I had a terrific day today.  This morning, I met my two close college friends for breakfast.  We each drive almost an hour to meet in the middle and it makes it so we’re able to see each other at least four times a year.  Since we’ve been out of school since the early 1980’s, it’s a commitment we’ve made to each other over the years to ensure that we never lose touch.  Of course we also keep in touch by email and telephone, but seeing each other is so much better.

The place we meet is by a mall, so Rich and I did a little bit of shopping and couldn’t get over how crowded the mall is for Christmas shopping.  I think I’m out of touch as I am amazed how the “Christmas shopping event” has stretched from Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), to now having another Black Friday any Friday in November.  I saw Christmas decorations in stores in September.  Are we stretching things just a little bit, or is this a way to make me feel guilty that I haven’t even thought about Rich’s birthday which is the beginning of December, let alone his Christmas gifts.

I think when you are as old as we are, you’ve basically accumulated the things you want and don’t really need much anymore either, so it’s difficult to find gift ideas.  I have a couple of girlfriends that I exchange gifts with and one is retired like I am,  and has everything she needs.  It’s so hard to think of ideas for her and I try very hard to make every holiday special and every gift to have some meaning.  I think I might have one of the photos Rich took of her puppy and have it made into a throw for on her couch.  She loved the album I made her (there’s a video of it on my site and if you search “puppy album”, it should come up for you.

Christmas is such a high pressure time for people, with money and time both at a premium.  I’ve been trying to focus my Christmas videos on one or both of those ideas to try to take some of the pressures off of my viewers/subscribers.  I hope I can do just a little bit to help them get through this very stressful time.  I feel the stress and I’m not really sure why.



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