I shouldn’t have watched Jennifer McGuire’s favorite things for 2016.  Specifically stamps.  Why oh why does she have to put that video up just when I made myself stop buying any crafty things.  Ok, not many crafty things, minimal crafty things.  Geez, I’m a crafty shop-a-holic and can’t help myself.

Every once in a while, I find myself thinking that I have every crafty thing I could possibly want and then something happens and I snap and buy anything and everything in sight.  Maybe not everything, but close.  That’s what happened when I saw her video.  I saw so many stamps I didn’t have and wanted and lost my mind.

The other problem I have is when I have a crafty friend who sends me emails about things they’ve bought and I stupidly go to the site they found their treasure on and can’t control myself.  I am an addict.  There’s nothing to stop me.  I would love to blame my shopping on someone else, but it’s all me.

Something great did happen to me.  I got my first handmade birthday card from my first cousin’s daughter.  (My birthday is tomorrow.)  Does that make her my first cousin once removed?  I never know how that works out.  Anyway, she’s been watching my videos and decided to attempt her first card and send it to me.  It was terrific and I am thrilled to connect with a family member, especially over crafting.  I have a very small family and I’m not sure if any of them do anything crafty except Shelli.  I’ll have to show her card on one of my videos.  It was so creative.  She said I made it look a lot easier than it really is.  Frankly, I say that about every other crafter, and never think anything is as easy as they make things look.  Shelli and I are planning to spend an afternoon together before the holidays and I’m hoping it will include some crafting shopping.  It would be so much fun to shop with a new crafty friend!  I can’t wait.



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