How to Make an Easy Dollar Tree Paper Bag Mini Album

I used the Christmas bags from the Dollar Tree haul and red and green paper to match.  I had a pack from a garage sale to create a scrapbook page and used that.

I cut my bags to make sure they would fit  4 x 6″ photos so made my bags each 6 1/4″ long.  I used a bone folder to really make the bags flat.  I cut an inch off of the ends of each of my bags, but you should check yours to make sure yours are the same size as mine.

You will need to put tape runner under the bottoms of the bags to make sure they are adhered completely to the bag.  After I did that, I folded the bottoms toward the bag so the blue bottom shows and then glued two bags together with wet glue on three sides of the blue bottoms facing each other.  Hold them in place until the glue holds.

Each bag has two places to create a pocket and I didn’t like that, so I cut the top and bottom edge of the bag and then folded it back and cut the top and bottom edges closest to the center of the bag and then folded those two papers down and glued them together and folded the top layer on top of them and glued it down.  It makes for a nicer finish with only one pocket instead of two.

I used tear tape to put may book together and put wet glue on top of the tear tape so I could move the book if it was uneven.

I’m not going to give you the measurements for the papers I used to cover the book because every bag is different by a small amount and you’ll need to measure your bags and determine what the size will be based on your book.  You should make your bottom paper 1/4″ smaller than the size of the bag and the designer paper should be another 1/4″ smaller.  If you bag is 6 1/4″ and you want to fit a 6″ photo on it, change your measurements to 1/8″ smaller than the book.

I used a green ribbon that matched my book that was about 20″ long.  I put tear tape on the middle outside of the book to attach the ribbon to.

I used the embellishments that came with the scrapbook page kit for my decorations and they came in really handy, but you can always buy embellishments to match the paper you use.

I cut small matching red and green papers and decorated them to go into the small pockets and cut bigger red and green papers to go into the big pockets of the album.  Again, you’ll want to measure your bags to make sure the pages slide in and out easily.  I punched holes in the smaller papers so they are easier to pull out of the small pockets.  I didn’t think it was necessary on the bigger pockets because the papers are easier to grab since they are big enough to hold a 4 x 6″ photo.

I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them.  I apologize it’s taken so long to get this video up, but it is a long one and took Rich a long time to edit.


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