I wanted to do a watercolor technique where you use watercolor crayons and spray the stamp with water then rub the stamp with the crayons and stamp it.  It’s a really fun technique, but I’m not very good at it.  I think we’ll probably have to cut about thirty minutes out of the video, because I just kept trying and re-trying to make the image cleaner, but just couldn’t do it.  I realize this technique is supposed to give you a nice water color effect, but I must have been using too much pigment, as mine had big splotches of color in places that I just wanted fine lines.  The splotches were supposed to be grass but looked more like rocks or weird looking shrubbery.  In the end, I figured out a way to make the technique work, by stamping with ink in the places I had previously water colored.

Of course that’s not the only problem with my project.  I wrote down the dimensions and cut all of the patterned paper that I had that matched the stamped image.  Of course I cut all of the paper about 1/4″ too narrow, thereby making all of the paper unusable for my plan.  In the end, I settled for a plain green paper and although I think it would have looked better with the other paper, it still looked pretty great with the plain green.  If only I remembered that rule about measuring twice and cutting once.  Where are those sayings when I need them?
I’m really happy with this project and hope I find more ideas that make me as happy as this one did once I was finished with it.


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