is the same day as my sister’s, and I’d like to make her a set of cards as well.  I don’t think I’ll make all of hers the same (only in different colors), but I will include some of the primrose petals type cards in her set.  She said she mainly uses get well soon and with sympathy.  Isn’t that the sign of our ages, when we aren’t making baby cards or shower cards, but get well and sympathy.  It’s the sad side of getting older.  So my plan for tomorrow is to get serious about making another Halloween figure as well as using my Tableau of Terror stamp that I really love.  I think I’ll make a card with a tag on it using the stamp on the tag.  I hope it comes out great, as the stamp deserves a really great card!


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