I made two orders from the Peg Stamp company and was really excited when they came.  I didn’t open the first one immediately, as I knew I would be getting the second order and wanted to open them, do a haul and make a card with everything I had purchased.  Unfortunately, the first envelope disappeared.  I mean gone. I know it’s in the house somewhere, but where did I put it.  I’m sure it’s somewhere “safe.” but I spent most of this afternoon searching for the bag and still no sign of it.
If I have to resort to cleaning my craft room, you know I’m serious about finding something.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’ll bet Jennifer McGuire has never lost a stamp order, or anything else for that matter.  I picture her having an ‘in” basket for all incoming mail.  Next, there is a person assigned to opening the mail, sorting it into categories, labeling it, photographing it and putting the photograph into her own Jennifer McGuire Dewey decimal system.  She’s one super organized woman and when I watch a tour of her craft room, I get the feeling that somehow I just saw a glimpse of perfection, something I will never be able to replicate, and like the sun, so bright it could damage my eyes..
It’s like a photograph that’s been photo-shopped.  Can anything really be that perfect or maintained at that level of perfection?  I’m not sure, I just know that my craft room has some serious issues, namely I think it ate the package from the peg stamp company.  That darn craft room.

I have one last thought completed unrelated to my craft room.  If I make a card using one of Jennifer McGuire’s techniques and the card isn’t really up to her caliber, do I still show the video, or do I junk it?  I know she would never show the video, but if I am being honest with myself, I realize I’m no Jennifer McGuire, so shouldn’t I show my card, flaws and all?  It’s not really flawed, it’s just not attractive in my opinion.  I guess I’ll have Rich put it up and see what people think.  I’ll probably regret it, as this isn’t something to be proud of producing.


2 thoughts on “1/15/2017

  1. Please post the video flaws and all. I follow Jennifers blog but only for some of her organizational tips. I do not have a craft room like hers nor do I want one. It would not work for me. I love my tiny, cramped room. I have gotten so many good ideas from your posts and videos. I started following you because I also have a physical disability and I found a kindred crafty spirit in you. you have also created an obsession for me and Peg Stamps. I loved them!! Just Be YOU!!! Everyone else is taken.


    1. Cindy, Thanks so much for the great advice. I really only wanted to learn the techniques that Jennifer offers, not her perfection, obsessive organization or voice overs. I think she makes great cards but doesn’t show the things that help us be better crafters, the mistakes. If no one ever sees a mistake, they never know how to fix them and they feel like they aren’t good enough when they do make mistakes (at least that’s how I feel when I watch a “perfect crafter.”
      I am SO glad you found and love the peg stamps. You couldn’t have picked a better brand. I have become friends with the owner, Rebecca, and she is one of the sweetest, most generous people I have ever met. She’s done more to help grow my channel and continues to help me. In fact, when she saw that I wanted to grow my channel to 3,000 subscribers this year, she and her husband offered to do a giveaway to encourage subscriptions. She has offered to give me discount codes for my viewers, but it was when she was running discounts with Lindsay and she and Lindsay allowed me to piggyback off of Lindsay’s discount codes as I’m not trying to take money from Lindsay through the monies she makes from sales she generates..
      Believe me when I say that I will always be me. I have been doing a lot of joking about becoming Jennifer, but only in terms of her techniques, everything else will be purely me. My craft room will continue to be a crazy mess and I’ll still have trouble finding things, and that’s never going to change (although I wish it would.)
      I have to say though, I have learned a lot in the last couple of weeks about making cards that are clean and sophisticated, but still have my unique touches.
      I’m so glad you took the time to write me this note and you can always contact me on my email saundralparker@yahoo.com. If you ever want to just say hi, please email me. I’m sorry to hear about your disability and hope you know I feel a kindred spirit with everyone who feels they want to craft but worry that their disability will get in the way of it. It’s why I started the channel as there isn’t another voice on YouTube that can show (by their hands) that they know the plight of the disabled crafter.
      I loved your comment about being me because everyone else is taken. You made me smile and I love it when something so sweet and simple can still make us feel so good.


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