I tried another of Jennifer McGuire’s techniques today and it’s the first one where I really don’t think I feel comfortable with the results.  I used her stamp tracing technique which is exactly like it sounds.  You stamp an image and then trace it with pens.  I tried it once with gel pens and hated the results, so tried it a second time using a thin marker instead.  I don’t think my lines looked right and I really didn’t think the results deserved to be in a video.  Sometimes I convince myself that the end result is ok, but this time, I’m just not sure.  To me, the end result looks fairly childish and I’m not thrilled with that.

Rich did look at the card and thought it looked fine.  Fine isn’t great, or really nice, or even nice, it’s just fine.  Let’s just say I won’t be doing that technique again any time soon.  I am going to put the video up though, because Rich felt it deserved to be seen.  We’ll wait to see about that.

I would like to try something that isn’t horribly labor intensive, but give great results every time.  I haven’t gotten to the Vagabond stage and maybe once I start using that, my results will improve and I’ll feel a lot more confident using Jennifer’s techniques.

I am feeling a little bit burned out making cards and want to get back to making other crafty things and trying things that aren’t card techniques.  I’m not sure what I’m looking to do, but for now, just coming up with something other than a card will make me happy.

I guess I’m not a card maker at heart, or maybe I  am never happy doing only one thing.  I like to try different crafts and find different outlets for my interests and doing the same thing over and over has never been my strong suit.  I really do like making crafts during the holidays, because there are so many things you can do and so many different crafty avenues to pursue.  Or, it could be that after making a card that I’m disappointed with, I need to find a technique to make me feel better about the process in general.  I guess we’ll never know, maybe I am a card maker at heart, but currently not feeling very good about the results I’m getting..


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