How to Make a Felt Flower Dog or Cat Collar or Barrette

I like making holiday collars for the dogs and they needed new ones this year as we didn’t have Honey last Christmas.  I thought it would be fun to make felt cover collars with felt flowers on them.  Here’s how I made them:

Buy an inexpensive collar (I bought mine at Family Dollar for $3 or under.)  Fit it to your dog so you know you can pull it over their head to take it off.  Once you’ve done that, unclip the collar and set it aside.  Cut your felt so that it is long enough to go from one end of the vinyl to the other end of the vinyl, you’ll only exclude the clip closure in your length.
Measure the width of the collar and make sure your felt is over three times as wide as the collar.  If your collar is 1″ wide, use at least a 3″ wide piece of felt.  I used wool felt because I liked the colors better and you need your felt to be longer (normally) than the small craft pieces of felt.  Once your felt is cut to the right size, you can glue it onto the collar.  I used clothespins to hold it in place when I hot glued it together.  It’s much easier to have enough felt to completely wrap it around the collar.  (You can do the same to a headband for a child.

To make your flowers, start with a 3″ square piece of craft felt in colors you like.  Trim the corners so it is rounded.  Then cut into the felt and make a snake shape.  Once you’re almost to the center, cut a circle.  Snip off the point you started cutting and start twisting your felt in a circle shape.  Hold it as tightly as possible and keep your bottom flat and keep turning your felt until you get to the center and put a huge dollop of glue to cover the entire bottom and then lay the circle on the glue and put it flat on your craft mat and hold it there to set the glue.  I also put small dots of glue on the flower as I turned it, so I was sure the glue would hold.

If you want a smaller flower, start with a 2 1/2″ square or even a 2″ square and follow the same directions.  These would work better to attach to a child’s barrette or headband.

I made leaves by cutting a leaf shape in the green felt and made a double leaf by folding the felt in half and cutting from the fold and making a leaf shape but not cutting the entire end that’s folded so the leaves are connected.

I used a long piece of gold and red trim and hot glued it onto the center of my collar.  I hope you enjoy this craft.


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