I’d like to say I did something crafty today, but unfortunately, we ran errands and bought groceries to prepare for the big winter storm we’re supposed to get tomorrow night.  We never know if we’re really going to get a ton of snow, or if it will miss us as we are very close to Lake Erie and are victims of lake effect snow and all that entails.  Normally we get around a foot of snow when we have one of these storms and since we are both retired, we don’t have to go anywhere, so we buy groceries to last a few days and just hang out.  I spend a lot of time in my craft room and watching movies with Rich as we love to hang in the man room and eat a ton of popcorn and spend the day watching anything that looks good.

I need to make more sympathy cards as one of my parent’s closest friends passed away yesterday.  She was in her 90’s and lived a good long life.  She had a terrific family and will be missed.

I also wanted to mention the video that is below this post.  One of my viewers told me that my videos are really long, but she’s willing to sit through them and I thought it was only fair that I produced one that was seriously short.  So this is my gift to all of you as I hate taking so much of your time when my videos go long.  I hope you like it!

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