Just when you thought the wet glue video was an urban legend, I finally can say it’s up!  YAY!  It’s almost forty minutes long, but worth the watch if you are in the market for a wet glue or just starting out in paper crafts.  I’m really proud of it, but it is rather long, although when you are discussing twenty different glues, you can’t do it justice in a short video, unfortunately.

I have been thinking about doing a Thanksgiving postcard to send to friends and family.  Basically it’s like sending an early Christmas card, but with not a lot of muss or fuss.  I think Thanksgiving is really overlooked and traditions are going by the wayside, so why not send a short note, thanking people for being such good friends and family.  I really like the idea and have never seen anyone make a video on one.  So why not?  I think the end results are pretty great and I’m really proud of them.  And best of all, they take less than five minutes to make.  You can’t ask for anything more!

I’m full of ideas for videos, but Rich has now confiscated all of our memory cards so that he can catch up with me.  He has so many videos to edit and put online, he’s overwhelmed.  I don’t blame him, unfortunately, this time of year I’m just full of ideas.  At this point I don’t even remember what I covered in the videos Rich still has.  It will be a big surprise for me when I eventually get to see them go up.  I’m so glad I’m ahead of the game, as it gives me a chance to clean my craft room.  Oh, who am I kidding?  That craft room will be forever in a state of unrest.  It’s the nature of being crafty, don’t you agree?


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