I decided to give the paper bag albums that I’ve been seeing everywhere a try.  They aren’t really hard to make, but require re-measuring with each page as the bags I bought weren’t all the same size.  I did cut mine down so they were all “supposed” to be the same size, but actually, an 1/8th of an inch makes a difference when I’m looking at it, so I measured every page.  So far, I’m not really disappointed with my results, but the people who said you can crank these out in 20 minutes are kidding me.  Well of course it would take me a lot longer, measure twice and glue once.  It’s fun to do and I’m enjoying it, but it is a little labor intensive for me, requiring I take a lot of breaks.  Or maybe I just like taking breaks, you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

I thought I’d make three of four of these, but at the rate I’m going, I might make two and be done with them.  I prefer a project that is not only fun to make, but that doesn’t look like a paper bag when I am done.  I think the people who made the ones I have seen, have purchased ones that are of a higher quality than the ones I bought.  I bought plain white lunch bags, which is what one YouTuber said to use.  I don’t recommend them as they are pretty flimsy and (I think) still look like a paper bag.  Maybe if I had upgraded to a heavy duty expensive bag, the end result would look better.  I’m not sure, maybe one of my readers could let me know their thoughts on it.  In the meantime, I’ll finish this one and then maybe make one on video.  It’s a long process so I might cut paper before I tape so it goes together quickly.  I’m not sure if that will work or not, as the bag sizing might make it a total fail.  I guess we’ll wait and see.




2 thoughts on “11/7/2016

  1. I love making albums of paperbags and envelopes! I have bought my paper bags in scrap stores and never had any problems with them. Unfortunately it’s a expensive hobby here in sweden so I can’t make as many as I want. We don’t have those really good deals and rabatt that you have in ex Michael’s. My last album I used materials for about 80 dollars (!). You can make your own ” bags” with cardstock too if you don’t want ” flimsy” bags. I would love to see your album!
    Take care!


    1. Wow, $80, that must have been a really nice album! I’d love to see a photo. Could you email me one at saundralparker@yahoo.com? I’m definitely going to do a video of the album once I can make them faster and use a better quality bag. I bought mine at Walmart, big mistake, so uneven and I don’t think they will hold up well with time. I’ve made albums using cardstock and they are on my site, but wanted to give these a try. Thanks for your note. I love to know that people actually read my blogs. haha. Sandy


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