Last year I made a series called Totally Terrific Tags and Trimming.  I know, it’s a hard one to say.  I made a tag that I really liked but started rethinking it this year, and decided it would be a really great Christmas ornament without the tag.  It’s a Christmas tree made out of paper I folded over and over.  Really simple concept.  I bought some really nice 3-d pine cone and other fall and Christmas style metal embellishments from China on Ebay, and thought I would decorate the trees as well.  I have another idea about how to alter them.  The shape of the tree is perfect for the bottom of an angel.  Now all I have to do is find something for a head and make wings and I’m in business. If you have any ideas, please let me know.  I thought about using a big pearl for the head, but it couldn’t be a really white pearl as the paper is old and distressed looking, so the pearl would look really odd (in my opinion.) It could be a little while before this video goes live because, as you know, Rich is kind of backlogged, but I definitely want to give this some air time.

I’m also going to make another paper bag album, only this time I’m going to videotape the process.  I found some cute snack bags  at the Dollar Tree (where else), that have a random pattern on them.  Most of their Christmas snack bags have a pattern that is in an up and down design on the bag.  Since the albums are side to side, those bags won’t work, so I had to do some digging.  I did find two designs that I believe will work well.. It’s just a matter of time until I know for sure.  I do like the idea of them though, and hope I can make them work.  They seem to be a heavier weight than the cheap Walmart ones, but I haven’t opened the bag to check them out in detail.  You get twelve in a pack, which would make two albums.  Not bad for a fifty cent investment!  Those albums use a ton of tape runner, so I’ve pulled out the big pink ATG gun.  That thing is huge and so cumbersome, but it does make short work of gluing paper.  Rich absolutely HATES filling the ATG, and would rather poke himself in the eye than fill it, but it’s on his calendar for this afternoon.  Poor guy!



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