I got the nicest comment today from a lady named Lin.  She said she thought I should have a much larger following and although I wish it were so, it’s kind of hard to accomplish.  I think the main problem is that a lot of people are uncomfortable watching my hands.  I’m ok with that because I know they aren’t pretty, and people will choose manicured perfection over damaged hands every time.  I think I would probably do a lot better on an audio channel because then people wouldn’t see them.

I’d love to see the channel grow, but probably not for the reasons that some of you might think.  I’m not on YouTube to make money, as I’m paid by the company I worked for and they won’t allow me to make additional monies.  I won’t do advertising (unless YouTube puts it there without my knowledge,) for the same reason.

I’d like to see the channel grow faster because I would love other people with physical limitations to know that there are options for them and that they can be productive and find hobbies that help them feel fulfilled.  I thought that word of mouth among people with physical issues would grow the channel, but not so much.  I had a small but intense hope that people without physical limitations would enjoy the content and share it as well.

I’m terrible at social media, so the channel also struggles to grow because I’m not on a lot of the media sites.  What I need is a fairy godmother who would know how to grow this channel and make it visible to the population at large.  How do we do this?  I’m not sure.

I have contacted a lot of groups for people with physical limitations but have never gotten a response from them.  A C Moore contacted me to highlight my channel on their social media and then I never heard from them again.  The owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry have been my biggest advocates, helping get the word out about my channel from almost the very beginning.  I wish I could find other small craft based companies to find my channel and recommend it.  I’m not sure what companies would be open to the suggestion.

Maybe by asking every viewer to ask one person to watch one of my videos, possibly their favorite video.  If one person asks one person, the channel grows quickly and for the right reasons.  I don’t want it to grow because I put it on a wish list for subscribers.  I want it to grow because people respond to it and like the content.  I think I’m asking too much.  How do you convince people that something that is not visually appealing, is worth their time and energy to watch?  It’s a tough challenge.  If you have an idea, please let me know.  I would love to have ideas.  Maybe I should make that my New Year’s Resolution.  Resolve to grow the channel by figuring out what it will take to do so.  Wow, that’s a big one.



2 thoughts on “12/30/2016

  1. Hi Sandy, Happy New Year to you and Rich! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your channel. At first it was fun to just watch something being created from scratch, and I thought that’s all it would ever be, but after awhile I got the urge to make something myself. Your birthday was the perfect “first try”. I wanted to let you know that my youngest son has had the “dreaded senior project” looming before him. The reason it was was “dreaded” was because he saw what our family went through, stresswise and timewise, with my older son’s senior project three years ago. It turned out to be a 185 page 3 ring binder which told the story of his life. Much of the written work was done in theology class at school, but the voluminous task of putting it all together in the binder, with page protectors, page numbers, table of contents, and lots of photos, clip art and BLING was done at home. We literally had a family assembly line the night before trying to get it finished. Well, this time it was different, thanks to you! Still a little stress, but since my son saw what was entailed in his brother completing his project, he has been “working ahead”. He and I went to Hobby Lobby and really enjoyed looking through the fun themed stickers and bling for such categories as religion, family, sports, birthdays and blue glitter letters and numbers. I took a lot more interest in this part of it and did not dread putting it together like I did for my older son. Thanks for creating an interest in me in being “a little bit crafty”. Much love!

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  2. Shelli, Your comment was so sweet and thoughtful and I could not be happier that I helped you and your family in some small way. I’ve never thought of myself as crafty, but I guess it was always back there somewhere as this year has been so great for me in so many ways. I’ve learned that I can’t just quit when the project gets too frustrating (watch the video on creating a birthday calendar and you’ll know why.) I’ve also found so many wonderful people and created friendships that I know will last long after this channel is gone. I just wanted to make a site where disabled crafters could find tools that would definitely work for them and help them find ideas of things that they can create. Instead. I found a piece of myself that I knew had been missing for a long time. A sense of purpose. You won’t understand that at this stage in your life, but once you retire, you lose purpose and that is so important )at least it is for me.) I know I’ll never be a great card maker like Jennifer McGuire, or a great artist, like Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter, but I can be me and add my perspective to the mix. It’s been so great getting to know you. With a family as small as ours, it’s more than important that we take the time to know each other and appreciate those we do have. We still haven’t had our girl’s afternoon, but I definitely want to do so. Your time is valuable, so whenever you can find the time, just let me know and weather permitting, I’ll be there. Thanks for letting me into your life, it means so much to me!


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