I had been contacted a while ago by a woman who sells her digital art on Etsy.  She wanted someone to do a video using her art.  I’ve put off using the art she emailed me, as I just couldn’t think of how to use it or what would make the most sense.  I finally got around to making the video tonight and it’s been a long time in coming.  I feel really guilty that I took so long to fulfill on a commitment I made, but sometimes I just lose track of time.  That, and I really struggled with how I could use the art.

I made a haul video as well and it was a remake, as I made the video then accidentally deleted it.  I wonder how many times I’ve done that and if other YouTubers also have that happen  to them from time to time.  I’m beginning to think I’m the only one that does such foolish things.  I wish there was an automated system that backs up all of my memory cards and that way I wouldn’t keep accidentally deleting things or losing the memory cards (which has happened to me on more than one occasion.)

I got a really nice present in the mail for my birthday/Christmas from my friend Elishia.  It had so many crafty things inside, plus some candy.  It was a great surprise and I was thrilled to get it.  I should share it in my next video.

I’ve been trying to make sure I cover all of the videos that I had on my list to put up by the end of the Christmas season and it hasn’t left me any time to really clean the crafty mess that’s been accumulating.  My craft room looks the worst that it’s ever been and I’m mortified that I’ve made it like this.  I definitely am starting to look like a hoarder.  It’s embarrassing and I really hope that I eventually take the time to clean it, or I may be buried alive.  I think the odds are I’ll be buried by it before I get around to cleaning it.


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