Today was a much better day in my quest to finish twenty five baby shower invitations.  I freaked out about it yesterday, and I mean, FREAKED OUT!  I decided that I would take a deep breath and make these in an assembly line fashion.  They are in the shape of a onesie, and Rich printed the insides with the information about the shower.  I cut out all of the onesies and then realized some were cut too high and had to be remade, so that put me behind.  I decided to stamp all of the center images before doing anything else.  I was going to change the design from a little girl dressed as a witch holding her Halloween candy bucket to holding a small heart.  I made four or five and then decided it was way too much work and required changing stamps in the Misti and cleaning my hands with every stamp change and then changing colors of ink and masking the candy bucket.  It was just way too involved.  I decided to leave the stamp and use one ink and no masking (initially, more masking comes later.)  So I stamped all of the images and then decided it was time to make a mask of the little girl so I could stamp a big background stamp behind her.  I found one in my stash that looked like a background to a little girls’ outfit and went with it.  I chose a really light pink for the background, even though their theme is more Halloween, as the shower is October 30th.  I know it’s late getting the invitations done, but I was just given the final information on Monday or Tuesday of this week.  So I used the Misti and masked and stamped all of the backgrounds and then used the same light pink and distressed around the edges of the onesie.  So far,  they look ok, not great.  Next step, tomorrow will be to color all of the images then make a collar around the neckline with ribbon I purchased.  The ribbon is turning out to be a nightmare as it’s braided and every time I cut it, it unbraids.  I used my ribbon fray stop on the first one that I finished and I think it looks all right, but am worried about having to fix twenty-four more frayed ribbons, Yikes!  After the neckline is done, I am going to put Stickles on the little girl to make her stand out and then I should be done.  Oh, and I already put glittery matching pink washi tape on the back of all of the envelopes.  Rich and I were talking about how long this process takes.  I had a doctor’s appointment and used my timer to make sure I wasn’t late.  I had twelve minutes when I started it, and to mask, stamp the background, and distress the cards it took almost six minutes per card just for that step.  Can you imagine how much time I’ll be putting into this project?  Good thing I really love the family I’m making them for.  I’ll be honest.  I am going to be extremely relieved when I deliver them and they are out of my hands.  I’m having nightmares about spilling things on them or making some horrible mistake that isn’t fixable that affects a lot of them (like stamping them upside down)….  I’m going to be so happy when this is done and I can get back to making videos of every day normal projects.  I did make a video of the first one I made.  I’m not going to put the video up until I can show the huge stack of the rest of them to prove I actually completed this project.  I maybe shouldn’t get the cart ahead of the horse here and just keep plugging away at the next step.  I’m going to take the morning off tomorrow and go to some garage sales and then back to onesie land.


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