I had a really great thing happen when I was playing with my colored pencils tonight.  I was making a video using a note card set I had bought at Michaels.  It had flowers on it and seemed perfect for coloring.  I started using the colors I thought I wanted, then decided I just didn’t like them.  So I took my eraser and it did erase the colors, but not completely.  The flowers took on a vintage look and are really interesting, in my opinion.  I’m not sure if it was the paper the note cards were printed on, or the fact that I used Vaseline to blend some of the flowers (but not all of them), regardless, the end result is really neat and I’m really going to be happy to share it with you when the video goes up.  Rich is pretty far behind with videos and has some really big ones to put up.  I think the video for best wet glue is over thirty minutes long and I doubt that he’ll be able to make it much shorter.

I made a few cards for my sister today as that’s all she wants for her birthday on November 2nd.  I’m not sure how many I can make for her, but I’m going to try for twenty of them.  She wants all of them to be the same style, so it’s an easy card to make, I just need to leave the sentiments off and stamp out sentiments and use punches with them so she can attach the sentiment she wants to whatever card she chooses.  I’ll be really glad to get them done because I always worry when I have a big project to do when I need to make my own videos as well.  I can’t make a video of my sister’s card as I’ve already made two videos using the idea of her card and I think three would be a big stretch.

I’m going to make a couple of fall thankful for you postcards on video tomorrow.  At least that’s my plan.  I think postcards are a quick and easy way to send something that let’s people know you are thinking about them and that’s always a good thing.  (Look, I’m Martha Stewart now..I guess MacGyver is on hiatus.)


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