I made a video tonight and it was a successful one.  The card came out great and I was really happy with it.  This is the first card I’ve made in days that I’ve been happy with.  I sometimes wonder if the big YouTube crafty people have days of misfires.  Do you think they sit and have absolutely no idea of what they should create?  I’m sure they do, but wouldn’t it be great if one of them started a video by saying, “I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for over a week and my mind is completely blank.”  Better yet, how about, “I’ve been making cards for over a week and they’ve all gone into the trash. ”  Now that’s something I’d love to hear.  It would make me feel so much more productive in times when things just don’t seem to be working.

I’d also like to have an assistant.  I know that sounds dumb, but once I explain it, you’ll want one too.  If I had an assistant, I’d use them like in an operating room, where the surgeon says, “Scalpel” and they hand him/her a scalpel.  If I had an assistant, my craft room would be clean and organized and I’d never have to wonder where I put something because my assistant would clean it and put it away as soon as I’ve finished with whatever tool I’m using.  Just think how clean my craft room would be.  I make poor Rich edit out all of my issues with not finding tools when I need them.  We leave in all of the mistakes, but if you knew how many times I lose things that are virtually right in front of me, you’d feel really sorry for Rich.  I can’t help it either.  I used to be a very organized person, but since taking on this channel, my craft room is a crazy mess and it never gets any more organized.  So until I either get an assistant (and we all know that’s never going to happen,) or I get organized (probably the same chance of that), my craft room is going to continue being a scary mess.  I think it’s a safe bet, it’s never going to improve.


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