Making Scrabble Letter Coasters, Words with Friends Gift Idea

My girlfriend loves to play “Words with Friends” and I had this old Scrabble set and thought this would be a perfect gift for her.  I saw a video by Baby Gizmo (sorry I forgot her name in the video) on YouTube showing this technique.

All you need to make this project are:
-Scrabble letters (I found my sets at thrift stores and garage sales
and they don’t need to be complete, just have enough letters that you can form sixteen to twenty-four letters worth of words from them.  I made five coasters because I couldn’t think of any words to make with the letters I had left.
–E6000 glue (I only used the very smallest new tube and had enough for my project) Joanns sells a four pack of the smaller tubes for $5.49 before a coupon, or a larger tube for $6.99 before using a coupon.
-Xacto knife
-t ruler to make sure your tiles are straight
–thin cork pieces–You can find this at Michaels, but make sure you use a coupon if you buy larger pieces.  I found this set for $1.99 on website that will make four of these coasters and shouldn’t involve much trimming.
-polyurethane spray I found a can of Rustoleum polyurethane at Walmart for $5.17 online but have found it on sale at my local hardware store for less.
–sand paper or sanding block

I took each of my letters and formed four letter words.  If I had a larger word, I figured out how to shorten it but still be able to read it by taking out vowels.  If you have shorter words, fill with blank tiles or the backs of tiles you won’t use like “Q” or “Z”.. I tried to put four words together that made sense.  You’ll need at least sixteen four letter words to make four coasters.

Once you have formed your words, lightly sand the backs of the tiles so the glue will adhere better.  Starting in the bottom right corner of your cork, lay the last letter of the bottom word of your four words you are using together and glue it down. It’s easier to do it this way to ensure your tiles are straight.  Finish gluing the last word and then start the word above it using the last letter again to make sure they are straight.  Put a dollop of glue on the backs, but don’t get the glue on the front or you’ll be able to see it when you are finished.  If you get a little glue on it, wipe it off immediately with a baby wipe or wet paper towel.  Once you have all four words glued, immediately use a t ruler or two rulers in the shape of an “L” to ensure your letters are straight on the cork.  Make sure you do this before the glue has time to dry.  After all of your letters are glued down, put a heavy bottle on top of it to weigh them down.  I put two of my tiles on top of each other and then laid a heavy book or jar on top of them for weight.  Let them dry overnight, then trim the coasters with the X-acto knife on a safe cutting surface like a cutting mat or a cutting block from the kitchen.  Once trimmed to your liking (so you can’t see the cork), you can use the sand paper on the edges so your cork has a clean edge.
Spray the coasters with polyurethane and set to dry.  I sprayed mine with two good layers of spray and did this outside for good ventilation.  Let them set a few hours between coats.  Once they are dry, tie a nice ribbon around them and you are done.
My friend loved her coasters as I themed them around her lake house.
This is not a hard project and if you find the things you need around the house (the game, polyurethane, sand paper, x-acto knife), it’s not an expensive project to make.
If you enjoy this video, I’d really appreciate it if you would pass it along to one friend that maybe hasn’t seen my channel as I’d like to grow to 3,000 subscribers this year.  If your friend likes the video, they might subscribe and tell one friend, and on and on.


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