I know I said I didn’t think I would be doing a blog post today, but I got home and there was a package from one of my subscribers, Bekki.  I was thrilled and it had been a really long day, but I still wanted to share it with you.  She sent me some ribbons and embellishments, a pack of paper, glue (you know I love glue) and a wide variety of stickers and I know I’m missing other crafty tools.  She also sent several already made cards that you pull the top up and they become a holder for a small tissue package.  Each one was different and they had to have taken her a very long time to make.  I’ll be sharing them with several friends who have come down with the flu.  Bekki also sent some handmade (crocheted) dish rags.  I love those and my mom used to use them, so they reminded me of her.  All in all, it was so terrific, it made my exhaustion disappear and I had to send out this message.

There are so many great people that I’ve met through YouTube and Bekki is one of them.  I’ve really enjoyed the YouTube experience because of all of the sweet and thoughtful people I have met through the process.

The 3-d card I made and put up yesterday was a huge hit.  I’ve had a couple people say they don’t have any background stamps so I offered Sherri C. and a couple other viewers to re-make the card but use normal size stamps this time and still create the same affect.  So far, Sherri C. has taken me up on the offer, so after the videos we have finished go live, I’ll make sure that this is one of the next videos I make.  My friend Elizabeth also mentioned that she thinks it’s time I update my favorite paper trimmer as I’ve changed from Fiskars to Cricut, and found a rotary trimmer I can use as well.  So we’ll put that on the list of upcoming videos as well.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I finished the black ink video, boy is it a long one.  I hope it’s not overly long, but couldn’t figure out a way to shorten it.  Sometimes a video just can’t be shortened, so I’ll apologize in advance for it’s length.


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