I’m sure if you’ve read my blog that you know I’m terrible at social media.  I’m not sure what I’m doing and in general, just fly by the seat of my pants.  I’m sure that Instagram is terrific if I knew how to reach the masses, but I don’t.  I have been really slow in updating it and finally, tonight, I spent a couple of hours adding all of the videos and photos that I have been postponing.

I think I’m old enough that I’m past the social media generation.  I know there are a lot of people much older than I am that are really involved in it, but I’ve never found the need.  I never had a facebook page until I started my YouTube channel and I don’t think I do that well either.  I’d love to have a facebook page where my viewers can put photos of the things they create whether they are related to what I am making or not.  I have no idea how to make one of those pages and have tried to research it, but haven’t found any answers as to how to make one.

It would be great if our great nieces and nephew lived close by.  I’m sure they would spent ten minutes and I would have a new YouTube page, understand Instagram, know how to use twitter and a couple hundred other things I have no idea how to handle, and they are fifteen and seventeen.

You’re probably saying, “Geez, Sandy brings this up about once a month.”  I know I do, but it really bothers me.  I would like to make sure that my YouTube channel gets as much exposure as possible, because otherwise, how will people with physical limitations find it?  I worry that I don’t do enough to get the word out there about the channel.  I’m sure you know I’m never trying to grow the channel to the point where I would make money…I have absolutely no interest in doing that.  I would just like to know that people with arthritis, or stroke victims, or people with MS or ALS or hundreds of other disorders know that there is a place for people to find the right tools that will work for them, as well as be able to watch someone who clearly has hand issues but continues to craft anyway.  If you read this blog and would just tell one person, and they tell one person, think of how fast the word would spread.  I’m not looking for miracles, or maybe I am.  I’m just hoping people will be able to somehow find this channel and know that they can continue to make whatever type of project they choose to make…There’s nothing stopping them.


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