I made a great card (well I tried to make a great card) today.  I was using Kristina Werner’s technique of ink “smooshing” and although it was really fun, I was not very good at doing it.  I think my problem was trying to control the color.  Kristina used a simple image and just put color where it landed.  I was trying to put the color into a floral stamp and I’ve changed the technique and called it “modified smooshing” as I felt it best fit the way I was doing it.  At first I decided I was a smooshing cheater, and then decided modified smooshing sounded better.

I even used the Vagabond.  Don’t be shocked, I’m serious about using it.  Well, I think I’m serious about using it.  I only die cut the word “You,” but that was all I needed for the card.

I had my normal setbacks including one that even I was disgusted by.  I was cutting fun foam to fit the back of the watercolor paper and my scissors kept catching on the foam and so I tried three different times before I realized I was also cutting my watercolor paper.  I know what you are thinking.  Three times, come on.  Seriously, I have three small slits on the bottom left corner of the card and so far, I haven’t figured out how to eliminate the problem as if I cut it off, I also cut off part of the image.  I decided to use some Nuvo drops and put a small light orange dot over the slits, but who am I kidding?  They are definitely there, small dot withstanding.  I’m so mad at myself for doing it three times, but decided this would be our little secret and we’ll see if you can see it in the video.  Sometimes you can’t see things, but those are normally color issues.  So this will be our little secret, unless of course, it’s really obvious in the video.

The next malfunction was with a bottle of black liquid (I don’t have the bottle right here, so don’t remember what it’s called.)  It’s shiny and I colored “you” with it.  Well, I tried to cover the word, but it wouldn’t come out of the bottle through the tiny needle tip.  Ok, so after making a small mess trying to get it to come out, I turned off the camera and shook the bottle and bingo, it came out in a very large pool.  Oh, the messes I make.  And I had just washed the ink off my hands.  Another trip to the restroom and I was ready to try again.  Wouldn’t it be funny if another crafter blurted out the things they do that aren’t very smart?  I think I would like that very much.  Lindsay does it once in a while, but otherwise, I can’t think of any other crafter that does.  Ok, me.  But we already knew that, didn’t we?


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