A Peanut Butter Pinecone Bird Feeder

I wanted to make some videos for kids to do while they are off on Thanksgiving break and this is an easy one.

You’ll need one or more pinecones, a jar of cheap smooth peanut butter and bird seed.  I found my bird seed in the bulk section of my grocery store and only bought a pound of it.  I made two pinecones and the project used the entire jar of peanut butter and most of the bird seed.

On one pinecone I used floral wire and wrapped it inside the pinecone and twisted the wire so no edges were exposed.  On the other, I used a jute or twine and tied it in a knot.  I used a spatula to fill the peanut butter into the pinecone then put handfuls of bird seed on it and pressed them into it.  Rich thinks it would work better to microwave the peanut butter and pour it onto the pinecone, but I was afraid it wouldn’t stick.  You can try it if you think it will work for you.

Our birds are loving these and sit on it almost all day long.


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