I had a long time while on vacation to think about crafts.  You see a lot of handmade items when you travel and I love it when I see people who make their own jewelry.  I’ve bought everything I need to make my own, but have never tried to make anything.  After Christmas, that’s all going to change.  I have plans to make earrings for myself as I tend to lose them (or Honey steals them), and I hope we can learn to make them together.  Once I’ve mastered them, I’m on to bracelets as I absolutely love to wear several of them at once.

First though, I need to do a big haul video of the things I bought over the Black Friday weekend.  I never realized that craft sites would have the kinds of deals that they had and I bought too much and too many things and had a great time doing it.  One of my girlfriends has kept a log of when each site has their sale and what discounts they offered.  I’ll make sure to get a copy of it and put it on my site and on this blog next year, so we can all budget our crafty spending together!

I watched Jennifer McGuire’s crafty things 2016 videos and lost my mind with buying things.  Then Joann’s had a big online sale and I found a lot of individual Spectrum Noir markers I didn’t have for less than $2 each, so bought a bunch of them.

All in all, I bought some great pre-Christmas presents as my own Santa..  I can’t wait to try some of them out, and will make sure I do a video of at least one of them for a Christmas card video.  I’ve been getting some really beautiful cards from fellow crafters that I’ve met through YouTube, and have been so envious of their skills.  I also got a handmade birthday card from my sister (whose never done any crafts but loves the Mandalas I found for her and used part of one in my card.)  My cousin also made me her very first handmade card and it’s great.  I’ll show all of them in a video.

I’ve missed blogging while on vacation as I keep a travel journal, but it’s not the same thing as sending this out into the universe every day.  I promise I am back to my daily blogs and will continue doing them as long as possible.

It’s been snowing here since we left and continued the whole time we were gone.  They plowed our driveway twice during the week, and we still have two inches of ice beneath the snow.  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s today, so hopefully the ice will start to melt before we have another cold snap.  The reason I’m mentioning this is because now that the snow is falling, I’ll be spending more time at home, so more time to craft.  I’m looking forward to making some great things before and after the holidays.  I made the mini album for Christmas before I left and Rich didn’t have time to edit the video, but it should be online tonight.  I’m also going to be doing the 2017 Dollar Tree planner makeover video so I hope you’ve gathered your supplies so we can make them together.  I’ve got lots of things to do before the holidays and hope you’ll join me in some crafty fun.


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