Remaking a Dollar Tree Planner into an Organizational Center, Part 2 Adding Pockets

When I did the first video, I forgot to add pockets onto the pages I added in the back.  I cut a piece of matching cardstock to about 4 1/4″ wide and then put it in my paper trimmer on an angle to make a diagonal cut.  I save the leftover paper and cut it on another diagonal to fit over the first and used tear tape on the bottom and left side of the second piece of paper to create the business card folder. .
The 4 1/4″ piece was scored at 1/4″ on the bottom and left edge (tallest edge) of the paper.  I folded it under and put tear tape on the 1/4″ piece making sure that none of the tear tape hung over the edge or it will stick to anything you put in your pocket.  I cut the notch out at the bottom corner where the two score marks make a tiny square.   You can make another set of score marks at 1/2″ on the same places you made the 1/4″ scores and that will create a really thick folder where you can hold a lot of papers.  I chose not to do that as I wanted my folder to fit well inside my planner.  You will put tear tape on the long side and bottom scores of your pocket and glue it to the planner. I also embellished the red page where the business cards are placed.
I’m really glad I added this step to my planner as I’m sure it will make it so much more usable and handle almost every scenario she plans to use it for.

I realize I said to cut the paper to 4″ in the video, but it should be 4 1/4″ to take into account the 1/4″ score line.


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