Our Travel Journal and How it Differs from Others

I think I rambled way too much in this video and I really am sorry that I was so unfocused.  Here are the key points when making a travel journal.

1.  Put your contact information, plus an emergency contact person’s information inside your journal.
2.  Keep the journal in your carry on with a couple of pens that write and a glue stick.
3.  Keep a daily log of your activities, the restaurants you went to, what you ate, and anything else you might want to remember.
4. Put tickets from plays, postcards, maps, business cards from hotels, restaurants and stores in your journal so you can reference them later.
5.  Date your journals.
6. Put special photos on the inside of your journal of pets, kids, etc.
7. At the end of the trip, write your favorite moment for each participant and your top three foods you ate and where you ate them.  We both always add these notes so we have them in case we go to that city in the future.
8.  If you have any bucket list items, record them inside each journal until you’ve accomplished them.


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