I decided to start very slowly trying some water coloring techniques that Lindsay showed on her channel.  I’ve been wondering if it would be hard for me to hold the brush in the upright position and it’s not at first, but then my wrist gets tired and I start getting sloppy.  It didn’t stop me from making the card, actually cards, though.

You know how I’m a little bit dingy?  Well today was no exception.  I have this beautiful background stamp and I thought it would be perfect with gold glitter embossing powder so I bought a bottle.  I know it was embossing powder, because I  was at a store searching through the embossing powders to find the exact kind I wanted.  I bought it specifically for this background stamp as I knew it would be lovely using gold glittery embossing powder and then water coloring the rest of the stamp.  So I put the Versamark ink all over the stamp and stamp watercolor paper with it.  I dump the glittery embossing powder all over it and it’s messy, but of course you would expect glittery embossing powder to be messy.  Here comes the problem.  It would not heat set.  I mean, would not.  So I think there must be something wrong with it, but don’t really know what it could be.  So I start over, second verse, same as the first.  Exact same results, only this time, the paper is starting to discolor like it might catch on fire.  I decide maybe I should heat set it from the front.  The heat gun started blowing embossing powder (I mean glitter), everywhere, and there’s virtually none left on the card.  How could this happen?  So I look at the bottle and it’s not embossing powder, it’s glitter.  The only thing that makes sense is that someone picked up a bottle of glitter and put it back with the embossing powders and I didn’t check because every other bottle in the area I was in, was embossing powder.

I blew glitter all over me, all over the floor, my desk, everywhere.  As if I’m not a big enough sloppy crafter to begin with, this definitely didn’t help the cause.  After I got over my frustration, things went smoothly, although I am the worlds’ slowest water colorist.  Rich is going to need to fast forward, cut things out, and the video could still be an hour long.  No, it won’t be an hour long, but it did take forever to make these cards.  I think they came out pretty great for my first attempt at water coloring.  I’ll let you be the judge though.


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