It’s amazing when I look at the card I made for our great niece three or four months ago.  We just found the video and Rich put it up.  It’s got torn paper and a watercolor hippo and is the next post after this one.  My card making has really improved by learning and using a lot of different techniques in a short amount of time.  I’ve enjoyed learning new things and especially seeing how they look once I put them to use.

I have a video that Rich is editing that is a watercolor technique that Lindsay taught.  I loved learning it and hope that the end result makes the long video worth watching.

Today, I made an embossed distress look note book cover and used some of the Rubbernecker stamps I got as a lovely gift from the owners of Rubberneckers.  I thought it would be fun to make them some gifts with their stamps, so am making a junior legal pad holder, a post-it-note holder, as well as a couple of small memo pads that I’m covering with paper that has their stamps on them.  I have three finished and need to do one more with a manly look to it.  I’m having a lot of fun using their stamps and hopefully, making things they will find a use for once they receive them.  They’ve been so wonderfully generous with me, I want to do something that shows them just how much I appreciate their generosity.

I have been having so much fun trying to think outside the box for the gifts I’m making them and wouldn’t you know, I ran out of ideas when I got to the last gift I wanted to make.  Of course, that’s how things work for me.  Three down and one to go, and I have no idea what to do.  I really need to put my thinking cap on.  That’s a job for tomorrow.  Tonight, my crafting brain is spent.


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