I made my second video on becoming Jennifer McGuire and I’m exhausted.  It’s not the actual  process, it’s the fact that she makes so many variations of it.  Of course if she makes a lot of color variations, I guess I think I need to as well.  It’s overwhelming and I need to go back to part Sandy/part Jennifer McGuire because I can’t make ten variations of the same card (as much as I would like to do so.)  I think I’ll try for three at most going forward.

I’m putting my MISTI in the mail tomorrow to get the grid fixed and will probably be going through MISTI withdrawals while it is gone.  I hope they only have it for a few days because a lot of the J McGuire techniques work best with the MISTI.

I have an appointment at a new rheumatologist tomorrow in Cleveland and it takes over two hours to get there.  I’m not fond of driving to Cleveland because of the snow and the fact that the drive is all along the snow belt.  I am hoping that this new doctor is experienced and has dealt with people with the degree of arthritis that I have.  My problem has been finding physicians that have seen people with R.A. like mine.  Since new biologic drugs have come along, people with arthritis don’t advance to the degree that I have, which is so wonderful, but that also means that more doctors don’t see cases like mine very often.  I’ve been told that this physician has experience with my age group so I’m crossing my fingers that he has some idea of how to treat me.  My last doctor had run out of options on how to control the disease and although I liked her, I need someone who has some ideas in their arsenal that will work for me.


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