I took on another Jennifer video, this time on craft card stock using a technique called shadow stamping.  I’m not really sure where these technique names come from, because a lot of them seem very similar to each other.  You take white pigment ink and stamp an image, dry it, then shift your stamp/stencil/tape and stamp another color over it.  So far, many of Jennifer McGuire’s techniques have been like this.  I guess I never noticed it before, because I never power-watched her videos, only the crafty favorite ones.  Now that I’m watching several of her videos at once, I’m finding more and more of her techniques involve these same components, just use different names.

I did make one change today in my “Jennifer” process that made a world of difference for me.  Jennifer always makes several of each card she makes.  She says once she has a plan and has the supplies out, why not?  For me, making several cards at once is over-taxing and maybe it’s the same for others.  Although it was fun making ten of a certain card, I find it to be more than I can handle and now I am making a prototype plus the card on video,and I’m done.  It was so much easier for me and made me feel a lot better about becoming “Jennifer McGuire.”  Just because I am trying to use her techniques doesn’t mean I need to make a multitude of cards.  Let’s face it, I didn’t try to organize myself the way she has, so why make ten cards when I only need one or two?

I am really proud of the cards I have produced so far and am looking for a technique that does not involve using white pigment ink for tomorrow’s card.  The problem is that I don’t have my MISTI, and some techniques will require that, so I need to find a technique that doesn’t use the white ink or the MISTI, and that could be a challenge.  Stay tuned, tomorrow’s a whole new day.


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