My series of videos on becoming Jennifer McGuire have really been going over well and I’m happy that they are.  I wanted to learn different techniques and create cards that are sophisticated and striking, and I believe that I am.

I’ve been overwhelmed by how many views these videos are getting and how quickly my subscriber numbers are growing.  I’ve never really talked about the purpose of growing my channel, so I thought I would take a moment to do so.  Some of you might think this is too personal, but I like to be completely honest, so I’m sharing probably more than you might want to know.

It’s difficult to grow a YouTube channel when the only thing the viewer sees are my hands.  I’m not ashamed of them, as I’ve said many times, but they are sometimes off-putting to people.  In today’s society, perfection is the end-all, be-all for people.  They want to see beautiful people on their television screens and on their YouTube channels.  They look for perfectly manicured hands when they watch commercials about hand cream or videos that are crafty in nature.  I understand that, and it makes growing my channel a challenge.

To find new subscribers that actually watch my videos is my goal.  I’m not looking to increase subscription numbers to get advertising, as I have no plans to earn any money from this venture.  In fact if I do earn money, I am penalized by the company that pays my disability insurance.  So when I say I am not looking to earn money, I truly mean that.  I am looking to increase my subscribers because it is really difficult to find the people who could benefit from my channel.  I’ve tried contacting a lot of organizations who help people with physical limitations, including the Arthritis Foundation, and I have yet to receive a response from anyone. I thought if I explained my channel, maybe the Arthritis Foundation would mention it in a newsletter or even include it on their webpage.  Their organization is almost impossible to access by telephone, believe me, I’ve tried. And this is the organization that is the advocate for my disease.

So how do you grow a YouTube channel when you can’t get access to the people that would benefit from it?  That’s been my challenge.  Oddly enough, “becoming Jennifer McGuire” has grown my channel faster than anything else I have done to date.  I’m really proud of that because although I am using her techniques, I am not changing my format or my style in order to grow my viewership.  Almost every day since I started this endeavor, I’ve gotten comments from new subscribers who have physical limitations.  They are so excited to find my channel as they never knew it was there and although they love Jennifer, they can relate to me.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me.

I’ll continue to ask for subscribers to tell one person about my channel at the end of every video, because I’m not sure what else to do to ensure that subscribers are coming and staying for the right reason.  If you like a video and tell one person and they tell one person, think how quickly the channel can grow.  And how many of these people are unaware that there is a YouTube channel tailored to their specific needs.  I know if I had one friend tell me about a YouTube channel like mine, I would have been thrilled, because we need a voice that gives us ideas, tools and most importantly hope, that we can do the same things Jennifer McGuire can do.


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