It was such a beautiful day today that I went out and picked up fallen branches in my yard with the dogs.  They weren’t much help, in fact, they were stealing the branches as soon as I piled them up and ran off with them.  Note to self, leave the dogs inside when picking up branches.

Tonight I thought I would start making a St Patricks’ Day card and am using some new markers I was given called Chalkola.  The company wanted to find out if someone with hand issues could use them and asked if I would consider doing a video.  I was asked to work with digital images and learned a valuable lesson about saying yes before I see the product.  Let’s just say the images weren’t what I expected.  I had a very honest discussion with them about my feelings, and they still wanted me to make the video, so am working on it.  The markers are large and I think primarily used on dry erase boards and windows.  They said they were fine for paper projects as well.  The nib is about 1/2″ wide and has no ink in it when you open the packaging.  You have to shake them for 30 seconds and then hold the nib down on a piece of paper until the ink starts to flow.  I explained that this process was more than I could handle and would be explaining that to viewers and they were fine with it.  The colors are almost neon, so I think they have limited use for card making (unless I make a neon card), and so far, I’ve really just used the white color.  It’s a great white and I used it with a background stamp on a dark green card stock and it looks terrific.  Because of the size of the nib, it made inking the stamp a breeze. I got a tie dye looking stencil today from Tupelo Designs.  It was part of their January celebration where they would give you a give with your purchases and I guess this was my gift.  I just started thinking about how cool it would be to make a t-shirt shaped card and use the stencil with the neon markers to make a tie-dye t-shirt card.  I could put a 70’s type sentiment on it, like “I think you’re Groovy” or something equally 70’s. Since the markers are water soluble, they are easy to clean as well.  The set did come with a small set of metallic markers that don’t require any prep work and I really enjoyed playing with them.  I’ll be doing something with them soon.

I played with watercolors to make a rainbow effect and will either incorporate it into that card or make another St Patrick’s Day card with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow idea.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, but none have approached the finish line yet.  Rich only has one video to put up and then he and are caught up with each other.  This will sound kind of silly, but I get panicky when he’s ready for another video because then I have to come up with ideas more quickly and sometimes my brain just doesn’t work that way.  If I can get these cards made, that will give me a head start on him of a couple videos and take the pressure off (that is totally self inflicted.)

Our weather is supposed to change from the 70’s to a snow storm by Sunday night, so I better suck up the nice weather while I can.  Too late, it just started raining and that’s the first step in our weather decline.  Darn it, the window for great February weather is now closed.  Oh well, it’s better for crafting.


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