I’m happy that Rich has been sticking to his promise to put up one video a day for a week.  It’s really allowing us to get to the point that when I talk about a video, it comes online within a few days.  The thing that makes me crazy is when I have an idea about a video and it takes weeks for it to go online.  We still have a video of the child’s chair that I converted into a planter that never went online.  It’s kind of too late to do it now, since who would be interested in a planter in December?  Maybe they would, but I think it might be a better video in the spring.  It focuses on all of the spring, summer and fall seasons, but not winter, so it would be out of context now, in my opinion.

I do have so many other videos, both finished and unfinished.  I’m waiting to do a haul on all of the crafty things I bought over good Friday.  I have a friend who told me that I might not get all of the things I bought until mid December.  That’s kind of a bummer, because some of the things I’ve bought are for Christmas projects.  And who is interested in Christmas things in January?

This might make you laugh.  I’ve been writing a blog post every day for almost a year.  I write it on a laptop that I believe may be possessed by the devil.  Sometimes I’ll write several paragraphs and somehow I’ll accidentally push something and delete all  or most of what I’ve just written.  It’s happened so many times and I’ve gotten used to rewriting what’s been lost.  Tonight it happened again and I thought “I’ll figure out a way to fix this or give up on writing tonight.”  Maybe it was my total commitment to giving up, but I looked all over my computer and finally found an undo button.  Do you know how many times I’ve looked for the undo button?  Crazy, and frustrating all at the same time.  I’m so relieved that I now know what to do, and I could kick myself for not looking harder before today.  Geez, what a waste of time.  I should have just asked Rich for help and he would have pointed to the undo key and said, “Press that.”:  It’s so easy for some and so difficult for others.  I’m one of the others, obviously.



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